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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Gank Your Heart 陪你到世界之巅


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Chinese title: 陪你到世界之巅 / Accompany You to The Top of The Worl
Also known as: 电竞恋人 / E-Sport Lovers
English title: Gank Your Heart
Genre: eSports, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 35
Broadcast Period: 09 June - 09 July 2019

[The drama is still airing in TV, but all the raw episodes are already out in the web for VIP]


Novel: 电竞恋人 / E-Sport Lovers by 南野琳儿
Links : https://www.downbook.net/TXT/down_88705.html


Official Weibo : https://www.weibo.com/u/6598513832




Wang Yi Bo as Ji Xiangkong, Top solo player of Legends team. A brilliant strategist who strangely has a tarnished reputation in the e-sports scene.
Wang Zi Xuan as Qiu Ying, A rising internet broadcaster who aims to become a professional esports commentator.


Team Legends
Ding Guan Sen as Lin Yixuan, Support of the team. Ji Xiangkong's close friend. He likes Lu Yiyi.
Yu Pei Bin as Huo Yao, Jungle of the team. He was jealous that Ji Xiangkong was chosen to be captain, and tried to sabotage him under the misguidance of Zhao Yang.
Yan Hao Yuan as Lu Feng, Carrier [game term]
Yu Pei Bin as Li Nan, Newest member of the team.
Chen Xin Hao as Luo Jie, Trainer of the team.
Guo Zi Yu as Zhao Yang, Manager of the team. A vile and malicious man who dislikes Ji Xiangkong, and tried multiple times to sabotage him.
Zhang Duo as Wang Bin, Zhao Yang's assistant.
He Bin as CEO Ji


Team VNG
Yan Yu Hao as Pei Xi, Team captain of VNG. Known as a rising mid-solo star player of China's e-sports scene. He is a loner and does not like to work with others.
Ge Yao En as Qi Yue
Guan Ze Qiang as Shen Yue
Liu Zhe Hun as Lu Sheng
Ma Xin as Tong Wu


The Pioneer
Gao Tai Yu as Gu Fang, Former team captain of Legends. Known as the most powerful mid-solo of China's e-sports scene. Ji Xiangkong's mentor.
Hu Yun Hao as Luo Tian, The most famous esports commentator in China.
Cheng Qi Meng as Sun Zeyi, Owner of an internet cafe. Ji Xiangkong's mentor. He left the team and quit the esports scene for an unknown reason. He was once lovers with Shu Wen.
Wang Zi Yun as Shu Wen, Founder of VNG. She was once lovers with Sun Zeyi.
Zhang Xiao Qian as Summer, Owner of Dream Journey internet cafe. Pei Xi's cousin.
Chai Hao Wei as Li Gan, Co-founder of VNG. He replaced Sun Zeyi who left the team. He has an unrequited love for Shu Wen.


Team Tatan [USA Team]

Brian Xia as Jeffery, Team captain of Tatan


Chen Mu as A Can, An esports commentator.

Lu Yang Yang as Fu Miya, A famous singer. Ji Xiangkong's ex-girlfriend.
Huang Xin Yao as Qiao Xin, An internet broadcaster. She was jealous that Qiu Ying overshadowed her, and tried to sabotage her.

Lv Xiao Yu as Lu Yiyi, An esports news reporter. Qiu Ying's close friend. She likes Lin Yixuan.

Yan Yu Jia as Xia Ling, Qiu Ying's brother.
Liu Jun as Qiu Jianhua, Qiu Ying's father.
Zhang Yan Yan as Xia Shumin, Qiu Jianhua's second wife. Xia Ling's mother.
Liu Xiao Jing as , Qiu Ying's mother.
Zhang Zhang as Yan Yan, Qiu Ying's ex-colleague.


Team Phenix [read as Phoenix :D]


Currently a Secret...  :P I'm not going to spoil this for now. 

But If you're curious.........




Source : Wiki d-addicts    



Their meeting was a recipe for disaster, but their romance is sweet. This is a love story between an e-sports gamer and a live streamer.
Ji Xiangkong (Wang Yibo) had the reputation, the good looks and the hoards of fangirls. Qiu Ying (Wang Zixuan) meets him during an international competition and jumps at the chance to boost her own popularity, oblivious to the fact that his reputation in the world of e-sports is strangely tarnished. Instead of helping her, the association hurt her even more. The experience turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Qiu Ying finds her calling. By chance, she discovers that he is actually a misunderstood genius.

Source : Chinesedramainfo


Additional Picture and Information



Clips from the Official Youtube Mango Tv Drama can be viewed in this playlist.


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**


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@themarchioness :D I couldn't help myself anymore...hhahahahahhahaha..... I wouldn't have check this drama if it weren't for you... and now... and seriously.. this one is a gem.... People need to check this out... :D

Sadly.. there's no sub right now... :( 


@phikyl @kokodus tagging you guys just because... :P 


List of OST for Gank Your Heart

The Coolest Adventure 最燃的冒险 by Wang Yi Bo [Opening Song]


Beyond the Sky 天空之外 by Xianzi [Ending Song] :wub:


If 如果說 by Xu Yunxiao & Yang Antong


Not As Good  不如 by Xu Yunxiao

Immediate Love 瞬間愛戀 by Luna Yin
Yes or No by Luna Yin
Kiss of Gaze 目光之吻 by Ding Guansen

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@lynne22, at least we have hope of subs now that one subbing team has offered to pick up this drama!  It really is a gem of a drama, which is why, I've decided to recap this drama -- since we don't know when the subs will actually become available and since you've so kindly created this thread which gives my recaps a nice home.  ;)  Here's the first recap -- enjoy!


