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[Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2


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Seems like next week Issue is Chae Song Hwa wants to avoid that Set Up Date by the Violinist's mother. Let me guess Lee Ik Jun or Junhwan will help as a disguise boyfriend.


Seems like our Uju will be the key glue for Ikjun + SongHwa. Camping? I mean, who else he gonna asks, huh? 


Hmmm JeongWon now knows he is a miser and totally dry on money even tho he is a Chaebol. Kekekeke I mean owner of Yujle Holdings - Joo Jongseok taking care of it now.. soon after will pass it down.. kekekeke.. Next issue Yangpyeong scene - asking mommy for money. LAND? HOUSE? MARRY?????? 


Seokhyeong issue now = Ahn JeongWon issue in the past. Urghh wish to see more ex wife interactions though.



JunHwan - seems like he is torn to see Iksun had troubles in the UK. Yeah racism is something we could not avoid. "Bad things at times happen to good people too."

I guess this seasons builds up his issue with long distance relationship. I guess he will apply for a Sabbatical Leave for Professorship. I mean he is a Professor. And teaching students/residents/fellows and producing research papers. Sabbatical leave is kinda he can apply. He might go for an exchange sabbatical to UK university.


:evilelmo: I am madddddd. Where is Gyeoul interaction in this episode. So dryyyyy




Damn. Now we can even see Lee Ikjun got emotional and pent up on his patient. What a patient. To give up on his liver.. and his two daughters even donate theirs?? And he drank alcohol for a week like a madmen? 

What the heck...



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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:


The  benefit of having boyfriend :D


By the look of this interaction, I guess they shot this scene together after the rain scene - Backhugging scene in EP 1. 


Seems like SHB is busyy nowadays with her other dramas/ and photoshoots

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hi everyone! does anyone know what's the title of the song this week? also.... if anyone also happened to identify the song that played at 00:31 in the first teaser they released. i'd be super grateful! 



edit: already found the song for episode 2 after browsing twitter hehe


autumn outside the post the post office by yoon do hyun




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The handwriting on the coffee sleeves looks like Jo Jungsuk's. So they should be from Ikjun. :wub:






At the start of the ep, he bought coffee for everyone when he was still in the basement carpark. At the end of the ep, he bought coffee for Songhwa and left it in the basement carpark.


I watch a review on YouTube saying the basement in HP is used to reveal the characters' true feelings that are hidden inside their hearts. So it was intentionally written such that Ikjun left the coffee on her car, instead of bringing them to her room.


And rmb last season, after accompanying her to get the biopsy results, Ikjun brought her coffee, just when she was thinking about it. It's almost as if he could read her mind and know exactly what she wants. 




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Uff this was by no means a happy or warm episode. I think every body in this episode was on the edge or brink point. 
Song Hwa and the residents were at the limit of physical exhaustion. IkJun was facing mental exhaustion. Seok Hyung was facing pressure due to a serious case that was touch and go any minute and ended badly. On the other hand even Jun Wan had a very difficult case where the child reacted positively. Seok Hyungs ex wife was also at a decisive point as she waited for his reaction to her approaching him again.

Ik Sun is emotionally exhausted with a long distance relationship, being far from home and familiarity and then facing racism. If someone from the army who has been through a lot of training is impacted the incident clearly wasn’t one that can be brushed of lightly. It was only Jeong Won who had recently crossed his crossroad and received reassurance from a patients mom that he did the right thing. 


Oh and ofcourse the mothers - with children of all ages and different stages of illness and recovery, literally what they go through everyday is a test of patience. Mothers have endurance but sometimes they can be at the brink of losing their balance and equilibrium too. It’s not cause they are weak in that moment but it’s because they have been strong and held on too long. But still it’s only mothers who can have a heart to understand that the doctor did their best beyond their own grief like in Seok Hyeongs case. 

