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[Drama 2020] Itaewon Class, 이태원 클라쓰

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Itaewon Class ended it’s run again as #1 most buzzworthy/talked drama for 3rd week of March with whooping 37.88% percent. The difference between #1 and #2 place is huge though;)


Most talked about actors:

1.Park Seo Jun

2.Kim Da Mi

3.Kwon Nara



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I mentioned before SRY is someone who lives his life with a set of principles because of his father. Like SRY said, he didnt want to live a life of regrets & consequences hence him always being a

Agree with everything you wrote.  Also, it is tad bit disingenuous to say that he changed his mind in a few episode.  He made the declaration to SA in episode 6 but realized his love for YS in episode

Goodbye IC..  It's been an exciting 2 months i spent my weekends with you, and 5 months i start following about this drama in this thread and finally meet you guys and it's so entertaining readin


IC constantly either topping or being in the top 2-3 (mostly being blocked only by gigantic show like Mr.Trot) in all possible polls and surveys that show popularity and likability of TV programs probably should tell anyone more about how this (imo,precious:P) show is actually perceived;)))




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Can I say that the final end credit scene was just super delightful.  Due to their age, their interaction would seem a little juvenile.  However, they both in fact have never been in a serious relationship and their exchange was perfect.  Even though JYS is very brave when it comes to all things business and sports, it was super cute to see her be so bashful with SRY.  She has a beautiful smile and we barely got to see it at all during the series.  I am glad we got to see her truly happy with SRY.  Likewise the peace on SRY's face was really nice to see.  They have good chemistry together and I hope they get to play opposite each other again some day


Thanks to all of you for enjoying this series via Soompi.  I have enjoyed reading all of you posts and pictures.  Be well.

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“Itaewon Class” Actors Thank Viewers And Share Final Thoughts As Drama Concludes

“Itaewon Class” Actors Thank Viewers And Share Final Thoughts As Drama Concludes


JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” has come to an end.

On March 21, the drama aired its highly-anticipated finale that achieved its highest ratings yet.

The cast shared their final thoughts and thanked viewers and staff members who joined them on the journey.



On March 22, Park Seo Joon said, “I’m grateful to ‘Itaewon Class’ that allowed me to look back on myself and think about my future life. I hope this drama was a comforting experience for everyone too. I hope you have a sweet night every night. Thank you very much for watching, and I will come back with even better acting.”


Kim Da Mi shared on her Instagram, “I am so, so thankful for everyone who loved ‘Itaewon Class’ and ‘Sae Ro Yi Seo’ until now. To repay all the love you have given me, I’ll be back even better than before. I was very happy while working with the cast and crew, who worked hard for a year. Let’s meet again. Thank you. Good Bye Seo.”

Kwon Nara commented, “The long filming period felt very short, and I had a great time filming because I was able to shoot with great directors, crew members, and senior actors. I think this drama will last in my memories more strongly than any other drama.”

Then she added, “More than anything, I was very thankful and happy to be loved by so many people. Personally, I enjoyed learning a lot. It’s regrettable [that it’s over], but I’ll try to be a better actor and a better person in the future. Thank you once again for loving ‘Itaewon Class’ and [my character] Oh Soo Ah. Be happier, everyone.”


Yoo Jae Myung shared his gratefulness to the cast and crew and said, “The character Jang Dae Hee was a new attempt in my life as an actor. I was able to gain courage to do the elderly makeup and act beyond my age thanks to the people who supported me. I think ‘Itaewon Class’ will remain as a special drama in my heart especially because of everyone’s love for it. Thank you.”


Ahn Bo Hyun, who played an antagonist for the first time, commented, “Thank you for loving ‘Itaewon Class’ until the end. I am also very thankful for the love you showed for my character Jang Geun Won. Thanks to your support, I was able to focus on Jang Geun Won and act as him until the very end. I will greet you again with a good project.”


