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[Current Drama 2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

Hospital Playlist 2: First Impressions  

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  1. 1. What did you love the most about the first episode of season 2? (choose as many as you like)

    • Seeing our 5 doctors together again! Band practice, car scene. Loved all of it!
    • Seeing Ahn Jeong Won and Jang Gyeo Wool in love.
    • Kim Jun Wan and Lee Ik Soon being adorable over the phone.
    • The humor
    • The introduction of new characters
    • The scenes with Gyeo Wool and Yeon U's mom
    • Seeing all the 2nd leads on screen again
    • Seeing how happy Jeong Won's mom was about her son staying in Korea and having a girlfriend
    • The abs....
    • The melodramatic elements
    • The slice of life story telling
    • The music
    • I loved everything! It was perfection!
    • Something else. What?
  2. 2. When do you think Ik Joon will finally realize Jun Wan and his sister is dating?

    • I think very soon.
    • Jun Wan and Ik Soon will probably be married before he suspects anything.
    • He must be in denial. There have been too many signs already. He should have figured it out by now. haha
    • Not sure, but when it happens I'll have my popcorn ready. lol
  3. 3. How do you feel about the introduction of Yang Seok Hyeong's ex-wife (Yoon Sin Hye) ? (choose as many as you like)

    • The ex-wife seems like a nice lady. Looking forward to seeing more of her in upcoming episodes.
    • Poor Min Ha. What a sad Christmas she had.
    • Looks like the ex-wife wants to re-kindle the relationship between them
    • Min Ha is a fighter. She will do everything she can to convince Seok Hyeong to date her. lol
    • I am upset. Couldn't they have left her out?
    • I hope Seok Hyeong and his ex-wife start dating
    • Something else. What?

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The way Ikjun drinks his coffee (I assume Songhwa made it for them in her room) when she told them about her plan to move to Sokcho and not saying anything, makes me think about him supporting her no matter what. He drinks the coffee and sits in silence. And after some explanation from her, he drinks the coffee again. He will drink (endure) the coffee (the pain) as long as Songhwa is happy. She is just 2 hours away and he won't have a problem if it makes her feeling better and more healthy. 

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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

21 minutes ago, loveiskim said:


THE TENSE :dizzy:


Woah! It's like IJ is saying "Bring it on, young pup! I've got 20 years of history with her. What you got?" with his look. Cap is not intimidated and responds with a look of "Bring it, ahjussi!" NO words necessary in this fight for SHwa's affections.:D

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38 minutes ago, heartoppaya said:

Am I the only one wanting SH with CH? 

No hate please. But I would love it if SH and IJ continued to be best friends. If they broke up that means the five of them will be awkward when they’re together. I don’t want that happening. I’m speaking from experience. I dated my best friend and when we broke up, even our friends were weird with us. The entire gang broke up and we’re no longer in contact. He dated someone else and I dated someone else but we never saw eye to eye ever since. We were best friends since our childhood so to think of it, it’s weird. So I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t want SH and IJ to date. The awkwardness to kiss your best friend, to know that they have kissed other people, slept with other people and told you about those other people is too weird to name. I would prefer if the writer would pull a surprise twist and make SH date CH or make her be alone in her new hospital. That would be better than dating her best friend.


Please no hate. Please.


I like Chihong for SongHwa and why not?  but I don't think they will end up together. :( but I'm happy for them for now. 


Also, in all fairness to Chihong, If IkJun waited 20 years, he also waited 3 years for Songhwa to break up with her bf before he made his move. Because, he has military background, he's assertive and doesn't beat around the bush. As early as ep2 we already been shown his pov, so its only fair for him to gauge his competitor (IkJun) to decide if he really has no chance or to continue with his pursuits. 


For me, the drama is showing us different romantic feels, the same way they are showing us different patients and their families and worries. Like for GW and JW, who would have thought that God will come in-between :D Normally couples put God between them to make the relationship stronger but in this scenario  its the opposite... 


I can understand your feelings regarding awkwardness between friends. It does happen in real life. But I don't think their individual past romantic link are the main concern here. I think SongHwa is just not prepared to see IkJun as a romantic partner...


