[Drama 2019-2020] Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

The love wrectangle and the kiss prediction  

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  1. 1. Who will Seol Ah end up with ?

    • Tae Rang ! The poster says it all . TR is a complete sweetheart, he made her a better person and the feelings are mutual.
    • Jin Woo ! 10 years of marriage , deep remorse & repentance, 200% effort . Deep down SA just needed to realise she loves him too.
    • Men ? Who needs them ? She should just focus on her career... ( please don't kill me dear male viewers :D)
    • Let's not waste their chemistry - I think Jin Woo and Tae Rang should be the end game.
  2. 2. How many more kisses will we get from Jun Hwi and Chung Ah?

    • This is a family we will be lucky to get one more...
    • What ?! With their chemistry , there would be at least two more.
    • The power of positive thinking - one every weekend! :D

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@stroppyse bwahahaha:joy:. I'm in tears ROFL:mrgreen:. But at the end, he really did make her smile which is rare lol:lol:.

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CA confronts the Judge



Judge: Yes?
(CA comes in)
CA: Thank you for giving me some of your time. I came because I had something to return to you. (lays down JG’s watch)
Judge: What are you doing right now?
CA: The hit and run case, Joon Gyeom was the one who committed it, isn’t that right?
Judge: What did you say?
CA: Before Joon Gyeom died, there was something he had said. He said that he had become a monster, that he destroyed people. Kang Shi Wol-sshi and a grandmother Park Kkeut Soon. And, even his mom.
Judge: What?
CA: Back then, I didn’t know what he was talking about. But, I realize it now. So, please tell the truth.
Judge: What truth do you want me to say? You keep your mouth closed for 10 years, and now what?! There’s some words you heard from him before he died? This is the first I’m hearing about it. Don’t go carelessly talking about something with no factual basis!
CA: An autopsy! You had wanted one. You said you wanted to know. It’s because something felt off, wasn’t it?
Judge: Because I couldn’t believe your words. And, it’s the same now. Who are you trying to kill now? Do you now, even have to destroy my Joon Hwi as well?

(JH at work)
CA VO: I keep feeling as if I’m losing. I’m scared that I’ll keep losing going forward as well. What do I do now?
(JH sighs and goes back to his work)

Judge: What are you trying to do?! Deceiving me and continuing to meet Joon Hwi?! What is the reason exactly?! How long must I tolerate you?
CA: I saw the investigation report.
Judge: So?
CA: The car that Joon Gyeom was driving, whose car was that? Did you really only witness the incident, or were you in the car with him? How was it that you passed by on that road and was the only person to report it? Before the incident, there were 45 cars that passed that spot but no one reported anything suspicious, so I thought that was strange. Is your sponsorship of Kang Shi Wol also just a coincidence? Please tell me. I’m really afraid that Joon Hwi-shi might come to know this.
Judge: Don’t say my son’s name with that disgusting mouth! You only have your words. Bring some evidence! It’s not with emotions but evidence that the courts are ascertained. Don’t say such things to Joon Hwi. You might do it to me, but don’t torment my son, too. Because, his heart is probably already torn up because of you.


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CA and JH talk after their nap


CA: Yes, Captain. No, I think this might actually be better. I don’t want to be a burden to the others any more either. Yes. Yes, I understand.
JH: Whose call was that?
CA: You’re awake?
JH: Saying that you’re okay and that you don’t want to be a burden any more. What does that mean?
CA: That was the Captain at the station. I called him to reassure him that I’m fine. Whether it’s because of the incident yesterday, but the disciplinary review has suddenly been moved up to tomorrow. I guess since it’s after midnight, it’s actually today.
JH: What? A disciplinary review?
CA: It was something that had already been in the works. Even though the statute of limitations has passed, I’m still a police officer.
JH: Does that make sense? How long ago was that?  Also, what is it that you did wrong?
CA: It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened, that’s not important these days. Also, this is something that I’ll have to deal with forever.
JH: Chung Ah
CA: Let’s go back. We can’t just keep hiding like this. And, thanks to Joon Hwi-sshi, I…(taking his hand) think I’ll be able to get through it. Even if I have to take off the uniform (meaning quit being a police officer), then I’m also prepared to take it off. Until then, though, I don’t want to give up and to do my best. When the truth is distorted, then life also becomes distorted, do you remember saying that?
JH: Yes.
CA: You also said that we can’t keep living a pathetic life just trapped by the past.
JH: Yes.
CA: I’ve kept remembering those words all day today. Is it okay, if I do that? (meaning fight this thing so that she can straighten out the truth and the past)
(JH hugs CA)



