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15 minutes ago, Prettysup said:


Yeah she needs to be the first one to get him so she can silence him and keep her secret forever. I guess the recording which The Guy sent her earlier freaked her off so much that she acted acted carelessly to being GS out on her own.


Thay exactly  why he send her a recording  


To make her act quickly and rashly 


Just like he make the priest stop OHJ from going after them by mentioning  the one who say isu name 


The only way they can win over him when one just one in this drama stop acting  alone and only for his own agenda  even  when OHJ he has every  reason to not trust  anyone  besides  CSY but still he still lose his clam and act rashly  too when it about isu  


I don't like the idea that he so obsessed  known who named isu  to the killer  more then catching the killer

that not  understandable  if they dont show later  that he had known for so long who that may be so that why it important  since  any other  explanation  dont  fit why someone like OHJ be so obsessed  with one of the victims  mistake more then the one who cause all that ( he act as it important  and it important  to us now since we know who is but it not before if it wasnt for the biggest  betray and lies all this years from close one the one who named isu  was not so important since we know the game and what they go through  it) 



P.s. I am really  get tired  of everyone  working  for his own agenda  not caring about the lost of lives  that cause because  of them 

What I am more tired  of it that what happen  in really world too not just drama we can see how the world acting even against  world crisis  and people  in power  still want to profit from it   


I think only CSY  can stop all that she the only one who see things in justice and not revenge or profit eyes 

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@Sushimi she need to keep her cool there 4 episodes left  - anger cause wrinkles    that why oppa have  spotless skin  he cool as cucumber       

Our girl improved so much the goat negotiation incident is so far away from my memory      without oppa mentoring  # Miss  nice on action      VS    after opp

The theme of the weak, the defenceless and the disabled continues.  Poor boy... first he's being molested and chased around because he has no voice or means to fight back. Now he's kidnapped by g

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'Tell Me What You Saw' - 3 questions about 'The Guy'


Kang Dong-sik (Eum Moon-seok) finally showed his true face in the 12th episode of 'Tell Me What You Saw'. Just by looking at the still cuts released, he looked like a friendly country police officer, so his killer instinct was even more shocking. Now all the circumstances that have not been understood earlier begin to unravel. Five years ago, 'The Guy' was able to release his handcuffs at the scene of the explosion because he was a police officer. At the same time, other  questions arose about him.


#1. Why is he so obsessed with Jang Hyuk?


Five years ago, 'The Guy' kidnapped and imprisoned Team Leader Hwang (Jin Seo-yeon), pressed her to tell him who she wanted to be killed. The answer had been fixed. "Think of the one next to you, the one who talks as if he knows everything about me," he gave me a hint. However, Oh Hyun-jae (Jang Hyuk) was not the answer. He only released Hwang after hearing Hyun-jae's fiancee Han Yi-soo as the answer. Eventually, Han was killed in an explosion during an abduction. Then why is 'The Guy' so obsessed with Hyun-jae, even when he kidnaps his closest aide?


#2. Why is he next to Choi Soo-young?


The real face of Kang Dong-sik was even more shocking because of Cha Soo-young (Choi Soo-young). This is because he has been with her as a reliable senior and friendly neighborhood brother, taking care of her father (Ha Sung-kwang). But it turns out that such an a-s-s was the serial killer, and that he was in the back seat of a car that killed Soo-young's mother 20 years ago. Most of all, Dong-sik knew that Soo-young was still investigating the case. Then, does Dong-sik know about his past bad relationship with Soo-young? It has emerged as the biggest curiosity as to whether the relationship between Soo-young and Dong-sik was a coincidence,  and if not a coincidence, what is the reason for him getting close to her.


#3. What is the real purpose of the Eum Mun-seok?


Most of all, it is 'The Guy' himself who stimulates viewers' curiosity. It is not known why he, who was Kim Yo-han 20 years ago, is currently hovering around Hyun-jae, Soo-young and team leader Hwang Seo-yeon as a police officer. In addition, his hideout was full of information related to the Mucheon Police Agency Team 1's detectives as well as Hyun-jae. "Everyone can predict what's going on in this game," he said. "We need to find the real purpose of this game, and that's where we decide the winner and the loser."


