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[Current Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

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Listen Guys, 


I just came back from the future from 2 months time;


I saw a glimpse of Hospital Playlist S2 Ending


Apparently, they renewed the HosPlay for S3 - but there were major changes


-time-skipped for 2 years

-old characters leaves and new characters came in

-fivers are still there; SHyung is happy with Minha, Junwan is still single tho but he still stayed with Jeongwon, IkSong are happy couple with Uju, graduating from elementary school but Jeongwon - he is a single dad


Apparently, Gyeoul gave birth to twins and there are complications in her delivery. She passed shortly away after due to lack of oxygen in her brain - that was Episode 12 ending with a teaser for a new season.


I read the news from Twitter

Writer changed her storyline due to conflicting schedules with old actors/actress and time wise. So a lot of new changes introduced in the last S2 episode. 




OK, me just bored 




But what if this is true because.... we knew HosPlay3 isnt confirmed and there are a lot of casting calls for our actors. And even if they confirmed for a new season, they could not make time for all characters to be present - and major changes to script writing - evidently this week hiatus

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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

5 minutes ago, Raynaa said:

I think the person walking into meet Gyeoul and team is a celeb. Because later the two people sitting for a meal next to SongHwa team and IkJun seem like body guards/security people ? 

I think its Jeongwon wearing a wig from HedWig. He's planning a surprise show for the children clinic. And everyone is laughing/smiling at him. 



Lol my imagination

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9 hours ago, Raynaa said:

Omg Gyeoul with Song Hwa and Jun Wan I wonder how many chickens will they order then? 


if ever the Lacking 5 along with Gyeoul, Minha and maybe Iksun ate out together, I can imagine Gyeoul being seated with Junwan and Seonghwa and they just order and order. :joy: Imagine Ikjun's facial expression.


No news yet of season 3 but if they do renew it and it clashes with other actors' schedules, I can understand if there will be new characters. But it would not be "Hospital Playlist" without the lacking 5 and also the (main) supporting characters such as Gyeoul, Minha, Jaehak etc. I can't imagine HosPlay without these characters.




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Hahaha lol @triplesung I also did imagine them sitting together. Will Jeong Won finally order a meal then? 

Also the number of times Gyeoul is eating in twos the two coffees two rameons I’m also leaning toward the theory of twins for them. But aren’t kids in season 2 too soon? Or will we have a time skip again? 

im going with the twins theory cause I think the three piglets X 2 dolls signify 3 sets of twins in Hosp Play. One being the interns and 2nd being Mone and Mane and third the Ahn babies. With so many twins around, what do twins signify?

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If the theory that Gyeouls dad is rich and domestic violence is also true. Gyeouls dad almost sounds like the Run On KDrama Dad.  Even in that Im Siwan ans His sisters character turned out to be good despite their dad being a scum bag. Also their mom was an actress and a good person. In that series the father did not get along with his children’s gf or bf. If domestic violence is involved then Jeong Won is going to hate Gyeouls dad too. Yep then he’s finally gonna get angry, way more angry than he got over IkJuns prank. 

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The fact SHB is acting in 19++ drama, making me feel nervous to watch it. 


Just cuz I watched Mistress prior to Confession and Han Ga In, 


 I came to agree that Gyeoul is a pure innocent person, not as a character. I even treat her as a real person in my mind.


My POV and stigma is almost shaken after watching the 19+ drama Mistress  but Ahn JeongWon pulled me back to say she is innocent and pure.


Perhaps the decision to act in that 19++ drama is to break netizens view of her being an innocent and pure Gyeoul but actually a versatile Actress SHB? 

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Watch: “Hospital Playlist 2” Cast Holds Their Own Mini Award Ceremony


Jul 28, 2021
by S. Nam

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2” cast gave out awards to each other!

The five stars of “Hospital Playlist 2” appeared on Na Young Suk‘s YouTube channel to hold the Yulje Awards. The name of the award is based on Yulje Medical Center, which is the hospital the drama takes place in.