@triplem, I think this is the last of the clips that you wanted a translation for. Not sure how much more time I have today to post translations, though I'll see if I can do one or two more if I can.


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1 hour ago, lu09 said:

@stroppyse Thanks for the translation. I don't know whether to cry or laugh at JW lol:mrgreen:. Dude knows what having a cup of tea stands for lol. If it weren't for JH and CA getting caught there, I wonder if he would've run ROFL:mrgreen::joy:..


No, JW wouldn't have run for it. SA was just about to ask JW to look into how CA's doing, I think, so JW would have listened to the rest of SA's request first.


1 hour ago, lu09 said:

From everything he heard from that speech, the one thing he questioned was: What? He lied down?:joy:.. what on earth was on his mind lol?:mrgreen:


I know. Right? I was laughing so hard watching the clips of JW as I was translating. How could one not smile at him, or at least laugh at him. :lol:


2 hours ago, triplem said:

@sjlsjl I read some of your translations online .


I didn't realize that you wrote translations. You should post your translation to this thread, too. I think you're closer to the broadcast times, so you would probably have translations up much faster than I get to it.


2 hours ago, Roomay_ht said:

Just a question, had this kind of plot-changing ever happened before in weekend drama? Usually i also pick up hints from the main poster.  Although in the early presscon , the three of them got on the stage and took photo op together to symbolize the love triangle.

Little that we knew, how messy the triangle gets now, it's practically shapeless 


It's rare, but it has happened before. And, it's usually a combination of the viewers' reactions to the characters, but also to how the writer feels that the story evolves as it's being written. So, not on the pre-produced dramas, obviously. Anyway, the most notorious incidence of it happening was on the drama Queen of Reversals. More about that in the spoiler.


The drama is actually about a husband and a wife who meet at work where the woman is actually more talented and higher on the corporate ladder. So an alpha wife and a beta husband. However, after they get married, the wife quits her job due to an altercation at work and becomes a stay at home wife and mother. The husband in the meantime has a transgression with a subordinate at the office, but is then really upset about it because he actually does love his wife.  I can't remember if it was an actual affair or a flirtation. Anyway, they end up divorcing.


So, that drama was actually supposed to be about how the husband and his wife work their way back to each other after learning to understand each other better. The SML is the boss of the company that the wife goes to work at when she's trying to find a job again. He's initially rather immature and bratty, but is given life lessons by the wife and eventually forms a huge crush on her.


Anyway, the writer and the audience fell so much in love with the SML that they added a significant number of episodes so that he could have a heroic arc including a fuller back story of his own so that he could become the ML. The original male lead ends up with the woman who likes him and tempted him into the fling in the first place.


So, it struck me that if the story arc was changed for JW-SA-TR, that it's actually a bit of a reverse story line from Queen or Reversal's main love triangle. I find that humorous. :D




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Translation of the preview



CA’s Mother: Her awards?
JH: I think I have to let people know what kind of a person that Chung Ah is.
CA Mother: There are people who will give testimonies, too.
JH: Rather than just accepting it, I’ll try holding a press conference to see if I can change it, Mother.
Officer: A police officer who is supposed to protect and serve the people did what?
Another Officer: Saving a person’s life is what a police officer is supposed to do. How can someone who was planning on dying with a person be a police officer?
Another Officer: Officer Kim Chung Ah
JW: Just let me stay here for 1 night, Mother-in-law.
SA Father: You said just 1 night, right?!
SA Mother: Honey.
SA: Dad!
SA: If you’re done already, hurry up and get up.
JW: For the time being, I would like to stay in Father-in-law’s house.
SA Father: What?
SA: What did you say?




