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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist/Wise Doctor Life, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 second half 2021

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I don't understand JW-


What is that compelling reason that makes him given up a noble profession as doctor in name of priesthood, specially given Korea has less pedaetricians and he loves baby..


Something huge should motivate you to become priest - as per ep 1 , death of kids?? Isn't he just  ensuring there are less doctors to treat babies by doing this?


And, i can't believe that frivolous crushes or rejections are reason behind this (that's nonsense)


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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

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6 hours ago, Andrew - said:

once again..knets' being so obvious with their bias...but i fear they are all going to be very disappointed...:tears:

which channel that you can watch these videos?

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1, "Ouri Gyeoli" first solo surgery - what is interesting is camera immediately turns to Shwa eating..lol .. didn't ikjun tell her his biggest happiness is eating with her :P ... but clearly he is more excited about Ouri Gyeoli's surgery


***to be updated****


Rosa-Jun: i think i want my answer to what is the role of this couple in this drama..


You can go lifetime knowing someone but not loving them, and one day find yourself loving them :)

friendzone to unfriendzone


But that's what i want.. maybe some friendships are pure friendships..you cherish them for a lifetime



Clearly JW is comfortable with GH because he thinks she has moved on. He is actually normal towards her now (atleast the laughing in the garden )

Just as nurse told GH in earlier episode, that JW laughs with us and treats us



actress is super sweet. GH's smile because she is happy she did her surgery well (it isn't that JW praised her.. but it truly is her profession and that she did it well).. go girl!





IJ drunk - says he liked SHwa (truth)

JW drunk - call SHwa (why?)

none of the other guys called.. why.. and Shwa chooses to go despite a man so drunk next to her


I knew I'd love you with Shwa and JW .. lol.. writer is trolling all ships big time on this drama



Let's just say gummy is very very lucky.. and i am sure other way round too..but yea very very lucky




Last song - when he looks at Shwa singing when i met you (as a band).. she just stops smiling after that line and avoids looking at IJ



irony of the profession, when you feel thankful that someone is declared dead just so you could save another life.. but somebody still died



Rosa telling GY that i am his mom and he likes you :)


Is everyone blind to SH-JW.. JW's eyes literally twinkle when he is with SH.. he is his best friend for nothing (Sh and Shwa are different)



Isn't it a VERY SPECIAL moment .. whoever's first surgery you assist.. just as important it is which doctor assisted your first surgery?


Why is JW suddenly so calm and want to do sthg with GY - his bucket list - if priesthood is dying, what is even his motivation to become priest

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Final takeaway of this drama's theme..


close knit dynamics is between similar type of people.


Ample examples today, same situation different friends in those situations and they all behave similarly (JWan situation = JW when a donor died and they used donor's organs and their response to parents)


All of them have same wire..



5 friends



all groups/couples..


Final couple will be who are most similar in personality.. yup! .. principles of life wise (not eating alike :P .. or maybe who knows) .. nah!...principles of life wise - closer = coupler :P 

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3 hours ago, jeijei said:

Somi's video captured the faces of medical staff, patients and carers. Did she ask for their permission? This video should be taken down for breach of privacy. As a concerned citizen, I'll report her to YT after I'm done with this episode.


All's fair in love and war but not in multimodal analysis. Some theories here are silly. The end game is still far away if the producers decide that it's a multi-season series, so don't stress yourselves too much.


Yup, cant believe nobody comments on the privacy breaching. Yes its pretty sweet, but how come she didnt at least blur the faces of the other workers and the patients? Too sentimental without enough logic and common sense, this one scene.


Eh some theories are silly but proven right anyway, eg: Rosa was the one whom Gyeoul said to on how she was nobody to Jwon.

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I can't really understand SongHwa's expression when I hear Ikjun's statement, it's like she had a grudge, then even proceeded to push him into the taxi haha, which makes me think that maybe if in the past SongHwa had proposed to him and IJ had rejected her because of the confession she had received from SH.


I think that SongHwa's character is quite difficult to read since I also didn't understand her reaction when Chihong touched her shoulder, I don't know if it was nerves or discomfort, since she breathed when Chihong got out of the vehicle, if it was nerves you could say that she was feeling something for him.


I think Chihong is giving up on Songhwa or at least that made me think when he was crying in bed.


I really think that IJ and Songhwa are endgame but it will be a slow romance, or at least I want to believe, the only thing I know is that I don't want to see IJ sadder, IJ DESERVES HAPPINESS.


Another thing, I was the only one who noticed that SongHwa when she was playing the band made a forced smile in response to Ikjun's smile, I feel that after the confession she is trying to avoid it, it's very sad I don't want both of them to suffer, Ikjun when SongHwa told her that she was leaving the band didn't even say a word.

Please excuse my English.




2 hours ago, GUADELAIMI said:

Another thing, I was the only one who noticed that SongHwa when she was playing the band made a forced smile in response to Ikjun's smile, I feel that after the confession she is trying to avoid it, it's very sad I don't want both of them to suffer, Ikjun when SongHwa told her that she was leaving the band didn't even say a word.




this really broke me down, I don't know if this is telling us that Song Hwa has no feelings for Ikjun

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Ah bless him Chi Hong will probably end up being kind of like Tae Rang in Beautiful Love Wonderful Life. He'll be the one to help Song Hwa realise her own feelings. Still to rooting for him though. At the mo winter couple still feels like an old slipper he's gotten comfortable with, needs a new lease of life.  

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2020-05-21 Rating

13.125% (nationwide)

15.662% (Seoul)



Ratings [wiki]

In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.


Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen  
Nationwide Seoul  
1 March 12, 2020 6.325% 7.113%  
2 March 19, 2020 7.750% 8.507%  
3 March 26, 2020 8.556% 9.313%  
4 April 2, 2020 9.754% 10.932%  
5 April 9, 2020 11.321% 12.655%  
6 April 16, 2020 11.682% 13.783%  
7 April 23, 2020 12.077% 13.864%  
8 April 30, 2020 12.008% 13.489%
9 May 7, 2020 12.134% 14.479%
10 May 14, 2020 12.701% 15.729%
11 May 21, 2020 13.125% 15.662%  
12 May 28, 2020
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3 hours ago, jeijei said:

Some posters here act like detectives uWu. Maybe they can help us crime procedural fans decode episodes and predict the next serial killer, maybe jump into Secret Forest 2 while waiting for the next season of this drama.



This is unnecessary.  @triplem had already suggested alternatives - if scrolling fast doesn't work as much, please use the ignore user button if you still would like to read other posts in the thread. I suggest making use of that if some posts are bothering you. 




Relationships are steadily developing and this episode is as real as it gets! Life , relationships and internal personal conflicts. Each character is representing different traits, coping mechanisms and drivers making them all relatable. With the exception of Dr Cheon it is still a feel heartwarmingly good drama, not one is perfect and their life isn't either - bad choices,  learning from mistakes, suffering because of others, not getting what one wants. Yes, Song Hwa included - we are just not allowed to know it yet. 


I feel for Chi Hong because after going through his illness and being such a nice guy, all I want is for him is to be happier and to get what he wants - but, only in the worst possible scenario, it's either he'll back off or he'll be rejected. 


Jun Wan is in a difficult situation and it's also sad to see him willing to sacrifice for her. But taht's what loves does to you. Things would be challenging yet still could work if both of them makes a lot of effort. So his situation, in my opinion, is not as bad as Chi Hong and Ik Jun. 


I feel the most sad for Ik Jun. He's the people person and he brigthens up the room and I laughed a lot with his scenes, he is also the most considerate to his patients and most thoughtful for his friends. But internally, I think there are things he is battling with. For someone showing up as kind, fun and friendly, making people friendly - he could well be concealing  his  true feelings. 

Because he is considerate, he backs off and kept his feelings locked for many years and he had let his ex wife go without saying anything much. He's there for others when they need him, but he keeps his feelings and problems to himself. I dare say that it is possible that he wouldn't have people to rely on when he needed others to be there for him. He wants people to be happy and would go extra lengths for that, but he is lonely, he is content but he may not be completely happy. 

I am beginning to be suspicious with the solitaire game that he keeps playing when he has time - and he may have been done with work - but I am beginning to think that solitaire is a way for him to escape and get some sanity break from everything else. His tIredness from work, worries and stress about home, psychological effects from his failed marriage and being a single father (even if he loves Uju so much) - the game is like a distraction for him. 

I accept that he has flaws and it is okay for a father to need and want a personal break. 


I read his reaction to Song Hwa's leaving news - with him potentially connecting that with the discomfort of his indirect confession towards her and that Song hwa is running away from that. Or that he'd lose his source of happiness. And I think it is also possible that he would take multiple steps back and pretends that he doesn't love Song Hwa and he'd let everyone else gain happiness while he sacrifices his again. 


This drama is probably supposed to be light hearted but I really would like more thoughts being shared and more words spoken so I could understand the characters more - instead of speculating and trying to read minds or through expressions. 








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5 hours ago, DonnaMae said:

SongHwa as a level-headed person and has simplistic views in life. I think she use more of her head than her heart.  I don't think she's aware of IkJun's feeling but who knows maybe she's just pretending, the way she pretend that she doesn't remember when she first seen ChiHong, but during their band practice in the end she has dreamy expressions that lead to flashback. Just my observations.

I feel that with subtle hinting at IJ’s home, restaurant and noraebang, if SHwa still could not catch on this. Wow, I would be amused.....


I think she is just pretending and confuse over the two suitors.


Moving to Sokcho to rest and work at a slower pace is just one of the excuse, she is using the chance to sort out her feeling and minimise contact with the two although IJ would be hard to avoid.




Although you might think best friends kissing one another is awkward, there are real life examples of best friends who got together in the end. 

Personally I think it is quite okay for two best friends to date and marry each other in the end.


Of course there are arguments that if the best friends got together, it could lead to huge conflict when they have arguments because they know TMI about each other.




I feel that JW drunk calling SHwa has no other special meaning.


JWan is too occupied thinking about his relationship with Iksoon.

SeokHyeong might be in his world

So left JW to be available to call the two to join them at noraebang.


All guys were drunk because their mind is too occupied by matters.

JWan- R/S with Iksoon

SeokHyeong - Family

JW - his priesthood decision and leaving

IJ - SHwa

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If " Nobody puts Baby in a corner" then definitely

"Nobody will put IJ in a corner ".


I did not have the time to enjoy our wintergarden's moments from today 's episode and reading your comments makes me worry for the No1 matchmaker of my ship.

IJ fighting boy.

Wintergardeners have your back!


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First time posting.  I am so in love with this drama that I have been recommending it to relatives and friends.  Everything was fine except for today's episode -  I'm just so sad for Ik Jun - need some company to comfort myself.  I can't wait for next Thursday if there's some happiness waiting for my Ik Jun.  Hoping this is not like Love Alarm that I'm still waiting for Jojo's decision(please make it Sun Oh).

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damn, just went to check naver videos again and now the ikjun singing scene has close to twice the views and likes of the other ep 11 cuts...


at this point i dont really care if ikjun gets together with songhwa, please at least make him happy at the finale...

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