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[Current Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

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3 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Season 2 will make the writer use such tropes. Lingering cancer death and all. Makjang and Noble Idiocy.

Its wee bit MakJang. Its Hospital Reality Drama. Everything can happen in a sudden. 


Seokhyung story line had some bits of Makjang with her mother's situation.


Mistress, messy divorce, betrayal, business takeover 

- it happens in real life.


Reply 1988 had that some bits of that too.



I haven't watched any extreme makjang like Penthouse or Love ft Marriage & Divorce. 



Plus, I've seen a lot of people commented on Twitter and here; the HosPlay doesnt have any sad/loss experienced by the main characters


Idk why


We saw a lot of losses; Dad died on Children's Day, people divorced; children allergy, Dad used her daughters as spare part organs, Mistress-Wife clashing, children died over heart surgery, liver cancer, Mother lost her children after days in pregnancy; premature death



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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

None of them were directly affecting the main cast bar SK's mother. But yes the Hospital Playlist main cast hasn't had any tragedies. But maybe it's meant that way by the writer. To insulate the actual hospital staff from tragedies to make them the main magnet and the orbiting hospital patients as real life. Even the nurse daughter who had the neurosurgical condition was operated successfully with Songhwa.


I don't know. The writer even though she is detail- orientated has a kind of rhythm or theme when she does her stories. She is quite methodical that if you tease out each element to her episode or series there is a overriding arch.


There are the 5 doctors. Then Yulje as the sun. The 5 as planets then the little asteroids as the patients orbiting or passing by. The interns and residents are the moons. GE, Minha and Iksun  as the moon. Ikjun has a little moon but hmm... how are we getting Songhwa close to Ikjun?


Haha. Sorry was doing science with my kid yesterday. In fact got to go back to real life to see what the beep-beep- beep forums are saying about the Delta variant. It's finally hitting my city after 17 months run of fairly good precautions. Sigh, have to read up a bit more about it in relation to presentations. God real life beats drama life. 


Did someone say that people say that HP is like real hospital staff. Let me give you this. Someone dropped off a liver in our rubbish bin a couple of months ago. We had to call the police, send the b*****dy to the actual lab. To make sure it's not a human liver. I mean " what duh, who the heck comes to a hospital and dumps off a liver? " 


So hospital makjang? Nah. Mistress, money and death. Normal. It doesn't count as makjang. The DIL stealing her dowry back when she is being separated from SK? Now that's makjang.

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Hahah if they want to see more of hospital reality, then they should have make our Emergency Ward flooding in with Drunk People all the time - since SKorea in real time had many drunk cases coming in.



Here, in my country, White folks and Black Folks were always admitted to the emergency; either drunk, homeless just because, fire, wife threw Fork at husband or some random shooting. Liver? Thats rare ocassion but people delivered an eyeball to emergency dept once.





IkJun's trauma - he could have lost his Uju on Children's Day - that douchebag of a wife - didnt know about her own son's allergy. 

Seokhyung could have fall into depression after the bloody mess. Stress at work, stress with family, family shame and some bs over newsline - only 5ivers kept him sane and he is able to vent last time. 



Idk what kind of tragedy people want? 


Death? Extreme loss? 


I think what they experienced is something every or some people could have experience - break up, cancer news, siblings being sick, family's time sacrificed. 

Thats some tragedy of everyday normal people experienced in a normal country , I would say. 



Normal means normal society; no war, no famine, no oppression, no mass shooting





Yes, for now they are all bubbly in love. But I honestly by the time we entering 2nd phase of the drama - we will see the challenges every couple faced - money, indifferences, social standing quo, greed, jealousy, parents' objection, boredom, thinning love and 3rd person, sickness, LDR, misunderstandings

All the options has happened to me - so Idk if people say this is cliche but it does happened to people in my circle.


Family divorce just cuz the hubby had cancer and kept to himself for years until he recently passed away,  LDR boredom invites a 3rd person into their relationship, a stupid phote invokes jealousy and misunderstanding, orphan kid meaning she has no money or no parents; meaning no social standing and ofcuz, she is rejected by the family. 



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“Hospital Playlist 2” Continues To Be Most Buzzworthy Drama For 4th Consecutive Week + Ji Sung Tops Actor Rankings



Jul 20, 2021
by S. Nam

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2” is maintaining its streak as the most buzzworthy drama!

