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[Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2


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On 9/28/2020 at 10:33 AM, Dramageek said:

After seeing few casting documentaries on Na PD channel my take are:

1. There will be few new casts for season 2. Seokhyung ex is the next important supporting cast. So gom-gom love triangle will be one of the storyline of this season.

2. Sokcho is in Gangwondo, so I suspect that there will be a brand new neurosergeon team working with Song Hwa's, hence new casts. Her old team in the seoul wont be appearing again.

3. Speaking of Gangwondo, hoping for Ikjun and Iksun parents finally appear. Also Junwan mum. Hoping for a good veteran actors to be casted.

So I don't think they will be 1 year time jump. Just months at best. They featured different hospital (junwan and jeongwon) in season 1, so i don't think it will be hard to feature the story of seokcho branch.


Addition, Chu Minha's Dad run guesthouse in Gangwon-do as well. Seokhyung once wanted to bring his mom to a hotspring in Gangwon-do too. Gangwon-do might do something with Lacking 5 even Seokhyung-Minha relationship :wub:

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Good news! Not a Hospital Playlist - specific post, but more of news about its creators!


It looks like our "Wise Life Seriesis about to get a new K-drama, this time about the world of badminton! 

Hospital Playlist = Wise Doctor Life

Prison Playbook = Wise Prison Life


Hoping to meet another lovable gang! :approves:



Upcoming sports-themed drama by ‘Prison Playbook’ writer under discussions to air on SBS


source: https://www.kdramapal.com/upcoming-sports-themed-drama-prison-playbook-writer-under-discussions-air-sbs/

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This week's throwback episode! English subtitles should appear sometime this weekend: 


Also, Jeon Mido has had some new content recently! She covered Kang Susie's Violet Fragrance for a Febreze Korea ad:



Spotify links here: Kang Susie's original and Jeon Mido's cover produced by Yoon Sang

Bonus: gfycat links from the MV and CF https://gfycat.com/@gemmoglock/collections/5CGvB271/jeon-mi-do-violet-fragrance-febreze-cf

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17 hours ago, smartiegal said:

Hi @JungRok, Shin PD is married though


The Winter Garden stockholders in Twitter saw your post so yeah....


Hi @shawolynn I appreciate your calendar screencaps you posted! Thanks a lot!

Huhuhu.. okay. I didnt watch Yoo in The Block. Sorry for the post. 

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On 7/2/2020 at 4:35 AM, 40somethingahjumma said:

@KDramaFan0828 and @~Always~



If there is anyone I think of Song-hwa's soulmate that would be Jun-wan. 



Dude yes. I didn't think anyone else thought that besides me and some other person on tumblr, unless you are that person lol. If it were the writer I'd pair her with Jun-wan although the Ik-jun story is very interesting. (It made me feel things when he admitted he had feelings for her). My only reason is because I sense some chemistry. 

I'd also pair Gyeowool with Chi-hong. Looks like there may be a big age difference? But they look good together I think. I don't like her with JW. At all. It seemed like the audience hated this pairing before they were endgame and then when they were, all these shippers came out of the woodwork like what? 

Also now that there is triangle between Song-hwa and IJ and CH, I don't know how I feel. Maybe I'd like either one? Since the writer of this show has also written the reply series, I know how this goes. The quirky main chick with short hair who likes to dance ends up with her BFF. So it seems predictable that she'd be with IJ. But maybe the writer will throw a us curve ball this time and she'll end up with CH, or neither of them. 


The only ship I like is Minha and I forget his name. SH? They're cute. But I'm a sucker for ex-spouses getting back together so maybe I'll like that too in the next season if they show his ex, idk?

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Oh...season 2 at second half of 2021....

Does this date is official, are we talking about may/june or what...if it so.....why...I thought it would be beginning of 2021 just like the first season was those months of 2020...

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3 hours ago, Mikayla Holloway said:


Dude yes. I didn't think anyone else thought that besides me and some other person on tumblr, unless you are that person lol. If it were the writer I'd pair her with Jun-wan although the Ik-jun story is very interesting. (It made me feel things when he admitted he had feelings for her). My only reason is because I sense some chemistry. 


No, I'm not on tumblr. Heh. ;)

I think a lot of people did think the show was going for her and Jun-wan to be a couple in the early days. But as soon as he started showing interest in Ik-sun, that was the end of that. Soulmates don't have to end up together as a romantic pair... at least that's what the show might be saying.


