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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist/Wise Doctor Life, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 second half 2021

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3 hours ago, dubuqueen said:


Since it's a long wait until Thursday, I wanted to once again share my thoughts on the Winter Garden couple.


First of all, let's discuss Jeong-Won's usual behaviour around GW:
-during his colder days, he refused to acknowledge her presence until she greeted him first. His body language was mostly stiff
-he uses mostly formal language but there are two scenes where he spoke to her in banmal: episode 8 when she asked him out on a date and he refused and the famous anyeong in episode 10
-Gyeo-Wool does mean winter in Korean but also sounds similiar to the Korean word for mirror. During the elevator scene (I forgot which episode) I have the feeling that he peeked at her reflection on the elevator glass


What do those points mean?

1) I think the reason why he was so cold to her in the beginning was because she stirred up emotions inside him that he couldn't exactly pinpoint or had any words for. She is cold yet also stoic, a textbook resident yet unpredictable. When he first said "She doesn't exactly match with me" I thought that was an irony employed by the screenwriter because as I said in my previous post they actually complement eachother
2) When he uses banmal, it's an indicator that he is flustered or nervous. When GW asked him out I think he was questioning whether it's a date or simple dinner get-together she wanted to have with him. It took her to emphasize the "not scrubs, not with everyone else" part for him to finally understand what she truly wanted.
One more thing: when he greeted her with anyeong I thought it was interesting how he said that after the scene where her brother left her with the same words. Maybe he was thinking about this word over and over again until he subconsciously blurted it out in front of her.
3) Gyeo-Wool in my opinion will be the reason why he will give up on priesthood but not in the way you think. As a "mirror" she will force him to a confrontation as to why he always needed the priesthood as an escape plan and where his heart truly lies. She should not be used as a wild card as Rosa wants (hit or miss) and shouldn't rely too much on gambling (as advised by Ik-Joon) but follow the natural order of things. I honestly don't want her to give in to Rosa's request because it could jeopardize their relationship.
Also I noticed that with GW there are many scenes involving reflections and glasses. Some of those scenes might be included from JW's POV in the upcoming (and last 1!!!111 :/) episode.


Now let's discuss her name a bit further
-In Literature, you might have come across the phenomena "telling name". I thought Winter suited her name especially because we might associate the Winter times with coldness, the end of life (figuratively speaking) and so on but it's also the season where Christmas comes along and we feel an emotional warmth. 
Also you expect Garden to be a bit of an antonym (not exactly one) to Winter. There are flowers blooming and trees growing in a garden. It's a very lively place and you feel connected to nature when you are in one whereas during winter time everything is at a standstill. But some of the most beautiful flowers I know grow during the winter time, which you wouldn't expect. Winter time can also be a season of new beginnings if you think of it that way. 


The chocopie scene (this might overlap with what some of you said before):
-One poster here said that eating scenes are a display of affection and a test for future partner's compatibility with eachother. For some reason I felt like JW was secretly adoring the way she gulped down the choco pieces and held in the urge to give her the two pieces until he found the perfect moment to give them to her. Because he was so very conscious of what he did and her reaction to it (and also happy that he could finally do it) he had the slip of tongue in front of SH.

And one last thing:
-In the scenes where JW and GW meet eachother dressed in their everyday clothes, I always felt like they would feel a bit awkward or shy. For me those scenes also seemed like foreplay to their future dates. 
The moment they exit those hospital doors, they become regular people. They leave a familiar setting, their roles as doctors and therefore have a harder time assessing the situation and reacting to eachother when they are outside. 
In the second scene when she sprints out of her brother's car and hindered him from walking outside for a short moment, until he had to stop for a while and sheepishly smiled beside her, that to me seemed like a foreshadowing to his decision on whether he should be a priest or remain as a doctor.

But as always, I might read too much into certain things. Hopefully we'll find out by episode 12 (fingers crossed)



Loved your analysis :)

Jeong Won peeking at her reflection in that elevator scene, I thought I was hallucinating :lol: 

As you said, Jeong Won is having these slip of tongue moments quite frequently after meeting Gyeoul. One he had in front of his mother was also after he was thinking so seriously over some matter. 

