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[Variety 2019] Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 (SBS)

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16 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

She hope the blueberry trees, treasure hunts, animal farms, beautiful clouds will remain in their hearts.

I'm sure they will remember these memories until they grow up. I mean I certainly would if I was a kid in Little Forest. It's a really good experience that while entertaining for me personally, it also makes me feel sad for all the other children in the world who don't get this kind of experience. Not all kids can afford daycare, not all daycare centers even the "hippie" ones that are nature-centered have patient and caring aunts like So Min for instance, or a chef like Lee Seo Jin who will prepare healthy food for children. It's just sad but also entertaining at the same time. I hope there's season 2 and everyone comes back, especially the twins and Yoo Jin cause they're my faves lol. 


Also, watching Brooke run to Lee Seo Jin and then seeing her trying not cry made me cry :lol:

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Wow! A lot is happening here! I love reading more posts now.!! 


And I love dear @Lawyerh chingu's analysis about 4 celebs as well... :wub: To me, rather than giving individual descriptions, I'd rather like to say this...


 Lee Seo Jin/ Lee Seung Gi/ Jung So Min/ Park Na-rae


He/ she is so pure at heart! And that's why they all are so honest with little ones.


Giving away the happiness but never expecting anything in return! I loved them even more when they sincerely broke down as kids said the final goodbye. See Park Na Rae wiped her tears just with her apron!! They aren't embarrassed of showing off their love for kids. :heart:


And they sincerely felt happy when kids played/ ate/ drank the stuff they made for them... It's when they knew that they just made something beautiful that won't hurt anyone.... :)


And I really dunno whether we get Season 2 or not but I love this show so much! It's something pure with the purest things on earth! :heart:




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2 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Chicken phobia? Haha this is also totally new to me actually.

You nailed the personalities of our imos and samchuns. I hope they also make a second season, same cast and children, with new ones. 


Also, about chicken phobia. I was watching Three Meals a Day: Mountain Village and Park So Dam there also has chicken phobia lol. She can't stand the sight of feathers. :lol:

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6 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Btw off topic a bit I love your DP cat from the BITMFL :wub: good drama that one.

BTIMFL is in my top 5 (maybe top 3) favorites and has everything I am looking for (in perfect balance) in slice of life dramas. :)


By the way, I felt sad JSM was not able to do much kid's yoga in Little Forest. She even trained for it but they only showed it briefly and not all the kids wanted to do it lol

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3 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

@acuteaddict Hallo we have Little Forest thread here, I also lowkey think SM&SG very cute. When they play gun with the kids and SG pretend to die, they were so cute. 


SG also less hyperactive and calmer in this variety, that's why I love this so much. I was starting watching it for Lee Seo Jin, but end up I become really like SG.

honestly SG and Somin had really nice chemistry! 
Omg it was the other way round for me, i came for SG and then got so invested in LSJ!! LSJ and Brooke were so cute, he literally treated her like a little princess! 
yess SG was hilarious, especially when he tried to hide from the boys because he was so tired and they ended up finding him anyways loll

What I love about him is that he tries hard in anything he does, the way he built the tree house and played with them! 
somin and Narae were always so sweet as well, the whole show was so wholesome!! I hope they do a season 2! 

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