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[Variety 2019] Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 (SBS)

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i like that both Narae and Somin both chose Seo Jin Appa! Totally unexpected considering Seung gi was basically everywhere in every scene! Yihan also picked Mr Lee Samchoon, Seung gi was hurt ha ha. I don’t understand why Narae got to ask this type of questions about who do you prefer and get the kids to choose: either way someone will be hurt. Noticed Somin doesn’t engage in all this. In fact , she ever said in the river episode she could not appear too happy when the kids chose her as she felt sorry towards seung gi oppa and narae eonni. 

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Dear @Lawyerh chingu, just watched the preview for the finale eps & I am so upset that this show ends next Monday!!! Aigooo...  I wasn't able to watch this daily because of the bad whether but never thought that it would end this fast! :sweatingbullets: The preview really seems heavy & the ladies are really broken into tears... But I guess our two gentlemen also are not in a good mood! They will surely miss each other & forever cherish the memories with kids.! :o :wub:


And Lee Seo JIn will forever attached to Broke... Oh ho! Can't believe that he finally got in the track with little kids! :) That's why they call that kids are a gift from heaven! 


Just briefly dropping by here to check the thread... I wanna watch the missed eps so far badly but now all I want is the finale eps!!! :wub:




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I didn't expect I would like this show this much before but I got attached. I am sad it is ending and like everybody else am hoping they will return with S2. 


How did Brooke steal LSJ's heart in the beginning? I might rewatch from the beginning again once the final episode airs.


Note : LSG looks so good here :lol: I've seen him in his 1N2D days and his other dramas but he never did anything for me (though I can see his appeal). But he shines on this show, looking so handsome. I am hooked now :wub:

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12 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

But I think LSJ like the deep thought of Brooke too

Yes, this is what I thought too. Brooke is a deep, thoughtful, and sensitive person, and I think that's what drew LSJ to her. I was awwwwwing when Brooke cried because she didn't have a gift to give her mom and the others were clueless about it but LSJ understood and knew what to do. 

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Dear @Lawyerh friend, I think we only have few hours left for the finale, haven't we? Feel so upset that it ends tonight!! And now that I think of it, it's as same as a K-drama with 16 eps or something! They should've extended it more! :( And just surfed through various web sites & you can see viewers love it a lot & everyone's gonna cry tonight as it ends. :tears: Glad to know that the series is s loved by fans!!! Don't worry darling, we can do this.... :)


And a collection of love & affection so far!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: 

























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1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:

Is So Min crying? @Joonminshipper :bawling: Oh my heart....




Cr. Sbsnow_insta

@Lawyerh, yes , I think Brooke said when she grows up she wants to be an imo in Little Forest, it made Somin cry. The impact of a significant adult in the little one’s life, no matter how short the time

they spent together. I think that really touched Somin, like she must have done something right for Brooke to want to be a Little Forest aunt. 

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I cried a little when saying goodbye to the Little Forrest family....I sincerely hope there will be Season 2.


I feel this last episode was kinda of rushed, why Grace didn't want to eat? Because she was feeling sad? And the award ceremony, only a few kids got their award read, while some got skipped over. And if only Mr. Lee was there to see Brooke's live performance :wub:


Goodbye & thank you for the hard work, SeungGi, NaRae, SeoJin and SoMin and all the staff members.


Goodbye little ones, may this experience stay with you for a long time. Maybe 15 years from now, one of you will become an idol, a singer or an actor/actresses :) and can be the next Little Forrest's samchoon/imu.

Food fighter /the best side kick YiHan. I will wait for your YouTube mukbang channel :lol::D

Cute, pretty & sassy girl YooJin.

Kind hearted & jukebox girl Grace.

T-Rex / mushroom / banana boy YiHyeon. Somehow I always imagine SNSD's Sunny everytime I see your face :P

Thoughtful & brave Brooke. You could be the only girl that ever make SeoJin (almost) cry.

Loyal YooNa

Pure & considerate GaOn.

Smart JeongHeon. Future leader we have here.

Free spirit / wild boy YeJun 



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6 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

The last episode draw 3% & 3.8% 1st & 2nd half ratings. The highest peak on the Lee Seo Jin / Brooke red eyes goodbye.






Jung So Min mentioned through her agency on the 8th, that this is her 1st variety, with great concept of city kids living in green environment. She feels worried & feels lacking at first, but the process of living with kids also bring a lot of healing for her. Shes also expressing gratitude to viewers who love Little Forest. 


Lastly, eventhough kids will forget their time here when they grew up. She hope the blueberry trees, treasure hunts, animal farms, beautiful clouds will remain in their hearts. 


Jung So Min has brought viewers a lot of warm experience, with her sincere effort to communicate with kids. 


Source. Naver Newsen. 

Somin is such a beautiful person, inside and out. She penned a letter for all 9 kids in the hope that one day when they are older and read it, they will remember their time in Little Forest. Through this variety show, the audience really got to see a different side of her. She is warm, sincere and full of love for children. She is a sensitive actress who is always sad when a project ends because she always takes the effort to build good friendship and working relationship with her co-workers. I am sure Little Forest will be a project she will remember for a very long time. 

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Just finished watching the finale eps & such a heart-breaking hour it was. :( I am filled with so many emotions right now! And how come the master chef Lee Seo Jin melts down in front of his child love??! And I loved it when Lee Seung Gi patted on Jung So Min's shoulders as she broke down in to tears with Brooke's confession...! :o No matter the age, they all understand each other's heart! How sweet is that?! :heart:








And I really dunno whether the little ones remember this season when they all grown up but our 4 celebs will cherish the memories for sure with kids. :kiss_wink: Feel like they got the happiness for the lifetime!! And dear @Lawyerh friend, I don't think that any one is in a position to criticize this show as this is one of the purest shows in the whole world!! B) And 4 yr olds are the cutest among all kids. :heart:


And I can feel how Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Jung So Min & Park Na-rae must have felt when little ones leave the Little Forest forever... :o :bawling: Seriously can't we have Season 2 any time soon??? With or without the current cast, I love another journey at Little Forest with another gang of 8 kids! Wanna see if my dream come true someday! :)


And thanks a lot for creating this thread chingu!! This is the most relaxing program I've ever watched so far! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Have a nice day, ya'll! :) :thumbsup:


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