Hong Seo Joon, who played Jang Dae Hee’s secretary, also thanked the viewers, saying, “Time passed faster than ever. The entire filming was a pleasant time. Thank you for giving me love and attention through ‘Itaewon Class.’ I will greet you through a new project with a new role, so please look forward to it.”


Through her agency Ace Factory, Lee Joo Young said, “Thank you for the love and interest in ‘Itaewon Class’ and [my character] Ma Hyun Yi. I will not forget how you sent love to me and Ma Hyun Yi, and I will become a better actress.”


Through his agency, Ryu Kyung Soo said, “I thank the viewers who loved ‘Itaewon Class’ as well as Choi Seung Kwon (his character). I was always happy on my way to the filming set for this joyful project. I would also like to thank the director and screenwriter for allowing me to act as the charming character Choi Seung Kwon. And an infinite thanks to my fellow actors and staff who created a comfortable atmosphere where we could act while having fun as well as to my beloved DanBam family. I really enjoyed my time! Have a sweet night.”





credit: soompi

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On 3/22/2020 at 3:52 PM, corey said:

:) Well, either he is a good businessman or he isn't - I say he isn't and by that I mean that his actions were unwise in the long term - and you said so yourself. So we seem to agree. :D


Also - is it really your belief that all companies have dirt that can bring them down? That is a really strong blanket statement, and it is not possible to argue with it, because it would be impossible to back it up with evidence.


Again - I stand by my opinion that the last episode was disappointing to me because I thought it would be PSR - by his wit, intelligence, cunning and moral backbone - who would bring the evil man down. It would have been the most satisfying thing for me to watch. I thought that was the whole point - but apparently I was mistaken.


And what do you mean that PSR is not indebted to OSA? He is now, otherwise he would not have thanked her, would he?




Just saw your replay, I'm sorry :sweatingbullets:


I mean, did you ever talked or actually made business yourself?) Business is a lot of things. Admittedly he is more of a profit-man, not connection man; but considering he was able to build a big company, it's kinda pointless to deny, that he is a good businessman. People who are bad, wouldn't be able to grow to the point he was able to grow. But as I said, no one perfect. Business is not an easy thing to do, so plenty of rich has a bunch of mistakes under their belt. And while some Jang Dong Hee steps were in long run unwise, which lead to his ultimate defeat (to show that no one should think, that he/she can be right all the time and that connections sometimes could mean more), there is no point of denying his previous achievements. They're part of him too. 


And yes, all companies have some sort of "dirt". Especially considering, that I'm talking about mostly specifically about medium and big ones based on the drama we're talking about;) It's virtually impossible to have "mistake-free" company at that size. I worked as an inspector for 2 years. Some companies make small mistakes, some big mistakes. Some knowingly, some unknowingly, but there are always at least 1-3 things that could potentially hurt companies. I doubt it's that different in SK;) Considering the sizes of Jangga and their Chairman I would've been actually surprised if IC ignored that they must have all kind of dirt under their belt. 


That's your prerogative, I can't do anything about that;)) We mostly talked about Jang Dong Hee and his business abilities as well as companies. I personally think PSR didn't lose anything from writer giving OSA half of his arc (from webtoon) to close her journey because I appreciate his willingness to elevate female character(/s. Including Mrs.Kang) and free one employee. And the end of the day she only acted this way because of PSR and used his philosophy (to do so), while in the first episode she clearly denied it. Also PSR had his revenge ending in ep.15, when he had that specific talk with his dad before saying his goodbye. And his philosophy was a winner in this battle ultimately. 


Since when saying thank you, means you indebt?) And when/why/how he should return his "debt" story pointwise if it's the case? lol OSA was the one, who her whole life was in debt to Mr.Park and Park Sae Roy. Because she build her life by staying quite. That's why her arc ended with her being a whistleblower aka she finally talked. 

