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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist/Wise Doctor Life, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 second half 2021

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Since episode 10 we got confession and ‘feel good’ episode, there no way production team will give peacefull episode this week. I was prepared myself, just in case the worst thing happened.

Last episode has gloomy and sad vibe, watching last episode make me anxious and uncomfortable especially iksong scene, but ikjun and jungwan on call scene can make it up, that scene is just pure hilarious and funny, even after repeating for countless time that scene is still make me laugh. Jo Jung suk expression is so damn funny, this man surely has knack on comedy. I never watch recent jung kyung hoo project, as long as I remember, I only watch his in im sorry I love, which a long decade ago LoL. I’m honestly surprised because jung kyung hoo acting is so good. His chemistry with jo jung suk is top, the best. If anything bad happened, jung wan didn’t end up with iksun, or ikjun didn’t endep up with songhwa, I will be fine as long as both of them (ikjun and jungwan) still together as friend. Honestly I can watch them bickering all day. Those two grown adult men just too cute to be true. Envy gummy and sooyung. Pftt.

Ikjun already know that iksun and jungwan together right? I think he already know. There no way, such a quick witted and observer like ikjun doesn’t find suspicious. Seems like ikjun already know, but he waited both of them to tell.

Regarding Ahn Chi hong, to be completely honest, I’m grateful to writer that he is the one tangled in triangle love between ikjun and song hwa. Hence, For the past few day, I read in this forum said that andrea has possible love line with songhwa. Just imagine ikjun-songhwa-andrea (or any other boy from ot5) tangled in triangle  love is scare hell out me. I’m already tortured watching ikjun vs chi hong. I might stop watching if ikjun vs andrea. 

If any of you watching jealousy incarnate, jjs character is such jerk, but he is so good at there, I am enjoy watching him being jealous and petty. While I found jjs and gong hyo jin being jealous and pettt is funny and entertaing, but I don’t feel that in hospital playlist. When iksong and chihong together in lift, I want skip that part because is so tense and awkward to watch. Hey, the lift large, why they are crambled together in there?

I think in this season, we will not get any couple together, basically this season is set-up for the next season. There no way ikjoon and songhwa will have happy ending in this season, I’m sure they will ended up together but maybe in last episode of season three. LoL. We all know, this duo pd writer will stracth to last episode.

Be patience! A year isn’t too long right?? huft

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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

1 hour ago, kokodus said:

Hmm if there is anyone that I think will not comeback for S2, it is captain Ahn. But I'm pretty sure Gyeo ul, Min ha, Iksun and Do Jae Hak will definitely comeback. They can't build such beautiful characters only to abandon them after one season. These 4 especially are linked directly to our Fab five, 3 of whom romantically involved. Patients stories aside, romance is also the main factor that is hooking up the viewers. If Gyeo ul leaves and Wintergarden doesn't happen, I bet more than half of the viewers will simply stop watching the show. LOL. Whether all these ships sail or not is a different matter but they will drag it till the last ep of the last season just to keep the viewers hooked. LOL.


LoL, not sure for other viewers but I will be out for sure.


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This Ik Jung- Song Wah - Chi Hong love triangle is...SIGH. Ik Jun had 20 years of friendship. Chi Hong had 4 years of being her resident. Song Wah is over that love during her 20’s. Ik Jung is given a chance for his first love. Chi Hong is opening his heart to a new love. Them poor hearts.

My two babies -Jeong Won & Gyeo-ul. Our Winter Garden :wub:. It was a rather slow yet steady development...but I wouldn’t have it any other way. That OR scene was very romantic, I agree. Winter is coming. Gyeo-ul’s moment to shine. Faced with a much bigger challenge. Can she refuse Rosa’s desperate plea to convince Jeong Won to stay? I have faith in this girl. 

Will we get an answer on whether Jeong Won did or did he not sneak a visit to ER when Gyeo-ul had a drug allergy reaction? Was he responsible for arranging Gyeo-ul’s phone, glasses and ID badge? Thursday, please come sooner...

