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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist/Wise Doctor Life, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 second half 2021

Because shipping is all I can do   

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  1. 1. Which three pairings would you most like to see?

    • Kim Jun wan/ Chae Song Hwa
    • Captain Ahn Chi Hong/Chae Song hwa
    • Lee Ik Jun /Chae Song hwa
    • Ahn Jeong won/ Chae song hwa
    • Yang Seok hyeong/Chae song hwa
    • Kim Jun wan/Lee Ik sun
    • Ahn Jeong Won/Jang Gyeo Wool (Dr. Maggot)
    • Ahn Jeong won/Bae Jun hee (ER resident)
    • Ahn Jeong Won/The Lord ( LOLOL)
    • Lee Ik Jun/ Jang Gyeo ul
    • Lee Ik Jun/ Go Ara
    • Yang Seok Hyeong/ Chu Min ha (Obgyn resident)
    • Captain Ahn Chi Hong/ Lee Ik sun
    • Chairman Ju Jung Su/ Madam Rosa
    • Lee Woo Joo(Uju)/ Mo Ne

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9 hours ago, Dramageek said:

If you are a woman, who do you choose? the Seoul-chaebol boys: Jeong Won & Seok Hyung or Gangwondo Boys: Ikjun and Jungwan.


Gangwondo boys were bold, if they already make a decision, they were willing to travel far, to pursue the woman they love. They will confess first, with a swoony fluttering move. If we are the kind of woman who want to be pursued, they are our type/style. But in the other hand, Gangwondo boys have many gorgeous exes, we must learn to lived with that (LOL). Hey I suspect Lee did have soft spot for "country-bumpkin" boys, I use this term with endearment, remember reply1994 boys. They stay in boarding home far from home during Uni, so they were more resilient.


Seoul-chaebol boys have inheritances (a.k.a rich). Only have one exes/even virgin. But their upbringing and family circumstances make them carry a lot of emotional baggages. We as a woman must confess first. Oh I forgot, prepared to be rejected first. If you can play the mom card: get his mum approval first, maybe you can get a push or an insider info. Then proceed to confess again.


Regardless background, all of them are handsome, smart, with sucessful career. Oh, not to forget all can sing and play musical instrument. So girls, who is your style?


There is nothing wrong being a woman who want to be pursued. That's my style, I myself never confess first. But if we loves certain type of man, the only way to make it work is to confess first. So I appreciate Deok Sun who need to be pursued. On the other hand I admire Ji Ho, Najung, and Shiwon, who were such a brave gals that confess first. So I get why to win the heart of Seoul-Chaebol boys pair, we need a pair of badass at heart, who are part of a fierce fandom (Army). It's ironic that Iksun who is a soldier, a real Army, is the one with fragile heart due to the love trauma (she will never pursue first). Ah the meta. Luckily she got the bold Gangwondo boy.


Now what poor Mina gotta do is to play the mom card. I think they'll hit off well. Both are fashionable woman. Imagine them bonding with shopping together. This card is important coz the ex wife will come to the equation. Fighting Bear Mina girl!


i hope that mama bear will meet minha in gangwon-do, it was mentioned before that seokhyeong wants to bring his mom there AND minha's family owns a sort of small resort there and imagine meeting the family there

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Rewatching HP and with out the stress how the story will unfold for Wintergarden  I noticed things that could not see before.

1.The " pick me pick me" line  from IJ to GU back then even though I love IJ put me in thoughts .

Was it an indication for further development in IJ/GU relation?

Watching now the episode I can see clearly why I translated wrong.

I saw the scene alone and did not watch it as a whole with what happened after.

What happened after the "pick me pick me " funny line was that uri GU gave her answer to IJ directly and on spot because that is her personality.

She just get up and went to the door because she received a call .

that indicates a clear No to the pick me pick me.

She was untouched with all his efforts to gain her likeness .

Humidifier, food, coffee nothing worked. He  saw it too so gave up and try other method to make her choose his surgeries.Lol start using JWon .

2.I find it very amusing that JWon shares appartment ,office  with JWan the direct , blunt professor and we see in his personal life once again is drawn by the female JWan which is uri GU.The direct and blunt dr. Jang who under his scolding she shows improvement in her bedside manners.One of the  reasons I love this couple is how the complete each other.

3.Rewatching episode 2 I can see and compare the moments JWon lies .