Episode 1



Qiu Ying (QY), the female lead, arrives late to the airport where she’s met by her best friend/coworker, Lu Yi Yi (YY) who asks her where she’s been and tells her that her plane has already departed.  QY explains that the company car that was sent to her delivered her to the train station initially.  She still manages to buy the last seat on a flight to Vancouver though.


Vancouver is the site of the 2018 IConquer World Championship.  IConquer is, according to the announcer, played by millions of people around the world every day and there are over 100 different heroes to play.  He’s then joined on stage by an announcer from China, who’s introduced at this moment as Sky, but we will know him as Luo Tian.  He is an esports commentator.


As QY arrives in China and runs to the competition site, her coworkers back in China, at the Internet web streaming site where she works as a broadcaster, wonders if she’s arrived in time for the final match.  YY checks in and QY reports that she’s having a hard time finding a cab, doesn’t understand (or can’t find) the public transport system, and doesn’t know where she’s going.  But she hangs up when a cab arrives and steals it from another passenger by telling him that it’s her boyfriend’s car.  The other would-be passenger gives it up while questioning that fact, and then she gets into the cab and finds a driver whom she would definitely not pick for a boyfriend.  LOL. 


At the competition site, the Legends team waits for their upcoming match.  The first speaker is Lin Yi Xuan (YX) who tells one of his teammates to not be nervous.  He calls out to his best friend, “Kong Ge,” the teammate who’s standing, and this is our male lead, Ji Xiang Kong (XK).  XK is watching very carefully someone sitting off to the side by himself.  This is their team captain, Gu Fang, an original member of the Pioneers team and one of the most powerful mid-solo players in China.  XK walks over and tells him that the team is ready.


In the cab, QY flashes back to the airport where she’d fought with YY about paying for a plane ticket with her own money.  Her friend thinks she’s crazy, as she’ll be without money for her monthly mortgage payment, but QY doesn’t want to pass on this rare opportunity that she’s been given and knows their boss will be upset with her if he finds out she missed her original flight.  Running out of money in the cab, she stops the driver well before it arrives at the stadium and runs the rest of the way.


Back at the site, the coach enters the waiting room and calls the team together.  It’s time.  Gu Fang tells his teammates to remember why they’re there.  As they exit their waiting room, they run into their competitors, the Tatans.  Jeffery, their leader, is a total trash talking jerk (although, he does have his rare moments too).  If I heard correctly, Tatans are entering the competition as an unexpected dark horse.  Legends on the other hand are the Asian champions for the past three years, and Gu Fang, in particular, is introduced with a lot of accolades behind his name. 


QY finally arrives at the competition site and I’ll just sum up the majority of her experience here by saying, it’s clear she has no idea what’s going on at the game even as she streams the game for her online viewers through her phone.  She basically parrots whatever the sports commentators are saying and asks questions of those she sits next to in order to understand what she’s going on. 


As she runs around initially, the Legends lose their first match in a remarkably fast manner.  It happens so quickly, QY doesn’t even realize what’s going on.  YY calls her to report that since she missed the entirety of the first match, their boss is furious with her.  QY is equally upset as it wasn’t her fault she got caught in traffic.  She’s trying her best!  YY recommends that she finds something else to make up this loss, and that’s when QY comes up with the idea to interview Gu Fang.  YY points out, however, that Gu Fang is very low-key and never accepts interviews, but QY says she’s going to act as his fan and try to get some news out of him that way.  Right as YY is asking her how she’s going to work her way into the mix, QY spots a backstage pass lying around.  She quickly makes use of the opportunity.


In the bathroom, Gu Fang tries to gather himself together.  Through his flashbacks, you get the sense that he’s feeling an immense sense of pressure.  XK arrives.  Gu Fang tells him he’s okay, but XK notices that his hand is shaking and asks if his hand is acting up again.  He reminds Gu Fang that he’s his idol and that it was him, who found him at his lowest point and was willing to give him a chance.  He reminds Gu Fang of all the things he’s said to him in the past, to encourage him and help him grow as a person and a player.  Gu Fang tells him not to worry, as with him around, he’ll take care of them.  He walks off, but XK watches after him with concern in his eyes. 


QY spots the back of Gu Fang as she walks around backstage with the stolen backstage pass, but before she can approach him, two security guards walk towards her.  She’s afraid she’s been caught, but after looking in her direction for about a minute, they continue on.  She then hurries off, but XK arrives from behind.  He looks at her for a moment and then calls out for her to wait.  QY is certain she’s been caught this time, but he just wraps his jacket around her waist.  It turns out her skirt was ripped and he was covering it for her, aw, how chivalrous!  [Their first meeting!]


