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[Drama 2019] Cheap Cheonlima Mart/Pegasus Market, 쌉니다, 천리마마트


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tvN Drama


Cheap Cheonlima Mart


Original title: 쌉니다, 천리마마트

Network: tvN

Episodes: 12

Genre: Drama

Airdate: September 20th - December 6th, 2019

Airtime: Fridays @ 23:00 KST

Writer: Kim Sol Ji

Director: Baek Seung Ryong

Website: HERE




“Cheap Cheonlima Mart” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of employees at a falling-behind store where the staff is king, rather than the customer. While the manager tries to revive the mart, they’re up against the “human bulldozer” boss that aims to ruin the store.




Kim Byung Chul as Jeong Bok Dong


Lee Dong Hwi as Moon Seok Goo



People at Pegasus Market


Jung Hye Sung as Jo Mi Ran


Jung Min Sung as Choi Il Nam


Kang Hong Suk as Oh In Bae


Kim Ho Young as Jo Min Dal


Kim Gyoo Ri as Go Mi Joo


People at Daema Company


Park Ho San as Kwon Yeong Goo


Lee Soon Jae as Kim Dae Ma


Lee Gyoo Hyun as Kim Gap


Bae Jae Won as Park Il Woong


Character Chart:






Other Posters:





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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Cheap Cheonlima Mart/Pegasus Market, 쌉니다, 천리마마트 - Fridays @ 23:00 KST - Lee Dong Hwi, Jung Hye Sung & Kim Byung Chul - Premieres on September 20th

I'm here because this is one of the dramas I'm looking forward too. I've been missing the "Reply 1988" feeling and I feel like this could be another heartwarming drama that combines romance, slice of life, and other elements that were in the Reply series. Here's to hoping we get another series to go crazy for, fall in love with and learn from. :heart:

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On 7/23/2019 at 11:21 PM, 0ly40 said:

based on a popular webtoon

well that was interesting! hahahha.. so knowing that is based on a comic lets me know the weird elements of the drama are intentional and shouldn't take it too seriously. so far all the characters seem well drawn out and even sympathetic where you hope everything turns out for well for them. it is clear that boss is going to come up with weird schemes but somehow the oddity of it is going to drive up sales and then it will get exposed as the place where funds are being siphoned off. should be good. 


On 9/21/2019 at 10:56 AM, cafe99 said:

OMGGG, I'm loving the poster with the two guys riding the pegasus statue!! This looks fun, crazy and human drama (yes, all that!). And a 1 per week episode just makes it so easy to watch and to have time for other hobbies!! :D

only one episode? how come? at least for a change, tvn drama that doesn't feel sooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooong!

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I have no word.  Hilarious first episode!




PNG image 6


PNG image 7PNG image 8PNG image 9PNG image 11


The strictest return policy


PNG image 14PNG image 12PNG image 13


Credit: tVN


The man has an alien shadow!


PNG image 15


I get that he wants to prove a point but I do hope he loosens up a little around this group of lovable employees.:lol:




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6 hours ago, anng said:

Why isn't there more discussion on this???? I really liked the first episode, such a strange comedy, I can't wait to see more!

Dont worry, i find a lot of fans in their youtube video. 



Im laughing sooo hard when I watch it hahahaha., 


I wanna see how lee do hwi will be stressed and then follow his boss wholeheartedly hahahhahaha

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It just get better, I like how he keeps on going when his plans doesn't go as he wished and he doesn't get angry. I was looking forward for the new door. He hated the fact the door was too open and welcomes :joy:.





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omo, that performance was terrible disaster - no wonder that band hasn't made it in 10 years. but it was amusing how the audience thought of it as a great musical with a message of being nice to your friends. well from a family audience point of view, it was entertaining, weirdly engaging with its twists of the customer service rep interruptions and had a wholesome message too! :lol: kekeke.. and even the rabbit ear sold out. ^_^ ...

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I cried too hearing the little girl story and then the results were wonderful, he is doing good on the expense of the company, when he smiled and agreed to her request is was hilarious. The grandson is another story



The foreign name part I was wondering why it has to be a western name then things were not as I expected. I really like this amazing drama.

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8 hours ago, howa said:

I cried too hearing the little girl story and then the results were wonderful, he is doing good on the expense of the company, when he smiled and agreed to her request is was hilarious. The grandson is another story

it was funny how the manager interpreted the boss actions as ethics in practice that also raises the bottom line. :lol: kekeke... but it was interesting the owner knows the market is being used for money laundering and is disappointed in the grandson. so why would the grandson despite something his father started? strange no? maybe he will also be affected by the market's atmosphere and change?

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Yes indeed he hates the company and wants to ruin it but not enough to tolerate disrespectful children who infested his market. The Pied Piper leading the children out of the market with baby shark melody was funny but not as funny as the face he made.



I really thought the grandson will love the new look of his car but he hated it, I don't know if I should feel bad and sorry for him or angry because he doesn't understand the value of the market.

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I love this crack drama o(≧▽≦)o so glad i found it.

( btw if you interested in ori webtoon - can be found here  - don't know if eng translation exist)




Also the moment when President Jung pied pipered all these kids to his rival supermarket was just so hilarious. And now I am not happy at all discovering that they will only have one episode each week (and only has 12 episodes) :expressionless:


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