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On 3/24/2020 at 10:09 PM, serenilmauve said:

IC constantly either topping or being in the top 2-3 (mostly being blocked only by gigantic show like Mr.Trot) in all possible polls and surveys that show popularity and likability of TV programs probably should tell anyone more about how this (imo,precious:P) show is actually perceived;)))

seeing kim dami and park seojoon ig followers grow like crazy was a sight to be hold.especially with dami.in two months she gained 1.1m followers like nothing:lol:

plus all those posts under ig tag,parody and prank videos,their fashion being hot topic,osts slowly crawling to top 10 on charts,even now on naver 9 out of 10 most searched characters still itaewon class characters.all cast members were able to feel itaewon class’s popularity.and i’m truly happy for them^_^comments from k-drama watchers in my country also positive  and for some my friends itaewon class was the first k-drama they could actually watch and enjoy:lol:


@Luz while it’s pretty disturbing scene,i doubt they let any harm happen to the bird.i’m no animal expert,but i think they had people to take care of those kind of things.there probably was an owner of that chicken somewhere nearby,because it looked they filmed in proper farm.

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@Sweet Nguyen that’s such a great edits with PSJ/KDM bts videos. I always liked how real and comfortable they looked in their bts

videos; discussing scenes, joking and laughing. Loved their acting chemistry so much. That’s why it’s so important to have actors that knows how to act and interact on screen together. And I felt really good watching PSR/JYS scenes. My heart fluttered because of them. I personally felt such a unique type of chemistry from them, totally refreshing. Now RoYi&YiSeo one of my most favorite pairings in whole k-drama world. Their love story was one of the kind too :love:


I’m writing my full review with my mom right now lol 

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15 hours ago, AsveriaPSJ said:

@Sweet Nguyen  Now RoYi&YiSeo one of my most favorite pairings in whole k-drama world. Their love story was one of the kind too :love:


I’m writing my full review with my mom right now lol 

Me too me too me too~ Even in the making clips they name it "Sae-ro-yi-seo / 새로이서", their names match well too haha.
I will turn in for your full review :) Thank you in advance, it will be the chance for me to relive the IC journey ^^

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So I’m a bit late with my full review because before writing it I wanted to watch it again from the start to end with my mom (and it’s hard to write on language your not fluent lol).  She is a scriptwriter for a theatre and when it comes to character analysis I believe her the most as my muse and teacher lol We’re not pretending to be most right because we’re also writers, but we just simply sharing our opinion as viewers (like all of you) and we tried to stay as far away from pushing our own taste on drama scriptwriter and mostly enjoy his work the way he wanted to portray it. Also, my mom sometimes enjoys with me k-dramas, but she is a picky watcher lol Also sorry-sorry-sorry for any grammatical mistakes!  I’m not a native English speaker, as you might notice previously! So please forgive me for any hard time I might give you with my terrible English and if some sentences come across as confusing due to grammatical errors)))
So her score for Itaewon Class? 9.5/10 Almost perfect score because she truly enjoyed the characters and the story itself. I didn’t expect that kind of enjoyment from to be honest))) 
Here small (lol) thoughts about big 4. Because writing about all characters hard due to how many and much we have talked about.

Park Saeroy


So we both agree, that Park Saeroy almost a perfectly written and wholesome character. He is someone you inspired to be, but not a perfect human being. 