XK runs into his coach who asks how things are going with Gu Fang.  XK tells him the truth about Gu Fang’s hand and XK recommends switching Gu Fang’s position with another member of their team, pointing out that if they continue on as they are, they’re bound to lose.  This way, they’ll at least have a chance of winning.  Zhao Yang, the team’s manager, arrives at that moment and he thinks this is a terrible idea.  Gu Fang is the face of the game and he thinks it’s insupportable that he should be sent to play the role of a supporter.  The coach agrees with XK that Gu Fang is not in the condition to play the mid-solo role, but Zhao Yang reminds him that the entire world is anticipating a match between Gu Fang and Jeffrey, the respective mid-solos (and captains) of their teams.  He also points out that making a change like this will affect the entire image of their team and company.  XK retorts back that if he really cared about their team, he’d support him, but Zhao Yang just objects to his attitude, calling him childish.  He reminds XK that Gu Fang isn’t just representing himself, he’s also representing the team and their entire company.  (Pressure!)  He then reminds XK of his position on the team and orders him to win the title.  XK argues back that it’s because he’s trying to win the title that he’s suggesting the change up.  The coach cuts in at that point and tells XK he understands how he feels, but points out the possibility that even with the change, they might still lose.  If that happens, it really won’t look good that they switched up Gu Fang’s position.  In the end, the team maintains their current places.


The second round begins and as the players select their characters, the commentators discuss the different teams and various players.  If I understand them correctly, they’re suggesting that technically Legends is the stronger team between the two teams.  When it comes to XK, Luo Tian describes him as a player who knows how to play all the different characters in the game, but his co-host observes that after his performance in the last match, he’s being panned universally online with people even calling for him to be swapped out.  As Gu Fang hesitates over which character to play, we see in a flashback that he actually overheard the conversation between XK and their coach and business manager.  We can tell that he’s wrestling with himself to do the right thing versus the thing that’s expected of him (and probably also the thing that his pride wants him to do), and in the end, it’s the latter emotion that wins the day.  He picks one of the most challenging characters to play.


As they play, QY comments on XK and all his plus points (all while reading from cheat sheets on her tablet).  The guy next to her comments that girls are all the same; they only focus on a pretty face instead of skills.  As she continues to watch him, she wonders why he looks so familiar to her. 


In the game, XK makes a play. His teammates praise him for tricking the other team into going over to his side, but his character does something that, to everyone else, makes him look like he did something wrong.  Jeffery looks over smugly from across the way, but XK has his own look on his face, which suggests that he did this on purpose.  This is clearly not an obvious ploy to the spectators, as next to QY, the guys start criticizing XK again.  Back in the game though, we see how XK’s actions set up the opposing team for a big loss.  Everyone’s excited as audience members predict there’s no way that Legends will lose this match, but the minute they say that, the momentum is lost when Gu Fang makes a mistake, and we see him massaging his hand.  XK makes more plays that saves the situation and gives the team hope again, but when Gu Fang would make the next play, his hand cramps again.  XK keeps trying to salvage the situation, but in the end, it’s Jeffrey and the other team who’s faster.  The Legends are defeated. 


XK walks over to Gu Fang and tells him they should go out to shake hands.  Jeffrey, though, is an utter disrespectful jerk as he tells Gu Fang to just keep going – ugh – but tells the others, “Well done.”  In her livestream, QY tells the viewers that the Legends team tried their hardest and sends her encouragement to the team.


As the Legends watch Tatan accept their trophy, one team member cries and says they try their hardest.  It’s XK who tries to reassure that it’s okay, as there will always be next year. 


QY receives a phone call from her boss who says he just got a tip that Gu Fang will likely retire.  He tells her to find a way to get an exclusive interview.  QY doesn’t think this is a kosher idea when the team just suffered a loss, but her boss reminds her that it’s their job to grab hot and opportune moments like this.  He then tells her that they’ve already put out notices that they’re going to be interviewing Gu Fang, so she’d better not mess things up again.


The team exits the stadium with their second place trophy.  Their fans are waiting and calling out to them.  Just as Gu Fang would enter their van, he hesitates and eventually turns around, apologizing to the fans for their loss and disappointment once more.  The team bows. 


In the car, they sit there listening to the chants of their fans and start to cry.  Gu Fang also shares in the disappointment that he knows their fans must be feeling alongside them.  The members cry but shout out their team motto in encouragement.  When Zhao Yang directs the driver to drive, the driver says he can’t because the fans have completely encircled them.  XK then offers to go out and comfort their fans and says he’ll take the other van back by himself. 


As planned, XK draws the crowd of fans to the side and the team van is finally able to leave.  XK tells their fans to not cry, otherwise their team leader will also be sad, and reminds them that there will always be next year.  The crowd starts to disperse and dwindle, and it’s around this time that QY arrives.  The only crowd remaining consists of those who are XK’s personal fans and as they gather around him to take a picture, QY wonders why he’s there by himself and where Gu Fang is.  She then thinks to herself that since he seems to be the type who’s sensitive to the needs of others and willing to grant favors asked of him, perhaps he’ll be able to lead her to Gu Fang.  Which is how QY comes up with the idea to step out in front of his van as it drives off, in order to grab his attention.




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@angelangie, the male lead is a pretty cool looking guy.  And he's especially good-looking in the drama. ;)  Recaps for Episode 2 are below, more tomorrow!