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My wild theory for who will be with SongHwa in Sokcho. Is either Junwan or Jeongwon. Junwan because he would be lonely and decided to visit SH, and the way SH call out, could be because he started to eat without her (looks like she was organizing stuff). 

Jeongwon, I just feel like there is more to his headache backstory, maybe he will take SH’s lead and rest a bit at their hospital branch. 

I see SH will gently try to avoid the awkwardness that is Ik Jun situation, and SeokHyeong cant possibly leave the city away from his mom even for a short time. 


Why do I feel director Chairman Jung Su and Rosa is a foreshadow to the relationship SongHwa will have with one of her bestfriends. She will probably marry someone else, but will still hangout together with one of them, and if madam rosa is the indication, it might be jeongwon

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I just have a feeling that if the PD give us a totally uncertain ending then I could drop Season 2 :joy: My poor brain and heart cannot handle this over the next 1 year 


I once said that although I support IJ-SHwa, I am totally fine for CH-SHwa if the story makes sense. However after ep 11 I don't like ACH character anymore (sorry to his supporter). You all know that SHwa feels uncomfortable alone with you, you promised to keep the line and you crossed it, not once but twice. How is your respect to your crush? How come you put yourself ahead and not care for her feeling?


While the other ships seem well (yup with some struggles but will definitely sails), for me now: at least some clearer for IJ-SHwa or I will drop :glasses:

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OSEN | 2020. 05. 22. 

Jeon Mi Do charts No.1 with new OST of "Hospital Playlist"




Following "Aloha" by actor Jo Jung Suk, the song "I Knew I Love" performed by Jeon Mi Do has also ranked first on digital music charts. Thus, OSTs of the drama "Hospital Playlist" (tvN) have been continuously gaining incredible achievements.

On May 22, after its release, the song "I Knew I Love" - the second song in OST Part 11 of the drama "Hospital Playlist" performed by Jeon Mi Do - swept No.1 on real-time digital music charts of major sites like Genie, Bugs, and Soribada, etc.

"I Knew I Love" is a song that shows the "opposite singing ability" of Chae Song Hwa (played by Jeon Mi Do) - the tone-deaf character of the 5-member medical school band 99s. The song is earning enthusiastic responses from the listeners right after its release.

The OST "I Knew I Love" by Jeon Mi Do is a remake of the original released by Shin Hyo Bum in 2006. Jeon Mi Do is praised that she excellently performs the song, worthy of her experience having stood on various musical stages.

Earlier, the song "Aloha" by Jo Jung Suk ranked first and the song "Oh! What A Shiny Night" by Mi Do and Falasol also claimed high places on digital music charts, thereby showing that the OSTs of the drama "Hospital Playlist" are becoming hits. Following that, "I Knew I Love" by Jeon Mi Do once again captivates the viewers' attention when quickly topping the charts.

"Hospital Playlist" is a drama concerning the story about 20-year close friends who can understand each other just by looking at each other's eyes and those who are going through special days that seem normal at a hospital - the microcosm of the life where someone is born and someone passes away. The drama is broadcast at 9 pm (KST) every Thursday.



OSEN = Reporter Kim Bo Ra / purplish@osen.co.kr
Photo = Studio MaeumC
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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I think it was pretty telling on Songhwa’s part about how she felt about Capt Ahn. There was a scene in the garden where he was complaining about the patient being out of line and she quickly (gently) told him to let the patient’s wife know that she can contact her. It was her telling him that they should keep their conversations to work related stuff/ drawing a line between them. 


I had a better view of Capt Ahn in previous episodes but ep 11 made me so disappointed in him. He pushed the boundaries & made Songhwa uncomfortable. It wasn’t just at the dinner but when he was in the car with her. (It was wrong in so many ways & I felt for Songhwa then) I think a part of him was feeling anxious (with regards to his rivalry with IJ) and he really wanted to make some sort of connection with her outside of work. 


I felt that the reason why Songhwa didn’t say something outright is because of 

1) his illness

2) he only had one more year to his board exam. 