A guy with strong principles that lost his father and left his heart in the past days, with focusing his mind on angry distant future goals, denying himself any happiness in present and allowing his conscience to be swallowed by revenge. He is broken and inside a bitter, unhappy guy, but has a gold, understanding heart and he knows how to pick his people. He sees good in those, who are rejected by society like him and never blames anyone for being confused about their life or just doing their job. He is understanding and helpful boss, but also ruthless to those who wronged him. So, he could be a pushover for people he likes and vengeful to people he hates. He has the strongest will and never allows anyone to break his spirit. He is hardworking to a fault, but not prideful to admit when he needs help. And he never thinks, that helping others somehow harms or restricts him. He just wants to help, if he can help. But his principles could be his strongest or weakest point. Like with Tony’s grandmother. My mom specifically pointed out, when I brought that people thought she was an easy card for a hero in someone’s eyes, that that was exactly a point. He had all the cards and he had all the luck but was willing to let it go and let others suffer along with him simply because of his own principles. It shows, that sometimes Saeroy’s strong principles can be harmful and dangerous. And people should always remember about balance. A hero, who's believes never challenged bound to grow arrogant about his decisions. But Saeroy was forced to admit, that sometimes he could be not right.
Park Saeroy is basically an embodiment of what we want to see in people, who start with noble intentions and continue with them. He is a cop, judge, procurator, rich businessman, politician and etc., who cares about people and has a clear non-corrupt mind and heart that we wish to have around us. He is a proactive member of society that never stays silent if he sees something unfair and wrong, that we wish to have around ourselves. He is a misfit and underdog, that knows how to rise beyond expectations and labels, that society put on him. He is a dreamer, that achieved all his dreams either by himself or with help from others. 
And as a friend, lover and ally he is someone loyal and uncanny understanding. He never cheats or betrays, he is straightforward and open, he is “a second chance giver” and if he likes you as a person for who you is; he is willing to stand beside you no matter much you confused about your own decisions/life and harm him in the process of that confusion. 
We see a lot of people helping him because life is not only about self-preservation or helping yourself, but it’s also about sharing and helping others. His father was the main idea of that right from the first two episodes. Saeroy helped others in their need, and like as a gift from life itself he received help from others too on his journey. I like my mom’s words when I said that some people open about wanting Park Saeroy to achieve everything by himself: “Isn’t it just too cruel? The guy suffered alone a lot. Life beat the hell out of him, it broke his heart and mind, he was alone for almost a decade, fighting and working in bitter nights without any help. And when he finally started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and receiving helping hands, suddenly people still want him to continue his fights alone. Why? Would you ever wish that kind of life upon yourself? Or would you rather have great people around you to be your support? For me, Park Saeroy did one of the most important things in this life. He never gave up. He could, but he never did. He never ever even complained. It was so hard, but he still tried. And that’s why he is an ultimate winner. He is an inspirer. No one around him would do anything or move beyond their initial expectations if he ever decided that “it’s enough” or give up. His fund manager? He would never make even a move against Jangga and spend his life just remembering in anger Jang Gunwon. Mrs.Kang? Would spend years afraid to put an actual fight against Jang Donghee. Oh Sooah? Continued working for Jangga. Spending 15 years closing eyes, then 30, 40 and 50 years of total servility. And in the end, she would never live her life free from fear for her words and actions. Jo Yiseo? People around her would’ve only helped to cultivate future her sociopathy, never challenging her attitude and it would lead her to the unhappy ending of her life. Choi Seungkwon, Ma Hyunyi and Tony? Probably would never meet in their life another caring and supportive boss, who would give them a chance to rise along with himself beyond society’s expectations. How could anyone see him crying his heart out in ep.15 and still wish him to face everything by himself? Without receiving a small dose of support from people whom he deeply inspired and touched?”. 

I also think the whole theme of this show, that we should rely on each other. That’s why Park Saeroy’s dad asked first him if he was able to meet new friends on his journey. And that’s why Park Saeroy was curious about his life not only with Jo Yiseo, but with all his friends. Park Saeroy is an ordinary guy, but if you notice, he is still good at all stuff, that other DanBam members bring to the table. Even with Jo Yiseo. When she first taught him, he had no experience, but then went to give a bunch of advice and help other cafes/restaurants/pubs around his new neighborhood, because he is a fast learner. But being alone in his journey was never a goal. Just like to achieve his revenge again alone. His revenge is something that was making him unhappy and destroying him inside; because of that revenge, he saw nothing and felt nothing except it. His revenge made him blind to the needs of his heart beyond it. So, he needed to let it go. Seeking revenge is good until it starts being the only thing that matters. And Saeroy was able to let go of his hatred to be happy with people that matter. If he continued to pursue "revenge" after his talk with father it means he learned nothing and still not ready to be a happy person. But it’s clear now that with or without his revenge he is and will be a happy person. Saeroy's arc ended with his father and him finally opening his heart for new and exciting emotions.  Anything further is to end Oh Sooah and Jang Donghee arcs. 