Episode 2




Episode 2


As XK’s van sets off, QY steps in front of it falling to the ground.  She pretends like she hurt her leg and XK hurries out of the van to ask if she’s okay.  She tells him she’s fine and encourages him to get back in his car as she’ll be fine by herself.  She’s clearly playing on his sense of pity, and it works as he asks her if she needs to go to the hospital.  She tells him no because her main purpose in coming to Vancouver is to find Gu Fang, and swears that if she doesn’t get to meet with him, she won’t return to China.  She then pretends to recognize him as Ji Xiang Kong and asks him if he’ll take her to meet Gu Fang, since she knows they’re teammates.  She then grabs at his hand, telling him that he’s her final hope and begs him for help.  XK thinks to himself that it looks like he’s met a scam artist – the type who pretends to be have been injured in an accident in order to seek compensation, but says to her that since he met such a beautiful girl, there’s no way he can refuse her.  He tells her to get in the car, but as she runs towards it, he points out her leg… which then immediately has her hopping up and down again as if it’s in pain.  She tells him that she was so excited, she momentarily forgot she was in pain, and finishes by telling him to also get in the car.


In the car, QY thinks to herself that it looks like she managed to pull one over on XK.  He, on the other hand, looks over and notices her grasping on to her necklace.  He asks if she’s cold and whens he says no, asks if she’s warm.  She says no, the temperature’s perfect.  He then asks her if she’s thirsty and wants water, and when she says no, asks if she’s nervous.  She denies that she’s nervous, which has XK thinking to himself, “Act… just keep on acting.”  Which is why he then purposely asks next, “Does your leg still hurt?”  QY starts pretending like it is still hurts a little, but also announces that it seems to have gotten a lot better.  XK marvels at how quickly her leg seems to have healed and adds that he was just wondering to himself he was going to have to take responsibility for her in the future.  (LOL.)  QY reassures him that her leg is already better and besides, him taking her to see Gu Fang is already a big help.  She’s very grateful. 


XK asks QY if she’s really GF’s fan and when she insists that she is, he starts asking her questions related to Gu Fang’s gaming stats.  She has no idea how to answer, of course, and finally answers that she “forgot” and insists he trust her that she really is Gu Fang’s biggest fan.  XK smiles and asks her why she’s so nervous, as QY wonders what’s going on and whether he’s suspecting her.  When XK comments that he feels like he knows her from somewhere, QY answers her own question by figuring he’s just trying to a make small talk.  She offers to add him on Weixin (WeChat – a mobile text and voice messaging platform), but XK answers that now that he looks at her again, he doesn’t think they’ve met before.  QY thinks to herself that he’s just playing her, and comments that they can consider themselves as having met each other now.  She tells him that she took a lot of good-looking pictures of him earlier and thought that if he left his information with her, she’d be able to send some to him.  XK takes a look at them and is, indeed, impressed with her photos and agrees to add her on Weixin so she can send them to him.  But as he looks for his phone, he snaps his fingers and tells her that he forgot it in the other car.  She tells him it’s no big deal as they can exchange information next time.  XK tells her she better not get rid of those photos as she did such a great job taking them.  QY thinks to herself that she’s met a weirdo, and XK just smirks behind her.


The van drops QY off at some out of the way restaurant.  When she asks XK if Gu Fang is really inside, he promises that he is.  When she asks him why he’s not getting out of the car, he says he’s going to go with the driver to park the car and then he’ll be right in.  She believes him and runs towards the restaurant, while XK drives off.  Of course Gu Fang is not there.  Poor QY, her English is very poor and she has a hard time getting across the purpose of her visit.  Fortunately, one of the employees is a big esports fan and figures out what she’s trying to ask.  He tells her that Gu Fang is definitely not there with them. 


QY calls YY, who promptly asks if she’s interviewed Gu Fang yet.  QY tells her she was tricked, so she hasn’t even seen his side profile yet.  She then asks YY to look up Gu Fang’s fans on Weibo to track his current location.  (Thank goodness for social media these days!)


XK arrives at the bar where the rest of his teammates are hanging out.  He notices Gu Fang sitting by himself and asks the other teammates for the current situation.  His best friend explains they’ve been sitting and waiting.  Around this time, QY also finds her way to the bar. 


Back in the bar, YX is trying to cheer up the others by pointing out that they’re still Asian champions.  Zhao Yang asks, however, if he isn’t embarrassed.  He starts taking the team to task by reminding them that they came to Vancouver to win the world title, not the Asian title, and tells them to reflect on themselves.  (I really dislike their manager.)  As Zhao Yang walks off, he walks past QY who’s on the phone telling YY that she’s arrived at the bar.  Both Zhao Yang and the coach look her up and down as they walk past.  QY’s oblivious as she spots Gu Fang in the distance.  She tells YY that she’s going to take some footage of him from this distance and that way, YY will be able to use it in the background after she gets her interview. 


Around this time, XK goes over to join Gu Fang at the bar.  He tries to comfort his team leader by reminding him that he’s always saying to them that when they lose a game, the most important thing for them to understand is how to stand up.  Gu Fang tells him those were words to comfort them, which has XK responding that if he’s going to be like that, then in the future, Gu Fang’s words are not going have any authority over him.  The two friends laugh at each other. 


In a scene cut, we see YY working in the background and QY filming with her cell phone.


