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[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family drama...so we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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Lololo this place so empty with all of this going down  here is the kiss  

I am so happy I wouldn’t  complain about zooming out        @triplem I told you I have feeling they will kiss yesterday, who would know it was day later Kiss   

@dramaninja  we need to send some characters to trash  so we get more time screen for our OTP    1- judge for Beginning crazy evil person  2- TR  for beginning dull & without any orig

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Live recaps...

repeat SW and HR scene ...him saying he could be her bro and her saying this is impossible...she was going to flag down a cab...almost got knocked down by a bike , he pulled her ..he says are you crazy? Anyway she asked if there's any proof ...he says come with me if you want proof..got a cab.. "will you come " he asked...she followed


Handsome and CA have coffee post dinner and they talk about HR being SW's sister...CA was like you  must be shocked ...then she asked him how he got driver to settle . After him explaining she thanked him, he says what is there to thank...I guess he feels bad and it was the right thing to do ( yes they are still sitting a mile apart ) ...


Driver goes to XX - gives resignation and tells her he had to settle...she was angry but he told her Jun Hwi had him do it...she scolds him non-stop, calls him jerk and all sorts of names ...she is terribly abusive...wah her high pitch screaming is hurting my ears...driver had enough of her and walked off....but he was smart - he recorded all her abusive words ( kkk must have taken leaf from JH)


XX asked housekeeper where is HR...

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XX calls HR who was  in cab...she was going to answer  but SW pulled her phone from her...went to voice message..XX yelling at her for not picking up 


HR and SW reach his place...he takes the photo and he talks about when they took it ( i think) ....he shows her ...she came next to him ..he explained the things she used to like ..she looked at the photo properly...he even brings up how she used to call him etc...can see she knows he is telling the truth..both siblings tearing up...


CA talking to TR and Moon dad at the Moon's ...CA told dad how HR was involved in getting SW in the lock up...dad was like where is she? CA says she last saw her with SW..dad wanted to go there straight...TR stopped him ...CA too. They felt best to let the siblings sort things out among themselves...


HR and SW having a long heart to heart ...but HR was still not happy ..she was like how did you end up a criminal ...wow she had the nerve to bring up how he caused the hit and run and crap like that ..how hurtful


TR arrives at SW's place...SW was sitting downstairs. TR asked where is HR..she had left...TR went to XX house and see her walking home...TR wanted her to go back...HR was like I am staying in the place of the woman you love ( so spiteful) ....TR tries to stop her from going back...finally TR tells her do you know JW knows you bullied CA...that stopped her in her tracks for a bit...but she then said goodbye...said sorry to TR and went into XX house

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HR greets XX - calls her omoni then realised and called her chairwoman...XX asked her what happened to Driver ...HR explained she could not do anything about it .. XX says what is it that you can do ..can't handle JW , can't handle this Driver / SW thing...etc ...XX if I am not mistaken is kicking her out / firing her ? 


Handsome goes home...mum is up...she was worried ...JH says aren't you waiting because you wanted to find out what happened...so he tells her SW's incident and how the aunt was the one who set it up...Mum asked is SW ok? ( smhhhhhhhh) ( Of course your son solved it, woman!!!) JH reminded her to not forget that she needs to set SW free from the charges - to do it soon...


Lots of gifts - electrical stuff - came to the Kim's ...must have been for JW for them. SA gave some excuse to why JW had to leave them..dad was upset of course...mum did not want the gifts I think but dad and YA wanted to keep it


SA goes upstairs talk to CA...CA asked if SA was ok? CA told SA that JW apologised to her about HR...YA comes running up with a watch ...think it is JW's ...think it is a gift that SA had given him a long time ago..she looked at the watch ..seemed teary....went to her room immediately...

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Damn it this JW is making me tear up as he eats dinner alone in the office...he thinks of his time having dinner with the Kims...


Oh looks like HR still has her job ( smhhhh) brings a new driver for XX...Judge calls her ...meet me  now ...( judge was angry)


XX sheepishly arrives at Judge's house...Judge starts screaming at her ..how can she harm SW like that..told her not to meddle...XX says she is doing this for her sister's good ...Judge mentions about JG - how JG will be disappointed with her etc...Judge crying...XX still thinks she is right..she tells her sis you need to think of Jun Hwi too ( as if she cares about her nephew)


JH waiting in XX office..XX comes in angry that JH meddled in SW's thing...JH  as per preview says he is here as the major shareholder and not her nephew..he tells her to resign ..she was like no way he can make her ...he says he's got proof of her abuse...he mentions some stuff about SW's sibling..she was who is his sibling...think she guessed it was HR...


