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[Current Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 2 - Thursday 21:00

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oh my god oh my god, so much in my mind!


1. Chu Minha, you go girl!

2. Ikjun as always makes us laughing, lol

3. FINALLY JUNGWON SAYS SOMETHING OTHER THAN ANNYEONGHASEYO or NE to Gyeoul. Wintergardeners have come from a long way people!

4. Jungwon singing a part of Winter Garden's unofficial soundtrack asdfggjhgl

5. Personally still wishing someone from Reply 1997 coming as cameo or something. Well, EJW did lend his voice for this drama in earlier episode, but not as Hakchan :(

6. AJW's headache is still worrying too


I love Gyeoul, but again, it seems some things we learn about her character isn't substantial, or was told by someone else, like Ikjun did. Maybe she would have her moment like Minha and Jaehak in next episode?

Would love to see Minha and Ikjun gossiping or teasing Gyeoul tho, lol.


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I've been chatting with @kokodus offline and she persuaded me to post my thoughts on the latest episode. So blame her if you think I've gone off the rocker...    Episode 8 was beautifully pu

Re: Crossing and drawing the line   Much has been discussed about Chihong crossing the line, and Songhwa drawing the line. I plan to do a character analysis on Chihong, so more on that late

In HP, dining scenes are often used to illustrate human relationships. This one is obvious: asking someone out for a meal is an indication of romantic feelings.       And the

I think flowergarden is almost a impossible ship now. Andrea said it's not song hwa almost too emphatically. It seemed to be a direct indication to the fans. Just my opinion. 



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Everyone, God finally answer our pray!!!!

FINALLY, after suffering so much with the up and down journey of our shipping!!! :heart:








Sorry for the caps lock, but I am crying now -- I'm sorry for doubting Shin PD and all of you who are always be optimist on the shipping.

I know many things still can happen in the next 2 episodes and it may broke our heart in the end, but I want to celebrate and enjoy this happiness first.

Lets think about the other matters later ...


PS: I think Shin PD is a kind of nappun namja (bad boy) when you love him even he is often being bad to you, but when he do a very little good thing to you, it feels like you own the world! LOL!


I mean as of preview Ep 11 JW still want to resign from the hospital (to pursue his dream), we still didn't know what will happen between Ikjun & Song hwa (and also Chihong), how about SK-MH and the biggest crisis is with Junwan and Iksun. 


We still need to prepare our heart everyone, don't be fooled by the PD because it is not over until it's over (Chilbong, 1994) :sweatingbullets:


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Hi, am I the only one who prefers JWon pairing with God than GW? I just couldn’t stand her! She’s making herself unnecessarily tired out for irrelevant things yet she still have time to chase around JWon to fish for compliments...sorry mom, any girl will but not this girl... I even prefer MH way much better while she’s bitching out SH than Jwon- GW pairing... but well that’s how its gonna be right, since the plot is moving that way... 


* can I even hope for a twist IJ would recommend his celebrity ex namely Go Ara to be with JWon? 

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What do yo think on minha confession


I think it cool and smooth confession. Wonder who call her on that time. but it must be akward on the next day. I have zero experience in relationship so what do you guys think is the proper respond fron that seokhyung.


Minha said..she is okay if seokhyung did not answer her confession but she also told seokhyung  to dont pretend that the confession not happen.. relationship is hard :sweatingbullets:


Shin pd got two riddle for this season.. who will be with songhwa and wil jeungwon become priest. Hopping that the riddle will be solve on this season if there is any new season. Please dont  leave it hanging..

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Ikjun is Dr Jang Love Advisor but he is not doing enough for his own love :sweatingbullets:


He help her and ask her to pick his surgery yet she pick the surgery which JWon is in charge, LMAO


I also like how he disguise the assistance as a plot to convince the intern to pick GS for residency. By convincing him that being in GS, love is still possible.

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1 hour ago, loveiskim said:

The moment he start singing


my heart melt right away


Oh God..

come to think of it

So it was revealed that two members of the fab five have amazing singing skill



imagine how big-hearted they are, when they let Songhwa to be the Vocalist :joy:

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First, I guessed that today's plot twist--> the teaser did not mislead us THAT much. It actually shows us as a teaser (finally! for once.....)


I laughed SO HARD, when all the GS Uncles were hyping Gyeoul's bouquet. I could not stop laughing and repeating that part.. to the point I forgot that Jwon did not congratulate Gyeoul. 

Ikjun's look of betrayal was HILARIOUS. I could not stop laughing. :lol:


All of Jwon's Freudian slip throughout the episode, when Jwon told Rosa that "it is not Songhwa" & when he spoke in Banmal! 


Then, we finally have Flower Garden scene! I'm trying my best to not get too invested in any of the ships to avoid any heartbreak. As much as it's going to be Winter Garden, I'm happy to see their scene too! I do think that there's a big chance Jwon might be SW's first love and vice versa. However, we rarely end up with our first love :joy:


I love Rosa & Jungsoo bickering... I loveeee Jungsoo's advice to Rosa.. It was HILARIOUS!!