I think it’s days like this when we question everything in that moment when we are in the midst of crucial situations. We question the universe/god/karma/destiny (Ik Jun kept saying nothing is going his way) , question our abilities (Seok Hyung sitting with his text book and possibly reminding himself why he loves doing what he does), our will power, our decisions (Ik Sun possibly wondered is it worth being away from home when she faced racism) and on a lighter note the caffeine in our coffee (Min Ha). I have actually questioned my coffee on very hectic days too just like her! But we have to pick up the pieces and walk on reminding ourselves that it’s a bad day and bad things happen sometimes to good people. 

But we have juniors who buy us pastries, professors who give up interviews for us, colleagues who buy us coffee (Jeong wan and Jun wan, Song Hwa and her surprise coffee), doctors who leave us messages, patients who get us flowers, doctors who console us and moms who thank doctors for what they do (Jeong Won) and Stranger moms who console other moms.  And so we get strength to keep going. Life is nothing but that delicate mix of holding on and letting go ♥️


On a lighter side I’m pretty sure Song Hwas I like you is another miscommunication in English. The coffee should be Ik Jun and I really really want it to be! but I don’t trust the writers somehow :P Also I missed Uju and am looking forward to the next episode featuring him. I wanna see Song Hwa and Uju together! Oh and I wanna see mama Rosa and Jeong Won together and her face to face reaction - will she admit that she knows who Gyeoul is? 

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Spring is when the weather warms up and flowers start to bloom, love is in the air :wub:. so  Ik jun you’re spot on spring is the season for winter garden love start blooming 

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i love how 


Ep 1- almost jang gyeul center (with how she interchage storie and her heart warming patients 


Ep2 - The center is Chae song hwa how she song hard working to make sure now she in the chargers in DLL will get enough fund 


Girl Power!!! Yeah 

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@Ameera Ali this scene was super. Ik Jun is cupid. And in the elevator scene he was ready with a bow arrow and ttetbboki dance aiming at his new designated couple.  

I sometimes wonder if Song Hwa wants to do so many things too and is nick named ghost cause she wants to match her energy levels to Ik Jun. Ik Jun has always been described as an all rounder by all other characters. Was Song Hwa always a multi tasker or is that something she learnt from IkJun. I mean friends influence each other especially in college days!


Also the scene in season 1 when during college days Song Hwa looks at Ik Jun in awe while singing/playing the guitar. Is that the reason she wants to be the vocalist always cause she can see and be with Ik Jun versus if she was playing the keyboards or drum she would be behind him? The amount she laughs at his jokes of course she loves being around him!

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# Love is caring for each other 

Example A 


~ Ik jun  [ noticing little thing about her ] 




Example B 


Songhw  [ only one worrying about him






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The issue is

Did Jeongwon really confides in SongHwa in season 1 about Gyeoul? I mean in this new episode, she specifically said "You guys make a good couple" 


Something is fishy here. When did she saw their interactions?? Like Rosa saw once.. and boom she knew Jeongwon head over heels for Gyeoul.


Next week, Yangpyeong scene  tells me either he is confronting his mom about her involvement or asks her for money? 


I bet somewhere along the lines Junhwan smacked him in the face and told him "Chaebol? You dont even have a car and your own apartment. What nonsense?" 


He realizes that he had no money ever since running the Daddy Long Legs.


How did Jeongwon knew so much about Gyeoul? Is he really a pervert or genius like Junhwan said?


And no way Ikjun told Jeongwon about Gyeoul. Ikjun wouldnt tell unless someone asked him to. 


We havent seen any issue with Daddy Long Legs. Dr Cheon Myeong Tae is still eyeing for VIP wards. Someone inside will dig him an issue that the money from VIP ward gone somewhere? And this will be an issue.





We also havent seen any Villain scenes explored in depth like Reply or Prison Playbook. 

- Second Lover/Person/Rival trying to get attention or swaying Lead couple (No new ER fellow) 

- No exposition on Jeon Hyeon Mi (really curious about this Gal - I mean JeongWon trusts her with his money and foundation) 

- plus our Dr Bong villain Saloon Shop is gone now (seems like he shooting Vincenzo in HP S2E2, so no scene) 

- New 2nd Lover/Rival ChaeSongHwa. THIS Pharmacy guy is seriously Yoo HanYang "reimagined from Playbook" into Hospital Playlist 

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2

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