HR gets kicked out of XX house...XX says your brother is SW and so on...HR on her knees begging XX to let her stay ( have you no pride girl) ..XX left...


- part 1 over- 

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JW sleeping in his office..knock on the door...his assistant says your wife is here. As per preview he tidies himself up. SA comes in , he asked what brings you here? SA says why aren't you going home? She was like why don't you stay in a hotel..He says are you worried? Miss me? She says as if ...gave him his watch...She asked have you eaten? He asked would you eat with me? Anyway they went into serious talk as she tell her she is sorry about what her mum told him..it is damn sad..because it feels like SA is saying goodbye to JW ..she does not want to hurt her mum...and she leaves :dissapointed_relieved:....she stood outside his office door crying...so happens JH came by ...seeing her , he was going to leave..She calls JH - tells him to please take care of JW , makes sure he stays at a hotel...( this is too darn sad)...

JH goes into the office...JW crying..JH gives his hanky to his cousin...JH says come with me...


JH takes JW back to his house...( thank god they are close) ...our JH cooking for JW pasta...JW thinks of the time he tried cooking for SA ..poor JW , he puts his head on the table...Jh feels bad...but looks like JH can cook .. JW eats heartily...JW tells him how he tried to cook for SA before etc...( JH is in this mint green sweater) ...downstairs as the cousins talk especially about JW's mum- judge overhears...

JH says no matter what they are our mums...think what JH says pierced Judge's heart as she walks to her study feeling conflicted and sad

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CA comes to see Judge...Judge was cold but CA brought a small cactus gift..then she put a piece of paper with information about the old lady (if I am not mistaken) ...then CA takes out the last photo of her and JG which they took at photo booth...she says she was thankful for the last day she had with JG...it was a very sad teary scene...


Handsome in some check shirt...hmm some news about Intermarket and Judge ..the team was talking about it during the team meeting...the story was about speculation who judge's son is ..BR looks at JH and thinks...


XX yelling as she hears recorded conversation of her abusing the driver...


Looks like JW is reading the same news the team read..not a very good news..as JW seems worried..JH comes into tell JW not to worry...think XX may have released some stuff online ( not sure) ...anyway JW goes to XX office with his luggage...XX must think she won the war with JW but JW is JW asking his mum to leave? More words from JW about how she hurt him etc ...first time XX was speechless

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Intermarket was supposed to have shareholders meeting..the emcee says that Chairwoman won't be here - the meeting was going to be cancelled..but in walks JW ..he takes stage and apologises for the mess they are in ( need subs for this) ...shareholders all walk out angrily...JH comes into see JW bowing to the shareholders...


SA dad reads about the news ...anyway he tells his wife about it...then dad says eh why you cook so many nice dishes...for his birthday!


CA upstairs wondering what to do for JH's birthday as it clashes with her dad's ...she calls JH and says she was sorry...she'll be busy...ahahah it was such a short call , he was shocked that she seemed to have forgotten his big day...ahahahah...he was even telling his maid about it...

CA wonders what to get for both JH and dad


Yay!!!! cafe seem ...our JH wonder how she can forget his birthday as per preview..she was dragging the luggage bag..it is super heavy....


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"JH says no matter what they are our mums...think what JH says pierced Judge's heart as she walks to her study feeling conflicted and sad"

Precisely what I am driving at!  JH is so much more matured than his cousin who is older.  JH tries hard to make peace with everyone, very unselfish & the most filial son no matter how much wickedness his mom has done, he helps to resolve. Unlike JW whining away & forcing himself to live with his ex when nobody welcomes him & behaving so childishly just to please his father-in-law. JW should think of solutions on how to psycho his mom to like his ex wife & kick HR out of his house. JW doesnt deserve any respect no matter how much he is being pitied for his own selfish reasons to get things his way while hurting the Kim family inspite of his mum-in-law objection.

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Handsome was posing sexily and he asked where she was going on a trip without him...she was teasing him mercilessly..then she was like well she says this was from their beach date..ahahahah ..he felt bad - flashback of how he broke her heart...she was like have you forgotten how sad her birthday was ...ahahahah she was really killing him...she says lets break up ...kkkkkkkk she really doing pay back ...JH then says CA I am so so sorry...i was the crazy one ( she is really enjoying this ) ...then she says go on an open the bag..awwww...all the gifts she had packed including the card...he wanted to hug her she was like don't so many ppl...he held her hands and squat next to her ..he says thank you and I love you...what is that all ...she smiled and she held his hand and says happy birthday


( gals what is this ? No kiss...no hug??????)

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