JW is insinuating himself into SA's parents' house, I see. :lol: I know I find it funny and cute, because I find the character so endearing. It's his brazenness that is as much fun as anything. Such as the scene from the Lunar New Year's Day episode where JW not only goes to SA's parents to make his bows, but then has the nerve to ask them for his New Year's allowance from them as well. When he's a chaebol and they're just humble people. ROFLOL. Even funnier that SA's father had actually anticipated JW's moves and prepared a New Year's envelope for him albeit addressed to "The Bad Guy".


I'm also happy to see that JH and CA are firmly together. I agree with @triplem that the rest of this drama is going to tackle the Judge having to face what she did 10 years ago and her relationship with JH as a result, so it's good that CA is going to be there for JH.


I am curious to know what kind of punishment CA is given, and whether JH is successful at all in his PR campaign to save CA's good name. I'm guessing that she'll be able to remain a police officer, albeit with a suspension or something handed down. I'm hoping anyway, since CA has worked so hard to be a police officer, and she loves the helping her community aspect of her job.

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Thanks loads @stroppyse:heart:


From reading your translations , I think my favourite parts are CA’s development. While the episode had us going back to CA reliving her choices from 10 years ago, the outcome here is different. Then , with poor advice from her mum , she  covered up the truth about what happened to JG & ran away . It put her life on hold for a decade . Today , with support from JH , she’s decided to brave the storm  . I liked her confrontation with the judge too .

What JH is planning to do with the press conference shows that the consequences for CA are more to do with society’s perception of whether she qualifies as a cop . Legally I don’t think they can do anything . He wants her not to have to live with the stigma that her suicide attempt is a crime . When someone chooses to end their life , it should first be met with empathy & concern as to why that person had chosen that option. How did society & the people around fail this person , not the other way around .    I hope the drama is really gonna use this to address the issue of suicides , that so much more can be done to prevent it .  

Edited by triplem
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JH and CA talk at the house.



JH: Knock knock. What are you looking at like that?
CA: What did you buy so much?
JH: Until we’ve eaten everything, I didn’t want us to leave. I was going to buy everything at the grocery store, but I thought I should leave enough for the people in the neighborhood to eat. Let’s just stay well hidden here.
CA: What about the office?
JH: I took vacation days.
CA: No way!
JH: There’s no words for it, are there? So, let’s not say anything about it. Okay? We’ll eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Let’s just keep lying down like newborn babes. What do you think?
CA: What? Like newborns?
JH: Yes. So, don’t say anything. Don’t think anything either. You weren’t able to even eat a spoonful earlier, so you must be starving. Just wait a little bit. I’ll make something delicious for you. (hesitates for a second) I already called your Father. Because he might try to call your old number, and become shocked to hear that it’s no longer in service. He said to rest comfortably here before we return, so don’t worry.

SW: Have a good meal.
(calls CA to hear that it’s no longer in service)
SW: No longer in service? (sighs)

CA: So, this is how it feels to become a fugitive.
JH: Still, I really like it.
CA: That’s true. Even though it’s so quiet and no one else is around, being here just the two of us, I really like it, too.
JH: What are you talking about? I’m saying I like the view. (CA laughs)
JH: Let’s just stay here like this, and not go back.
CA: Is that okay?
JH: I want to do that. We could do that. We can do that.



I do rather love seeing JH and CA together, absorbed in each other, and peaceful, but I did feel bad for SW. JH thought of reassuring CA's family, but he wouldn't have thought to let anyone else know, especially a guy who he knows also likes CA. Still, SW must be worried about CA, and she is his only friend at this point.