Back at the bar, Gu Fang apologizes to XK, but XK asks him why he’s apologizing when losing wasn’t his solo responsibility.  That’s when Gu Fang admits that he overheard XK’s conversation with their coach and manager about switching his place.  He knows XK knew the real state of his physical condition, and if he’d been willing to switch places, then maybe their team wouldn’t have lost.  XK reminds him that he’s speaking in possibilities as there’s no guarantee that they would’ve won if things had been different.  But Gu Fang admits he just wasn’t willing to give it up because it’s been four years.  He’s won the Asian title four times already (he doesn’t say it, but what he’s really saying is – four times he’s won the Asian title, but still the world title eludes him).  He apologizes again.  XK tells him to stop apologizing, and Gu Fang goes off.  He says he’s been competing for four years and he knows perfectly well what his condition and situation is. 


As they continue talking, we see that YY and QY are both listening in on this conversation as QY continues to stream it.  Their boss also arrives in YY’s office.  QY, meanwhile, has the realization that it was actually because of Gu Fang that the team lost.  That’s when QY puts down the phone and back in China, her boss announces his presence when he steps forward to wonder if the connection is bad as the video stream has suddenly stopped.  He instructs YY to call QY. 


QY runs to the side to take YY’s call, but it’s her boss who greets her by asking her what’s going on.  He asks her why she’s not interviewing Gu Fang when she’s clearly found him and asks her what’s going on with the conversation between Gu Fang and XK.  He orders her to start the video live stream again.  QY tries to explain her way out of the situation by saying that she needs to cultivate a relationship with them first, otherwise she’ll have a hard time interviewing them in the future.  Her boss does not buy that reasoning though. 


Back inside the bar, the other team members gather up a very drunk Gu Fang to escort him back to the hotel.  XK stays behind to pay the bill. 


As QY hangs up with her boss, she turns around and spies XK in the distance.  She quickly turns around again, not wanting to be seen by him.  A stranger finds her in the alcove though and starts to assault her.  This captures XK’s notice and he runs over to intervene, telling the stranger that she’s “my girl.”  After the stranger leaves, he just looks at her before walking off.  She approaches him to thank him for his help, and he comments that she really is the persistent type.  He asks if she isn’t angry after he ruined her plans earlier, and she says no because she’s grateful for his assistance just now.  She offers to thank him with a meal, but he rejects the offer and instead suggests she exit the door, turn left, and keep walking.  When she insists she’s being sincere, he tells her to forget about it and asks if she was the person who had pretended to be a backstage worker earlier.  That’s when she realizes XK was the person who’d wrapped his jacket around her waist.  XK continues on by observing she’s not really a fan.  Rather, she’s someone who’s trying to get close to Gu Fang to interview him and that’s not happening.  He tells her that right now, Gu Fang needs space. 


QY runs after XK, determined to find a way to interview Gu Fang.  She admits that she tricked him but explains it was for the sake of her own work.  She then formally introduces herself as a news reporter for You Xing (Planet) Video, who came to Vancouver to cover the competition and interview Gu Fang.  She tells him that she doesn’t care what he thinks of her, but still hopes he’ll help her interview Gu Fang who’s their country’s top e-sport player.  XK is not impressed though and cuts her off.  He then takes on the lecherous role in order to scare her off, by asking if she’s willing to agree to any condition in order to interview Gu Fang.  This indeed has QY walking backwards as she comments that it’s late and she still has work to do.  She instead writes down her phone number on a piece of paper, which she gives him while saying that she knows Gu Fang is feeling down right now and isn’t in the mood for an interview, but when he’s feeling better, they can call her at any time as she hopes to still be able to interview him.  XK just rolls his eyes and as he starts to throw the piece of paper away, she turns back around and says, “Remember, call me.”  Which is how he ends up putting her number in his back pocket instead.


The van with his teammates arrive and XK climbs in.  He asks what’s going on and his teammates share that since Gu Fang is drunk, Zhao Yang has canceled the fan meeting that had been originally planned for later that night (that’s one late fan meeting, just saying).  YX starts bad-mouthing Zhao Yang, and XK comments that it’s just as well that the meeting has been canceled as he wouldn’t want to see their team leader having to suffer through that anyway.  As he buckles his seatbelt, he finds QY’s necklace.  He figures she must’ve left it behind on purpose.  YX notices the necklace and asks him who it belongs to.  XK tells him to mind his own business.


QY wanders the streets of Vancouver by herself.  She gets a phone call from YY and explains to her friend that she wasn’t able to interview Gu Fang given that he just lost a competition is feeling down.  When she asks YY if it would be presumptuous to try and interview him at a time like this, YY goes off on her asking how she can be considerate at a time like this.  Her job is on the line!  YY then suggests that she go focus on the next task, which is to live stream the fan meet and reminds QY that she can’t be late again.  She also says that maybe she’ll get her chance to interview Gu Fang there.  QY says that she’s already on her way to the fan meet site.