Jo Jung Suk reveals the first award, which is the “expert actor who makes a blooper not seem like a blooper” award. Jeon Mi Do comments that Jo Jung Suk himself revealed his own award. Jo Jung Suk asks, “Don’t you all do this?” and Jeon Mi Do quickly responds, “No.” Yoo Yeon Seok suggests Jung Moon Sung as a nominee, and Kim Dae Myung suggests child actor Kim Jun.

Jung Kyung Ho shares, “Having experienced acting with both Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) and Do Jae Hak (Jung Moon Sung), I can’t tell at all if Ik Joon is acting or not.” Jeon Mi Do adds, “The director also asks multiple times if he is being funny or if he is acting.” Jo Jung Suk admits that it’s both, and the cast all agree to give him the first award.

For the “highest level of excitement” award, Jo Jung Suk shares, “For me, first place is different depending on whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, or night. In the morning, Jung Kyung Ho has the most energy. At lunch, it’s Kim Dae Myung, while Yoo Yeon Seok maintains an even level all throughout. When it gets later into the night, Jeon Mi Do’s energy levels keep going up.” Yoo Yeon Seok suggests the character Chu Min Ha (Ahn Eun Jin), who eventually receives the award.

The award for “I want to know that person” goes to the character Bong Kwang Hyun (Choi Young Joon). Yoon Yeon Seok acts out how annoyed Choi Young Joon gets with himself when he makes a blooper, and Jeon Mi Do adds, “He can’t forgive himself for making a blooper.”

For “this area’s model and capable person” award, Kim Dae Myung suggests the characters Jang Yoon Bok (Cho Yi Hyun) and Jang Hong Do (Bae Hyun Sung) for making the set feel pure and innocent. Jo Jung Suk comments that if that’s the criteria, Kim Dae Myung would definitely not be a model person. Jeon Mi Do gets embarrassed when Jung Kyung Ho picks her, and the cast decides to use their phone call chance to decide.

The phone call goes to Jung Moon Sung who picks Jung Kyung Ho for the awards. Jung Kyung Ho shouts, “I love you!” and Jung Moon Sung explains that although Jung Kyung Ho gets a lot of his lines wrong when he has to explain the state of a patient’s condition without any emotions, he still works really hard. Later, Jung Moon Sung jokingly states, “I did as you texted me to do,” and Jung Kyung Ho promises to send him payment in return.

The award for bringing out the hardcore fans unanimously goes to Jeon Mi Do as the cast explains that one has to be born with a certain loveliness to be able to get this award. Jeon Mi Do adorably sends a heart to the camera and shares, “I won’t reject the award.”

With the “you were touching” award, Jo Jung Suk uses his super chance to pick Yoo Yeon Seok. He shares, “I was touched not by the drama’s Ahn Jung Won but rather Yoo Yeon Seok.” Jo Jung Suk explains how he was touched when Yoo Yeon Seok prepared everything for their variety show “Hospital Playlist Goes Camping.”

“This area’s insider” award ends up going to Kim Dae Myung. Jung Kyung Ho reveals how he walked around 20,000 steps with Kim Dae Myung, and Kim Dae Myung appeared to know every nook and cranny of the area, having information on all the restaurants. Kim Dae Myung suggests having a Seoul tour together once the situation with COVID-19 improves.

Finally, the award for “best fashion on an ordinary basis” gets numerous nominees including Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, Shin Hyun Been, and Jung Moon Sung. However, the person who wins the award at the end is director Shin Won Ho, who always dresses well despite his busy schedule.



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While watching the latest episode I felt that IkJun arguing with the GPS seemed to be purposely shown rather than just IkJun being IkJun. Especially as it was followed by his Insta buddy coffee shop girl telling him he’s late today.


I looked up if anyone has any theories but no one seemed to. So here’s my take. It depends on the assumption that IkJun and Song Hwa have a past history. 