For the fourth consecutive week, “Hospital Playlist 2” remained No. 1 on Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of the dramas that generated the most buzz. The company determines each week’s rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media about dramas that are either currently airing or set to air soon.

Along with “Hospital Playlist 2” topping the list for most buzzworthy drama, the drama’s star Jo Jung Suk also ranked No. 8 on the list for cast members.


The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz in the third week of July are as follows:

1. tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2”
2. SBS’s “The Penthouse 3”
3. tvN’s “The Devil Judge”
4. tvN’s “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”
5. tvN’s “You Are My Spring”
6. TV Chosun’s “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2”
7. JTBC’s “Nevertheless”
8. KBS2’s “At a Distance Spring is Green
9. JTBC’s “Monthly Magazine Home
10. SBS’s “Racket Boys”


Meanwhile, the top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz this week are as follows:

1. Ji Sung (“The Devil Judge”)
2. Jang Ki Yong (“My Roommate Is a Gumiho”)
3. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (“My Roommate Is a Gumiho”)
4. Kim Dong Wook (“You Are My Spring”)
5. Seo Hyun Jin (“You Are My Spring”)
6. Han So Hee (“Nevertheless”)
7. Kim Min Jung (“The Devil Judge”)
8. Jo Jung Suk (“Hospital Playlist 2”)
9. GOT7’s Jinyoung (“The Devil Judge”)
10. Song Kang (“Nevertheless”)



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10 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

@larus wow. Have you been watching some makjang?  I am fine with your theories. All plausible Kdrama plots I've seen before however this has not been the writer's style.


It wasn`t me.  don`t have any theories. :P I just enjoy watching Hospital Playlist without analyzing the scenes.

I liked reading your post.

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Honestly, I dont want SHB to accept that Chaebol drama offer tho. :cold_sweat:


Double edge offer - if its good, it will blow up. I think most of her drama/movies are like deep character with scars/innocence-like past. 


Plus, if she got too popular, I will b like "where are all these new fans coming from??" 


P.S I knew her presence since her cameo in Madam Antoinne, Mistress drama (Cuz Han Ga In), her Confession drama with Junho and the movie with Kim Go Eun in Mountain Byeonson. And then,  followed her insta since 2018. At that time, she had like 65k followers. All the comments were Korean or Either English.


Altho, I watched Warrior Baek Doong Soo when I am in middle school, I was like kinda not into her Character because it was awkward seeing her acting in 2011.


But time tell she is maturing and progressing rapidly. I like her Acting in Confession and Mistress altho her role is kinda side stepped, nearing to the end. 



BUT WHO AM I TO JUDGE. i am a just fan who watched Asian Dramas since middle school

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EVENT: Celebrity Sightings


Have you met your favorite oppa? What was he like? Was he taller than you expected? :love:

Or do you want to meet him? What would the meeting be like?

Or did you meet a local celebrity? A sports figure maybe?


Share your stories with chingus on the Celebrity Sightings thread.


Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart326 @Sleepy Owl @agenth @Lmangla

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Hospital Playlist 2: Episode 5

by lovepark



Life can be difficult and filled with unexpected consequences. One person’s blessing may be another’s tragedy, and someone’s luck could actually be a source of their woes. While the world can be a cruel and heartless place, it can also be surprisingly warm and gentle. There are kind people willing to help, and even the most daunting problems become feasible when individuals join forces to solve it.






Ik-soon begs her brother to keep her condition a secret from Joon-wan, and he keeps his promise, though he looks stunned by the revelation. That night, Ik-joon mulls over what his sister told him—she started dating his friend last summer, but they broke up recently because of her.

Jung-won steps out in the middle of the night to grab some water and jumps back in fright when he sees Joon-wan drinking alone. He asks if something happened, but Joon-wan says that everything is fine. Jung-won wordlessly pats his friend before going to bed, and Joon-wan makes a call that goes unanswered.





On his rounds, Ik-joon meets with a liver cancer patient whose condition has worsened overnight. The husband wishes he could be sick in her place and presses his hand against her shoulder. The wife grimaces under his touch, and Ik-joon notes the odd reaction. After Ik-joon explains the upcoming procedure, the husband responds apathetically, which raises more flags.

At the hospital café, Rosa tells Seok-hyung’s mom that his son has changed a lot, and she agrees with her, adding on that she went through hell but at least has her son. She says that she is happy lately and only has one wish: her son’s remarriage.