He is so aware of her presence, notices every little detail about her. He knows Min Ha is her best friend, because he SEES them together all the time. I still remember when they met outside ER and Gyeoul told him that she has plans. His question was if Min Ha was the one she was having plans with. He was so curious about her. I see you Jeong Won, is she not allowed to have plans with anyone else?? :lol:

His behaviour has been like a child trying to deny the very obvious (he didn't say hello to her in banmal, of course he didn't, we didn't see anything like Ik Jun, if that helps him LOL).

That mirror thing is so apt in their case.


I'm still waiting for the confirmation that the coffee given to Gyeoul by a patient's mother outside PICU was actually Jeong Won's doing. And many more. I really hope this is not just a wishful thinking of ours. Their story has been developed so wonderfully over the episodes that I will be heartbroken if I don't get some sort of assurance from his side in the last episode. 


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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

CMIIW, I think in episode 12 there should be a scene when CSH get the next test for the benign? It will be six months after the previous test. She will go through a lot of things in next episode, moving to Sokcho, prepare for a new life, and get a test. Hopefully it will be a good result. But maybe they won’t show her getting a test if it is not significant for episode 12.


About KJW and Iksun, I feel sad for them. Carrier becomes something that separate couples happens so many times and LDR sure is a hard thing to do. If Iksun goes to UK for 3 years and season 2 takes setting in 2021, it means she will be in UK for that time, except when she is back to SK in semester break. If HP takes Prison Playbook model in casting, it means the HP casts didn’t know what will happen with their characters, when will their last scenes, or whether they will back again in another season. Even if they will not back in Season 2, there still a chance that they back in Season 3 or another season.


For AJW, somehow I hope he will be the next Yulje Director. He has the same quality as CSH, think about others more than themselves. That is why he trust CSH to do his Daddy Long Legs program, they are similar in many things. If he becomes a leader, he sure will be a great leader. I support him go to Italy for doing the priesthood, but if the calling and the need to be a Yulje director happen in the future, I hope he will take it.


YSH will have a new relationship and it is with Chu Minha. I love their interactions so much, even when their scene just 2 minutes hehehe.


For our LIJ, CSH needs a break and he need to take care of her like he always do. She is not going that far. Get together for a meal and/or coffee just like Jongsu and Rosa. Love will grow in so many ways. And Uju, he will become a bigger and nicer kid, just like his Appa and I will love to see him in Season 2.


Getting my heart ready for season 2. I’m sure there will be new residents, but I just hope that our OT5, Uju, Chu Minha, and Do Jaehak will still in or back to Yulje/Season 2.

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@40somethingahjumma lol i appreciated your analysis. My comments were NOT directed at the show. I have great admiration for the directing team. What I noticed is the timing of each scenes. They never linger overlong and the timing is so spot on.


I was commenting on the endliese discussions about the love line. The characters don't live their daily lives dependant on it. But I was getting a bit mired trying to glean any new insight when all I keep seeing- even though I skipped- multiple garden themed posts.


Wading into the Chi Hong post. I actually don't understand the " crossing the line " comments. If you look at what he said in the car all he did was tell her to drive carefully and see her tomorrow. I don't recall what the subs said because I was listening then a hand on her shoulder. Banmal doesn't only mean words its all the connotations and implications that comes with letting or giving permission for it. He managed to somehow in 2 sentence and 1 shoulder grasp convey all his devotion. Far out. Masterfully done.


Chi Hong is a male. He excelled at being a leader. He chose a surgical speciality and more so operating on the brain. The delicate delicate brain.  Korean dramas are full of full on males pursuing love. Nothing in that character description point to a passive beta male.


If anything I thought he was restrained all this while towards Song Hwa. After all he met her as an intern and he is in his final year training. I thought his self discipline was exemplary.


I don't usually mention this on soompi but I do have a preference- if one has a type- for the male in uniform. Since I also was once in uniform and am used to a lot more male posturing. I would say he is actually very gentlemanly. I usually tried not to get into conformational situations but let me just say that I sure met a lot of forthright- mild term here- trying to intimidate me behaviours. So Chi Hong... is a heck of a mild male to me. Army or hospital wise. He is definitely been written as super mild tempered for a senior surgical resident. And so polite.


So yes, he never stepped out of the line. And there is nothing wrong with a male who decided to confess once. Asked her out for a meal. Then asked permission to drop ranks once.


