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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist/Wise Doctor Life, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 second half 2021

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1 hour ago, ryanallright said:

So I suppose the character is a catalyst for IkSong relationship.


In S2, someone will replace Ahn as the catalyst. So a doctor from Sokcho or someone SH got to know at Sokcho?

can we say now that Iksong is the main couple of this show ? They even have one strong supporting character just to make Ikjun make a move.. Ahn Chihong is really there only for Iksong.


Iksong’s relationship is already complicated without catalyst, ugh i really have no idea with Shin PD hahahahha


even if they bring another catalyst, please not for SHwa, i cantt see Ikjun jealous and in pain again hahaha


i think Ikjun and Shonghwa will be together already in season 2, probably time jump 1 year ? and they’re just doing some flashback how they start their relationship.


ahn chihong is being a chief resident and having a new apartement, it’s weird if suddenly he moves to other hospital or dying from covid ? Oh noo!!!

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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

Perhaps, as someone else said, there is a one year time skip. If that’s the case, it’s probably like normal life where ACH has received an excellent offer and has probably moved on to another hospital. I wonder if the other head resident who was in season 1 will appear. Probably not since it looked like he moved on too. I guess by changing the characters it shows that life continues on like it would in real life. It’s sad yet exciting. 

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Hospital Playlist Throwback Special Episode 10
I've stayed by your side for a moment, Goodbye Ahn Chi Hong


Summary with rough translations

Video started with the making scenes when Chi Hong is talking with ER Nurse about the patient who wants to leave the hospital even when in bad condition. Kim Jun Han said his lines too serious.
Shin PD: Wait! The drama will be in mess~ We will start again with a comic (comedic) version. Okay Cue! (and KJH executed his act with a more funny expression than before)


Aug 16 2019, First meeting with Kim Jun Han.
- Shin PD asked where KJH military base when he was doing his military duty. . KJH served in YangYang, Gangwon Province. He was in Engineering Corps and act as the administration for the military transportation. (His real life military is very different from Captain Ahn Chi Hong)
- The reason why Shin PD asked for a meeting with him, Shin is wondering what if KJH played a different role from his previous one (Spring Night). In his previous drama, he play a character that is... a little bit a loser (KJH laughed while admitted it). Shin PD said he did it so well that his character probably got a lot of curse from the viewers. When Shin PD look from several of his filmography, other than Prison Playbook, most of the characters that he played so far are characters with a loser personality (Shin PD recently watch his work Sunset in My Hometown) and Shin PD thought maybe KJH somehow like to play that kind of character. KJH admitted it shyly. Shin PD mentioned another film of his (Anarchist from Colony) which in there his character also give a slight feeling of a loser. KJH then explained that actually he's thinking that he shouldn't really portray his character like a real man but the opposite of it, maybe a little bit cool. Shin PD joked that rather than looking cool he portrayed another side. KJH said he only acted as what the script says but maybe there's a loser side that come out when he acted. Shin PD said it was his charm and quite fun. 
- They are talking about his character in Prison Playbook. He appeared only for a short time. His character was a little bit mean but it also suited him well. Shin PD even wondered if KJH true personality is like that since he did it almost like a natural. (We're shown short scenes of Prison Playbook where KJH appeared)
Shin PD felt that after Spring Night, KJH will get many offers soon (KJH asked his manager whether it's true or not) and Shin PD felt that he will be good for playing as a character he has in mind. KJH hesitated whether he can do well and Shin PD said that's why he asked for a meeting with him. Before they rehearse ACH lines, Shin PD wants him to read several characters first. (Yong Seok Min, Do Jae Hak and after that Ahn Chi Hong lines. Most happened in Episode 2)
- After finishing the lines, Shin PD revealed that he wanted him to play as ACH. Shin PD explained a little bit about ACH. ACH will have a kind of love line, he has a crush with Professor named Song Hwa. His character has a warm-like crush and a calm and cool development at the same time. ACH will only appear in season 1. (T_T) Shin PD explained since ACH won't continue appear in other season so he doesn't want to burden KJH with a goal for seasonal drama. He wish KJH can act well and will have a cool exist. But then during their meeting KJH keep laughing and Shin PD felt maybe they need to revise a bit about his character. KJH laughed hard at this comment. 
- Shin PD added that acting as Ahn Chi Hong can help his career too when they compare it to his current filmography. He can also show that he's quite a good actor. They will meet soon after some period of thinking.
- Before ending their meeting, Shin PD asked about his ability to play drum. (KJH is a former drummer of band izi). Shin PD said if he did join, maybe he can give some pointers (to YYS). We're shown that KJH is having fun at SHyeong basement room where the band instruments is set. He's awkward at first since it's been a while since he played the drum, but he showed his skills that made everyone watching praised him (including YYS and YYS's drummer teacher. YYS requested him to show a solo drum performance)