When she arrives to the fan meet site though, it’s empty.  A few fans are still there and as she watches them walk away, a notice arrives on her phone that the fan meet has been canceled.  She’s grumbling over the late notice when back in China, her boss is watching the clock. He tells YY to call her as she’d better not be late with the fan meet live stream.  QY updates that the live stream has been canceled and her boss gets on the phone, yelling at her that he doesn’t care what happened; she’d better give him some sort of footage in 3 minutes because they have viewers waiting to see something (I’m assuming these are paying viewers as they appear to be a VOD type of streaming site).  When her boss hangs up on her, QY flounders for a second before getting to work.  She starts the live stream but notices that a lot of viewers are dropping out.  YY suggests that they just cancel the event, but the boss insists they continue.  That’s when QY gets the idea to put on her own dance performance to replace the fan meet.  It ends up being a successful event and a lot of viewers return.  Even her boss is impressed with her creativity.


Back at the hotel, the Legends team is also watching.  YX asks if that’s being filmed at the site of their fan meet, and when one of his team members answers in the affirmative, he complains that if Zhao Yang hadn’t canceled the fan meet, then he would’ve been able to meet QY.  One of the team members suddenly recalls that he saw QY talking to XK outside the bar, which prompts a second team member to say he thinks he saw the same.  YX takes them to task for not telling him that earlier.  XK enters the room at that moment, telling them to be quiet as their team leader is asleep.  He walks over to see what they’re watching and YX asks him if he’s familiar with QY, asking him from an introduction as he’s been monitoring her for a while.  XK pans her and asks if he’d be familiar with a person like that, before walking off.  As he walks into his own room, he takes out her number and throws it into the trash can.


Outside in the living room, one of the team member comments that QY is just as good as Miya, the original performer of the song QY is dancing to.  When YX hears his, he tells the teammate to be quiet because if XK hears him comparing her to Miya, he’ll take him to task.  The teammate asks how come, and the other teammate answers that XK is one of Miya’s hardcore fans.  This conversation is overheard by XK in his room.  YX tries to stick up for his friend by describing him as a sincere and genuine fan versus one of those crazy hardcore fans. 


XK walks back out in irritation.  As he watches QY dance on the laptop screen, he flashes to Miya doing the same.  And then there’s another flashback of him and Miya playing around in park together.  In the present, his friends are suggesting to him that since Miya is out of his reach maybe he should go after QY instead.  He answers by slamming the laptop screen and telling them to go to bed.


Back at the fan site, QY sits on the stairs and eats a part of sandwich, saving the rest for later.  She digs into her bag and finds XK’s jacket.  She sets it aside at first, but since it’s cold out, she wears it anyway – but not before scolding its owner.  She gets a call from YY who shares that her impromptu dance performance ended up saving the live stream.  Her friend tells her to get some rest and go back to the hotel after laboring for an entire day.  QY lies that she’s already reached her hotel when, in fact, she’s sitting outside and has no place to go.  (These are terrible work travel arrangements!) 


Back at the hotel, XK is looking at the photos posted online of QY’s impromptu dance performance and asking him if it really looks similar… (not said, but we know he’s talking about whether it looks similar to Miya’s dancing).  As he continues scrolling, he sees the video of his conversation with Gu Fang.  He scolds the absent QY by commenting that because she couldn’t get an interview, she secretly filmed them instead.  He looks at the necklace on his bedside table and then looks at his phone again and says, “If you’re going to be like that, then don’t blame me for being rude.”  He digs out her phone number from the trash can and sends her a text.  He tells her that he has her necklace and if she wants it, she can come find him at his hotel at 7am tomorrow morning.  He smiles in satisfaction as he watches his phone, counting down.  At precisely the exact moment, her phone call arrives.  Instead of answering it though, he turns off his phone and tosses it to the side.


The next morning, she goes to find him at the hotel but, despite her arriving right on time, the team has already checked out.  She asks if he left anything behind for her, but the concierge tells her no.  SenQY tries to call him and when her call still won’t go through, she realizes he’s messing around with her.  Sensing her disappointment, the concierge tells her that if she heads down to the parking lot she might be able to catch up with him. 


The team members are, indeed, out in the parking lot because they’re still waiting for their van while the Tatan team van is already there.  As YX complains about the fact that they’re still waiting for their van and the fact that the Tatan’s van is larger than theirs, XK checks his phone and smirks to see the text QY had sent him the night before telling him that the necklace is very important to her, so she’ll be sure to find him in the morning.  The texts keep coming in, first with her telling him that she’s arrived at the hotel, followed by one telling him that it’s fine if he wants to mess around with her, but he absolutely must return the necklace to her.  The texts continue with her pleading him to safeguard her necklace.  He only puts his phone away when the others notice him smiling over his phone and asks what’s up. 


Around this time, a Chinese tour group walks by in the distance and XK uses them to distract YX by telling him his fans have arrived.  The two groups call out to each other in greeting, and it’s around this time that the Tatan team arrives.  The two teams start trash talking each other and when Jeffrey takes a dig at Gu Fang, asking them where he is and whether he’s hiding in a room somewhere crying, that’s when XK grabs him by the collar of his shirt.  QY arrives at this moment and starts videotaping the scene.





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This drama is really good.:wub: I want to see it as soon as possible but does not have English subtitles.:bawling:
Do you know when the English subtitle will be placed?:tears: i search all sites but i can`t find eng sub ....:confused:

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@themarchioness THANKYOUUUUUU :heart: I'm looking forward to read your recaps!