How is that overstepping in this context? Have you seen how many aggressive female doctors pursuing male doctors in other dramas? Or younger females doing it in other dramas towards the older male lead?


Just because the context is a younger male towards a senior female is distracting others from recalling that other dramas do it regularly. Crossing the line.


Am going back to real life again. You raised a lot of valid points which I agree with. Just that my post was not about the writing in the drama. I just wanted to point out that the writers did write a good balance of emotions and plot developments. And its a disservice that just because we are obsessed over who ends up with whom and why; that we won't appreciate the gem that is a well written character to remember this drama by.


I will do a quick mention about the different aspects of love in this drama. This is very true in this drama. The relationships between colleagues, friends, patient and parents are very strong in this drama.


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36 minutes ago, ck1Oz said:



Am going back to real life again. You raised a lot of valid points which I agree with. Just that my post was not about the writing in the drama. I just wanted to point out that the writers did write a good balance of emotions and plot developments. And its a disservice that just because we are obsessed over who ends up with whom and why; that we won't appreciate the gem that is a well written character to remember this drama by.




I really wasn't implying that you were criticising the writing. ;) I was just addressing the point you made that there was an overemphasis on this forum on romance. There are a lot of valid reasons for that. I just took advantage of the occasion to expand on why I thought romance was important and why commenters here and elsewhere focus on the "ships". :D It's partially from the show itself and a lot of people do watch the show for romance. Moreover, tvN's marketing department know that the romance is a big drawcard so that's also partially driven by the producers with the use of teasers. And you have to admit that the last few episodes were quite romance heavy compared to the earlier episodes.


But I agree that the balance is generally pretty good. I'm always in awe of the writer's understanding of human dynamics of all kinds. I can't speak about the Reply series but she's doing a great job here.





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Oh myyy!!! D-1 of Hospital Playlist finale and HP stan twitter has become crazy. :lol: From hating on Gyeoul before to dissing Ikjun now. I swear my GS father-daugther team couldn’t catch a break. So I'll just hang out here in the meantime. :lol:




Anyways, lovelines aside, answers we need in episode 12:
- What happened in Hawaii????
- Who is Kim Yeong-Ju (nurse) and why was she given emphasis?
- What’s in Chairman Yang’s will?
- Does Ikjun know about our Bidulgi couple?
- Will we ever see Mone?
- How’s Seokhyeong’s patient (the one who had a miscarriage)?

- How are Jeongwon's and Songhwa's healths?
- Will they integrate the COVID situation in the last ep since setting is December? How will this situation play-out in the next season? (The virus was first detected in late Dec 2019)


Maybe you'd have guesses? or other questions I've missed :lol:


But to be fair, most fans are getting hooked with predicting the lovelines simply because these are the ones we could easily predict given the basis that we have (personality, dynamics, emotions, expressions) hence are easier points for discussion. Not necessarily because it's the only thing that matters. Unlike other genres with a clear plot (those that present a conflict right from the start), we cannot easily predict the development in a slice-of-life story. Developments to the character's stories could be anything under the sun. But specifically for lovelines, it's just confined to yes or no so there's the fun in guessing will it or won't it. For other plot developments, we could only rely on the writer handing it to us outright before we could then discuss. And most of them are still tied to their lovelines as well HAHA.


Well, that's life. A milestone in love is equally valid as any other milestone. Also, a lot of our actions are defined by our social relationships. We can't really separate one aspect of our life from another. The show itself has put a lot of emphasis on social dynamics that it has implied again and again that what makes a good doctor isn’t just their smarts and their technical skills, it’s their ability to connect to the patients. We get as much, if not more, scenes of the doctors being emotional pillars than actually doing their operations. Specifically why Myeong-tae is depicted as the "bad doctor", not because he is not capable, but because he lacks the emotional intelligence to perform his role well.


 As long as the stories bring character development, I don't really mind whether it's fostered through their work or relationships. So while I would also appreciate other discussions outside the lovelines, I think we shouldn't feel bothered about how people choose to consume this drama. In the end, that is under no one’s control, not even the writer's nor the director’s. We could just open other points for discussion outside romance and I guess other people will be more than willing to chime in. :D


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@40somethingahjumma nah we are all good. I don't get upset over your posts. I know what you meant.


