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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Best of You in My Mind 全世界最好的你


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Chinese Title:  全世界最好的你/ Wang Qiu Shao Nian
English title:  The Best of You in My Mind ll The Best of You All Over the World
Genre: Friendship, Modern
Director: Su Hao Qi
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Date: April 10th - May 6th, 2020

Broadcast Channel: Youku


Song Yi Ren / 宋伊人

ZhangYao / 张耀



Veterinary medicine student Lin Xi Chi (Song Yi Ren) and national defense student Xu Fang (Zhang Yao) have been friends since early childhood. The bubbly Xi Chi always pretends to be strong but actually has a lot of insecurities. Although Xu Fang has a bad temper and is impulsive, he treats Xi Chi especially well. In fact, Xu Fang has been secretely in love with Xi Chi for many years, but Xi Chi never noticed. One night, however, when Xi Chi gets drunk, their story takes a turn.

(Cr: cdramabase.com)


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes or read the novel yet**




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More info about the drama from Drama Panda:



Based on a web novel, the 35 episode romantic drama will follow the story of two childhood friends who grew up together and the struggles of falling in love with your best friend, a universal situation I’m sure audiences can relate to. Lin Xichi is a vibrant veterinary medical student who outwardly appears to be strong and secure while hiding insecurities inside. She will be played by actress Song Yiren who rose to fame thanks to her amazing portrayal of Sang Sang in the historical fantasy drama Ever Night




I can't wait!

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Watching this drama I just wished the adults (Lin Xi Chi's parents) come cleaned on their actual situation. They are making the poor Xi Chi's harping on a family that will never be reunited. I think the father makes poor excuses in order not to be seen as the bad guy in his children's eyes. Sir, you made your bed of roses, now you just have to sleep in it.

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I am glad the truth is out in the open and Xi Chi can start to 'heal". I cannot believe that room mate of hers cannot take no from an answer. She had heard the actual words from the horse's mouth and still asked Xi Chi's help to "win" Xu Fang. I find it is so cute that Xu Fang's parents are cheering for the Xi Chi and Xu Fang to get their act together. At least the Senior is out as Xi Chi said she now got someone already. His parents are really horrible.

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Just started watching the drama...


It had some similarities with Skate into Love? ML and FL both were childhood friends, met at university, and FL work for ML's team... and ML at some frame looks like the lead in SIL..:D


And the ML's voice is quite deep... :D




Xu Fang looks good in glasses come to think of it....  now at ep15



Ended the drama by reading the recaps instead.. .. got impatient. I guess i have appauld the ML for making his adoration believable... i do wonder, as he grow older, how his acting will change. I hope there are more mature dramas out there with handsome leads n not focus on college years only:D

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