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[Drama 2020] Itaewon Class, 이태원 클라쓰

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I mentioned before SRY is someone who lives his life with a set of principles because of his father. Like SRY said, he didnt want to live a life of regrets & consequences hence him always being a

Agree with everything you wrote.  Also, it is tad bit disingenuous to say that he changed his mind in a few episode.  He made the declaration to SA in episode 6 but realized his love for YS in episode

Goodbye IC..  It's been an exciting 2 months i spent my weekends with you, and 5 months i start following about this drama in this thread and finally meet you guys and it's so entertaining readin

47 minutes ago, Deepakmahajan said:

As episode hasn't  been uploaded on netflix yet and currently airing in korea, this is the scene where they played it. Our hero looks so much in love now with out baddie queen! he is losing senses now!


He's so adorable being all awkward?! :wub:

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17 minutes ago, platinumbeauty said:

Anyone know what time do they upload the Ep on Netflix?! 



Expect new episode in next 30 minutes. 













bts photos from kwon nara's agency

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Eng sub of preview from drama milk:


SA – Do you still like me? Tell me you like me.

SRY – Why should I feel sorry to you?

YS – Now you take me as a woman a little bit?

YS – I know you the best, CEO.

YS – Can we date just one time? It is my wish.

SRY – Hey, I told you not to [do that]

SRY – Yi-seo!

YS – Whatever he says, I have to be the person that our CEO needs.

GS – How long are you going to use Yi-seo? If your company dissolves, are you going to let Yi-seo go?

SRY – Yi-seo? Yi-seo?


Me: GS question must have hit the nail right into SRY!

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First half


I am glad Yi Seo cleared that to Guen soo that there is no hope for them. Anyways Guen soo should own it up that he wants that chairman thing instead of saying i am doing it for you, Yi seo


The basic difference between two female leads once again became clear. When Sae roy was pouring his heart after drinks, that his dad must be proud of him and Jangga can't stop him, she said yes you can win because you are our boss. She is the backbone for him and is always there when he needs her. We can't say the same for Soo Ah


Yiseo's mother's scene hit it hard personally because many of us have to sacrifice our dreams because our parents saw no future in it. Instead they choose our careers. Instead Yi Seo was strong enough to go on her own way which many of us weren''t able to and can't do in real life that easily. I love it when cv's show us such small things which happen in our lives .



I loved the scene where PSR said from doing fishing, construction work to make 100 million won is big achievement. It is surely an achievement for middle class man to save so much money and risk it on business. But that is what sets such people apart from normal people. Their ability to take risks. And his ability to make his franchise public with stocking options is bold move. It also shows his growth as a business man and how far he came. He is ready to listen to right people, go to china , expand it. At first, it wasn't that easy for him to do all these. Even Yi seo was shocked. It was like he stole such plan from her lol. Now he is thinking to make that ten billion won into 100s of billion won. Money makes more money. Simple.




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WOW!  Episode 13 was amazing.  The acting in this episode is super good.  If this show does not win a bunch of awards, there is something wrong.  What happened to KT?  I did not see him at all in this episode after the cooking competition and aftermath.

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second half , 4 years later ( so 14 years or 15 years )


It was such a great moment to see Sae roy driving his luxury car and lol our director Choi. He still looks clueless. Poor guy from roadside criminal to director. Big achievement but as well big burden on his shoulders. And those 2 business guys  were owned by Yi seo. She runs the business so hard from inside. The boss everyone hates but a necessary boss to keep people in check else they take them for granted if you are too soft.


Lol Yi seo openly saying feelings to him. She doesn't gives a fck anymore.. Our dumb director still trusts geun soo and tells him everything which he records seriously.. Is he that big of a fool after what he did to Hyeon yi? He was a goon but surely he wasn't street smart one. Aww miss Kang and  Oh Byeong-heon. Rarely women directly ask you on face that you like her and he refused when his feelings show on his face lmao. Both deserve happiness!


We can hate Guen soo but he is smart business man and ruthless. I like that. He has brains which his elder bro lacked. A well developed character who turned selfish when the empire came knocking down. TBH, most people in his place will take this chance as well. Mr. jang is sick and good to see he is so tensed about Sae Roy coming at him in future. Nothing more better than seeing you enemy living in such pain even without even doing anything to them directly. And his heartless behavior towards his father to come to work was what mr Jang deserved. All these years he was heartless to others. Now he got what he deserved.