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

More of the bar conversation - JW takes center stage


my God, JW is the scene catcher, whenever he is there, I can see no one else :D even CA and JH lol


@lu09 I don't think SA smiles rarely lol, at least I expect the actress to be laughing all the time in the rehearsals :D 


@Roomay_ht  off topic, is your gif Preity Zinta :D lol @Ameera Ali 

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JH and CA "bed" scene.



JH: Take a nap. Don’t think about anything, and just sleep deeply.
(JH gets up, but CA catches his hand)
CA: Don’t go.
JH: Huh? (CA pats a pillow) What?
CA: Joon Hwi-sshi should also take a nap.
JH: You want me to sleep next to you?
CA: I think if Joon Hwi-sshi is next to me, I’ll be able to sleep better. (OMG. LOL. How innocent are they making these people? They’re in their late 20’s, early 30’s, right?)
JH: Yes. (lays down. The look on his face, though. :lol:)
JH: (forming an arm pillow) Come here.
JH: Do you know? What a precious person you are to me. So, you should cherish yourself first.



I honestly didn't know whether to go "awww" at JH's sweetness or laugh at this clip. I actually did both. Umm, so they seriously expect 2 adult people who are madly in love and physically attracted to each other to just take a nap together on the bed the first time in a long time that they've actually had to each other. I get it that they're tired, and that this is a family drama, but man, this is such a throwback to the prim and proper kdramas of the 80's. I'm seriously wondering if the writer is having a bit of fun with us by teasing in this way. Nice cuddle in bed at least, so they're not just napping and holding hands.


I thought JH's face though did a marvelous job of reflecting his conflicted feelings about just "lying" down next to CA. And, I don't think it was because he was squeamish about lying down next to CA, just a recognition that he is still a red blooded man, even if he has to restrain himself for the time being because CA may not be in a state to respond. However, CA was the one who was more aggro about physical affection before, so where did that CA go? It didn't cross her mind even once to at least get some kisses as they fell asleep? Just saying.

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The scene where HR gets slapped by her father.



HR: Why is that my fault?
SA: What did you say?
HR: That Chung Ah is being tormented, why is that my fault?
SA: You’re totally shameless, aren’t you?
HR: Did I ever tell Chung Ah to die? Did I tell her to commit suicide? Did I?!
SA: Why did Chung Ah try to commit suicide?! Why did she think of killing herself?!
HR: Because I made her an outcast?
SA: Isn’t that right?
HR: Does being made an outcast cause everyone to commit suicide?
SA: What did you say?
HR: Why are you arguing with me about Chung Ah’s weaknesses?
SA: What kind of person you are, I think the whole world needs to know now. No, before that, your father needs to know what kind of child you are, so let’s go in together. Come here!
HR: Let me go!
SA: Come here! Come here!
Captain: Enough already!
HR: Dad
Captain: I’m sorry. I’ll scold Hae Rang, so couldn’t you please leave? Please leave.
(SA leaves0
HR: Dad. What that woman said -
(Captain slaps HR)
HR: Dad. Dad, how could you hit me? Dad, how could you hit me?! How?!



HR still playing the victim to everyone. Nothing more to say.

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@stroppysethank youuu..especially the one where they talk over coffee. Before, i caught a few words about CA wants to hide forever and JH agrees. I think that's awfully sweet and i wish they would just elope to Paris or something :D


So, the possibility of JW-SA as endgame is not slim at all. JW is always a scene stealer, i love his antics. OMS is on a roll, he'll be offered a leading role in no time I'm sure. 


@nohamahamoud2002yes it is. i'm actually not Indian, but i know Preity Zinta and some of her movies ;) i never knew she could curse tho :D


I watched raw just now, and translations from @stroppyse really help. SW is left worried for CA, poor dude. When he meets her next time, he already loses his chance (not that he ever had it tho :sweatingbullets:) but he needs to know asap that the Hong sisters are the ones hurting CA. We need more allies for her and JH.

I'm thinking of a scenario where CA is forced to take off her uniform (i feel like it's hinted), maybe the drama tries to show us that happiness doesn't attach to our jobs or possesions. Because jobs end and things break, what matters is people. Just my two cents.