Honestly the scene where IJ & Jwon are about to smoke... It's a very interesting confession. I love how the conversation is very much like how best friends in real life would talk; you talk about a lot of things all at once, but you don't expect them to tell you everything. I read somewhere in twitter about the symbolism of cigarettes & Jwon (how he will give up smoking is like giving up priesthood); i got goosebumps on the scene where Jwon crushed his cigs. whoahhh all the theories are eerily accurate.


I do think there are a lot of possible way this story can be.. I do see that IJ & SH are good for one another, so does other ships. 


It's a very fun episode tonight!! Could not stop laughing.. 

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Wow. Forget about the endless  talks now about the garden. I don't even know what you guys are talking about when it's winter or spring. Or who is what season.


Wu Ju. Wow. This ahjumma died a little when I was listening to him. And changmonim. Omg. "Ane " little kiddo how do you even know to use such an old fashioned term? Inside person. Hahaha. And when he slipped into saguek speech * squeal * can I pinch your cute little cheeks?  


Cute, cute, cute. The writer has such good lines for him. 

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If "pick me pick me" isn't enough anymore, go ahead and help her fake a boyfriend... :P



She might had had enough of all those liver transplants and want something different. 



Be mature and don't be butt hurt Ik Jun.... 




Oh hey! He already walked out... *facepalm What a cutie pie though! :sweatingbullets:







He was so happy though. He was so confident that she'll pick him. Oh boy! Better luck next time! LEE IK JUN FIGHTING!!!









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Please put more than 3 pics/IGs in spoiler tags, thanks!
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Oh my god somebody just reminds me on how a song about quitting smoking for a girl played on a scene/preview of JWon.


And he kinda did it in this episode assfjdjsjsfk


help im getting more invested with my ship

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I’ve been having thoughts on the band practice’s songs for a while now. Started using them to study Ikjun’s plot development since he usually sings for the band and is the one showing most emotions to the songs. I was hesitant at first thinking that it can’t always be just him because he’s not the only main. I thought that maybe PDnim will give the others a chance to sing given that they all have the talent to do so. Them being all good a singing can’t be a coincidence. But after ep 10 with Jeongwon singing I am now more confident with my theory. I feel that the band practice is also being used as an instrument to show the POV and story direction of the singer during the band performance. 

This will be quite long. Apologies in advance haha: *disclaimer that I interpreted the lyrics from the subs I’ve watched so might not be accurate*



Ep 1- Lonely Night (Songhwa)

- Song’s general message: “I miss you/I’m lonely”

- Despite being in a relationship I feel that SHwa wasn’t really attached to Dr. Jang. She didn’t seem too affected with their breakup.

- She’s still probably hung up on someone she liked before hmm...

- Despite being a strong independent woman deep down she sometimes feel lonely

Ep 2 - Introduce me to a good person (Songhwa and Ikjun)
- Song’s general message: “I want to meet someone new/I want to move on”

- Sang in a flashback band scene

- SH confessed to SHwa but got rejected. If the person she liked then was indeed part of the group, I’m guessing she was sensitive enough to not entertain her own feelings to protect their friendship

- We all know about IJ’s failed confession here

- Song also played in the present in SHwa’s car

- SHwa moving on from her cheating ex


Ep 3 - Aloha (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message: “I promise to always love you”

- Not really a band scene but a flashback was used

- I feel like the song was used to show how even before, IJ was ready for commitment. In the present he tries his best to make his marriage work.

- Song shows irony with IJ’s situation with his wife filing for a divorce breaking their marriage vows


Ep 4 - Canon Rock (no singer haha)

- tried to research about It but failed lol maybe someone could help me on this one


Ep 5 - Deep in the Night (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message: “Don’t go/ don’t leave me”

- Before the practice they were having dinner talking about divorce

- Despite IJ downplaying his situation it seems like he still having trouble moving on

- This is same with SH with his own divorce

- I feel like SH and IJ leaving in the middle of the practice to their friends’ disappointment shows how the friends are encouraging them both to move on


Ep 6 - In front of City Hall at Subway Station (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message : Old lovers meeting once again

- In the egg scene Jwan said IJ was talking about himself: never falling in love first and not making a move. Only to be proved wrong by the flashback

- Flashback exposition:IJ did like someone first to the point that he almost confessed: Songhwa

- IJ supporting SHwa with her results: again he steps up and initiates when it’s someone he values dearly

- This was the first “moment” they shared together in the present as if meeting once again as man and woman


Ep 7 - You Always (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message: “I still love you”

- This is the turning point where IJ has finally moved on

- He declared it through his conversation with his patient about not moving on being a disservice to himself (and I think in IJ’s case disservice to uju as well)

- I feel that using Sunyoung and Gildong from Reply 1988 as cameos was hinting that it’s possible to find love and start a family a second time (and starting from friends at that).