He lies to Dr. Bong that he does not know Daddy long legs and he lied before that dr.Jang does not suit him or per NFlix "is not his cup of tea".

Knowing JWon lies or better hides what he considers important to him I start to believe he started paying attention to GU before the maggot scene.

Maybe he did it for negative reasons(? we ll see) but still that means he was not indifferent to her .

Maggot scene changed his whole perspective for her and made me a shipper.:P





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On 5/28/2020 at 7:19 PM, Andrew - said:

Justice for my boy Ikjun :rage:

Seriously! All we got was a shoulder squeeze?! What?!

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The moment that stood out to me in the JWon and Jang kiss scene was the very beginning, when JWon first smooth Jangs hair. 


Jang's hair always looked messy and that is clearly a choice on the part of the stylist and director creating Jang's aesthetics. There were so many times during the drama where there would be the urge to restrain her hair or fix it in some way.  And while it might be a projection on my part, by first smoothing Jang's hair, then caressing her face, it gave me the sense that JWon always wanted to fix her hair, but had to restrain that impulse.

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New week!! Welcome to June.


Let's not forget that on Thursday we will have the broadcast of the special episode and after that we will have the live band performance on Na PD Youtube channel,  채널 십오야 

Remember to subscribe and switch on the alarm.


Then on Friday support Jeon Mido and Writer Lee at Baeksang Arts Award as they were nominated for Best New Actress and Best Screenplay respectively.



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If there is one thing writer and PD need to protect in S2, is WinterGarden. They are so very loved by many, tearing up this pair will cause chaos lol. Of course , along the way there will be obstacles, misunderstandings & (oh and I really hope) professional clashes , but at the end they always find a way with each other (and please please some innocent/hot make up sessions (plural) ....kyaaaaa!!! :wub:)


I want SeokH & MinHa to happen. It seems that SeokH underestimated MH. That girl is a wonder. She's sweet, straightforward, has the biggest heart and most importantly she's resilient. Which is what SeokH needs in a partner. A fighter, because (unfortunately) SH is too scared to fight (due to his past experience). The move to bring back ex-wife into the story perhaps signal S2 will focus on this pair dynamics. Can't wait! 


JW & Iksun - I love JW as a doctor, even more as a lover. The ball is in Iksun's court now. My boy has done everything in his power to show how much she means to him, it's time for Iksun to respond. Understood Iksun's conflicting heart (again, due to past experience), but if she's not brave enough about it, I want JW to be happier elsewhere, guy deserves it.


Finally IJ-SH - for me , this is the OTP for HP. These 2 needs to happen, even if it takes us to end of S3. It's like watching Gilmore Girls lol. However many guys enter Lorelai's life, at the end it's always Luke. SH maybe afraid to face this, but the truth is, it has always been IJ. If the PD decided we have to wait another 20 years - for them to become like JS & Rosa, the end game will still be IJ-SH (but yaaa!! don't make us wait that long!! Uju needs sibling lol)


Less than a year to wait, I'd probably will re-watch S1 for 2388723467 times lol. Thank you for the insights. As a silent reader, I had so much fun lurking around this thread. Until S2!! 

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So much has been said already about what made the winter-garden confession scene in ep 12 so great.  One reason that I enjoyed it was that it was just about them.  Until the point where his hand touches her head, there is no music. I feel that this was a deliberate choice so we can not only see the emotion and hear the words, but hear every breath, every movement, every step in an otherwise still scene.

Just gorgeous really.

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4 hours ago, Norea-shii xy said:

i hope that mama bear will meet minha in gangwon-do, it was mentioned before that seokhyeong wants to bring his mom there AND minha's family owns a sort of small resort there and imagine meeting the family there

OMG. I totally forgot about Min-ha family's little resort in Gangwon-do at the foot of Seoraksan. I had to re-watch Episode 5 when both Min-ha and SHyeong mentioned GD but in different scenes. SH mentioned in his phone conversation with his mom about bringing her to a hot spring in GD he found. Then the next scene Min-ha is telling Nurse Han and Dr. Winter about her family's place in GD.

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Jo Jung Suk Said, “I said I would do it in a heartbeat.”


by krishkim | images: tvN




The first actor to be cast in tvN’s Hospital Playlist was Jo Jung Suk. As a fan of the “Reply” series, he blindly accepted the offer to appear in the drama, believing in director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung without seeing the script first. “As soon as I received the offer, I was suddenly filled with endorphins. I didn’t even know who my fellow actors were going to be. I just said yes.”