Saeroy denied himself happiness since his father’s death because of his revenge. Pushing everything for “later”, until he released that “later” one day could never come and regret poured over him. Letting go of hate for love is very big and very right theme. He didn’t forgive, he didn’t forget. He never could or never would. But he lived 15 years in the past and now moved to enjoy his present. Which he should be allowed to do after everything he went through.



Oh Sooah


Now on the opposite side of what Park Saeroy represents stands Jang Donghee... and Oh Sooah. Surprise (or maybe not, considering that she is my mom lol), but she kinda disliked (not to be mistaken with hated) Oh Soo Ah. Yet she also understands how some people could like her or think she was smart about her choices. In her opinion, that’s what society ultimately wants us to be. Passive, quiet, good at the given job, but never more than that. Any boss who is into the exploitation of their employees would love to have that kind of employee and that’s what from “successful” salaryman society usually demands to be. In the end she did, what Park Saeroy did all those 15 years. Fought back. She used his method and philosophy. It’s painfully obvious, that her plan was never to be proactive, but seeing, that her passive attitude almost killed a second member of Park family made her finally see a fault in her ways. When I said to her, that people call her a queen for what she did, my mom’s replay kinda made me release new things. She said: “Remember, when Saeroy in of the episodes said to Ji Yiseo, that choosing easy ways could lead to something disastrous? She is lucky, that Park Saeroy is the main hero, but what would she do, if she ended up being late and he actually died the same way as his dad? Would “self-preservation” and “realism” sound as appealing as right now, if at the end the result of you staying quite could lead to a person’s death? That’s what happens every day around the world. Millions of workers stay quiet when they could be big voices and it sometimes affects others in a negative way. And that’s what we call “realistic smart queens”? The writer clearly wanted to show everyone, that path Oh Sooah initially choose was not right. She wanted an easy way. But at the same time, it’s also hard to blame entirely salary people for what they do and didn’t want to portray them as bad or evil people, because they’re not. Yet he wanted to make it sure to show that being proactive is more important than caring about only yourself in this life and that Oh Sooah lived her life wrong before. But if someone thinks she was always “smart and right”, I’m afraid they got a wrong message from the whole drama and her character sadly. She is a smart girl, but not in what she did. So, it’s the right thing, that she didn’t end up with Park Saeroy. Because he was too forgiving, too understanding and too good to her. He was not the right influence, because while she liked him, she also used him to feel good about herself and her own choices. And the moment he stopped showing her affection she woke up to the reality of what kind of person she became. In the end, Park Saeroy actually made her quite her job. Not directly, but without his influence in her life, she wouldn’t be able to do it. Maybe someone would say she did it for Mr.Park. But she had, okay maybe not full 15 years, but at least good 7-10 years to do what she claimed she did. Between then she even almost forgets about Saeroy (and probably his father too). Yet, she was only able to accomplish it after Park Saeroy took all the suffering in the front line. Was she able to give back 3 times more? In my opinion, no. Because she built her life with prestige education, car, money, a new restaurant and etc., thanks to one major death in someone’s life and Park Saeroy’s long years of suffering; and started showing some activity only after Mr.Park’s son almost died too, but I’m not gonna argue with the writer. I appreciate him showing, that even after rebelling you still can have a happy life. He wanted to encourage people to speak up. Just like he did with that policeman. Live life the way not feel yourself ashamed in front of your kids and without a fear that someday the truth will come out”. 
So, I guess, we didn’t dislike Oh Sooah, but we dislike an idea of anyone supporting her actions from ep.1-14 without any healthy criticism. Because she didn’t deserve it. She was too comfortable in her position. Turning a blind eye and mixing self-love with selfishness, thinking that you as an individual is much more important than ignoring someone living in personal hell is nothing to applaud for. That’s exactly how society turns into a cold and unpleasant thing to live in. Yes, expecting to receive help and be helpful (from/for everybody) probably is not something always realistic, but shouldn’t we be aspired to be better every day in our lives? Especially when we watch fictional characters.
Also, a romance between Saeroy and Sooah would never work, because as much as she was his past, he was her past too. They stuck in a reality where she is reminding him of his nostalgia about old happiness (and pain too); and he is her only reassurance, that she is doing the right thing. Because sure if the guy who lost his father and you used this opportunity to build a better future to yourself is saying, that “it’s alright”, then it must be really alright... right? Well, considering how much painful past they share, Sooah and Saeroy not really the best suitors to heal each other, because both need to move forward and being involved in a romantic relationship would only bring back all the pain and further make them stuck in their old days. I mean, yeah, the idea of high school sweethearts might sound appealing, but is it a healthy romance to stay quite, use guy’s loss for your own gain and still end up with him without any consequences? I don't know... Although Saeroy is probably the best guy Oh Sooah would ever encounter in her life (if we will play with realistic aspect lol), because he did like/love her a lot; he never even once blamed her and showed the level of understanding that only person who truly cares about your wellbeing would ever show. But she is not the best girl he could ever meet.



