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[Current Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

@ck1Oz Yes, I get what you mean with Reply 1988. R1988 has put a lot more focus outside romance than HP so far. Probably because the main characters of Reply 1988 are still living with their families? And the most family dynamics we've seen so far in HP are the glimpses on the patients, and and some from the mains (Ikjun-Iksun, Ikjun-Uju, Rosa-Jeongwon). 


I am also enjoying the band sessions and analyzing how the songs play into the narrative. They are related to the lovelines still though HAHA. I'm really impressed with the cast's dedication to learn and perform the songs themselves. And being a theater fan, I guess I have a soft spot for the cast as a lot of them have a theater background. :lol:

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I'm so proud of my WINTER GARDEN :wub:, everyone is trying to compile /connect scene that would make you crazy about the couple. KEEP IT COMING WINTERGARDEN gang and i will help you repost them:blush:


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Stars of the Dramas Are Singing Their Own OST, Leaving a Strong Aftertaste

By krishkim 


Soundtracks represent the emotions of characters or the mood of the play. Famous singers often enrich the drama’s afterglow with appealing vocals, but the cast sometimes sing their own songs to narrow the distance between the characters and the viewers. Good Casting and Hospital Playlist are good examples.


Hospital Playlist – Jo Jung Suk & Jeon Mi Do

Hospital Playlist‘s plan to make two leading actors into singers worked out perfectly. Jo Jung Suk’s “AROHA” and Jeon Mi Do’s “I Knew I Love” are receiving great results in music charts. Both songs are remakes of original songs released in the 2000s. “AROHA” is a song from Cool’s album First Whisper released in 2001, and was a hit at the time of its release. “I Knew I Love” is a song by Shin Hyo Bum released in 2006.


In particular, Jo Jung Suk and Jeon Mi Do attracted more attention in that they are already proven singers. Jo Jung Suk was recognized for both his singing and acting prowess through various musicals, including Hedwig, Jewel in the Palace, and Blood Brothers. Jeon Mi Do is also a prominent musical actor who is much loved by fans for her solid singing skills shown in various musicals such as Mr. Mouse, Doctor Zhivago, Sweeney Todd, and Werther.


Following “AROHA,” which showed off Jo Jung Seok’s sweet voice, Hospital Playlistalso released “Deep in the Night,” which was reinterpreted with Jo Jung Seok’s own vibes based on punk sounds.




Good Casting – Lee Sang Yeob & Lee Jun Young

Good Casting adds to the drama’s lingering aftertaste with songs sung by Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Jun Young. First, Lee Sang Yeob’s “Red Bag” is a song that Yoon Suk Ho serenaded for Baek Chan Mi using a red bag that they have special memories about in a lovely way. The song, released as the OST, has been arranged to reflect the pounding heart toward Baek Chan Mi, further enlivening the romance.


“Let’s Love” is a duet song by Lee Jung Young and Laboum’s main vocalist Soyeon. It expresses honest feelings about love from the perspective of both a man and a woman. The soft vocals of the two are mixed well to add excitement to the play.




Source (1, 2, 3)

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The two, I assume, official music videos are simply lovely. :wub: JJS and JMD sing so well. I love both songs and I’m not surprised at all that they’re doing well on the music charts. In particular, JMD’s video seems to highlight the love lines for Wintergarden and IkSong. What about Junwan and Ik Sun and SH and his loveline. It would have been nice to see those as well.

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So i guess 1 h 40 min+ for last episode??


Considering that last episode of CLOY is 1h 51min and it is around the same time airing. We could see a very long last episode just like Reply 88.


HYPE IS REAL! i wonder tho if there will be anymore ost for this drama.because the song has been really amazing for the drama 

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@__jesse Wow chingu, I’m really amazed at all the references you make for your posts. Must’ve taken a lot of effort. And it makes me remember how much I love the various elements of film and theater. And I’m just as amazed how you spotted the time in the clock HAHAHAH I tried to read them myself but probably my eyes aren’t so clear anymore :sweatingbullets:

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Did you take some of the contents from KR and CN youtubers? If you have taken from them, perhaps it will be better to credit their video for the analysis. In any case, thank you for these! (I was too lazy to post one of their analysis on the 4:33 portion - a CN youtuber posted on this too! - it blew my mind when I heard the reference to R88) :)


44 minutes ago, maggiee said:

There is that one song they didn't play yet, "Love Over a Thousand Years". I wonder why SongHwa seems annoyed by Ikjun and Junwan when Ikjun said they will play it next time. Hmm

that is because Ikjun was teasing Songhwa's tone deafness, and not really his intention for them to play that song next (the same reason why she gave a irritated face when she heard the melody of their first band song - It is very difficult to sing - even for IJ!)


"Love Over a Thousand Years" - link below.

Skip to the chorus :) (from 1:20) There is alot of 'screeching' needed to belt this song.