Aug 29 2019, second meeting with Kim Jun Han
- They have confirmed his casting through phone before the 2nd meeting. Shin PD wants him to play Ahn Chi Hong because they need an impact (?) for that character. Shin also wanted KJH to play a normal character for once. Shin PD introduced ACH background. ACH comes from military academy and reached a captain position. He doesn't have to act really stiff but he can show it a little from his way of speaking but also soft at the same time. KJH finally get his script as ACH. Shin PD said that he will succeed when there's a comment that he's quite good.

- At that time, they're currently waiting for the premiere of film Beasts Clawing at Straws, and Shin PD asked about his character in there (he played as an antagonist). That film will be the 3rd project he did with Shin Hyun Been. Shin PD asked if he knew Jeon Mi Do and KJH said he didn't really know him. Other than Jung Kyung Ho and SHB, he doesn't really know other actors.


At the first script reading 
KJH was sitting between KDM and Choi Young Joon (Dr Bong) and he felt awkward because he doesn't really know them well. He saw that SHB sit near JKH and quite far from his sitting place. He moved to speak with them and say his greetings to JMD and Jung Moon Sung. 
SHB: What's wrong?
KJH: It's nothing. I just come here because I knew you
SHB: *laughed*
KJH: Can I sit here?
SHB: Sure you can
JKH: Are you sure both of you knew each other?
SHB: Yeah, we're quite close
JKH: Ah really?
KJH: (to JMD) My name is Kim Jun Han
JMD: Yes, I have seen you a lot on TV, while I'm still a rookie (in TV). It's our first time to meet with others like this. How do both of you know each other (question to SHB and KJH)?
SHB&KJH: We have acted in the same movie twice
SHB: But we haven't got any chance to meet each other outside the projects
JMD: You are going to play dr Bong character, right? (to KJH)
KJH: No, dr Ahn. I will play as Ahn Chi Hong
JMD: dr Ahn? Chi Hong... Do you mean as Chi Hong? I thought you're going to play another character


Shin PD said that KJH has the type who won't just act according to what purely written in the scripts, so it will give fresh feelings. Shin PD requested as the scripts is still written, he hoped KJH can design Ahn Chi Hong character well. 


That's how Kim Jun Han became Ahn Chi Hong.




KJH: Our filming set is famous where the staffs and actors were having good time while filming. And I felt that we've become really close with each others. I also have acted in Prison Playbook and I have worked twice with the same staffs and somehow I think I've become like a family with the staffs? I think I'll miss it a lot.


Q: To Kim Jun Han, Ahn Chi Hong is?
KJH: Ahn Chi Hong is like Bailey (?) I keep wondering what kind of character he is. Whenever I received the script, I keep getting surprised with his character. What is this? Huh? There is this kind of scene? The script is always something that surprised me. 


Q: The most memorable scene?
KJH: I think it is the scene where the it get much love from the viewers, when it's raining at the camping ground and Ahn Chi Hong went to meet with Prof Chae Song Hwa. I have heard a lot (comments) about that scenes. That scenes was filmed where it was supposed to be raining quite heavily. Actually filming that scene was quite hard. We were on tight schedule to film that scene. The sun was setting and we had to really focus to film that scene. And Shin PD did a magic with creating the scene look beautiful in the drama. But when we're shooting that scenes, the staffs commented whether it's a filming for a murderer scene or not. What is the genre for this scene? And then Shin PD said to everyone, 'It's a melodrama everyone, melodrama'. I wonder if there's a making scene for that scenes?
(We're shown making scenes for the drama)


Q: Last one. Anything that you want to say?
KJH: Chi Hong is... Eh why do I talk to Chi Hong by Chi Hong? Uh... dr Ahn Chi Hong won't appear in season 2, but I (Kim Jun Han) will become viewers and will cheer for the drama from the sides. Chi Hong is probably will be somewhere, becoming Chief Resident while also living his life. I'll be grateful if you can cheer for his character like that. And if one day Chi Hong is needed, Chi Hong will always ready. I'll be ready to join whenever I needed so... I feel sad now that I'm leaving. Thank you so much. I think this will be too sad, why do I keep saying something sad? Well... Really I will miss it a lot and I will visit the shooting place. I will visit and yeah... I will come to cheer the team.
I hope I can greet you all with another project when I got the chance, so please wait a little and I hope we can meet again soon. And please give a lot love for Wise Doctor Life Season 2. Thank you so much.