Jang Donghee

Next is Jang Donghee. So if our main hero is everything, that the writer wants to see in humanity, Jang Donghee is an embodiment of everything he despises in humans and especially in rich and powerful. If Park Saeroy is a non-corrupted soul, then Jang Donghee is what corruption personified looks like (he is basically both: corrupted and corrupting). Money, power, fear. That’s what Jang Donghee desires and that’s what ultimately brings him down too. His own philosophy destroys him. He spends years wanting to see Park Saeroy break down in front of him and still never achieved that. The only time he was able to make Saeroy kneel in front of him was the time he didn’t gain any respect, fear or recognition of his status, but contrary to that he made himself look even smaller and pathetic in Saeroy’s eyes. Never in his life, Saeroy even once thought, that Jang Donghee is pathetic; in Saeroy’s eyes, he was a worthy opponent, someone he should respect as a businessman and person of the ability to achieve high status. He saw him as an enemy he should respect. But that kneeling made Saeroy see true petty and unimportant nature of Jang Donghee. Because in a more important picture Donghee is no one, but just a small man with a big ego. He kneeled because Saeroy wouldn’t ever be able to respect himself if he didn’t do it to save Jo Yiseo (neither would any of us, hopefully. Who he would’ve been if he put his own ego and principles beyond a woman he claimed to love and risked her life in the process?), but Jang Donghee, as a result, lost all his respect in Saeroy’s eyes. 

I want to remind, that for Jang Donghee himself kneeling means nothing. He used to do so to gain sympathy and manipulate situations for his own favor (as was shown with press-con), it doesn’t mean he feels bad or remorseful. Which is an allegory to the fact, that a lot of rich and powerful “kneel in shame” for their own gain. Saeroy basically refusing to acknowledge the power of that kneeling and still processing to take over the company (that his father in the first place helped to build too) was an ultimate winning move. I like how they stripped down Jang Donghee from everything he had from family to company, but they did try to save the company itself and as much as possible. After all hundreds of people still work in Jangga and they have nothing to do with Jang Donghee’s crimes. 

Also, let me point out here, that some people didn’t read the situation in principle’s office right. While you can blame a victim for not wanting to kneel and sticking rightfully for his principles, you can also shift the blame to Jang Donghee for demanding to kneel an innocent boy and firing his long-time employee as well as giving shitty education and lessons for his son, that at the end ruined them all. There is a reason why parenting is a big theme in Itaewon Class. 

