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[Variety 2019] Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 (SBS)

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55 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

My comments / reviews after watching ep 1&2 with sub:


• The team seems still trying to find tune among themselves. LSG x LSJ is best friend. PNR x LSJ knew each other already from other variety show. JSM seems to be the new kid on the block here haha... Its funny though that LSG can be so sure that JSM must be younger than him :yum: Yeah you're right 87'ers, shes 89'ers! Bingo!


• The main idea is good, its true that city boys & girls need to know natures & animals. And you can't find it in the big city. 


Yea, I think it's very much needed.  Speaking of personal experience.  My nephews and nieces are too attached to electrical devices (ipad, cellphones, switch). I'm just amaze when I see how these kids haven't complain one bit or missing any of those things.


I'm also not surprise that Seung Gi is good with kids.  In Hwayugi even though he has no scenes with baby, he was the one holding/calming the baby.  Kids also love him in 1N2D.    He said he can play with them all day, but taking care of them is different.  That's why I was also proud with the milk thing.


Yea, Lee Seo Jin also cute with the twins in ep 2.  Twins are endearing too with their sweet singing and seem well behave or orderly with brushing etc.  I think they match with his energy because instead of being crazy running around constantly, they can sit in room and play too so not as tiring.

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4 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Lee Seo Jin Tops List Of Non-Drama Cast Members + “Show Me The Money 8” Ranked Top TV Show

Aug 20, 2019
by U. Kim

On August 20, Good Data Corporation released the rankings of the non-drama television programs and cast members that generated the most buzz for the third week of August.


The results were gathered based on online articles, blog posts, community forums, social media, and views on video clips for non-drama television programs that are currently on air or are scheduled to air.


With the one-on-one crew battles getting started on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 8,” the show topped the list of buzzworthy non-drama TV programs for the first time since its premiere. Second place went to JTBC’s “Camping Club,” which is receiving praise for being a “healing” variety show. Viewers are showing interest in Lee Hyori and Lee Jin’s unexpected chemistry, leading them to place No. 5 and No. 10, respectively, on the buzzworthy cast member rankings.


Reactions to SBS’s first Monday-Tuesday variety show “Little Forest” were mixed, but the buzz was high, as it placed No.3 on the list of buzzworthy non-drama TV shows. Lee Seo Jin, Lee Seung Gi, and Jung So Min each took first, fourth, and seventh places on the list of buzzworthy cast members.


The top 10 buzzworthy non-dramas of the week are as follows:

  1. Mnet “Show Me the Money 8” – 6.72 percent
  2. JTBC “Camping Club” – 3.91 percent
  3. SBS “Little Forest” – 3.47 percent
  4. tvN “Three Meals a Day – Mountain Village” – 3.15 percent
  5. KBS2 “The Return of Superman” – 2.89 percent
  6. SBS “Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant” – 2.89 percent
  7. SBS “My Ugly Duckling” – 2.61 percent
  8. MBC “I Live Alone” – 2.57 percent
  9. JTBC “Ask Us Anything” – 2.28 percent
  10. KBS2 “Happy Together” – 1.84 percent



The ranking of buzzworthy cast members is as follows:

  1. Lee Seo Jin (“Little Forest”)
  2. Ku Hye Sun (“My Ugly Duckling”)
  3. Jung Woo Sung (“Three Meals a Day – Mountain Village”)
  4. Lee Seung Gi (“Little Forest”)
  5. Lee Hyori (“Camping Club”)
  6. Sung Hoon (“I Live Alone”)
  7. Jung So Min (“Little Forest”)
  8. Jung Hae In (“Happy Together”)
  9. Baek Jong Won (“Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant”)
  10. Lee Jin (“Camping Club”)


Happy for LSJ, LSG, JSM on top 10 buzzworthy, and Little Forest for taking 3rd spot!! @rubie @Heidi Seow @phoenix24

Woohoo!!! Congratulation~~!!! :thumbsup::w00t: specially LSJ! Fighting Little Forest! :w00t:

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On 8/28/2019 at 7:57 PM, Lawyerh said:

Grace : Oppa Yi Han so cool take out his tooth.

All : Is this the beginning of love triangle? 

Seojinnie : He need to take several more of his tooth :joy::joy::joy:

@rubie your oppa really... lol... 


Hahaa.. Seojinnie is hardly an Oppa, nope nope.. no2.gif but must say that he's really made for variety shows, hands down. GOF and TMADs wouldn't be the huge hit shows if it wasn't for him.. a surprise secret delight. In GOF he's always taking note and taking care of each halbae's tendencies, likes & dislikes. He may appear uninterested but he's not insensitive.


In the last TMAD Seaside Ranch, remember watching how he looked terrified seeing a stroller at the house.thinking that they're going to babysit..  but it's actually cats stroller. :lol: So, Little Forest could be a 'disaster' for him (so we thought :sweatingbullets:) .. yet ..he's so gentle and good with the kids.. never once the 'grumpy Seojinnie' appeared. Perhaps Mr.Lee has mellowed a lot but he also known to be full of surprises unlike his 'I-can't-be-bothered' persona with others. :P Nice to see that he's cooking with confidence for the kids, certainly not an easy feat. smiley-face-cooking.gif


It's good to see LSJ and everyone taking the initiative to prepare for the show by taking lessons and getting related license. I think it's important to do as it gives the credibility to the show plus earning trust from the participating parents. People may have some personal experiences in certain areas but the license(s) will show that they are really serious in what they're doing and handling.