So far, only viewers know the identity of "The Guy", the production crew said. From now on, as the viewers get their questions answered, the different goals of Oh Hyun-jae, Cha Soo-young and Hwang Ha-young, who are intertwined with 'The Guy,' will make an interesting development."


'Tell Me What You Saw' airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:50 p.m.





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4 hours ago, Sushimi said:

@bebebisous33 Can i also say...I wonder...What was Hwang's thought process when she decided to bring out GS. Does she really think that she can get to the actual guy from GS? It's honestly blows my mind that Hwang as a cop did not have the thoughts of what if it's a ruse...It's sad. So complicated....Not sure but i feel like deep in her, she not just want to capture the guy, but to also be the first one to get him...

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between Hwang and OHJ, the latter might have hated and resented The Guy like Hwang, yet he doesn't let his emotions guide him, he is still rational. That's why he was even willing to use himself as a bait and even let GS strangle him so that he would be able to get the info about the person who mentioned I Su. Then we keep saying that OHJ used CSY and others but Hwang is not different at all. Choi is also the same. Only CSY is quite "selfless", yet she also had a goal, when she joined RIU.

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3 Things That Will Affect The Flow Of “Tell Me What You Saw” As It Nears Its End



OCN’s “Tell Me What You Saw” is nearing its end!


The series tells the story of a genius profiler and a detective with photographic memory who work together to find a serial killer.


With new facts being unveiled in every episode, here are three points that will open up a whole new Pandora’s Box in the coming episodes:


1. The secret of Hwang Hwa Yeon (Jin Seo Yeon)

What Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) wants to find out is who ordered “Him” to kill his fiancée Han Yi Soo (Lee Si Won) five years ago. Viewers speculated that Oh Hyun Jae is starting to suspect Hwang Hwa Yeon of hiding something because he didn’t share information about the serial killer’s hideout. Viewers are curious what Oh Hyun Jae will do once he finds out Hwang Hwa Yeon’s secret.


2. The one behind Cha Soo Young’s (Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung) mother’s hit-and-run case

Cha Soo Young became a detective because she wanted to catch the hit-and-run criminal who killed her mother. Although the statute of limitations had already expired, she didn’t give up, and she finally achieved her goal after 20 years. However, while searching for hit-and-run criminal, section chief Bang (Kim Young Woong) was killed and Bong Yeon Ja (Kang Ae Sim), a private money lender called Chimsabong, was named the prime suspect.


Also, it was revealed that Kim Sang Gil (Yoon Sang Hwa) is actually the serial killer’s father. Will Cha Soo Young be able to find the link in a series of events entangled over the past two decades?


3. Kang Dong Sik (Eum Moon Suk) is actually “Him”

Only Hwang Hwa Yeon and and Choi Hyung Pil (Jang Hyun Sung) know that “Him” is a police officer. Five years ago, Choi Hyung Pil had intentionally erased “handcuffs” from the list of evidence to hide the fact that the explosion was done by “Him.” The biggest twist is that Kang Dong Sik is actually “Him” and is now calmly dispatched to the investigation team beside Cha Soo Young. However, in the preview video, Oh Hyun Jae declared he knew the truth and promised to approach him soon. Who will be the first to open up this Pandora’s Box?


“Tell Me What You Saw” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:50 p.m. KST.



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Okay I missed the ep today

Still cant watch it but look from what i saw and read it  was so interesting  


When I can watch it later  I will be here to talk about it 




I just have one question  did OHJ know who the guy is ?? Did he found out that he the oppa?? 


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I watched it  raw

I late but at least could  watched  

I dont know why I liked the start it was good

but in the middle  I something was off for me ( And with or without  sub that doesn't  change much for me I understand  enough) 


Maybe caused it still missing so much details 


Maybe cause I still didnt like OHJ playing alone 


Maybe cause they didn't even give us a proper  first meeting  with the oppa ( ohj meeting the new officer or CSY oppa  not the killer) 


Maybe cause chief and team leader  and even OHJ acting in this episode  was totally  not my liking ( I love his smart plans  but  still )


Maybe cause I though that OHJ has to meet and know properly how the oppa is close to CSY before meeting him as killer  and they wasted that scenes  


