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Hi All, 
I'm super new to the forums, and this is my first thread! Super excited!
Just finished watching the super cute rom-com "The Secret Life of My Secretary" and these two cuties have sizzled on my screen week after week with crazy chemistry!

These two aren't young, but they've got such playful personalities and just seemed to gel together so well in the BTS scenes. 
Did I mention the chemistry? It was on FIRE!! throughout, BOTH on and off screen!
The people on set, some interviewers and even the PD shipped them!

All Galik lovers, lets board this Ship!!


And here these two riding along merrily :heart:
KYK looks suuuper happy :D


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4 hours ago, triplem said:

Extremely shippy videos !

omo omo omo,  I've been smiling like an idiot the last 15 minutes watching these videos!! :D

Literally every moment of them together in these BTS videos is giving my shipper heart LIFE!! 
That level of casual touches, hidden smiles and smirks hahaha <3

Btw, I think KYK has a bigger crush on her? He seems really flirty from the get go. He says in the interview how he's a shy person otherwise, and we see some of that in the script reading where they're a bit formal. But in the poster photo shoot videos he's trying to tease her with that rose and is just straight up playing around with her.. 


2 hours ago, turtlegirl said:

My first one sailed and is still afloat to my knowledge

Please bring the shipper gods luck here too!! :D

Also when asked, Love or friendship? JKJ plays it safe, but our boii KYK makes his preference very clear!


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Thank you for the invite, @kkddrraammaa, I've never actually been a part of a shipping thread before lol. I've shipped actor after the drama before, but only like 2 or so? I'm not sure lol, i've liked kdramas for too long to even remember. I think most recent was Jung So min and Lee Min Ki.

Anyways, is this forum for shipping Do mi Nik and Gal hee? Or KYK and JKJ? they're super cute together as actors and their BTS scenes are adorable. I love how playful they are with each other, like they've been friends for a long time. 

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