How suicide issues are handled will also be pivotal, since it's sensitive and somehow very urgent in SK.


Can't wait for tomorrow episode!



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On 2/14/2020 at 5:08 AM, YongZura⁷ said:

@stroppyse, Thank you for the full translation.  Should i be curious why it is in the present tense?  Or maybe this is referring to another patient?  Hmmm... I'll wait for tomorrow.


Good thing you waited. Park Kkeut Soon did die, but it was the nurse who was caring for her who was still there at that convalescent facility. And, actually, what JH learns from her is that a boy wearing a school uniform had come to visit her and cried his eyes out, though she thought that he had been her grandson. The "grandson" had paid all of the fees that the patient had owed, and then even paid for her funereal arrangements and taken her ashes to a columbarium after she died.


Also, CA remembers JG telling her however how he's destroyed 3 lives, and 1 person even died. That reference was to PKS.


Sorry about the mis-translation. I didn't quite catch it the first time around.

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The ex really needs to talk about the cheating issue that is the only way they can both move forward. XX is hilarious and her sister the judge needs help but seriously her son was her everything she was obviously not going to let him go to jail for that. 

CA and JW are cute and TR need more scenes with SA because he helped her become a better person. if not for him she would still be that selfish person that we knew and didnt like.

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Just realized that the only YT clip I didn't translate and post for today was the one of SW. So, here it is.


CA Father: Oh, customer, the restaurant is on its break right now.
Judge: i’m not here for a meal. I’m here to meet a part-time worker here named Kang Shi Wol.
SW: Oh, you really came. I was only saying it, so why did you come all this way? You should have just called.
Judge: Do you have a few minutes to talk?
SW: Come outside.
CA Father: “Why did you come all this way? You should have just called.”?  That guy, what is he up to anyway? But, why does she seem so familiar?

SW: Thus Sunday?
Judge: Yes. The lawyer said that this week that is the only time he had, so I said that we would be over there as soon as you finished your part-time work shift, but that’s not a problem, is it?
SW: Even if it were a problem, I still need to meet (the lawyer). Since it’s to petition for a re-trial.
Judge: Of course. You should.
SW: There isn’t anything I have to prepare ahead of time?
Judge: Just try to remember carefully what exactly happened. Even things such as what happened when you were being questioned. All of it.
SW: Okay. However, you’re a Supreme Court Justice, aren’t you busy? You could have called or sent me a text.
Judge: You told me to come by. And, I was also curious as to where you worked.
SW: It’ll only be a few minutes before we come off break, you should have a bowl of stew before you go. Oh, and don’t worry about paying for it.
Judge: Why? Will you buy it for me?
SW: I have enough money to do that much at least.
Judge: It seems as if you’re being valued (as an employee), so it’s good to see. Let’s just say that I’ve eaten.
SW: As you wish.
Judge: Go ahead and go in. You shouldn’t be absent for too long or that’s not good.
SW: Go then.
(SW goes inside)


CA Father: She’s definitely someone I’ve seen before. (to SW) Hey, hey. Who is that woman? What does she do?
SW: She’s a Supreme Court Justice.
CA Father: A Supreme Court Justice? But how would a guy like you know a Supreme Court Justice?
SW: A guy like me?
CA Father: You know how it is. A Supreme Court Justice is the top even amongst judges, so how would you know a person like that?
SW: That’s enough. Why are you so interested?
CA Father: No. It’s just. I feel as if I’ve seen her at least once before.
SW: Surely not… you haven’t had the families meet with that jerk Goo Joon Hwi’s for a pre-marriage meeting or anything like that, have you?
CA Father: What the heck are you talking about all of a sudden? What do you mean a pre-marriage meeting?
SW: That ajumma is Goo Joon Hwi’s mom.
CA Father: What? Hey, you! Then you should have said something! Then I could have at least greeted her properly!
SW: Why a proper greeting?
CA Father: What do you mean why? We might become in-laws. It would be good to start greeting each other ahead of time! If she’s a Supreme Court Justice -
SW: Ajusshi. Doesn’t ajusshi consider that Officer Kim may be too good for him?
CA Father: What are you saying?
SW: I think Officer Kim is so, so much too good. (sighs and walks away)
CA Father: That kid. What’s up with him? Surely, he’s not interested in our Chung Ah, is he? Surely not.