Ahn Chi Hong... Fighting!

Goodbye Ahn Chi Hong :( 


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18 hours ago, Crystalclear89 said:

Shin PD already mention from the beginning that Chihong is the character that have unrequited love to Prof Chae Songhwa and only appear in season 1. 
Omooo i also sad to know this. Me too ship Iksong so hard but Chihong is one of good character almost like a main character in HP, everyone is rooting for his development in season 2 and somehow hoping that he could get his endgame with new girl 


now i start thinking, will they do time jump when season 2 start ? 
Chihong supposed to be a chief of resident NS for one year and after that he can go for fellowship, if he’s gone means that one year already passed, right ? 


So it has been set from the beginning that ChiHong will not be the one. I am a Iksong shipper but still abit sad to see him go. He is a good colleague but not matured enough in term of relationship and career aspect for SH. I was hoping he get his endgame with another junior resident/ intern. I wonder how they will continue the story though since he is designated to be the chief resident.   Anticipating..... 

16 hours ago, Crystalclear89 said:

can we say now that Iksong is the main couple of this show ? They even have one strong supporting character just to make Ikjun make a move.. Ahn Chihong is really there only for Iksong.


Iksong’s relationship is already complicated without catalyst, ugh i really have no idea with Shin PD hahahahha


even if they bring another catalyst, please not for SHwa, i cantt see Ikjun jealous and in pain again hahaha


i think Ikjun and Shonghwa will be together already in season 2, probably time jump 1 year ? and they’re just doing some flashback how they start their relationship.


ahn chihong is being a chief resident and having a new apartement, it’s weird if suddenly he moves to other hospital or dying from covid ? Oh noo!!!

I am also anticipating how the story continues since they made him a chief resident. And his 4th year of residency is supposed to be very critical for him and hence SH advised him that he should stay and do more ops etc. I really hope that Iksong are already together in S2. YSK mentioned in the last episode in S1 that he does not want to waste his time. So I think this might also be a hint that IkSong will sail since they already wasted 20 years. (Solely my wish and opinion). 

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I am feeling so sad that Chi Hong won’t be on season 2. I guess that is reasonable since the center of neurosurgery is Song Hwa and with her transfer, there is no reason to follow the department anymore.

Chi Hong might be intended as the catalyst for Ik Jun. But KJH played Chi Hong wonderfully I think that the character grew more than as a supporting character to his own role. I loved how KHJ portrayed Chi Hong’s quiet admiration toward Song Hwa and was rooting for him until Ik Jun torpedoed his ship. CH-SH-IJ is a great love triangle where I can truly relate and admire all parties involved to the point that while I supported Ik Jun as a better man for Song Hwa, I wanted to cheer Chi Hong up and see him moving on with his life and maybe getting a new love interest in season 2. 

Is there any chance that the writer might change Chi Hong’s fate? 

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Hi.. I've been a silent reader for quite a while now, but I reallyyyyy love HP, and WG is my fave couple. I know I'm late with the hype.. but recently I've been rewatching all the eps and noticed that Jeongwon had kept Gyeoul phone number, cause in Eps 7 while waiting for the liver, he pick up Gyeoul call immediately without asking who it was.



Then in Eps 11 when Gyeoul called him before her solo surgery, he also talk without asking who it was.



It's different with when Dr.Bae called him to notify about the little girl with liver laceration (Eps 12). When he pick up, he said his name first, and Dr.Bae also mentioned her name to him. I don't know why I haven't notice this before..



Funny how I've seen this drama multiple times and still found details that I missed.


Btw, any idea where that pink doll went? Cause I notice it was still in Jeongwon's office in Eps.8 and 10..




But it's not there in Eps.12..




This is my first time inserting pics, I hope it'll work..

And I'm glad I found this forum. All your comments makes me see things in different light.. Nice knowing you all.. looking forward to discuss things further in S2..

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There's something that's still bugging me about Jeongwon.. Why did he still resign from the hospital (Eps 11) after all that talk he had with Ikjun in Eps 10? Why did he let Gyeoul lead pediatric surgery after he said he would resign? And what was the meaning of his sigh before Gyeoul confession in Eps 12?


Although perhaps only God and the writer know the answer ;;^^ but here's a piece of thought:

1. As far as Jeongwon know, Gyeoul was seeing someone (Eps 8 and 9), and that someone already proposed to her (Eps 10). He may or may not know the fact that he is her brother, but lets assume he didn't know.

Being a religious person, although perhaps he questioned himself because of his attraction to Gyeoul, when realizing she is with someone else, I think it is more likely that he would see it as another sign to continue his path to the priesthood (cause the person he is interested in already attached to someone else).

