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[Variety 2019] Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 (SBS)

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@Jordanne Loy Benavidez, LSG has too punishing a schedule to have time for :heart:. He is always filming some variety shows!


JSM is waiting for her boyfriend Lee Joon to be discharged from the military, hopefully sometime this month. I did find it sweet that LSG fed both LSJ and JSM oranges, I think they all need some sugar as they have been focused on taking care of the kids for the camping episode. 


I felt sorry for JSM as I think she is not as strong physically as compared to the other 3 MCs in Little Forest. So when they were about to pitch the tent for the camping episode, LSG asked her, " What can you do?"


So Somin is entrusted with the easier task of watching after the kids while they pitched the tent. But you can tell after a while LSJ walked away too as LSG is too efficient, he can do everything all by himself!  In an interview, LSG once said no woman has ever confessed to him before, he is always the one to make the first move in a relationship. Maybe women feel intimidated as he seems to be so perfect, good in everything he does, perfect image and is so successful. In any case, JSM is not the right one for LSG, she belongs to Lee Joon. :P



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SJ only has eyes for Brookie! SM is definitely lower in energy level compared to SG. In fact, I think she considered a lot as she is inexperienced before she took on this variety show to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone. She takes time to warm up as u can see in earlier episodes when interactions with SG and SJ were a little awkward. 


Actually I see zero interest from the Lee Brothers on SM.It’s just at moments, SG and SM look good visually as a couple. But both SM and SG did not show interest in each other that way.  She was a toughie too, she and Narae stayed up late trying to plant the big blue berry tree. SG even laughed that he can imagine her rolling down the hill with the blueberry tree, seriously doubting her physical strength. Lol.


SM and Joon are all homebody , they prefer to stay at home. SG , on the other hand , is super outgoing. Too different. 

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22 hours ago, Jordanne Loy Benavidez said:

I'm shipping LSG and JSM!!! They look so cute during the car trip. And then when they were playing guns. LSG was shouting her name. And a while ago LSG fed JSM some oranges... I don't know why I find them so cute!!! <3

OMG!  Me too!  And when JSM fed meat to LSG too.

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3 hours ago, phoenix24 said:
Yea never know what you'll get from kids, but he'll always be Brooke's fruit fairy::D

Hahaha, kids is unknown :joy:



Chingus~! Little Forest on No.11~!:wub:

September Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings Announced


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for variety shows!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, interaction, media coverage, community awareness, and viewership indexes of 50 popular variety programs, using big data collected from August 10 to September 11.

MBC’s “I Live Alone” maintained its position at the top of the rankings this month, enjoying a 10.56 percent rise in its brand reputation index for a total score of 10,964,965. High-ranking phrases in the show’s keyword analysis included “thrive,” “prepare,” and “like,” while its highest-ranking related terms included “Lee Si Eon,” “Kian 84,” and “Park Na Rae.”

SBS’s “Wife’s Taste” took second place on the list with a brand reputation index of 9,728,677, while JTBC’s “Camping Club” rose to third place after seeing a 44.61 percent increase in its score. The Fin.K.L members’ reality show scored a total brand reputation index of 8,559,287 for September.

Check out the top 20 for this month below!

  1. “I Live Alone”
  2. “Wife’s Taste”
  3. “Camping Club”
  4. Ask Us Anything
  5. Three Meals a Day
  6. “Taste of Dating”
  7. My Ugly Duckling
  8. “Laborhood on Hire”
  9. Radio Star
  10. Running Man
  11. Little Forest
  12. The Return of Superman
  13. “Same Bed, Different Dreams”
  14. “Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant”
  15. The King of Mask Singer
  16. “Begin Again”
  17. Immortal Songs
  18. “Nationwide Singing Contest”
  19. How Do You Play?
  20. “Carefree Travelers”
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15 hours ago, phoenix24 said:

@Lawyerh hihi I had the ice cream maker toy as a kid like mouse said.  However, we teach kids to do it at school all the time for experiment.  Their problem is proportion or science.  Should take 5-10 minutes at most with plastic bags.

@phoenix24 in school, we do it with ziploc bags, pour a small packet of milo into ziploc bag. Fill a bigger ziploc with ice and salt. Put the smaller milo ziploc into the big ziploc bag and keep shaking until milo solidifies into ice cream. Kids have a lot of fun, the key is not to put too much milo.

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21 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

@phoenix24 But towards the end of episode I also saw Brooke clinging to Seojinnie's leg haha. So cute... They actually quite close somehow. Eventhough clearly the level of love is not mutual XX2gBMd.gif


Btw about Seung Gi comment.. how he built treehouse for 3 weeks and just 30 minutes for tents. Seems kids didnt really know the difference. I think this comments are so true. And kids easily get bored and always want to move on to try new stuff. 