So, a few things that struck me. SW totally talks in informal speech to EVERYONE, including the Judge. Her son JH speaks more politely to his mother than SW does. LOL. SW puts on a modicum of formality for CA's father since he's CA's father, but that's it. It occurred to me that the actors must have had fun filming the scenes, but that Lee Tae Son himself was probably apologizing to both veteran actors like crazy on set because of his dialogue when he seems to be such a polite person in RL. :lol:


Another thing, the Judge seems to really be in conflict here. Her manners towards SW seem to be almost tender and she does seem to worry about him sincerely and even care for him. It may all be an act, but I don't think so. I think that the Judge has been looking after SW for so long that she does care about him, even though he's a danger to her, and she can't afford for him to discover the truth. Even though I'm sure that the Judge is trying to maneuver things so that SW's attempt for a retrial fails, I also think that she really does care about SW to some degree.


Finally, I liked how SW takes CA's father to task for being impressed that JH's mother is a Supreme Court Justice. The father has been far too impressed by people with money and power all along. For instance, this is why, as sad as it is, the father was always going to be the easiest for JW to coax to take him back into his good graces. I like that SW points out that the important one is CA and not JH to CA's father. SW isn't necessarily saying that he himself would be better for CA or anything like that. Just that CA is the one who is too good for JH, and not that JH should be considered a good catch just becomes he comes from a connected family.

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@Songbae  beware of OMS fans :D 


honestly I like both OMS and Yun Park lol.


TR is a good man, I rooted for him with SA at the beginning, but their story didn't go on, I mean I enjoyed their scenes at the hospital and the ones while JW was in coma. I even liked it when they prepared kimchi together, and the song OST 4 was so good. I liked the way SA transformed from the cold person to the down-to-earth woman she is now, and that was because of a simple caring middle class man. Their story would have been good hadn't not been for the charming OMS :D 


When OMS returned and started trying to separate them, first I was annoyed, but then @Ameera Ali 's gifs made me start laughing so hard, that I no longer took things seriously. I know that OMS doesn't want us to hate JW's character, so he is giving us every reason to watch him.


I can't stop laughing at OMS's hilarious jokes, he has the best sense of humour I ever seen lol


Whether JW is good or bad is no longer the point now, because I think the writer knows how popular OMS is and he is really very good at winning the viewers hearts.


I was very unlucky with my other two (villains) that @lu09 and @Ameera Ali already know, because the actors were not as popular and funny as OMS :D 

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10 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

TR is a good man, I rooted for him with SA at the beginning, but their story didn't go on, I mean I enjoyed their scenes at the hospital and the ones while JW was in coma. I even liked it when they prepared kimchi together, and the song OST 4 was so good. I liked the way SA transformed from the cold person to the down-to-earth woman she is now, and that was because of a simple caring middle class man. Their story would have been good hadn't not been for the charming OMS :D 



I know. Right? With a different actor, we might have laughed at JW's antics and yet not rooted for him to win SA in the end. There are many second male leads who do all sorts of ridiculous things to try to win the woman but fail, and we're mostly okay with it.


I think OMS has managed to turn JW not just into a comic relief guy, but also into someone who was able to charm us and also to move our hearts with his serious beats and his displays of sincerity and earnestness.

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51 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

beware of OMS fans :D 


34 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

I think OMS has managed to turn JW not just into a comic relief guy, but also into someone who was able to charm us and also to move our hearts with his serious beats and his displays of sincerity and earnestness.

Him being funny is annoying because he cheated and that is serious he needs to stop joking around and tell her the truth. I stopped watching because his scenes were annoying

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