Ep 8 - Gather my Tears (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message: “I’ll wait for you/ I’ll keep loving you until you come back to me”

- Ikjun slowly starting to move (the finger bandaging and face washing scenes)


Ep 9 - Met you by Chance (Ikjun)

- Song’s general message: Love at first sight/ “I’m scared to tell you how I feel”

- We all know how IJ couldn’t stop looking at SHwa during their first meeting

- IJ stepping up his game (dinner together/ invitation to drive around/ waiting for SHwa)
- In Gyeoul’s words, they went out for dinner just the two of them, outside, in their personal clothes

- something about the rain

Ep 10 - Confession is not Flashy (Ikjun and Jeongwon)

- Song’s general message: A straightforward declaration of love

- Scene before the band was IJ asking Jwon to tell the truth about his feelings for Gyeoul. I believe him singing was the answer

- Jwon opening up to gyeoul mistakenly using informal speech

- Jwon told Rosa “It’s not Songhwa”

- Jwon was the highlight and IJ was a bonus

- IJ gave a vague “confession” to SHwa

- Again the rain!!!!


If I were to take some of the songs lyrics more literally, it’s possible that Songhwa might have liked someone else in the past (not Ikjun). Or maybe she knew about Ikjun’s feelings but did not entertain them. Seeing how she was stunned at Ikjun’s somewhat confession in ep 10, I think there’s still a line Songhwa is hesitant to cross (see the line between them in the picture below? Even if they’re so close to each other). I guess we’ll find out in the next episode. 


Anyway, I really hope my theory’s right not just for the sake of being right lol but because I’d really love to hear them all sing (my heart jumped when jeongwon started singing). Such a talented set of actors!!!



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14 minutes ago, KDramaFan0828 said:


  Hide contents

If I were to take some of the songs lyrics more literally, it’s possible that Songhwa might have liked someone else in the past (not Ikjun). Or maybe she knew about Ikjun’s feelings but did not entertain them. Seeing how she brushed off Ikjun’s somewhat confession in ep 10, I think there’s still a line Songhwa is hesitant to cross. I guess we’ll find out in the next episode. 




That line became blurred or disappeared coz of rain.. they already in same place now.. she just need make decision to stay or get out from that place..


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2 hours ago, tanakg00 said:

Did anyone else think that when JWon closed the drawer with the Bible it was kind of symbolizing him closing the door on his dream of becoming a priest or was it just my shipper mind at work?

I think he was frustrated that Rosa was not looking at it from his perspective.  We get a little bit more insight on how JWon wanted to be a priest from a young child.  - probably he had a big brother as a role model.  


SW was funny asking him to marry (her) and she changed after looking at his face.  Well we will have to see if there is anything there.


IJ kind of confessing and SW (kind of rejection) shows that that ship might not sail either.  


MH confessed, but will have to wait and see how SH would respond.  He has not given any indication, even though he likes her - unless that actually happens , I would say, he needs more time now with his parent's divorce falling through.  


Just my 2cents 


50 minutes ago, ryanallright said:

With Ikjun having to change the topic to the rain outside, I wonder if SHwa caught the hint or she is just not ready for him.

I think she was letting him down easy - like how she was advising SH dealing with him mother and the impending divorce.  

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im loving all the Gyeol's Daddy Doctor,  full support specially the one who said "Neve Giver up, She must make her relationship last" But the best Dad in the Group is Ikjun :wub:, He treated Gyeol like her sister (maybe he sees Iksun in her and trying to do the things he haven't done for Iksun) Ikjun superb in acting so excited and disappointment at Gyeol. I love love love the reaction of Jwon after hearing Winter got propose. But still something is bothering whenever i see a My Calendar and Rosary is it only me :unsure: but i'm having a bad feeling of my WINTERGARDEN :cry:

also i keep remembering the father who abuse his childres got caught who threat Jwon that He will remember him and he will be back!!!



Wrternim it would really be a waste is Jwon won't have his own kids, He will be a very loving Dad to our Mini WinterGarden. Can't you reshoot or change the script make the WINTER GARDEN FAMILY Happen 成真. Also writernim you should have done a scene Gyeol got into an accident then Jwon will get worried and confuse of his feelings:w00t:

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i have to say,


Ikjun made my heart flutters like crazy with that confession. THIS. This is exactly what i expect him to do, no more ambiguous affection, nor hesitate action. You love her, then step forward and fight to get the girl!! 

and Capt Ahn, you also, how dare you act all sneaky like that with flirty jokes and make me smiling ear to ear?!


i can see this development of both Ikjun and Capt Ahn approaching Song Hwa.


Ikjun who usually being all dorky and joking here and there, now approaching her with more serious gesture. I bet her heart skip a beat because of that seriousness


while Capt Ahn, who had been serious since day 1, now becoming more lively and entertaining, even he continuously make Song Hwa laugh & smile this episode


Great great, totally satisfied! Now i’m expecting a good match between Ik Jun and Capt Ahn~~ please, don’t give up you two until it’s confirmed who’s the one in her heart actually :D

heartbreaking scene? Whatever!! Whoever end up with Song hwa, i’ll feel heartbreak and heart fluttering at the same time again anyway


Pleasee Writernim..let them all be happy, no matter how :star:




i always feel that Chi hong is epitome of Chilbong

and someone in Twitter said Ik Jun becoming more and more like JungPal

So, is this a match between the two legend tragic characters in reply series,

Chilbong-nese VS JungPal-nese??! :joy: 

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