This show is good. i get a lot out of rewatching it. If you like HP you should watch Reply 1988. Forget about the love lines.  That drama was particularly good at focusing on the families. Really, really heartwarming to watch. I rewatch R1988 for the families and I don't know your age but the buildings there made me nostalgic for that time period. And the way they talked and dressed. 


@KDramaFan0828 yes I get what you mean. I like the patient and the families in each episode.  It was just that I was getting PTSD every time I see a certain season mentioned yet again. 


However I have been having a gala time listening to their band practice. I am a JJS fan and absolutely grab every chance I get to listen to him sing. My heart has never recovered from his character's ending in Kings2heart. Never. And the song he sang. And I still rewatch his wedding song in Jealousy Incarnated. I listen to Korean songs but not Kpop you see. I listen to the older songs, ballads and Indie songs.

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@ck1Oz Yes, I get what you mean with Reply 1988. R1988 has put a lot more focus outside romance than HP so far. Probably because the main characters of Reply 1988 are still living with their families? And the most family dynamics we've seen so far in HP are the glimpses on the patients, and and some from the mains (Ikjun-Iksun, Ikjun-Uju, Rosa-Jeongwon). 


I am also enjoying the band sessions and analyzing how the songs play into the narrative. They are related to the lovelines still though HAHA. I'm really impressed with the cast's dedication to learn and perform the songs themselves. And being a theater fan, I guess I have a soft spot for the cast as a lot of them have a theater background. :lol:

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I'm so proud of my WINTER GARDEN :wub:, everyone is trying to compile /connect scene that would make you crazy about the couple. KEEP IT COMING WINTERGARDEN gang and i will help you repost them:blush:


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Stars of the Dramas Are Singing Their Own OST, Leaving a Strong Aftertaste

By krishkim 


Soundtracks represent the emotions of characters or the mood of the play. Famous singers often enrich the drama’s afterglow with appealing vocals, but the cast sometimes sing their own songs to narrow the distance between the characters and the viewers. Good Casting and Hospital Playlist are good examples.


Hospital Playlist – Jo Jung Suk & Jeon Mi Do

Hospital Playlist‘s plan to make two leading actors into singers worked out perfectly. Jo Jung Suk’s “AROHA” and Jeon Mi Do’s “I Knew I Love” are receiving great results in music charts. Both songs are remakes of original songs released in the 2000s. “AROHA” is a song from Cool’s album First Whisper released in 2001, and was a hit at the time of its release. “I Knew I Love” is a song by Shin Hyo Bum released in 2006.


In particular, Jo Jung Suk and Jeon Mi Do attracted more attention in that they are already proven singers. Jo Jung Suk was recognized for both his singing and acting prowess through various musicals, including Hedwig, Jewel in the Palace, and Blood Brothers. Jeon Mi Do is also a prominent musical actor who is much loved by fans for her solid singing skills shown in various musicals such as Mr. Mouse, Doctor Zhivago, Sweeney Todd, and Werther.


Following “AROHA,” which showed off Jo Jung Seok’s sweet voice, Hospital Playlistalso released “Deep in the Night,” which was reinterpreted with Jo Jung Seok’s own vibes based on punk sounds.




Good Casting – Lee Sang Yeob & Lee Jun Young

Good Casting adds to the drama’s lingering aftertaste with songs sung by Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Jun Young. First, Lee Sang Yeob’s “Red Bag” is a song that Yoon Suk Ho serenaded for Baek Chan Mi using a red bag that they have special memories about in a lovely way. The song, released as the OST, has been arranged to reflect the pounding heart toward Baek Chan Mi, further enlivening the romance.


“Let’s Love” is a duet song by Lee Jung Young and Laboum’s main vocalist Soyeon. It expresses honest feelings about love from the perspective of both a man and a woman. The soft vocals of the two are mixed well to add excitement to the play.




Source (1, 2, 3)

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The two, I assume, official music videos are simply lovely. :wub: JJS and JMD sing so well. I love both songs and I’m not surprised at all that they’re doing well on the music charts. In particular, JMD’s video seems to highlight the love lines for Wintergarden and IkSong. What about Junwan and Ik Sun and SH and his loveline. It would have been nice to see those as well.

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