And yeah notice some of the kids not around like Yi Hyeon & the 6 yrs old genius guy (i forgot his name), the one always compete with Yi Han. I think they will continue add new kids, to liven up... and I think its good they will be more challenged to understand more personality & characters. 


And lastly, So Min comment about Yoojin is pretty spot on. I think she feels really close with So Min and want always together with her. I hope she also try to open up more with other uncles & auntie .. 


Ok trully lastly, love this beautiful forests snapshot in the night time qMp7MsH.gif








I think Somin Imo carried YooJin around too much until she sprained her back.  Even Seung Gi says so, she carried the kids especially the girls around too much.She also kept feeding Yoo Jin meat and rice at the camp site. I understand why now after reading her Chuseok interview. She herself was a child who didn't eat well, so she had to be chased to eat. That is why she wants to make sure the kids eat well. If you notice, she is always spoon feeding Yoo Jin and Grace. Brooke is more independent but she eats really slowly. Yihan, Yi Jun and Ga On definitely do not need help with the feeding.   The distance from the tree house to the lodging is really quite long for a 4 year old to walk though. Her patience in resolving Yoo Jin's unhappiness due to attention from Somin Imo being taken away by Grace and Brooke was daebak. She just continued to show attention to Yoo Jin and was able to make Yoo Jin feel better in no time. When I see her interactions with the little girls of Little Forest, I feel so blessed and happy for Lee Joon, if they ever get married and have kids, she will make such a good mummy! I hope she has 3 little pretty girls like Grace,  Brooke and Yoo Jin. 


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Oh my gosh, Netizens can be so cruel. This must be the reason why Lee Joon deactivated his SNS. Somin posted her 8th Vlog in her IG account featuring Brooke, Grace, Yi Hyeon. But one user by the name of imama05 wrote:

"please love them equally..you always take side to the twins and yoojin and ignore other kids.. you ignore yian hug and choose yoojin. you ignore gaon for grace. If you can't love kids equally just quit the show. "

That's really harsh don't you think? I think it's also how the show was edited. Also different adults have different strengths and chemistry with different kids. If that is the case, Seo Jin also cannot love the kids equally, clearly he is more invested in Brooke. Oh my gosh, this is the reason some artistes stopped sharing and not have SNS accounts. It's like damn it if you do, damn it if you don't. I think this is really uncalled for. So are you going to also criticise Seung gi who always take care of Yihan? Clearly, girls will be more attached to Somin as she is the one taking them to the bathroom. Gaon is only here for one time how you expect love to develop so quickly? When Somin realised her blunder about the ice cream, she was so apologetic to Ga On. Please refrain from abusing the artistes on their IG account, use it to show support.

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4 hours ago, Joonminshipper said:

"please love them equally..you always take side to the twins and yoojin and ignore other kids.. you ignore yian hug and choose yoojin. you ignore gaon for grace. If you can't love kids equally just quit the show. "


Netcitizens are incredibly cruel - but so are many people.  This kind of cruelty is endless and universal and been going on for centuries. 


I like LSJ's attitude toward haters - which basically is to recognize that when you are in the profession he's chosen or in public life this is part of the career.   The only thing he  can control  is  how he feels about them and he chooses to just let it go past without comment.  One person who was in the public eye had this quote on her desk which I always liked - "The only thing you can change about people is how you interact with them."


You should feel sorry for someone like this - they obviously have painful personal issues which they project onto others.  The only problem I have with Netcitizens is thinking that they are entitled to control an actor or singer's personal life.  Being an dancer or entertainer is a profession and a skill - no different than a good mechanic.  You wouldn't think you were entitled to stop going to a mechanic because they were dating and didn't tell you.  There are times I want to say - "get a life" instead of trying to control someone else's.


I also have real problems with enslavement of children who want to be entertainers.  Taking children and teenagers away from their families and controlling all aspects of their life is what was done for gisaengs  and geishas and young Asian boys for Chinese opera.  It's more 6th century than this century.

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Thank you for your post, at least there are still rational people like you around.:DI think to a certain extent, the kpop idols are sometimes in the “enslavement” situation you described. They signed on as trainees at a young age and have to appear on many variety shows to gain exposure. They also have to travel to different countries for fan meeting to promote their albums. People sometimes fail to see the loneliness and stress behind all these.  Competition is stiff with so many different boy groups and girl groups emerging. They get burnt out easily and fans think they own the idols so they are not allowed to date. Ridiculous! Although I like MBLAQ, I am so glad Lee Joon left to pursue his acting career,for he developed insomnia , bipolar and panic disorder during his idol days. 

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