 IkJun and SongHwa have a clear clash of personalities, highlighted again by the car plastic scene. opposites attract? Maybe! SongHwa wore the same shoes for ten years! I know of some rare people who make their shoes and bags last for years but I've never been that girl and can’t understand how! The fact that she wore the scrunchie from 20 years ago during band practise in season 1 is also theorised. Most women I know lose scrunchies/clips atleast once a month if not week especially if they step out for work or are out and about doing chores! She does hold on to things and that’s where I think that she holds on to the past as well in some corner of her heart. She was most likely hurt by IkJun refusing to meet her on her birthday that many years ago and most likely the pain and memories came back when he got married to someone else. 

Where IkJun is concerned he does have a crazy sharp memory that was again mentioned in this episode where he remembered every small mistake done by everyone. So he would remember the past too. But I think he has the ability to ignore the past often times by being more absorbed by the present - he’s constantly looking to talk with younger people understanding what’s going on with them, the music they like, their relationships, he keeps up to date with social media happenings he’s the only one that knows today’s social media from the 5, he always wears contacts, he wears less formals compared to Jun Wan, I see that also as a way of him being more approachable to the younger generation but more importantly staying up with the times. His brain cells may not let him forget the past but he consciously makes an effort to stay in the present that lets him be less wounded by the past and be more hopeful about the future unlike SongHwa. I think he got over his wife’s affair also by being in the present and being the best parent to Ujju. 

In the past I think that IkJun actually did what SongHwa suggested to her resident recently and waited for the timing to be right to be with SongHwa and stayed away from her till Seok Hyung accepts and moves on from her rejection. But he didn’t later consciously make an effort to approach her - possibly they were dating other people and that’s how he actually landed up getting married to his wife as he was sort of resigned to his fate. For Song Hwa her personality type that holds on to stuff wouldn’t even approach IkJun again as she feared getting her hands burned again. But I do  feel the past memories have hurt her from time to time. She’s learnt the hard way to prioritise self love and I love her character for that. 

In the present the timing is right they both are single at the same time, IkJun also learnt from his past mistakes of being passive and approached her but was turned down. But though he did back down I feel he did sense a change in her behaviour too when she came back from Sokcho. So my theory is that he became purposely late to see if SongHwa actually calls him for a coffee. Had he been on time he would be calling her for a coffee per usual. I guess it was also after this scene he was already inside her office before her. She has most likely had a change of heart cause she was okay with him being in her office.

 I think in the present they are at a point in time with their relationship where the timing is right and destiny is supportive, IkJun wants to be with her, but if they will be a couple or not depends on SongHwas courage to let go of familiar shores, the safety of friendship, if she’s able to get over her past memories of seeing IkJun move on and take a leap of faith. So this comes back to IkJuns advice to JeongWon of following the heart. She has to choose IkJun back consciously make that decision rather than leaving to destiny deciding alone which may not turn out well like IkJuns marriage. 

They aren’t the couple who will land up together just cause timing was right after 20 years, there’s too much between them. Her heart and his head have held on to too many memories. There are Too many emotions and a deep friendship and a bond that’s held on beyond time and distance.


 I would love them to be together as I think that’s a natural progression of their bond. But if Song Hwa chooses status quo to protect herself I would accept that too though I would look at it as giving up on that chance to be happy for familiar safety. She’s been a trail blazer woman in her field and it must have been a long lonely journey in many ways - ask any women achiever whether working or a housewife who has kept it all together for many years and they will vouch for how lonely it gets sometimes - she doesn’t need to be alone she deserves a supporting IkJun by her side telling her what she’s done is enough, she’s enough, not to over work and it will all be fine ♥️

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14 hours ago, Raynaa said:

They aren’t the couple who will land up together just cause timing was right after 20 years, there’s too much between them. Her heart and his head have held on to too many memories. There are Too many emotions and a deep friendship and a bond that’s held on beyond time and distance.



Nice analysis on the GPS; When I think of it, it always has been, Ikjun calling her for coffee; not her vice versa. In S1, she always drinking coffee with Junwan; not until he has a girlfriend.