Rosa scolds her for meddling into her child’s life again and ruining another relationship. Seok-hyung’s mom feigns ignorance, so Rosa describes, in detail, all the things she did to Shin-hye from calling her constantly about her dowry to forcing her to sign a prenup. She believes her ex-daughter-in-law was amazing for lasting a year under those circumstances, but Seok-hyung’s mom thinks differently.





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Wise Doctor Life 2' side "No airing on the 29th, band + behind-the-scenes special broadcast" [Official]




On the July 22nd, an official from the tvN entertainment program 'Wise Doctor Life Season 2' (played by Lee Woo-jung, directed by Shin Won-ho, said to Maeil Business Star Today on the 22nd July,  that "'Hospital playlist 2' will be canceled on the July 29th."


.He continued, "Today (22nd) at 9 pm, after 6 episodes, a special broadcast will be aired on the 29th, followed by 7 episodes . Behind stories that viewers are curious about and want to see, band stories, and actors' commentary videos, etc. It will be produced and aired as a special broadcast.” He added, "It was not an inevitable decision due to filming delays."







“Hospital Playlist 2” To Not Air New Episode Next Week


Jul 22, 2021
by U. Kim

tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2” is taking a break next week.

A source from the drama shared, “‘Hospital Playlist 2’ will be taking a break on July 29. After airing episode 6 tonight (July 22) at 9 p.m., we will air a special broadcast on July 29 and episode 7 the week after that. We will produce and air a special episode that includes behind-the-scenes stories, stories about the band, video commentaries by the actors, and more.”

YTN reported that the production team made the decision to skip a week due to filming delays caused by the COVID-19 situation and in order to maintain the quality of the script. However, the source from the drama clarified, “It was not an inevitable decision made due to delays in filming.”

“Hospital Playlist” stars Jo Jung SukJung Kyung HoYoo Yeon SeokJeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung as five doctors who first met in medical school and have been friends ever since. The drama airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.



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“Hospital Playlist 2” Hints At New Developments With The Reunion Of Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, And More

Jul 22, 2021
by L. Kim

The five doctors will be reuniting in the upcoming episode of “Hospital Playlist 2”!

The tvN drama stars Jo Jung SukJung Kyung HoYoo Yeon SeokJeon Mi Do, and Kim Dae Myung as five doctors who first met in medical school and have been friends ever since.


Previously, “Hospital Playlist 2” hinted at new changes in the friendship of Ahn Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok), Kim Joon Wan (Jung Kyung Ho), Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do), Lee Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk), and Yang Seok Hyung (Kim Dae Myung). The next episode will share the new story of the five friends a year later.

In newly released stills, Ahn Jung Won, Kim Joon Wan, Chae Song Hwa, Lee Ik Joon, and Yang Seok Hyung are comfortably sitting in a room together. Chae Song Hwa has officially returned to Yuljae Hospital, and the drama hints that viewers can look forward to some new changes.

In the photos, Lee Ik Joon is talking to someone on the photo with his head slightly tilted, piquing curiosity about who he’s talking with. Chae Song hwa seems a bit tired as she sits back on the sofa and listens to her friends’ conversation, and Kim Joon Wan looks like he has something to say. Ahn Jung Won’s expression is slightly serious, and there is a light smile playing on Yang Seok Hyung’s face. Viewers can look forward to more of their unpredictable story in the next episodes.

The drama’s producers revealed, “The sixth episode that will air today will show a special story of the five friends, who have been through different changes, as they reunite in a new season, so please look forward to it.”
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ShinPD showed us what we all longed for, 

A "Jealous Gyeoul?!"

And it seems one male resident is quietly being sneaky-looking at her :ph34r:..


OMG This week episode is also good.


I just ran here after confronting some Toxic People on Dramabeans comment. 

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My prediction about next week (2 week) episode


WG Sunday is cancelled; they having an emergency - JW postpone his proposal


Junwan getting lonely, SHwa took note, Uju want to go camping, Ikjun plans to. SHwa letting them to join. 


SKyung is buying food for MinHa, witnessed by her mum. 


Rosa met Gyeoul again


The camping scene


I am guessing SHwa forced Junwan to follow. Ruin Ikjun- SHwa- Uju camping moment..




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For all the people like me who have found all the episodes too loaded with content this weeks episode gives some solace that ‘everything’s gonna be okay’ through the song! 