Having thought a bit about the relationships among the Five, I think the show was actively trying to break the mould. The showrunners were deliberately moving away from replicating what they did with the Reply series. There is no reverse harem. Song-hwa's not interested in dating her male buddies or at the very least seems extremely reluctant to do so. She's not exactly a young woman looking for a first relationship. Song-hwa is a woman in her 40s and has a completely different perspective on romance.


As for Chi-hong, it's not certain that he will return. His appearance according to the specials was a one season only role. Of course they could change their minds. 


3 hours ago, Mikayla Holloway said:


I'd also pair Gyeowool with Chi-hong. Looks like there may be a big age difference? But they look good together I think. I don't like her with JW. At all. It seemed like the audience hated this pairing before they were endgame and then when they were, all these shippers came out of the woodwork like what? 


As for the WinterGarden couple, you may be surprised to know that the support for this couple is extremely high. Even before that ship officially sailed. The fandom is massive. On YT, AouO and on Twitter. Not that I spend a lot of time on Twitter. But even I was surprised when I posted my first fanfic for this pairing to see the response and interest. 


I've written screeds about them here and on my blog so I won't repeat myself here. I can honestly tell you that this by far the largest fandom in Hospital Playlist.

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Hospital Playlist throwback special ep 19 Official script reading - Finally, Wise Doctor Life is starting



Summary with Rough translations


Why is the story about hospital?
Shin PD: I think I have to explain a little bit why we choose the drama with hospital background. Most of the dramas that Lee Woo Jung Writer and I made together are always a simple and capture normal things in life. But then we realized we always have hospital scenes in every projects. That's why there're also comments from the viewers 'they should have make a hospital drama story' something like that and so as the answer to that comment, we both think, 'how about we talk about hospital stories?' and that's how we started this drama. If you wonder why we put so many hospital scenes inside the drama, it's because the most normal and extreme moments happen inside the hospital. These days almost everyone born and died inside the hospital. We're thinking of telling the stories about the people and environment of it. As many of you have realized it from reading the scripts, there's no a big thrilling and exciting moments or plots and there aren't genius doctors or amazing stories of saving the patients. We just tell a normal, simple and small stories as we always do. And those stories, even if it's short and a normal stories, and to show how powerful those stories are today we gathered with the actors who can deliver it well. I hope during today's script reading, the people who are present right now in this place will be moved by the stories as well.


Sept 23 2019 Official script reading

Dae Myung arrives first and reads through the official script while waiting for others. Mi Do arrives and he asks if she ate. She says that she only eat one roll of kimbap and she wished she brought some snacks with her. Mi Do finds out about the camera between her and Dae Myung. She finds it interesting to find it on the table during their script reading that day. They talk that they're not used with the official scripts (it looked different with the one they had before the official script reading. Up until they saw the official script, they didn't belief the tittle of the drama is Wise Hospital Life. Mi Do is amazed with many actors that joined the official script reading that day.


Mi Do excitedly greets someone who just came. It's Hyun Been. They only met two times but has gotten closer. They immediately stand up to greet someone. It's Senior Actress Kim Hae Sook. Shin PD shows his gratitude for Hae Sook to accept and act in this drama. Hae Sook tells him that she's thankful that he picked her. Mi Do and Dae Myung are still waiting for her to be seated and stand there politely (it's the way of showing respects to the elders or people whom you respect). Hae Sook doesn't want them to feel uncomfortable around her and ask them to sit down comfortably. Hae Sook feels nervous. Kim Jun Han greets Kim Hae Sook whom he worked with in a film (Herstory). Hae Sook feels happy for him and his acting careers. After that it's Yeon Seok's turns to greet her. At first she doesn't recognize him because of his hairstyle. He cut his sides hair because at that time he was shooting for Steel Rain 2: Summit (Mi Do and Dae Myung are just smiling silently while watching the interactions. Shin PD caption for them, outsiders LOL).