While Saeroy slowly built a trusting circle of people who were around him because they actually liked him as a person, Jang Donghee lost all remaining support. 


Jo Yiseo

Jo Yiseo is a kinda interesting case. On paper, she is totally unlikable character with so many unlikeable traits. She is bratty, rude, unsympathetic, unapologetically straightforward and manipulative. In k-dramas those characteristics mostly for  “b**chy second female lead” or “toxic male lead”, but here we have our 20 years old female lead doing some questionable stuff and acting boldly(?) to the point of annoying some... but at the same time appealing to others. I would say even for the majority.

For me, Jo Yiseo is a prove of the writer’s ability to write characters. She is the most confusing, yet also the most curious one. Is she actual sociopath or society made her feel this way? Considering that every DanBam member had a “social misfit” label on them, but they weren’t defined by it and grow beyond expectations, I would say Jo Yiseo fits the mold. With one difference. She was from a slightly more privileged background. Her brain and pretty face was the reason why people expected her to succeed financially in life, but they also claimed she is a sociopath. Which means they put a question on her ever succeeding in emotionally connecting meaningfully with others. 

Contrary to some un/popular belief, I don’t think Jo Yiseo “chased a man”. It might sound pretentious, but she chased her actual second part of the heart. Until she ever met Park Saeroy she even believed to what everyone around her said, that she is just “cold-hearted and manipulative b**ch” and acted according to that belief. I’m not even gonna talk about the fact, that her mom was the first one to make Jo Yiseo feel this way about herself. Even in one of her talks with Park Saeroy she mentioned herself in that regard, but he right away denied it. 
So, Jo Yiseo met Saeroy and she felt something, that society denied she could ever feel. Sympathy. That then blossomed into love. She met a bitter man, who still lives in his past hence has trouble sleeping sweet nights and wanted to help him to feel happy again. It’s neither obsession or “doing everything for a man”. She was growing with him emotionally. He was the only person in her circle to ever challenge her, either confronting her openly or unknowingly showing with his own example of what should be done. And love is always about wanting to see the person you love happy and smiling. So, while everyone saw only his strength and admired him for that, she saw his vulnerability and wanted to protect him. In many ways, Jo Yiseo is really Park Saeroy’s biggest luck. Because she was the only one willing to not only receive support from him but also give it back and show her own support when he needed it the most. That’s why she searched for ways to make him happy. Make his pub big? Make him rich? Destroy Jangga for him? She did or tried to do everything that just for his smiling face. A face that she once draw when she first time and felt the urge to make all the suffering that this man is facing come to an end. Because, to be honest, Park Saeroy is not just some man, he is a person, who makes Jo Yiseo search for the right emotions and answers. First out of respect for him and his view on people, then out of her own understanding. 

Jo Yiseo flourished beyond society’s expectations that she could never love or form a meaningful friendship. I think one of the most “poetic” (pun intended lol) ways they showcased it was with Ma Hyunyi, when before that Jo Yiseo with her words “took” from Hyunyi her confidence about who she is in their small DamBam pub, but then read her a poem to give it back in full force what she owed her in front of millions. 

For me personally she is also such an interesting case, because in the story she plays so many “stereotypical” k-drama roles, that it makes her a very unique heroine. She is like “reverse-gender male lead, b**chy second female lead, supportive female lead, unrequitedly loving second male lead, unconditionally loving male lead, mature voice of reason and immature kid, that needs to grow up, etc.” It all mingled so well and one of the most interesting heroines that I saw in k-dramas in resent years was born. 