Maybe cause there was no emotional  scenes  



I just dont know it not like I hated  it but in the same time it not like I was so excited like every  weeks



Okay tomorrow Sunday episode  it always  has more emotional  and feeling scenes ( I hope)


But I really need them in the end to show this points and not just ignoring  it 


1. How the accident  happened  5 years ago


2. How could OHJ and team leader know that isu in danger and  find her 


3.why OHJ  is so obsessed  with finding the person of who named isu , since  without a proper reason all his acting is not understandable, he was so eager  to ask the guy about who named her before even  wait to see his face( that obsess in who named her more then who kill her not logic without beforehand  reason  no Matter  how emotional  it get after he know )  he should at least be more care for a second  to see the face of the person he hunt for years and destroy  his life before asking  that ( not logical  without  a proper  reason) 


4.how csy and oppa  meet 


5.what was between  chief and gang leader ( both death now) 


6. Why the guy was targeting OHJ  




And more details  but at least those I need them so bad I will have faith in the writer  that he not going to just left any of them out I need all of this answers  for things  to be logically  here and fit the characters 






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I just finished binge-watching episodes 8 through 12 and as much as I don’t really care for the chief, his death was as equally disturbing to me as the other victims. I can’t help hoping that KYH is given an extremely painful death in the end. His crimes against so many are so ghastly and he feels utterly no remorse. I figure no matter his depravity, physical pain should be a language he would be able to understand since it’s a matter of biology. 

One thing I can say that helps me to gain a little satisfaction when watching these grisly murders is when someone like OHJ appropriately give the perps a taste of the pain they inflict on the victims like in the case where the guy was killing the young victims who were just starting off their careers. I like the OHJ can handle/defend himself and I hope he does so to the end and maybe do some serious damage to the smug KYH.

My favorite episode of Criminal Minds that stands forever above the rest was when the female victim who was being hunted in the woods by two psychopathic brothers turned the tables on them and began to hunt them and basically stabbed one of them to death right before the FBI showed up. She was the first victim they hunted that managed to survive. For a moment I was somehow thinking that maybe the female victim of the young career people case was going to do the same in this show.

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After I binge all of the episodes in two days--except for the most recent episode--I actually think OHJ is actually an empathetic person. In the flashback with his fiance, his fiance reminded him that the "victims" that he mentioned also have family members, love ones, and names too. But she also said, "it must be hard for you (or something like that)." I think that line gave a clue about OHJ. 


At the crime scene and when he encounters a case, he tends to be detached and apathetic about the situation. However, I think it is just a facade to hide his emotion, so he could remain level headed and logical during the investigation. His fiance could see through his facade, and that's why she said "it must be hard for you." It's because she noticed that he's calling them "victims" to distance himself from being too attach. 


There are numerous of cases that show OHJ is empathetic. He tends to empathize with the "victims" but show no mercy to the people who had helped "the guy." He picked up the line to help CSY when he heard her calling out her mother's name when she ventured into the abandon factory on her own. He told the mother (the one who lost her son), about setting her son's soul free. He talked to the victim of the serial killer and told her about his experience, so she could face her nightmare and not live in the hell he is living in. These are just some incidents I noticed that show his human side. 


And that brings me to the point why I think Isu is so important to him. She is the only one who could see this side in him. Other people thought he is unapproachable, apathetic, too logical and too volatile to work with, yet Isu is the only one who could see the kind person he is inside. She was the only person who really understood him, and when she died, that part died with her as well. 


As for KYH, I don't think CSY would be his weakness. He has no qualm in killing the two "brotherlike" figure in his life. He found glee in watching the death of CSY's mom. He's like the total opposite side of the coin from OHJ. OHJ outwardly seems apathetic, but inwardly, he could sympathize with some people. KYH outwardly seems like he can sympathize with others, but inwardly, he is apathetic to everyone (even those who are close to him). I believe his attachment to CSY stems from his interest...his interest in seeing her reaction when the person she trusted, the person she sought to apprehend and who witnessed her mother's death, betrays her and was so close to her. It's like his modus operandi when he killed his other victims...being part of his hit list because a trusted one named you as the next victim. 

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