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[Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2


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7 hours ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

1 question?

In which episode was the scene where IkJun+ junwan left the audition room and took shelter in storage room and SongHwa followed them. I have rewatched HP a couple of times but strangely enough never found this scene. So I can't remember the exact ep no. Plz help.

6th ep. Haha I can never forget 6th ep where they revealed Ikjun and songhwa had a crush on each other and ikjun still has residual feelings for her when he went to get her biopsy results. Sighh. 

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7 minutes ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

Thanks @kokodus


7 minutes ago, JJS's Fan-atics said:

I always skipped that scene because it is painful to watch IkJun hurting. No wonder I could not remember. 

              I think earlier there was edit button , where quote button is right now so I habitually pressed 2 times quote button for editing my post without even realising . Hehehe



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Hi guys,


I have been rewatching the show and I feel that I understand it so much better now. I think its partly because I don't understand korean so rewatching brings to light new info but largely because now that I know the endgame- seeing the various relationships take shape, the little clues etc give a different meaning. Even the scenes that are meant to misdirect viewers for example the one where Jun wan confronts Song hwa's boyfriend for cheating on her which made a lot of us think they were the endgame made me little mad on myself when I realised that people need not have romantic feelings to defend each other they could even just be best of friends, you know what I mean?


Moreover rewatching it has made me so excited for a season 2 only to come here and realise that it's been delayed! Hahah. Anyways came here to just say in case you have some time on your hands give this show a second go, you are going to find yourself feeling new things:)


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On 9/29/2020 at 2:00 PM, Eunoiax said:

1. why you decided to see HP?
2. favorite character 
3. character you identify with 
4. favorite song 
5. Favorite couple of the main cast 
6.Favorite couple of the secondary cast 
7. Which character would you like to play?
8. Preferred micro scene or gesture 
9. favorite comic scene 
10. favorite non-romantic duo 
11. Favourite phrase
12. scene you cry the most 
13. would you like to see more cameos ? Who?
14. unpopular opinion 
15. Scene you didn't like ( Not necessarily because you think it's bad )
16. what song would you like to hear in the S2 ost?
17. What you don't see in the same way after HP?
18. What new character would you like to see in the next season?
19. preferred theory(s) for next season
20. what you expect or want to see more of in S2?


Glad I can comeback here to see more people watching Hosplay and patiently waiting for season 2 to air. We hope for the fastest date possible and best for all cast and crew because Covid-19 really spreading fast there, so many entertainers contracted. Come across our @Eunoiax sharing this so I guess I want to answer too for fun :wub:


1. Why you decided to see HP?

I'm ShinLee fans since Reply 1997. So I followed and watched all their works, no matter who will staring in it. I love this healthy love-hate relationship with ShinLee Duo :blush:

2. Favorite character 

Do Jaehak. Very vibrant character, you cry with him and laugh with him at the same time.

3. Character you identify with

It's either Lee Ikjun or Chu Minha. Guess I was combination of half of them. I was kind like the group's moodmaker like Ikjun and very straight forward like Minha. Minha's work ethic somehow also reminds me of myself.

4. Favorite song

Songgolmae - A Chance Encounters and Jeon Mido - I Knew I Loved

5. Favorite couple of the main cast

Yang Seokhyung/Chu Minha. Let Gomgom sail in season 2 :kiss_wink:

6. Favorite couple of the secondary cast

Mama Rosa/Mr. Ju. Not romantically but I ship them in friendly way.

7. Which character would you like to play?

Chae Songhwa. Lol. How is it like having 4 chaotic boy friends who treat you like a princess?

8. Preferred micro scene or gesture

When Ikjun finishes confess about his feeling to Songhwa, the camera was shooting at Songhwa being startled for a micro second by looking down while Jeon Mido's I Knew I Loved played as BGM (it's only Jeon Mido's echoed voice without the music, and IT'S SO MUCH MAGICAL along with Ikjun's nervous breath + sea winds). At that moment we knew something was happening inside her mind and it's very beautiful convey.

9. Favorite comic scene

There are a lot but I think I will choose Bidulgi is calling car notify incident. LEE IKJUN IS A MOOOOOOOOODDD, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.

10. Favorite non-romantic duo 

Kim Junwan/Do Jaehak. No debate!

11. Favourite phrase

“I don’t want to waste time. My time is too precious for that. I want to live doing the things I like and the things I want to do right now.” – Yang Seokhyung (Episode 12)

12. Scene you cry the most 

Most scene with patient does, but let me list some I can remember. First, when Chu Minha comes to Seokhyung's office after emergency surgery in episode 8. I can feel how scared Minha was, being neglected by your own co-workers, load of work, and being hit by life-threatening situation of one of her patient. Yang Seokhyung compliment really touching, if I was Minha I might cry there. Second, was when Ikjun talking in sign language with a kid of one of his patient after surgery, it might not that sad but the after reveal is so heartbreaking the reason why the wife refuses to donate her liver. The last one should be the mother who lost the baby. When Seokhyung told the mother that her baby were died in episode 12, for a brief moment I was shocked because like the mother, if I was her, idk what to say. Once her cry broke, then it breaks my heart as well along with the expecting mothers outside the room.

13. Would you like to see more cameos? Who?

More Reply 88 cameo please! Ryu Junyeol and Lee Hyeri. Or maybe Go Kyungpyo (Sunwoo) and Jungwoo (Sseureki) as today doctors. Ehe

14. Unpopular opinion 

I found Kim Daemyung is way much attractive than Jo Jungsuk, Jung Kyungho, and Yoo Yeonseok :relieved:

15. Scene you didn't like (Not necessarily because you think it's bad)

I don't think I have. But I will choose when President Yang's Mistress calling out Seokhyung to ask his mother to divorce his father because she is pregnant. Seokhyung mom's did the right things by pouring dirty water on her, she is really something and deserved that.

16. What song would you like to hear in the S2 ost?

It should be Cho Yongpil - 이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네 (I Wished It Could Be That Way Now). Listen to the song and I think you will understand why this song suits the S2, especially Seokhyung situation. Kim Daemyung even once cover this song. 

17. What you don't see in the same way after HP?

When I think most of OBGYN doctors were woman, in reality most of them were man. Actually I'm shocked at Seokhyung being OBGYN and think it's unusual but turn out not.

18. What new character would you like to see in the next season?

I have no idea besides Seokhyung ex-wife will probably make appearence. And if she is turn out to be a good girl, I will be devastating. I don't wish for love triangle :cries:

19. Preferred theory(s) for next season

Next season will full of Songhwa POV and deeper reveal of Seokhyung life. Hawaii, Sokcho, and Gangwon-do will be a place that release all the demons (unanswered plot) free.

20. What you expect or want to see more of in S2?

More Chae Songhwa POV because I can't read her mind and if she is really into Ikjun what was the things that makes her hold herself. Seokhyung messed life as he said and Minha will probably rescue him from that mess. Iksun finally agreed on marry Junwan. Last but not least, Mini Winter Garden please :Megalol:

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I guess I read they will start filming this Jan 20th after whole script reading last Jan 7th. It such a bad situation there, moreover they do medical drama which needs more preparation due the Covid depiction in the drama I guess. I wished for the fastest air time possible but their health is more important. And I need to wait until May at least.


Please keep the update coming guys!

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2

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