Lol loved how Yiseo gave some hard reality check to Soo ah.. She is ruthless.  She showed her mirror that Soo ah is all about me me me me me. Never Saeroy...And liked Mr Jang's childhood scene. Poverty, mistreatment by people makes you ruthless and he is one. Not justifying but when you get treated horribly by everyone around, you can turn out as person with no emotions.


Loved the precap ending- the moment he doesn't sees Yiseo in room, he panicks. He might realize his feelings for her, when he think he is going to lose her!









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Hope to see a Geun Won that is finally a match for Saeroy instead of being such a stupid loser. Would love to see a redemption story where he actually has woken up and takes the Company for himself and is no longer intimidated by PSR and is a match for him instead

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OSEN | 2020. 03. 13. 8:32 AM

V (BTS) commands music charts with self-produced OST "Sweet Night"



V (BTS) has taken over music charts inside and outside Korea with the OST "Sweet Night" of the drama "Itaewon Class" (JTBC).

The OST Part.12 "Sweet Night" of "Itaewon Class" (JTBC) performed by V (BTS) has been released at 6 pm (KST) March 13.

"Immediately after its release, ""Sweet Night"" quickly topped real-time charts of Korean digital music sites such as Melon, Naver, Bugs, Soribada. Not only that, by 10 pm (KST), the song has topped the iTunes charts in 54 regions around the world including the US and UK. Such achievements are not surprising for BTS now, but considering this is a solo song in the OST segment, it still makes the audience astonished."



"In particular, ""Sweet Night"" is receiving a lot of attention as it is an OST that V directly participated in producing and performing to support his close friend Park Seo Joon after nearly 3 years. Park Seo Joon is showing his great acting skills with the role of Park Sae Ro Yi in the drama ""Itaewon Class""."

"Sweet Night" is the theme song for the character Park Sae Ro Yi (played by Park Seo Joon) in the drama "Itaewon Class", with "Sweet Night" means "Danbam" in Korean. Danbam is the name of the bar Park Sae Ro Yi runs, with the hope that sweet nights will come after bitter life."

"Sweet Night" is an indie pop track with an acoustic background. The acoustic guitar leading the melody of the entire song along with V's humming sound and the violin in the second half have contributed to the song's richness.




The lyrics of "Sweet Night" contains comforting words to gift those who are tired of life with "sweet nights". The song was chosen to be the exclusive theme song for Park Sae Ro Yi - a guy that doesn't yield to any challenges to protect his belief - and it is expected to more understand this character.

When "Sweet Night" was in post-production, V shared, "I have read the webtoon 'Itaewon Class'. I remember I really enjoyed it and at the same time, learned many lessons. Because the character Park Sae Ro Yi leaves a deep impression on me and I really like him, I'm gratified that one of my beloved friends play this character. I appreciate that I can be involved in this amazing work with my self-composed song. I hope that you guys will love it."

Park Seo Joon also expressed his appreciation to V by sharing, “The song 'Sweet Night' performed by V released today is really sweet. I hope you will pay close attention to the drama's episode to enjoy his voice melting in 'Itaewon Class'."

OSEN = Reporter Kim Eun Ae /misskim321@osen.co.kr
Photos = Big Hit, Itaewon Class  
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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Quick thoughts about Episode 13


  • I am so happy that MHY and DanBam team won the Best Pub competition.  Good  win for our heroes all the way around.  What a great moment in that episode.
  • JGS is just flat out being delusional.  How much more clear can JYS be in saying that their will never be a relationship between them?  The road that GS went down to try to win the Best Pub competition not only cost him any shot of a romantic relationship with JYS, it probably destroyed any friendship that they had.  JYS is really fond of MHY.  GS messing with her was seen as an attack against DanBam and PSR.  That would be unforgivable in JYS's eyes.
  • Cutest moment of the episode was when YJS leaned in to get her hair petted by PSR as a reward for her work in securing Madame Kim's investment.  His gobstopped expression and slight embarrassment was priceless.
  • The quiet moment shared between PSR and YJS after the Best Pub win party was so touching and intimate.  Her fingers brushing his hair lightly shows how tender she is with him.
  • Great move by PSR to go international right off the bat instead of franchising just within Korea.  That is a gutsy move and very risky.  Clearly it paid off for the DanBam team.
  • Time skip DanBam team super cool now and very professional looking. JYS takes no prisoners in the director meeting.  Awesome thing to behold.
  • JYS's logic as to why PSR must eventually accept her feelings was priceless.  It left him speechless.
  • JYS saying I love you to PSR so much, you would think she was using it to cast a spell on him. LOL.
  • Call between Chairman Jang and PSR was great.  I loved how PSR said it would be himself that punishes Jang, not heaven.  Nicely done.
  • JYS/OSA talk over coffee was a classic catfight.  In the end I think JYS's explanation of how they each handled their relationships with PSR was very telling.  True love is about giving and sharing.  The time skip has shown that JYS is growing as a person.