The kids are simply adorable and they're indeed the real stars of the show. All the adults despite untrained are doing a good job as well. We may not see everything (behind the scenes especially) but they're very thoughtful and genuinely patient with the kids ~ a show & effort highly commended.


0th image of the article


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Somin said she felt very happy that the kids chose her but feel bad at the same time for Oppa and Oni ( Seung Gi and Na Rae). I am impressed with her rapport with the girls in Little Forest. Grace, Brooke and Yoo Jin adores Somin Imo. She also handled the Yoojin drowning incident very well with her calmness. If she is not already attached to Lee Joon, I would say she and Seung Gi totally look like the appa and oma in Little Forest. 



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Thank you for the warm welcome @Lawyerh:blush:


Epi 8 was funny. When Seung Gi and Somin played indoor with the new boy, Yoojin, Grace and then Brooke joined in as well. Poor Seung Gi had to pretend to "die" so many times after the kids "shot" him. He blamed it on Somin like why did you give them guns, because you gave them guns , the game became tiring!:w00t:


Coincidentally, the new boy's name is called E-Joon!Sounds like Lee Joon in Korean! Kudos to Somin, she brought a really big blueberry tree for the kids. This girl is really hardworking and super passionate about the children of Little Forest. 


Seung gi also expressed that why is it growing up ,we seem to thank and appreciate our mum more than to say all these things to our dad. I think he minded that even though he was the one who did all the activities with the kids, they seem to appreciate and give their thanks to Somin more. Seo Jin also said we shouldn't expect the kid's appreciation, we do things for them because we like to do these things. But later on when Brooke and Grace gave handmade neckaces to Somin and Na Rae and bracelet to Seung Gi, Seo Jin was a little disappointed. Ha ha. It's a really heartwarming show as the celebrities discover a different side of themselves. 

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Hello dear @Lawyerh friend, how come you invited all the other chingus here & dropped me out of the list? :bawling: :mrgreen: ha ha ha... Just kidding darling! This is looking super cool! As you know, kids are the purest creatures in the world! Definitely should watch this. It's like a stress reliever... :heart: Being surrounded by little ones... Wave to dear @triplem @Heidi Seow @phoenix24 & others here! :) :wub:


And as I said before just needed something sweet to overcome the bitterness... They all look so cute regardless of age. Would love to see Jung So Min's ep first! :) Any links, guys? I'll be back!








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Yes, I've already watched the first 2 eps...


And OH GOD dear @Lawyerh chingu, I am loving this so much! Thanks a lot for your loving welcome!!! :wub::)




Jung So Min is so pretty as always! Thank god that she's not annoying with short hair at all. She really has the caring nature for kids inside her... Love her presence there! And Lee Seung Gi is too young to be called uncle... :D He is also very cute with kids. Srry I don't know the other lady but what's up with Lee Seo Jin? :mellow: He doesn't seem so friendly. He is more like a closed circuit! :D Hope he will gradually open up in the sake of little ones...


And I am already catched up with all the cast! They all seem so happy to be with cutie pies.! And OMO, how many months do they have to spend with pies? And how many months do pies have to stay away from their parents? In that case, I think this more likely a challenge rather than a variety show for all the three of children, parents & our celebs... :) :wub: Really love the concept & can't wait to find more about their interactions in next eps... 




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I think each shoot is 2 days 1 night, the kids sleep over one night, then 2 weeks later they will shoot again for 2 days 1 night. Because in episode 8, Brooke asked her mum how many more sleeps before we come again, and her mum said 13 sleeps. Also they filmed the rabbits and chickens having grown a lot. 

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Seo Jin is totally my mood! He always pretends that he does not like kids (at first) or doesn't care. But you can really see he just melt into a pile of goo whenever he talks to the little ones! When he puts Yoo Jin to sleep, that is one of the sweetest scenes. In episode 8, he did it again with Brooke.


His voice goes one pitch higher whenever he talks to the little ones, especially the girls. The boys are more attached to Seung Gi.  He also says the funniest things like when Somin was gushing over how her tiredness melts away when she sees little Yoo Jin sleeps and how cute her little hands are and Seo Jin told her you should have a baby. Ha ha!


And when he learns that Grace also find Yi Han cool as he did not cry when his tooth came out. Seo Jin said then I should drop a few more teeth. Seung Gi likes to tease him over how he only has eyes for Brooke. But it seems that Yi Han also likes the new girl Ga On. Seo Jin too because the girl said she likes squid!  I hope they will still love Brookie. She is so unpretentious, totally love Brooke!

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22 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:


It is funny and interesting at the same time for me. Never saw Vaseline brand mask before...


I have move on and accept oppa religious skincares now :joy:


Haha yea I was thinking same about never seeing that brand.  I think it's great because usually when there's older kids and little ones people tend to focus on the younger ones and sg manage to have good balance.  

This was especially sweet.

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22 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Lee Seung Gi always love to disturb Yi Han :lol:, uncle you're so kepo.... haha....


Lols! "Kepo" :lol: @Lawyerh U might need to translate what is "kepo" mean is.. hahaha

ps: although I know what is that meaning.. wakakakaka!

Edited by Heidi Seow
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