I find SongHwa as a level-headed person and has simplistic views in life. I think she use more of her head than her heart.  I don't think she's aware of IkJun's feeling but who knows maybe she's just pretending, the way she pretend that she doesn't remember when she first seen ChiHong, but during their band practice in the end she has dreamy expressions that lead to flashback. Just my observations.

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Has anybody noticed that the jewelry shop where Ikjun bought the ring in 1999 is Taek's family (Reply 1999) jewelry store in Ssangmun-dong? :) the shop owner is not Taek's dad anymore because the family moved in 1994. 


Has anybody noticed that the jewelry shop where Ikjun bought the ring in 1999 is Taek's family (Reply 1988) jewelry store in Ssangmun-dong? :) the shop owner is not Taek's dad anymore because the family moved in 1994. 

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Btw now its getting clearer that jwon has some kind of feelings for gyeoul but does he really know that "she is not in a relationship with the person she apparently recieved flowers from" coz I feel unless that misunderstanding is not cleared he won't accept he might hv feelings.

And could it be a part of the reason he is now comfortable with her now ?(coz he now knows she had a crush on him from ikjun but she seemingly moved on with someone else).


Have I missed something??? I feel that things are kind of tangled for me...


Side note.....I squealed seeing chillbong sing the song:wub:

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1 hour ago, loveiskim said:

i have to say i got this feeling too. The scene when he reminiscing the moment he met Shwa from the first time, his expression told me that he decided to give up his ‘love at the first sight’? 


Ahh...i’m sad :tears: but i already satisfied with his all out effort! Totally beyond what i’ve expected from him.
I think i’m ready to let my ship sink, but before that’s actually happen, i want to share what i love and why i’m rooting for Capt Ahn-Shwa Couple so hard..


Capt Ahn have numerous obstacle and limitation in pursuing Shwa, to begin with.
1. She’s professor, and he’s resident. from the conservative perspective where the man usually have a better carreer than his woman, this uncommon thing might be an issue.

2. that condition above also give extra boundary for him to get close personally. Shwa is not so open, and he’s also not as chill&easygoing like Seokmin/Chu Min Ha. Both are reserved, It surely takes much more effort to get close

3. The rivalry between Capt Ahn and IJ is totally imbalance in the first place. Your close friend for 20 years VS your resident for 2 years? Hmm that’s like seeing a baby competing high school student in Marathon. Capt Ahn already far behind IJ from the start. He knows that too, that’s why, i also understand him for doing that move in truth or drink game.

So when people comparing what Capt Ahn and IJ did for Songhwa like..

“Capt Ahn only give her umbrella but IJ wait for her and take her home” i honestly like.. cmon, if Capt Ahn and Shwa already as close as her with IJ, he would have done the same for sure.. it just.. he has limitation in his action because he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable :tears:

He’s asking whether she has eaten or not, he left his umbrella for her, he gifted her what she needs (shoes!), he give her decaffeined drinks because she’s had enough coffee through the days, he give her his water immediately when she runs out hers, all these things is the maximum effort he could do, 


so i just can’t agree if we conclude that “Chi hong like her but Ikjun love her”. Because from my lens, all his effort speaks loudly that he indeed love her.

He has only little chance but he gives his best to work it out, that’s why i’m so fond of him and rooting for him :)


but yeah, even as a diehard Capt Ahn-Shwa shipper myself, i can see IJ & Shwa as the endgame. Is it too early to conclude? :D


The Banmal scene caught me off guard, i can’t handle the butterflies seeing him talks casually to her.. like.. my heartttt


for some people, that scene might be not proper (to talk to your professor in banmal, and the pat!!), but for us shipper...that’s...so precious and heart fluttering geezzzz


why do i feel..Capt Ahn voice gets 10x sexier when he speaks in banmal? Hffffffff


We watched the same episode but I see it differently (peace :D ) My own love forecast is SongHwa/Chihong will continue in Season 2 and they will be a couple but they will not end up together. 