In a way, they’re related. She’s such a considerate person and knowing all the hard work he had put in to / what he had to go through to become a doctor must make her more cautious of how she treated him. (If she rejected him outright, he might quit /break) 


Moving to Sokcho is one choice she can make without 

a) hurting Capt Ahn too directly. 

b) giving herself time & space to think about what she wants (with regards to IJ)

c) heal (physically & mentally). I think what the patient said did affect her to a certain degree. It might not have had such an emotional impact had it not happen during the IJ-Capt Ahn mess. 


Sometimes we just need some breathing space. I think because she’s been such a capable person all around, people forget that she’s human after all, not Ghost.  



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I'm still a bit unfamiliar with the production of Korean dramas. Will the cast have a wrap-up party/viewing of the first season finale? I think Descendants of the Sun had something like that. They all stayed in one place to watch it together. Crash Landing on You also had photos of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin walking to greet some of their fans during a party. 


Sorry, my fangirl heart just needs to see more wholesome interactions of the entire Yulje squad. I love them too much. <3 

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First post!


Oh my word! As a newcomer to K-Dramas and now a huge fan I have to jump in and add my two cents worth after Episode 11.


Ik-jun’s look just before he admitted that he did care for Song-hwa at the Team Dinner reminded me so much of what is said in fencing parlance....”En garde”. Be prepared, watch out. In other words a shot across the bow for the former military man Chi-hong . My God, the looks the two of them threw at each other spoke a million words. Whoa!!!


My heart breaks for both men as I love them both. I love the character of Ik-jun who is playful, serious, thoughtful, and so accomplished in his field. Ik-sun’s thoughts about him, spoken out aloud to Jun-wan, were heartbreaking. You can tell she cares deeply about her brother and worries about his happiness.  And probably more so now that she’s going to be away abroad for the next 

three years. 


And Captain Chi-hong...what can I say? There is something so sweet and sad about his character.  Makes you want to protect him from a broken heart. And yet I also sense a steely resolve in him...it’s perhaps the military training and life he had prior to his medical career. I hope

it serves him well in his personal and professional life.


To be honest up until Episode 11,  I really was not invested much in the character of Song-hwa  as she came across as too perfect and her life seemed quite in order. However, I felt for her as she was put in such an awkward position at the dinner when the two men pretty much openly declared their affections for her. She seemed quite taken aback at the restaurant, annoyed in the taxi and hurt at the karaoke location. There’s something there in her history with Ik-Jun. They both appear to be emotionally vulnerable romantically, about each other to each other. I feel it! 


So back to fencing....what will our two men do? Will our soldier Chi-hong beat a strategic retreat? Will Ik-jun our most accomplished  and successful surgeon fail to capitalize on his advantage for Song-hwa’s affections?  It’ll be really interesting to see who is the first to go on the offensive.  En garde, Pret, Allez...On Guard, Ready, Go!


PS. Pleased to see progress in the WinterGarden saga. Very pleased.

And may I say I love, love the arc of Jae-hak’s storyline and the bromance between him and Jun-wan.


Thank you everyone, I love reading your comments.





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22 minutes ago, midflight said:

Will the cast have a wrap-up party/viewing of the first season finale?


Sorry, my fangirl heart just needs to see more wholesome interactions of the entire Yulje squad. I love them too much. <3 

The cast and crew had a wrap up party a couple weeks back. Due to the COVID situation, I guess it was a private affair. But there were some outlier pictures floating around on Social Media from the wrap up party.

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Jeon Mi Do Shares Thanks After “Hospital Playlist” OST Tops Major Realtime Charts

May 22, 2020
by J. K

Actress Jeon Mi Do expressed her thanks after her “Hospital Playlist” OST took No. 1 on major realtime charts!

On May 22, the tvN drama “Hospital Playlist” released its latest OST titled “I Knew I Love,” which is sung by Jeon Mi Do and is a remake of Shin Hyo Beom’s 2006 track. Although her character Chae Song Hwa in the drama is tone deaf, the actress is well known as a talented singer, and she’s shown her vocal skills in musicals as well.

Soon after its release, the song hit No. 1 on the realtime charts of Genie, Bugs, and Soribada. “I Knew I Love” also grabbed No. 2 on the realtime chart of Korea’s largest music site Melon, while Jo Jung Suk‘s own popular OST “Aloha” for the drama was at No. 3.