Yeon Seok sees Moon Sung and greets him happily. They work together in musical Hedwig. (Previously Yeon Seok couldn't join their first meeting because of filming schedule). He excitedly asks about Moon Sung's role. Next person arrives and It's Kyung Ho. He greets Mi Do and Dae Myung with smile while shaking hands with Jun Han. He also greets Seo Jin Won whom he probably have worked together before. He immediately moves to greets Hae Sook (look how sweet Kyung Ho greets Hae Sook by kissing her hand softly) Hae Sook thanks him for sending her a coffee and snacks truck to her filming site. She says that he really looks like his father. She watched his recent dramas (When Devil's call your name) and his old version really reminds her of his father. More actors have arrived. Kyung Ho greets his fellow Prison Playbook actors and same-aged friend Choi Young Woo. While waiting, Hae Sook jokes with Yeon Seok if their seating position is based on age (since she sat at the first for near the director and writer). Yeon Seok says it's not because among the main characters, he is the youngest. Staffs calling Yeon Seok's name and he greets them happily. They have worked together previously during Reply 1994. Mi Do then quietly whispers to Dae Myung that there are more staffs who are present than the actors for today's script reading. She feels nervous because both of them will start the reading. Dae Myung tries to comfort her but both are really nervous. 


Kyung Ho suddenly remembers about the dried poilack he brought home from their previous meetings. He's saving the last dried pollack he had. Dae Myung tells him to finish eating that and he will bring more for him. Yeon Seok who came back to his seats greets Hyun Been for the first time. At the same time Eun Jin approach Mi Do and Dae Myung to greets them, especially Mi Do who is her senior in musical world. Last but not least, Jung Seok arrives. He greets Hae Sook and moves closer to shake hands but stop when Writer Lee also want to exchange greetings with Hae Sook. Writer Lee really wanted Kim Hae Sook to play as Rosa. Hae Sook says she will just act comfortably and Writer Lee assures her to do that. Hae Sook before talked with Shin PD and Shin PD says she can just act like her character in movie Thieves. Hae Sook says she is a big fan of Shin PD that's why she feels nervous. Shin PD gives spoiler that in the later episodes she might have to act cute in several scenes. Hae Sook assures them that she can do all of that. She's prepared to do from acting as villain to cute person. 


Jung Seok looks around and surprised to see Eun Jin. He shares with Shin PD that he's amazed with Eun Jin's acting in Strangers from Hell. Shin PD reveals Eun Jin will play as Min Ha. Jung Seok shares his amazement that this script reading is the fullest one he has so far. Yeon Seok too ask why there are so many people (while Kyung Ho is greeting Writer Lee affectionately). Mi Do asks if it's normal to have script reading with many people while Dae Myung asks if they are filming a prank. Lastly, almost at the last line there is Kwak Sun Young who doesn't have to join the script reading but still come. Her attention falls with Kim Joon. When the script reading is almost started, Shin PD approached Sun Young. He wants to keep Ik Sun's identity hidden since she has no scenes in ep 1 ~ 3. He asks how about he will introduce her later during their team dinners later that night and maybe she can wait outside for a moment until the reading is over. Sun Young says she doesn't mind waiting inside and in the end she decides to greet Writer Lee before she waits outside. Mi Do keeps glancing at Sun Young who is her classmates. Sun Young on her way out whispers that she will wait outside to Mi Do. She says goodbye to Kim Joon while wishing him to do well in the script reading. (that's why Sun Young is not in the picture of script reading). At last the script reading begin.


(I will skip this script reading part, since by now I think most of us probably have remembered all the scenes right? 


I will just share some interesting things I found during their script reading)

- Shin PD introduce himself and ask for a big applause for Writer Lee who worked hard preparing the scripts. He then introduced a new format of the drama. Airs once a week, will have 12 episodes and planned as seasonal drama. While he wished they can produce a seasonal drama, it all depends to the viewers reaction but he and Writer Lee just hopes the drama can at the very least continue to season 2. After that he introduce every one of actors that is present. The last actor he introduced is Kim Joon and he starts by saying 'Our drama mascots, Lee Woo Joo' and all actors and staffs are focusing on Kim Joon. In the end because Kim Joon bursts in tears. 

- Shin PD as always play many roles from patients to hospital staff. That day he asks Kim Soo Jin's (Head Nurse Song) help in reading several characters and she has to read various characters consecutively with different emotions. He apologized to her for not thinking correctly while asking her help. Everyone laughs about that


- During the scenes where Ik Joon, Seok Hyeong and Jung Won talk about persuading Song Hwa to join the band, Mi Do playfully glares at Jung Seok when he talk that Song Hwa is totally a tone deaf and took her 5 years to properly play bass guitar. 


- Aloha scenes. Everyone laugh when the other boys sing the chorus part 'I believe'

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