2. Jeongwon always look indifferent to Gyeoul, he hardly ever praised her when deep down I think he noticed and admired her good qualities. But we see in Eps 11 he let her lead a pediatric surgery 'after' he decided to resign (and we're told that he never let anyone else do it). What matter most is that it will be her first solo surgery, and he would be there to see and experienced it with her (before he leave the hospital). We all know what else he did, right? He said "You did well" to her. A clear praise, not just a nod or a smile like he used to do. Isn't it lovely to finally hear those words? Even if at that time, it felt more like a farewell gift for our girl, but seeing from different pov, it would be a memory for Jeongwon too.. and who knows, Gyeoul might consider being a pediatric surgeon herself one day.

3. Jeongwon decided to stay in the hospital on Dec 3rd when he talked to Songhwa. He said he wanted to tell someone first, and Songhwa hinted that the someone he's reffering to is Gyeoul. So why didn't he say anything until Gyeoul confessed in Dec 25th? Back to the first point.. If he still thinks that Gyeoul might be attached to someone, (assuming that he didn't know it was her brother, and he didn't know what her answer to the proposal was), I don't think he would pursue her during that time..

I remember when I first watched Ikjun and Jeongwon scene in Eps 10, Jeongwon nodded in aggrement when Ikjun said that he wanted Gyeoul to be happy. And before Ikjun said happy with Jeongwon, my thought was that he meant it for Jeongwon not to lead her on and let her be happy with the supposed boyfriend (remember at this point we're still not shown "he's my little brother" flashback yet).

So I think that sigh could have meant he was preparing himself to hear something he wouldn't like (eg. her getting married, couldn't assist him anymore, etc ;;^^), cause obviously he looked surprised when Gyeoul said she like him.. Also remember that Gyeoul never explicitly show him her affection 'after' he lied to her in Eps 8. She still assist him, work with him many times, but she never again show him that she had romantic feelings (really respect her for it).


So what do you think he would do when faced with that heartfelt confession in Eps 12? Knowing that this girl who seem so "emotionally unattached" couldn't hold back her tears to convey that she like him, asking him to reconsider staying (God, how hard it must've been for her).

Well.. For me, I think he did just the right thing :)



Edited by shawolynn
Forgive me.. Since english is not my primary language, I might make mistakes in conveying my thoughts, and may need to edit my post to make my points clearer..
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On 9/10/2020 at 11:13 PM, celebrianna said:

Perhaps, as someone else said, there is a one year time skip. If that’s the case, it’s probably like normal life where ACH has received an excellent offer and has probably moved on to another hospital. I wonder if the other head resident who was in season 1 will appear. Probably not since it looked like he moved on too. I guess by changing the characters it shows that life continues on like it would in real life. It’s sad yet exciting. 


A time skip is plausible because if the show continues at the same time pace as S1 (approx 1 year a season) 1) S2 will be mostly Songhwa's time in Sokcho and 2) Iksun won't even complete her 3 year course by S3 if S3 is confirmed :sweatingbullets: (I'm curious what the decision on S3 is because that decision will impact the writing for S2 significantly)


I hope later YouTube episodes will reveal hints about other characters like the outgoing NS Chief resident staying on. If those characters continue appearing as snippets in Yulje hospital life with the remaining 4 doctors, there might be some development that causes ACH to no longer appear in S2, like an offer to move you mentioned. It's been great seeing ACH's story develop over S1 and looking forward to see how it ends and new stories come in.


Also wanted to share a track that Songhwa/Jaehak sung together in the Maybe Happy Ending musical - they're good friends from their work on stage: https://open.spotify.com/track/4xGH3y3IdsxynuENj1jUVh. Mido is solo in this track: https://open.spotify.com/track/1TAP6yYuMhfYQMXOPRNn6n. Looking forward to more OSTs by Mido as well as Mido and Falasol in S2!


PS: first post, thanks to the mods and posters for making this a great place for discussion and info. I really enjoyed watching S1 and made some clips on gfycat here to tide the wait till S2. Cheers :lol:

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Hospital Playlist Special Throwback Episode 11

The first meeting of 99z as known as Dinosaur Ridge (referring to the group chat name that they use in the drama)



Summary of the scenes (while waiting for the sub to be uploaded)

- We've seen that 99z are quite close in the making scenes, laughing together and have fun all the time. But... their first meeting isn't like that...

- JMD arrived first and practicing alone while waiting for others. August 17 2019 was the first script reading between the main characters. YYS soon arrived and they talked about how YYS mentioned her to Shin PD. She was thankful to him because his words played a big part in the production team decided to cast her. YYS said JJS too would do the same.