“Our drama talked about the warmth of ordinary people and their lives,” Jo Jung Suk said in a written interview with Kookmin Ilbo. “The power from triviality may be the driving force behind the success.”


Hospital Playlist is meaningful to Jo Jung Suk in many ways. The drama aired only once a week, and such an arrangement was the first even for a veteran actor. Jo Jung Suk said, “It was strange in the beginning. I was worried if the viewers could follow the drama’s flow. But it was a way to improve the poor condition at the filming site or the staff’s working environment. The actors were able to work in a good environment, too.”



He also challenged the drama’s OST. Ik Jun is the main vocalist of Mido And Parasol, the band made by five doctors in the play. A former musical actor, Jo Jung Suk topped the music charts by singing “AROHA” and “With My Tears.” Even now when the season 1 has ended, the band ensemble continues. “We don’t know what songs we will be playing in season 2, so we’re going to gather five people’s ideas to choose the songs and practice together.”


Viewers were consoled by the debonair and prudent nature of Ik Jun. Jo Jung Suk portrayed Ik Jun, who could have been exaggerated, honestly and straightforwardly. In fact, Ik Jun was also a character that Jo Jung Suk himself wanted to resemble. The actor said, “The medium that delivers Ik Jun to viewers is actor Jo Jung Suk. I tried hard to make various aspects of Ik Jun come alive. I thought I should make the right use of Jo Jung Suk to express Ik Jun.”


Even after studying everything about Ik Jun, Jo Jung Suk never expected the love line with Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do). He also said that he knew that there will be some love scenes in the drama even before filming, but “never expected that them to be with Song Hwa and that it wouldn’t conclude in this season.”


It has been 10 years since he made his debut through musical The Nutcracker in 2004. When asked about how he feels when looking back at his career, Jo Jung Suk answered, “I’m still running. Please ask me the same question 10 years later.”


Source (1)




JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 31.


"Professor Chae" Jeon Mi Do filled with elegant vibe in new magazine pictorials 







Jeon Mi Do had the opportunity to show off her dynamic charm.

Recently, actress Jeon Mi Do, who will appear in the musical "Perhaps a Happy Ending" scheduled to be first performed on June 30, conducted the photoshoot for the June issue of The Musical, the monthly musical magazine. The actress's diverse charisma has been perfectly portrayed on the magazine's cover.

Jeon Mi Do exuded her unique charm when posing with props in the musical "Perhaps a Happy Ending". She gave off her individuality when dressing in colorful costumes and props reminiscent of the Helperbot 6 character named Claire in "Perhaps a Happy Ending". Besides the radiant smile which changed the atmosphere on the set, Jeon Mi Do mastered the photoshoot with skillful pose and diverse expressions.

Jeon Mi Do has shot to stardom as a trending actress after captivating small-screen audiences through the role of charismatic doctor Chae Song Hwa in the drama "Hospital Playlist" (tvN). At the end of June, she will reunite with viewers though the musical "Perhaps a Happy Ending". The actress will play Helperbot 6 - a robot specialized in support humans. On the outside, this character owns an outgoing personality but stays ice-cold in relationships due to watching the separation with her old owners. Making a return with "Perhaps a Happy Ending" 3 years after the encore performance in 2017, Jeon Mi Do is receiving audience anticipation of the stage she will showcase soon. The musical will be performed at Hall 1, Yes24 stage until September 13.

Readers can buy the June 2020 issue of The Musical magazine with Jeon Mi Do's pictorial photos and interview at online and offline bookstores like Kyobo Book Centre, Yes 24, Aladin, etc. from today (June 1).


Reporter Hwang So Young /hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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I love writernim :heart:

This video made me tear up at so many parts :bawling:


Can't wait for HP season 2 



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She's so pretty......

will we see her in this style for the series???

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11 hours ago, Norea-shii xy said:

i hope that mama bear will meet minha in gangwon-do, it was mentioned before that seokhyeong wants to bring his mom there AND minha's family owns a sort of small resort there and imagine meeting the family there


Owh I almost forget that Mina is also from Gangwon do. She will facing though battle in season 2. Beside Seokhyung ex, Sin Hye reappearance, I think his dad's mistress will also reappear. Fact that She was left with nothing, make me believe that she'll try to cling to His kindness, make him pity his unborn sibling. Poor Seok Hyung with all his problem stack against him.