And the relationship between Park Saeroy and Jo Yiseo turned out to be one of my most favorite at the end. There is something really great about it, that I liked; despite their age gap, it was super mature in meaning, that it was built on trust, understanding, and support. Like some girls pointed out, while romance wasn’t a center of the story love definitely was. To a lot of characters “love” was one of their biggest motivations. And re-watching Itaewon Class made me release how smooth love actually blossomed in Saeroy’s heart without him even releasing or acknowledging it. What is love for you, guys? If it’s hugs, kisses, and words? Then, yes, it only happened in the last 2-4 episodes, but if love for you guys things that I mentioned aka “trust, understanding and support”, then Saeroy was doing it the whole time for Yiseo and willingly and open-heartedly received it from her right from the start. He never opened to anyone like her, he never trusted anyone like her, he never wanted anyone like her on his side. He was okay with anyone misunderstanding him or not showing any support (aka being alone), except Jo Yiseo. His “you should not concern yourself” turned into him “do want hear my story, even it’s long?” and then into full-blown “I thought you’re on my side” and “I trust you the most”. Heck, Oh Sooah understood everything the moment she saw Saeroy’s angry “enough” towards Jo Yiseo when Jang Donghee revealed to become their new landlord in old DanBam pub. He was emotional  the way he was emotional only when it comes to his father (or one time himself lol). 

Because Saeroy denied himself any happiness, he also closed himself from receiving any love. That’s why he never went beyond “I like you” with Oh Sooah and as well as not even understanding fully said exactly why said to Yiseo “Don’t like me”, instead of "I don't like you". Loving Saeroy was never an easy thing, but I think she was unselfish about it, except the time when she couldn’t hide it anymore. And while some say, that she should’ve left him alone, Saeroy himself never even once showed any desire for her to leave his side. 

The funny thing is, I think in 4 passed years Saeroy spend so many nights with his friends and Yiseo, that until he received the news about an old man dying from cancer, he kinda already started slowly forgetting about his revenge and enjoying himself, his happy moments and moving forward again without releasing it (because he is seriously bad at reading his own heart lol); that’s why it was so much easier for him to have that ep.15 talk wit his father, contrary to if it happened in 2016. 


The last fight 

I don’t wanna talk much about Jang Gunwon (but maybe later about Jang Gunsoo), but I want to point out, why he and Saeroy ended up fighting. It’s a full-circle thing. One thing, that Saeroy did without a doubt wrong was his willingness to take a life and kill Jang Gunwon. It was his most ugly and unforgiving moment in the whole drama. He was broken, he wanted to die and he lost everything. But when the last fight happened he was willing to heal his broken heart, wanted to live, had everything and everyone. Now Jang Gunwon was in his position from 15 years ago, that’s why he repeated almost all the things Saeroy said to him. Saeroy basically beat the richard simmons out of his past self. He beat the last anger out of himself. And that’s also why his words were “I feel I can be happy now” and “let’s be happy”. 


In the end, my mom and I agreed, that Itaewon Class is a great drama if you want to think about characters and want to spend some time understanding them. And want to agree and disagree with them on a personal level. She said, that characters have “literature feeling” to them and I kinda agree with her. Watching the second time Itaewon Class made me release how nice with their thoughts, actions and rich personality they would sound on the pages of the book. 

To be honest, there is still a lot to talk about and reveal about IC and its characters. I'm happy I was able to encounter this kind of peace of work in k-drama world. Good job for everyone involved with creating this in my humble opinion very strong work)))
I might add something later)) And as always I’m open to more discussion. Drama ending means only more “full-picture” talks))) 
For me Itaewon Class one of those dramas, that when it hits, it hits differently)
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@AsveriaPSJ Hats off to you for putting that much love and effort in comprehensively reviewing the show:love:
I put on the headphone, played "Start Over" and had a very good read. All the scenes you mention are still so fresh in my mind. Currently self-quarantine at home and might just rewatch the whole thing again (& again).
Warmest regards and thanks to your mom also, her insights (and yours) have made me see some aspects of this drama from a different angle. Thanks to that, I might enjoy it even more whenever rewatching. 

Itaewon Class definitely earns its place in my Top 3 fav. of all time (with Goblin, Reply 1988) with its very unique charms.

*A very small note is I think CEO Jang's name is actually Jang DAE-hee (not DONG-hee).

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