Because there's no sub... I've been watching all the clips without knowing the episodes number :joy: Thank god now I can watch the raw with context from your recaps... :wub:

Even without the subs... from what I gather.. this story is very inspiring... telling us never giving up and all of that... truly a hidden gem! The charm are not just on the Male and Female Leads romance.. but the team work and the hidden theme of Not giving up.. and picking up yourself when you're down is something to be admire too.


Hopefully once there's sub.. more and more people can watch this drama.


Now after I got the serious part of my post..  let me tell you guys.... The Head pattting in this drama is to DIE FOR!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

More Pictures for this drama..





















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9 hours ago, sssara said:

This drama is really good.:wub: I want to see it as soon as possible but does not have English subtitles.:bawling:
Do you know when the English subtitle will be placed?:tears: i search all sites but i can`t find eng sub ....:confused:


Hi, @sssara!  There are no subs currently, but the Uniq subbers have said they'll be subbing this drama.  So now it's just a matter of "when," which is a better situation to be in than, "if."  ;)  We just have to be patient as I don't know how quickly they're going to be subbing the drama.  (Have you seen any updates, @lynne22?)


In the meantime, if you want to try watching the drama raw, I am posting recaps that should help you to understand what's going on.  

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@sssara @themarchioness 

From what I read in twitter... UNIQSUBS are still gathering applicants to help them sub this drama. Right now.. we'll just have to wait and see..



Anyway... here's the English text for Outside the sky... today has been a gloomy day after reading a sad news, and this song fits with my mood... Sigh.... 


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Recaps for Episode 3!  Only one recap for tonight though, it took several hours just to do this one. :P 




Episode 3


The episode picks up with Team Legends and Team Tatan trash talking each other in the parking lot.  In the distance, we see QY arrive on the scene.  When Jeffrey starts ragging on Gu Fang, mocking his hand tremor, XK rushes in to defend his team leader by grabbing Jeffrey by the collar of his shirt.  QY videotapes the scene and comments that XK is fighting with Jeffrey.  Back on the other side of the parking lot, the other members wade in, including the coach and manager from the Tatan team, to break up the crowd before it gets worse.  The Tatan team is sent to their van and the Legends team’s van arrives at that same moment.  The Legends coach orders them into their van.  All around them, the Chinese tourists are watching, commenting on what they’ve just seen, and QY is also standing there watching in the distance.  She jogs after the team’s van when it drives off, but she’s too late.


Back at Planet Video, we are introduced to Qiao Xin, another Internet broadcaster, when she walks into a cubicle farm and is greeted excitedly by her coworkers.  They praise her on her well-received program and describe her as the top broadcaster of their station.  As Qiao Xin walks through the room, she humbly replies that if it wasn’t for all the support she received from them in the background, she wouldn’t be in her current place.  She then tells them that she’ll treat them all to coffee one day.  The room cheers at her announcement, and she walks out.  Only two people in the room had remained seated throughout that sideshow and the one closest to the door, YY, sighs as she watches Qiao Xin leave.  She turns to her friend next to her, and comments that yes, she really is Number 1 at running off at the mouth.


QY’s boss is checking the ratings of something, happy to see it coming in first place, when Qiao Xin knocks and enters his office.  She starts sucking up to him immediately by cleaning up his desk and asking him why he hasn’t gone home when it’s already so late.  He takes back the papers and says he can’t ask someone like her clean up his desk for him when, it’s thanks to all her hard work, that their programs have been doing so well lately.  Qiao Xin responds by observing that all her programs are coming in first place, but pouts over having missed out on the opportunity to travel to Vancouver.  If I’m understanding this conversation, and the boss’s explanation, correctly it sounds like their station recently underwent some sort of merge where QY and Qiao Xin originally came from different departments but are now under one.  To keep things fair, upper management decided to send QY to Vancouver.  The boss then points out that in terms of experience and knowledge, QY’s actually not as good as Qiao Xin.  He then asks her to help out QY.  Immediately after he says that though, he shares that they received a video from QY of the Tatans and Legends teams fighting in a parking lot and ever since it was posted online, it’s been coming in first place in the ratings.  It’s quite obvious that Qiao Xin doesn’t like hearing this, but the boss continues on and discusses how their broadcasting station is going to be partnering with GDV, a television station and since she’s someone that he’s mentored from the beginning, he hopes to see her one day become the female version of Luo Tian (the top esports commentator from China that we met during the competition in Vancouver).  Qiao Xin promises to not let him down, which makes her boss happy to hear, but then he goes back to admiring the video that QY uploaded.


In the Legends van, Zhao Yang “congratulates” XK for being a hot topic once more.  YX, his best friend, mutters that being the hot topic is normal for them.  This doesn’t exactly make Zhao Yang happy to hear as he shows them the video that was uploaded of XK and Jeffery fighting.  They wonder who filmed and uploaded the video, and Zhao Yang says it was QY from Planet Video.  He asks if they’re familiar with that person and the team members look at each other.  The coach warns his team that they’d better hope Zhao Yang will be able to settle this for them; otherwise, they’ll probably be punished. 