Chihong has a military background, as per IkSun, he would become a General if he were not discharged. With that in mind, I don't think he will easily back out from courting SongHwa. He will have more chance when SongHwa move to a different hospital. They will have more freedom, away from prying eyes. The same freedom that Junwan/Iksun have because they have different jobs and from different locations, they will make more effort to see each other.


The lacking 5 will continue to be friends but SongHwa will have a boyfriend just like what it was in the beginning.

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1 hour ago, nhquan94 said:

Personally I think if they air the Season 2 soon after Season 1 (2-3 months) only then it is OK to leave things open like this one.


But in this case Season 2 is about to air in June 2021 (if I remember correctly, SO said it here) then it is not a wise choice if the write dont wrap at least something up, or clearly hint at the possible couple.


This is not a criminal drama like Hawaii Five O or something like that which could easily to make multi season.


The main driven of this drama is based on emotion, and emotion fades by time. We are here discussing the story but I am not so sure how many will be here in season 2 (including myself, when I loose my emotion then nothing guarantees that I will hook for SS2).


Yup this is hospital drama, but the Romance makes this forums lively. Again if they let an ending so open then at the start of the new SS we have to regain the memory, regain the emotion (why we support this ship before etc....)


That is why I am hoping for a clear ending. Dont leave us with so many possibilities pls.


@bold point – this is exactly what I am starting to get worried about. Now that the end for this season is near and thinking about it, this is typically a slice of life drama in a hospital setting with focus and reliance of emotions and relationships (friendships/relationships/parental/ and all other types).


Like you said it’s no mystery or thriller which we can recollect upon re-watch, even after a year if we re-watch this drama, high possibility we may not feel/identify with same emotions. The production team would’ve thought about it, but I can’t help but feel anxious, with no concrete answers in sight and with a possibility (and assumption) that few of friends would split up. (Song Hwa going somewhere remote, Ik Jun leaving for Spain – he has been studying and preparing for something, Jeong Won leaving for Italy – Noooooooo:tears:, and making a bizarre assumption for Jun Wan – he may follow Ik Sun)This may be set up stage for second season which would allow friends to pick up from where they left off when they reunite.


52 minutes ago, KDramaFan0828 said:

 But I think so too. I think there’s a good possibility that Songhwa liked Ikjun and she confessed or at least tried to show it. Possibly why Ikjun was confident enough to call her “girlfriend” even before confessing. But being considerate of Seokhyeong, he buried his feelings and probably lied to Songhwa about it. If this is indeed true, you can just imagine how conflicted Songhwa would be about her feelings for Ikjun now. Knowing that they could’ve been together all this time.

@bold – it would not be unfathomable if this was the case, possible she made attempts to confess or hinted her liking and was thwarted in her attempt, which would better explain her expressions/reactions in car and in the karaoke. At the NS team dinner table it was discomfort, but in the car and at karaoke it was something like resentment (?) / hurt (?) / Disbelief (?) [Watching it multiple times, I interpreted her expressions differently upon all re-watch].

Their equation has surely changed and regardless of whether they end up together or no but hopefully there is not much discomfort or awkwardness between these two (May be that could be a factor in her decision to move remote workplace, she’d not want that discomfort to seep into their precious friendship).

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Min ha stole the show with her single scene. She is truly too cute for words. The funeral scene with suk kyung s dad funeral and his concern for the baby was so beautifully done. He is a wonderful person I just hope we at least get a happy ending for him next episode aas it seems like they are going to leave us hanging for the other pairs.


Also I have an ominous feeling that song hwa will accept capt ahn and the two will date for sometime before breaking up and she gets together with ik jun. Right now his feelings seem to hurt her more than amuse her. Maybe that will be the season 2 end.  The sense I get is she confessed to him in the past and gotten rejected. Why else would she push him away and literally in the car. She is pissed ..

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4 hours ago, maggiee said:

The way Ikjun drinks his coffee (I assume Songhwa made it for them in her room) when she told them about her plan to move to Sokcho and not saying anything, makes me think about him supporting her no matter what. He drinks the coffee and sits in silence. And after some explanation from her, he drinks the coffee again. He will drink (endure) the coffee (the pain) as long as Songhwa is happy. She is just 2 hours away and he won't have a problem if it makes her feeling better and healthier. 