Seeing Iksun and Junwan so miserable we all needed to hear that. The camp site shot from far looks suspicious to me. I think instead of the much awaited Song Hwa- IkJun - Ujju weekend it’s possibly Jeong Won and Gyeoul who could have gone camping too! Jeong won has a different hobby for every season nah :P

I think a Song Hwa Ujju meaningful scene where Ujju is not sleeping, sick or eating will be closer to the end of the series and same for another scene between Gyeoul and Rosa too. 

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48 minutes ago, Raynaa said:

For all the people like me who have found all the episodes too loaded with content this weeks episode gives some solace that ‘everything’s gonna be okay’ through the song! 

Seeing Iksun and Junwan so miserable we all needed to hear that. The camp site shot from far looks suspicious to me. I think instead of the much awaited Song Hwa- IkJun - Ujju weekend it’s possibly Jeong Won and Gyeoul who could have gone camping too! Jeong won has a different hobby for every season nah :P

I think a Song Hwa Ujju meaningful scene where Ujju is not sleeping, sick or eating will be closer to the end of the series and same for another scene between Gyeoul and Rosa too. 

Hahah I predict SHwa forced JunWan to follow as well to not make him feel lonely. 


Plus the way Junwan looking at Ikjun when they speaking abt his ex, I feel like they both know it was Iksun. And Junwan already confessed to him; and Ikjun told Junwan abt her status. 


Ep 7 is the legendary YangPyeong scene / Gyeoul feel jealous over JWon buying food for all staff/residents except her, and then make a move to ask JWon out.


I'm thinking that they will reenact this scene but differently. I bet this time Gyeoul will cancel her plans with JWon.



Is it me or SHwa role is getting lesser and lesser than Season 1. Its true she is the glue holding the 5ivers, but somehow hmmm... Not sure.



I want more Gom Gom interaction tho

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59 minutes ago, GONE said:

Can some explain why Jeongwon called the patient as the MIL's daughter instead? Sometime some MIL/FIL need a reality check on how shitty their comments are. 

it’s a non rude/offensive way of calling her out (knowing very well that she’s not the  mother) and making her realise that she’s being prejudiced as she’s her daughter in law and not her daughter. Had the situation been reversed she wouldn’t blame her daughter.

Also he reminded her that her daughter in law tried holding it out and she’s not to blame and as a mother she is as much pained with her child’s suffering. 

 I don’t know why mother in laws are the focus suddenly lol. first the mother in law that Min Ha and Seok Hyung encountered, then Seok Hyung’s mother and now this lady. And each time the husbands unsupportive/avoiding/supportive role has also been highlighted. 



On other topics:

I hope IkSun and Jun Wan atleast patch up by the time Winter Garden move in together so Jun Wan doesn’t have to stay alone! Season 1 was a traumatic year for JeongWon as he had to make a decision and now this has been a traumatic year for Junwan. Hope they both find their respective happiness now and can stop being room mates on a happy note  for both. I wonder if the camping by any chance will bring IkSun and JunWan together. Their suffering has been too long now. A year or more is literally too much for two people who actually do like each other. 

there are still so many unanswered questions!

Min Has cake, Song Hwas coffee, If Song Hwa’s answer to Looney, status of Min Has remaining four questions, Gyeouls past! Today’s episode almost said pause to a lot of things befitting and in line with a telecast break next week. 

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Is it just me or does it seem like they're now running on a compressed timeline, like they actually did omit a chunk from original script and are now tying things up? Though I'm not complaining, I think episode 6 is actually a breather. This must be the effect of COVID-19 though. Even the road scenes are now CGI. I think camping scene might also be done through CGI. They must really be reluctant to do a season 3, probably circumstances are not favorable. It's just sad though if they have had to revise the script significantly due to production challenges, considering it took years for them to prepare the story.

Edited by wintergardencrew
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One thing that will always stand out for me for Hospital Playlist is that it’s so so personal and yet so so generic for the audience. In the sense that you will always find some part of the episode that you will relate to the on a personal level. And yet some parts like today’s sound track is so applicable to everyone. It talks about hope and holding out and believing in yourself and that everything will be eventually okay. Irrespective of what everyone’s struggles are it’s pacifying to all. It’s like being an audience and yet a part of the story. 


I especially felt today’s soundtrack was a comforting hug to everyone impacted by the pandemic, it’s been a long drawn out struggle for many in varying degrees and it was the writers way of addressing these trying times without actually featuring it. 

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  • larus changed the title to [Current Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

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