Based on your analysis, 

I guess; they met each other again after 20 years. 

Even Junwan said Ikjun never did try to date with other girls unless he's being set up by someone (Ahn Jeong Won's friend = his ex wife's case) or girl kept ushering him (Junwan and Bong Salon mentioned ladies kept pestering him to date) 


In this case, SHwa moves on and accept a date with a Sunbae years ahead of her. Infact, we still didnt get any of her flashback regarding her feelings and why she moved on, except Ikjun/Seokhyung. 


SHwa rejected Seokhyung, Ikjun knew of this; and feels like if he confessed, then  what will happen if SHwa accepted it? Plus, after he heard SHyung said SHwa likes someone else. He did not take the gamble. So,  it will hurt Seokhyung feelings if she accept his advances and the 5ivers band will disband. For the sake of friendship, they kept their feelings to themselves.


I think Seokhyung tied the past mess ; and then in present he will too be a key point to help them, be together.



Now we all need


Flashback -

1. Jeongwon on why did he likes Gyeoul so much (Gyeoul showed her reason - first love) JWon of 30 years being single and priest; immediately turns into an INTENSE kisser of a BF .. on how he know so much about Gyeoul even though we havent seen him listen to or talk about Gyeoul in S1 - Giving excuse that Ikjun told him; I dont believe it. He's a stalker. Huhuhu deep down, hes repressed and want to grab that GYEOUL CHEEKS 


2. SHwa flashback - her feelings, the scrunchie and the 1st photo - and why did she not pursue Ikjun in the first place? I bet that she put down her feelings not just cuz of the 5ivers 99z band but also, due to Ikjun dated someone else. 


3. Unanswered - Whom Junwan called that night? Was it Ikjun? Did he confess that he dated with Iksun; so many gulp drinking alcohol that night. That subtle look at Ikjun stating he's still cannot move on from his ex

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[K-Drama Review] ‘Hospital Playlist Season 2’: The Warm Story Hasn’t Changed a Bit

by Eunkyung Cho | Edited by Seo Hae Lan | Translated by Cho EK | images: tvN


Hospital Playlist takes a look into people’s daily lives in Yulje Hospital, focusing on the five busy bee doctors who had entered Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1999. While the first season focused on introducing the five members of the 99s, and the second season brings more events and relationships based on what was built in the previous season. The 99s haven’t changed a bit, and the drama has kept the style we all know and love. But in this new season, Hospital Playlist came back with expanded plots and deepened characters.


Hospital Playlist reveals the five main characters’ personalities and work-life through their interactions with others. Although this hasn’t changed in season 2, it was nice to see that the production has filled in the gaps and fleshed out the characters.

Among them, the fresh portrayal of Song Hwa stands out the most. In Season 1, as the love lines became more popular than expected, other parts of Song Hwa received relatively little attention. The first episode of season 2 perfectly paints out Chae Song Hwa as the best neurosurgeon in Yulje Hospital and a great professor who carefully takes a look at the thesis paper turned in by the young doctors. In particular, it was impressive to see her as a good mentor and role model for the young doctors in the scene where she has conversations with resident Heo Sun Bin, who walks on the same path as she does.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 embodies more stories of diverse people by expanding the scope to the people the 99s meet and interact with. There are touching and heartbreaking stories of patients and their guardians. And there are tragicomic events that they face at work, not to mention the growth stories that the interns and specialists tell.

After one year’s lapse of time, the two medical students, Yoon Bok and Hong Do, became interns in the 6th episode of Season 2. They briefly appeared last season, and now they are writing their own stories in their second year of residency. For instance, Jang Gyeo Wool, Choo Min Ha, and Do Jae Hak, who led the growth stories last season, became chief residents or full-time doctors. Those who have not yet matured and have a lot to learn seek advice and guidance from the 99s. And by looking at them, 99s recall what they were like back then and find what they’re missing out on the present. The story in the Hospital Playlist, where they grow by learning from each other, gives a heartwarming experience.