Jeon Mi Do told OSEN that evening, “I didn’t know that people would show so much interest in the song. I found out through my manager that it had reached No. 1. I’m so grateful that you’re looking upon it kindly. Please keep showing a lot of interest in ‘Hospital Playlist’ until the final episode.”






Hospital Playlist: Episode 10

by lovepark


Romance is in the air as unspoken feelings bubble up to the surface and shake some people’s worlds. While some gather the courage to take the first step forward, others stand in place, still conflicted over what to do. Placed at a crossroads, our protagonists must choose their future course, whether that means continuing down the path they’ve always walked or taking an unexpected turn into uncharted territories.




Ik-soon tells Joon-wan over the phone about Ik-joon’s visit, and both of them are surprised by his sudden show of emotions. Meanwhile, Chi-hong sits in a restaurant and waves at Song-hwa who joins his table. He’s attentive as always—pulling off a strand of hair from her jacket—and they talk about his chronic pain and residency. However, it turns out that this isn’t a date since Seok-min and Seon-bin join them as well.

Seok-min tells the group that he’s moving into a study room and wonders what “our” Seon-bin will do without him. Song-hwa and Chi-hong tease the two for their use of “our,” so Seok-min admits that they are dating. Song-hwa and Chi-hong laugh at the sudden declaration since they were only joking about the two and know that it could never happen.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/05/hospital-playlist-episode-10/








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3 hours ago, bening alfiatur said:

Regarding Ahn Chi hong, to be completely honest, I’m grateful to writer that he is the one tangled in triangle love between ikjun and song hwa. Hence, For the past few day, I read in this forum said that andrea has possible love line with songhwa. Just imagine ikjun-songhwa-andrea (or any other boy from ot5) tangled in triangle  love is scare hell out me. I’m already tortured watching ikjun vs chi hong. I might stop watching if ikjun vs andrea. 

Agreed. IkJun being in love with SongHwa is one thing; Andrea being romantic towards SongHwa? I don't think my heart can handle it! I mean, I'd love an Andrea-SongHwa pairing (I've always thought they'd be cute together) but I can't imagine the ramifications of that within the group. I mentioned this before and, this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I'd rather see Gyeoul and Andrea go another path -- him finding his bliss, her becoming a great surgeon. A pairing between Gyeoul and Andrea, and IkJun and SongHwa seems too obvious - we've still got two seasons to go. I love this show because the writing is far more sophisticated than typical rom-coms. I don't see them resorting to predictable romantic arcs so it's going to be a bit of a rollercoaster. Whether the next finale takes us up or down this ride remains to be seen.

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4 hours ago, kokodus said:

Wait why are you so sure that there is going to be a time jump and the next season will start in 2021? Was it mentioned anywhere? For all we know, they could just pick up from where they left off. Not denying the possibility of a time jump, but even if it happens, I think the writer nim will make it such that the important side characters can make a comeback. I don't want to know the hows of it, I just know that they will not abandon these characters. 


I don't want to guess anything until I watch the last ep. Maybe you are right. Gyeo ul will get rejected once again and she may not comeback. Seeing the popularity of Wintergarden, it's highly unlikely for them to sink this ship. They will just keep it open-ended. We will see I guess. 


I don’t think there will be a timeskip or viewers will drop their expectations 


With the fact that JMD had mentioned all five of them are really anticipating season 2, so they are confirmed to be back. I believe the main core group of supporting cast should be back as well, there were mention of season 2 in Ahn Eun-jin and Jung Moon-sung relay cam. Especially those involved in the relay cam, they should be back for season 2.


if there is no timeskip, SHwa scene would focus on her life in Sokcho, means lesser interactions of her with the rest. Maybe new supporting casts will appear for Sokcho scenes. More love interests for SHwa to choose from??


we just have to wait for November, as season 2 will start filming in Nov

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Hey there are some of us who will come back. This will be the 5th drama I've watched from this duo. And about the only writer whose dramas bear rewatching. So yes if there is any drama I will watch out for it will be S2.


I don't think I will drop Kdramas anytime soon.

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