In season 1 Mina already knew the mistress face, so will she be able to help him out next season? She is a badass with experience with loves. I am rooting for her. Hoping Ikjun also work his magic as a cupid to Gom-Gom next season.



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May Star Brand Reputation Rankings Announced] 200531 
Star reputation rankings, starring.

Congratulations to the band Mido-FaLaSol, all members are in the top. 

04. Jo Jung Suk

05. Yoo Yeon Seok

07. Jeon Mi Do

08. Jung Kyung Ho

12. Kim Dae Myung


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month's brand reputation rankings for main actors!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, interaction and community awareness index of 50 famous actors stars, using the big data collected. from April 30 to May 30. 
Cre: http: //www.newskr.kr/news /articleView.html? idxno = 4376pan widgetspan widget

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It's Monday already, 4 days after the last episode and I am still not moving on from Hospital Playlist!!

After watching the last episode, I went right away to HP & Winter Garden thread to meet my dramaland friends (all of you :wub:) and read many of your response/reaction & insight of the S1 ending. As many of you, I am very happy, relief and exciting for the Season 2.


However, the more I love the ending, the more I am touched by the story and the more I am fond of the drama, the more difficult it will be for me to move on from Hospital Playlist. I think I am very similar to Jung Kyungho who want to dye his hair right away - bcs it is reminded him so much with Junwan, and he need to take a rest from HP for a while (just for a while), and we never think for letting go Hospital Playlist :D. Yes, I need to do that kind of major change in order to save me from the pain of waiting for season 2. That's why I choose to keep away from anything related to HP, especially Soompi forum :lol:


Then, my life was very empty but somehow I managed to continue my life. But then, I accidentally bumped into twitter that re-post of @Dramageek analysis and insight regarding the timeline of Ep 12 and the anti-mainstream of love story on hospital setting in HP.

On 5/30/2020 at 1:53 PM, Dramageek said:

We must understand the timeline of the last episodes to understand the story telling.

So I am don't think the writer butchers Andrea's character at all. He is still an overly sensitive and overthinking self. He was not some jerk whose tired to be a virgin. If he did, he will not waste those three weeks. The action also not too abrupt at all. Winter also not some aggresive girl who chase love shamelessly. To confess, she needs to gather every ounces of courage for weeks. And she did not do it for only for herself, but also for Rosa and the children.


On 5/29/2020 at 2:56 PM, Dramageek said:

1. Male lead still a competent doctor who is very good at his job. He is also rich. But here is the reversing tropes: he is the one emotional, very good with kids and patients, some kind of Mr. Congeniality who get along with everybody. Even though he is rich but he was not written in heir/chaebol typical character, where he need to marry a suitor from the same background to keep the business or as a requirement to be an heir. But the writer choose to write him as a phylantrophis, not interested in becaming an heir, who freeloads at his friend. That's refreshing approach to write a chaebol character.

2. Female lead don't choose her profession because of male lead. She is very competent woman at her job, to the point that all the professor kinda "bribe" her to assist them on the operating room (so I don't understand posters who insist on her incompetence out of hate). In her career she knows what to do to hone her technical expertise, and she was not easily sway by favour. She is rather shy, stoic, and plain. Communicating with patients was her flaw. And she was nowhere near a doormat, she knew when to back off, but she also know how to fight for her loveone. She did shed few tears, but not an overly dramatic cry under the rain lol. She was sick and on her period so It was natural if she was slightly emotional. Both when she was rejected and later find out that she was being lied to, she handled it maturely. And the male lead was not her entire world, She has her career, her best friend and her fandom (Army).


It was all  beautiful and insightful writing and not over dramatic analysis. Thank you so much! And it really hit me up and change my plan to stay away from anything related to HP. OK, I think I will just enjoy and live with this pain and I am coming back to this lovely thread! :heart:


BTW, I think the last time I had the same feeling (pain of not be able to move on) to Kdrama was with My Mister.

At least, we still have live band performance and maybe additional behind the scenes on Thursday. After that, I don't know what to do with my life but lets think about that later! :lol:


Jeongwon is me who consulting about my plan to quit watching Korean Drama:







My sompi friend answer :D:




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