I think he is the one who helps her moving her stuffs in the last second of next episode 's trailer. I like the way he is so calm in important scenes (like when the F5 gathered together with SH when he thought that his dad could pass away, and when Songhwa said she would move to the smaller hospital), he is mischief but thoughtful too. 

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Somi's video captured the faces of medical staff, patients and carers. Did she ask for their permission? This video should be taken down for breach of privacy. As a concerned citizen, I'll report her to YT after I'm done with this episode.


All's fair in love and war but not in multimodal analysis. Some theories here are silly and entertaining. The end game is still far away if the producers decide that it's a multi-season series, so don't stress yourselves too much.



Some posters here have good deductive skills uWu. Maybe they can help us crime procedural fans decode episodes and predict the next serial killer, maybe jump into Secret Forest 2 while waiting for the next season of this drama.


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"I brought you your underwear"

I rest my case. Only wives (ahem mom..but no JW ain't mom :innocent:) are allowed to touch underwear. SH .. stop thinking about SHwa.. looooook looooook at JW



Also, if there is a couple truly alike.. SH and JW :P

One feels sorry for the unborn baby and the other still addressed mistress respectfully



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I don't understand JW-


What is that compelling reason that makes him given up a noble profession as doctor in name of priesthood, specially given Korea has less pedaetricians and he loves baby..


Something huge should motivate you to become priest - as per ep 1 , death of kids?? Isn't he just  ensuring there are less doctors to treat babies by doing this?


And, i can't believe that frivolous crushes or rejections are reason behind this (that's nonsense)


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6 hours ago, Andrew - said:

once again..knets' being so obvious with their bias...but i fear they are all going to be very disappointed...:tears:

which channel that you can watch these videos?

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1, "Ouri Gyeoli" first solo surgery - what is interesting is camera immediately turns to Shwa eating..lol .. didn't ikjun tell her his biggest happiness is eating with her :P ... but clearly he is more excited about Ouri Gyeoli's surgery


***to be updated****


Rosa-Jun: i think i want my answer to what is the role of this couple in this drama..


You can go lifetime knowing someone but not loving them, and one day find yourself loving them :)

friendzone to unfriendzone


But that's what i want.. maybe some friendships are pure friendships..you cherish them for a lifetime



Clearly JW is comfortable with GH because he thinks she has moved on. He is actually normal towards her now (atleast the laughing in the garden )

Just as nurse told GH in earlier episode, that JW laughs with us and treats us



actress is super sweet. GH's smile because she is happy she did her surgery well (it isn't that JW praised her.. but it truly is her profession and that she did it well).. go girl!





IJ drunk - says he liked SHwa (truth)

JW drunk - call SHwa (why?)

none of the other guys called.. why.. and Shwa chooses to go despite a man so drunk next to her


I knew I'd love you with Shwa and JW .. lol.. writer is trolling all ships big time on this drama



Let's just say gummy is very very lucky.. and i am sure other way round too..but yea very very lucky




Last song - when he looks at Shwa singing when i met you (as a band).. she just stops smiling after that line and avoids looking at IJ



irony of the profession, when you feel thankful that someone is declared dead just so you could save another life.. but somebody still died



Rosa telling GY that i am his mom and he likes you :)


Is everyone blind to SH-JW.. JW's eyes literally twinkle when he is with SH.. he is his best friend for nothing (Sh and Shwa are different)



Isn't it a VERY SPECIAL moment .. whoever's first surgery you assist.. just as important it is which doctor assisted your first surgery?


Why is JW suddenly so calm and want to do sthg with GY - his bucket list - if priesthood is dying, what is even his motivation to become priest

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Final takeaway of this drama's theme..


close knit dynamics is between similar type of people.


Ample examples today, same situation different friends in those situations and they all behave similarly (JWan situation = JW when a donor died and they used donor's organs and their response to parents)


All of them have same wire..



5 friends



all groups/couples..


Final couple will be who are most similar in personality.. yup! .. principles of life wise (not eating alike :P .. or maybe who knows) .. nah!...principles of life wise - closer = coupler :P 

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