- Not long, KDM arrived and YYS left for his individual meeting with the production team. He and JMD talked about their experiences practicing with their own musical instruments. Soon, JKH also came to join them. The three of them were quite shy and awkward since it's their first time meeting with each other. Mostly they only talked about small conversation and ended with silence all over again. Several topics that they had small talks about, their dinner plan after the reading rehearsal, their hospital visit experience (to observe and practice), their progress in practicing for the band performance (At this time we're shown each members practicing for song 'Introduce Me to a Good Person), their wishes for the drama to do well and have a good work atmosphere. 

- JKH and KDM have watched JMD's musical performance (JKH Maybe Happy Ending, KDM MD's debut musical Mr. Mouse) 

- At last, JJS came and the atmosphere has turned to become brighter with his cheerful greetings. Soon they start to get ready for the reading rehearsal.


That's how the five of us became friends.




This video is about 26 mins long and have become one of my favorites among the other special episodes that Shin PD has released for the past few months.


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Thanks @alleram95 for the summary, cannot wait for the sub. Me too this is my favorite episode :wub: (not just because of lacking 5 moments, but lots of “iksong” crumbs there) 


i can’t help but laugh so hard watching Mido, KDM and JKH in silence for 5 minutes. The whole time i pray for Jungseok to come early and save them or YYS to finish his meeting soon :lol:

and it’s cute when Shin PD compare how good friends are having unexpected meeting between 20s vs 40s, GKP and RHY in R88 vs JJS and KDM. Remember i also cannot stop smile and excited watching their first meeting GKP’s face is turning red when he knew (his good friend) RHY will be his (love) partner. 

Mido once said when they did live band that JJS is real Ikjun when they meeting for the first time, he’s really bring up the mood and so cheerful makes everyone comfortable.


now they’re all really become good friends for real, cannot wait for season 2, hopefully there will be no delay due to this pandemic as some drama has to delay to next year (ex: Love Alarm, etc)

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Just noticed Ikjun and Jeongwon eye contact in Eps 3, when Ikjun said he wants to meet Jang Gyeoul. Noticed that Junwan is watching Jeongwon's face closely too. Did he suspect something? Is that why he talked about that affair business out of the blue?



And Jeongwon's face afterward..



This reminds me of Seokhyeong face in Eps 9, when he heard Minha will eat tteokbokki with Ikjun ;;^^

Cheering for our Gomgom couple too!



Edited by shawolynn
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Random midnight thoughts after watching that last 13 minutes of Eps 12, or to be exact this scene right here:



So.. because I'm curious, I googled about reasons why men cups a woman's face while kissing her, and found these (I only copied a few that matched well with our newbie WG):

1. Romantic

The most cause of this act is absolutely because your man is type of romantic person. He wants you only for him self.

This is why he cups your face and feel that he can own you fully without anyone can share it with him. Therefore, if you’re both in a relationship, then this act might be a good sign on he’s romance and way to express it all.

2. Protecting

When a man cups your face while kissing you, it also can mean that he is super protective with you. He wants to make sure that you feel safe while you are close with him.

He also make sure that you are under his reach, in case of anything happen to you. It can said as one of a romantic expression. it also can say as an act to show how much he feel masculine if he able to do this to you. Overall, it means positive.

3. Serious Relationship

If you both under a middle of awkward situation where no one step further into a clear relationship, this kissing can mean that he wants to be in a serious relationships with you.

Therefore, it might be a sign that this is the right time to declare whether or not both of you include in a relationship. This will be better to discuss together after kissing to make clear about your status.

(Source: https://lovedevani.com/what-does-it-mean-when-he-cups-your-face-while-kissing-you)


While reading the article (especially those 3 points), a line from the classic movie "My Fair Lady" came to mind..


Oh, wouldn't it be loverly? ;;^^

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After seeing few casting documentaries on Na PD channel my take are:

1. There will be few new casts for season 2. Seokhyung ex is the next important supporting cast. So gom-gom love triangle will be one of the storyline of this season.

2. Sokcho is in Gangwondo, so I suspect that there will be a brand new neurosergeon team working with Song Hwa's, hence new casts. Her old team in the seoul wont be appearing again.

3. Speaking of Gangwondo, hoping for Ikjun and Iksun parents finally appear. Also Junwan mum. Hoping for a good veteran actors to be casted.

So I don't think they will be 1 year time jump. Just months at best. They featured different hospital (junwan and jeongwon) in season 1, so i don't think it will be hard to feature the story of seokcho branch.


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