Director Shin Won Ho once said that this drama “candidly shows how the life flows.” Just like what he said, even if we’re watching the everyday lives of people in a hospital where the most dramatic events take place, the story gives us such great hope and support. 99s, who find joy and peace in having a meal and a cup of coffee with their friends after saving patients from critical conditions, create such feel-good moments. The same goes for the doctors who learn from mistakes and rejoice over small achievements and nurses who do their best to provide medical care and share joy and sorrow with the caregivers. The hospital itself is a small society and living organism where the members work together to save people. Thus, the hospital itself gives a warm excitement to the viewers.

Some criticize this drama being a “fantasy.” They say no doctor in the world is so dedicated and caring about patients. Doctors like 99’s may not be in real life, but there’s nothing crazy about them compared to the main characters in other dramas. They only do what doctors do: save people and help them recover. Hospital Playlist doesn’t criticize the reality without doctors like them or leave a clear commentary on it. It focuses on presenting the Yulje Hospital universe that gives warm impressions just by looking at it. Therefore, even for a short time during the week, I wish to fully enjoy the eventful stories within this utopia.


Just like how our lives flow, the 99s days go by in the drama. Maybe it is why I wonder what would happen next, knowing there will be no significant events. When will Gyeo Wool and Jeong Won get married? Will Seok Hyung accept Min Ha’s confession of love, the chance of which she has four more times? How would Jun Wan, who still misses Ik Sun despite the one-sided breakup, react when he sees her again? When will Ik Jun and Song Hwa escape the friend zone? And what kind of songs and stories will 99s give us? With all these questions in mind, I’m dying to see the next episode on Thursday.


Verdict: I’m glad to watch the heartwarming story that we all know of. (7/10)

Editor Seo Hae Lan: I’m not picky and like all genres. I am in constant search of a balance between criticism and a fan’s heart.
Translator Cho EK: I’m a big fan of Korean dramas and movies.

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New preview for 2nd half of the season


Songhwa approaching Ikjun with more skinship, showing affectionate side of her

Ikjun-Junwan fighting/wrestling - Iksun related 

Seokhyung and Minha  - dated, present

Jeongwon and Gyeoul - Proposal, rejection, breakup, family issue, reconcilation

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5 hours ago, JungRok said:
New preview for 2nd half of the season


Songhwa approaching Ikjun with more skinship, showing affectionate side of her

Ikjun-Junwan fighting/wrestling - Iksun related 

Seokhyung and Minha  - dated, present

Jeongwon and Gyeoul - Proposal, rejection, breakup, family issue, reconcilation

This is for 2nd half and not just ep 7, right? It seems too jampacked if it's just for 1 ep. 

Edited by ferily
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Looking good plot-wise for the next half of the season. I only inserted the OST because the OST's lyrics are a sharp contrast against the scenes.


I had to stop after 1hr that's a long episode to watch. It's funny watching them discuss the plot like a viewer. They are really comfortable with each other. I don't think I watched many BTS videos as some were new to me.


I think I like the part when the 5 were together and they discuss their reactions to the scenes they were watching. I laughed along as they teased each other. The frustration from the actor playing SK being frustrated at the character's stifled/aggravating behaviour  made me laugh even more.


The mothers made me cry all over again.


Then we hit all the BTS. Did or was the little girl really going in for a kiss to samchon? The way the actress laugh made me laugh a lot. But yes watching the actors reactions made me laugh. There were some scenes which I repeated a few times because it's so funny.


But I have to give up at 1:07. My brain is not functioning after a long day of work to listen any more. Well it did take my mind off work. Oh yes I remember now the comments towards AJW and what he was doing with his hands during the kiss scene made me laugh. YYS moaning made me laugh some more. He was so mortified.


Hopefully someone will sub this special episode. I am going to go check up on the actor's ages now after watching the episode. I thought they were all the same ages.


Ok I finished it. I was sniggering at the end when they were nagged about their own individual love lines.  It felt like they were being nagged by Rosa about getting their act together.


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