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So after all these years, their careers move forward but their personal life/dating life remains the same?

Were they dating other people or just waiting?

SA and SRY said they havent seen each other for a long time but in the next episode preview she asks SRY if he still like her. I mean What?

I understand thought that is not a romantic comedy but more of a revenge drama so they don't focus on the romance.

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Nation wide ranking

Top 10 household viewing rates
(Analysis standard: National, paid platform subscription household, unit:%)
ranking channel program rating
One JTBC Geumto Drama (Itaewon Class)




Top 10 household viewing rates
(Analysis standard: metropolitan area, households with paid platform, unit:%)
ranking channel program rating
One JTBC Geumto Drama (Itaewon Class) 14.344


Lol number 13 has cursed us in three epsiodes in row . Amazing rating but after first 10 episodes, i expected  it do better. Still 13% on paid network is equal to 26% on free public network like sbs. So it is still massive rating for jtbc show.


  Last 3 episodes are in same range but has decreased in last 3 episodes. I hope tomorrow it increases and stop the decreasing  trend. I think loyal fans are there but we need more support. Lol someone on wikipedia edited today's rating to 18.96%. I wish it was true.. 


Anyways  we are averaging 11.069% for whole season! ( combined rating 143.905 %  ÷13 ) . It is still a blockbuster.  But now i will have my expectations low for 20% finale. It is still among top cable dramas of all time.


I guess the first 5 weeks raised hopes too much but Infact the rise was there to reach its potential audience which lies in 13 to 14% range which it reached i Now anything over it will be bonus. It is doing wonderful with consistency.  I guess we have becine greedy lol.

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...The writing has done downhill so much from the earlier episodes...The plots are now filled with holes. Last episode, Hyun Yi went from barely good chief for a local pub to a top chief in Korea LMAO in like the span of a month. And please don't use "SHE HAS TALENT" to defend that, because even with the most talent in the world, one needs years to get one's skills up to that level, much less a month. If this has happened after the time skip, it'd be at least somewhat believable. 


And for some reason SA and PSRY said that they haven't seen each other in a long time after the time skip. So uhh, why besides that the author needs to keep their relationship at the same level? Because before the time skip, they were seeing each other quite often, sometimes he comes to seek her, sometimes she comes to Danbam, whether because she was sent by the chairman or she just comes to check in on him. Heck, they can even meet at different corporate events or TV shows or wtvr, since Danbam is now successful or just periodically checking in on each other BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY CLOSE FRIENDS. Not to mention, in the preview, it shows her asking him if he still likes her; so all these 4 years even when he's successful neither of them asked the other one to date? 


So since PSRY is prob gonna end up with YS, shouldn't the show at least show us how he grew to like her romantically during those 4 years? Because he clearly only saw her as a younger sister and not as a woman 4 years ago, so am I supposed to just take the author's words that yes, during those 4 years, his feelings changed. Wow, if only it was that easy to change someone's feelings. Show, not tell, writer. 

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I sadly have to agree with you. I also mentioned the same thing about MHY's case last week. And then i read an article on naver, it apparently became the talk among korean viewers too as a confusing part.


It's also frustrating that Saeroy is too slow in making decisions about his relationship with the girls. And probably at this point people don't care much about the revenge anymore (?)

Sometimes i feel there are plots that are not filled or completed properly.

But considering this is Gwangjin debut as scriptwriter, i really appreciate him and still enjoy the show as a whole amazing story theme, actors great performance (especially my ultimate bias PSJ;), of course i like KDM too) and excitedly waiting for the last 3 episodes.

Also wish the wikipedia rating was true :lol:


About ep 13,

So timejump is 4 years. But why JGW has already released from jail? Wasn't he sentenced to 7 years prison? 

I'm so sick and tired of Sooah saying that "Saeroy will become rich and come to me", "Saeroy will destroy Jangga and makes me unemployed". It's all stale. I just wanted to give an award to Yiseo for saying all points exactly what most of us have felt and said all this time here about Sooah. It's like she hit her hard right in the face while i felt like to hit my screen when Sooah saying that :joy:

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