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[Japanese Drama 2019] Two Weeks - Tuesdays 21:00


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Two Weeks


File:Two Weeks-JPD-p1.jpg


Network: Fuji TVKTV

Episodes: 10

Release Date: July 16 to sep 17 2019 

Runtime: Tuesdays 21:00-21:54

Director: Keita MotohashiKento Kiuchi

Writer: Masahiro Yamaura



Daichi served time in prison for attempted murder. After his release from prison, he spends his time doing nothing and he doesn't see any hope for himself. One day, Daichi hears that a woman, whom he once loved, had a daughter Hana that was his. Hana is now 8-years-old and has leukemia. She needs a bone marrow transplant surgery or she will die. Daichi goes to the hospital where Hana is staying and meets her for the first time. Daichi takes a blood test and learns that he is match with Hana. A bone marrow transplant surgery is scheduled to take place in two weeks, but a conspiracy causes Daichi to get arrested for a murder. Cr. to Asianwiki

It is remake of 2013 MBC drama series "Two Weeks."



Haruma Miura - Daichi Yuki

Kyoko Yoshine - Kaede Tsukishima

Manami Higa - Sumire Aoyagi

Takahiro Miura - Tadashi Arima

Masanobu Takashima - Kaname Shibasaki

Hitomi Kuroki - Sahoko Koga




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Thanks for the thread. Currently watching this. I don't even know the original one. But I see Miura Haruma stars in this one.  I enjoy watching him and his dramas.  I always  remember him as the  high school boy  who became father in 14 no Sai Haha (2006 drama)


And now in this drama he's a father....


There's no sub for this drama but I found the raws. <3







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 Thanks to the subber. able to watch ep  1. So like I said I've not seen the orignal Korean drama.


The ex g/f sought him him out ask for blood testing  for the the daughter and if it matches  Yuki Daichi is to be bone marrow  donor to the daughter he's never seen. Doesn't even know. He visited the hospital to  Hana saw YD and called him  'Papa'. She  knows what he looks like ( she kept a photo). But he's never seen her prior and doesn't know know what she looks like.


In two weeks time the transplant operation will happen tha. But YD was framed for a murder.  What to do? What to do?







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