There is a pretty famous chinese remake of this same song (you will see what I mean by 'difficult' to sing ^^)



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Season 1 Finale D-1

Main 5 pick favorite scenes

Ik Jun (Jo Jung Seok) Pick 'Scenes that made you feel about family love'
-> The scene of visiting Ik Sun's military unit was short but I remembered it as a very impressive scene. Actually I don't have a younger sister but that scene give me a new feel of family love.
-> Actually I like all the scenes where the five actors are together. Scenes at Tteokbokki restaurant is more memorable because we laughed and enjoyed it so much while shooting it.


Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok) Pick 'Because I knew about the efforts, I love it more'
-> Actually, if I have to chose my favorite scene, it is the scene of all band performances that have been aired so far.
-> Among them, I'd like to pick Canon performances as one of the best. I have more affection with that scene because the five of us knew how hard we worked for that song.


Joon Wan (Jung Kyung Ho) Pick 'The beginning of back-and-forth chemistry of 5 people (at Kalguksu restaurant)'
-> It is a scene that show the star of back-and-forth banter and chemistry among the 5 peiple and it is also a scene that show the begining of muk-bang (eating show) between Song Hwa and Joon Wan
-> All band scenes from ep 1 to 12 are memorable. We have all taken lesson before shooting the drama and it's a time for Mido and Parasol gather together to practice and play together. And all the effort is shown at the drama shootings and every moment of band performances scenes in the drama were an enjoyable one.


Seok Hyung (Kim Dae Myung) Pick 'A scene that show the growth (as a doctor and as a person)'
-> The scene where Min Ha honestly shared what she had in mind, it is scenes where show more growth for both Seok Hyung and Min Ha as a human and as a doctor.
-> Another one is the scene where Seok Hyung comforts the pregnant patient who suffers repeatitive miscarriage (that miscarriage is not a dieaseas). It seems many people symphathized with Seok Hyung's unique and sincere comfort method.


Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do) Pick 'A scene where I was laughing but made me feels emotional'
-> A scene from ep 7 where ot4 comforts Seok Hyung. We shoot that scene with a smile (on our faces) but strangely I felt emotional. To Seok Hyeong, it would be more comforting than any words.
-> Also, the scene of 5 people gathering inside a small warehouse. It seemed we enter the past as the warehouse door opened. It looked like I was back in my 20s and I felt something peculiar about it


Joon Wan and Jung Won Pick 'Mido and Parasol performance'

-> Jung Won, "Every band performance in every episode is my favorite"

-> Joon Wan, "it's a time for Mido and Parasol gather together to practice and play together. And all the effort is shown at the drama shootings and every moment of band performances scenes in the drama were an enjoyable one."






Jo Yi Hyun (Jang Yun Bok) shares her thoughts about the end of season 1.

(source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/003/0009884530)


Through her management (ArtistCompany), she shares her thoughts and feelings about the end of season 1 'Wise Doctor Life'
"I acted as Jang Yun Bok, a medical student in 'Wise Doctor Life'. Together with my twin Jang Hong Do (Bae Hyun Sung), our character work hard to learn and grow from our seniors. It was an honor to act as Jang Yun Bok, the youngest at Yulje Medical Centre. I am very grateful to Shin Won Ho PD, Writer Lee Woo Jung and to all the staffs at the shooting location for always encouraging and supporting me. For being able to act together with my seniors, every minute and every second of it was a precious time and memorable. To the viewers, thank you for showing interest and support for Jang Yun Bok and Jang Hong Do. I'll always remember Yun Bok who always did her best and I'll always work hard to show how I've improve as a good actor. I wish you will stay tune to watch the last episode."





Jo Jung Seok shares his thoughts about the end of season 1.

(source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003026368)


Through his management, he shares "I hope through our drama 'Wise Doctor Life', many people were able to receive a small healing and good energy during the difficult time. I think we could finish making the drama thanks to all the staffs and actors who worked hard and to the viewers who gave out lots of love and affection. I was really happy to be able to do a good project and character, but it was more special to be able meet with good people. At the shooting place, there's always a feeling of happiness and it was fun so I was sad that it has ended. However, as the drama is seasonal, I will work hard to prepare for the next season and will come back again."






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28 minutes ago, Andrew - said:


Did you take some of the contents from KR and CN youtubers? If you have taken from them, perhaps it will be better to credit their video for the analysis. In any case, thank you for these! (I was too lazy to post one of their analysis on the 4:33 portion - a CN youtuber posted on this too!) :)


Yes, I did watch KR and CN youtubers talk about these scenes, but the screenshots and interpretations are my own. :) 


I didn't quite agree with the youtuber's interpretation of 4'33", and it was something that bothered me since R88 so I tried to figure that out myself. Hope it makes sense!

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Hay all Ik song shippers , how come no one made a thread for Ik song in couples/ shippers paradise. I would love to initiate one but unfortunately I don't have much free time to moderate a thread :cry: So any kind Ik song shipper plz if you have time , make a separate thread for all of us Ik song lovers.

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