QY is back in China on her way to work when she tries unsuccessfully to place a phone call. As she hangs up, she mutters over how “that Ji Xiang Kang” never answers his telephone and it’s always off.  Yan Yan, the coworker that was sitting next to YY in the earlier scene, runs over and welcomes QY back excitedly.  She tells QY that the video she uploaded yesterday was an immediate hit and has been running in first place on all the platforms.  QY asks if that means she’s surpassed Qiao Xin, and Yan Yan answers affirmatively.  She shares that everyone in the company has been excited about this, especially their boss, and tells QY that she should go meet with their boss as he’s been waiting for her.  When QY asks Yan Yan where she’s headed off to, Yan Yan answers that she’s going to buy herself a drink and offers to bring one back for QY.  But QY knows the coffee run must be for Qiao Xin.  Yan Yan says they’re all coworkers, so they should help each other out, but QY tells her that she can’t allow herself to be such a pushover.  She offers to teach her a method that will prevent Qiao Xin from ever asking her to buy coffee on her behalf again. 


The Legends team returns to their home base with their second place trophy in tow.  It’s an empty welcome though as the entire place is empty.  YX wonders where everyone is given that it’s supposed to be a workday.  He points out that they should still be celebrated for having won second place, but Huo Yao answers that the reality is, no one cares about second place.  The coach comments that they must be tired and sends them off to their dorm.  After he leaves, XK passes off his suitcase to YX (with instruction that YX is not to actually enter his room) and says he has some place to go.  It sounds like YX is a bit of a mess and XK doesn’t want to live in mess with him; haha.


As QY enters the office building, she’s meet with greetings and congratulations from everybody she walks past.  YY greets her excitedly as the two best friends run towards each other and embrace.  YY is still praising her for being in first place when their boss arrives and does the same, asking everyone to clap along with him.  He invites QY in to talk with her, and all of this is observed by Qiao Xin who immediately makes a phone call to Zhao Yang, the business manager for Team Legends.  She says she has information to share concerning the video taken in the parking lot. 


QY meets with her boss.  When she apologizes for the troubles she caused in Vancouver, he brushes it aside and tells her that she did a great job.  He even observes that this was her first time going out for an interview and everyone recognizes her hard work.  She’s a bit surprised given that this is a complete 180 from what he was saying to her when she was in Vancouver, but she’s happy to hear it nonetheless.  She then asks if he expects any trouble from her uploading the video of the fight between Legends and Tatan, and he reassures her that it won’t be a problem.  Just as QY expresses relief, the boss’s phone rings.  It’s Zhao Yang!  He’s not happy, and he lets QY’s boss know it.  He demands an explanation while the boss lies that QY’s not back yet, but that he’ll be sure to ask her for all the details when she returns.  After he hangs up, QY asks once again whether she’s brought trouble to the company and this time her boss doesn’t answer so reassuringly.  On the contrary, he wonders what will happen if they upset Zhao Yang and he no longer accepts any of the company’s interview requests.  QY offers to go over and explain and apologize, but the boss tells her to let the two companies work it out.  He then comments that, if he remembers correctly, Qiao Xin has a good relationship with Zhao Yang.  He decides to give this to Qiao Xin to work out and then tells QY that ordinarily, she would be given a bonus for her video coming in first place, but given the current situation, that’s not so advisable.  [Qiao Xin is such a troublemaker!]


XK arrives at The King, an Internet café.  He catches the owner, and his close friend/mentor, reading articles about his team on his cellphone.  He calls out asking if there’s free ramen and his friend retorts that he’s a second place winner and still looking for free ramen.  He sends XK up to the second floor to wait for him.  


Back at Planet Video, Yan Yan returns from her coffee run unaware of what has transpired in her absence.  She asks QY what kind of a prize/bonus their boss gave her, and QY tells her that not only was there not a bonus, if things aren’t handled well, she might even have to pay compensation.  Qiao Xin arrives at this time, acting all high and mighty, as she tells everyone listening in (including QY) that they shouldn’t run around just filming things at random.  They might think they’re filming some hot item, but that’s how people get in trouble.  The others say okay and then skedaddle off.  Qiao Xin then asks Yan Yan how come it took her so long to bring back her coffee.  As Yan Yan hands it over, Qiao Xin complains that she’d wanted iced coffee and Yan Yan brought her hot coffee.  It also tastes horrible.  Yan Yan tries to explain her way out of the situation by saying it was a new coffee item at the store and she bought it thinking Qiao Xin would like it.  QY steps in to “scold” Yan Yan as well, and Yan Yan hurries to apologize to Qiao Xin for getting the order wrong, promising to never get it wrong again.  Qiao Xin responds by telling Yan Yan that she needn’t do any more coffee runs for her.  Looks like QY’s strategy worked.


Back at the The King, XK’s friend asks him how Gu Fang is doing.  XK asks him why he isn’t expressing concern over him, and his friend asks if he isn’t used to be scolded.  XK’s got nothing to say to that as they clink their beer bottles.  His friend then asks him why they didn’t adjust their strategy when it was obvious that Gu Fang was not in the best of conditions.  XK explains that he did bring up the idea of Gu Fang and Huo Yao (also known as Yao Ge, since Huo Yao is older than XK) switching places, but he was shot down by Zhao Yang.  His friend comments that that would’ve been a great strategy to switch the two players’ usual roles, and asks if Gu Fang wasn’t willing.  XK says he never discussed it with Gu Fang.  His friend comments that Gu Fang is almost 30, and in this sport, that doesn’t leave him with much time.  After a moment of silence, his friend asks what XK plans to do if Gu Fang retires.  XK admits he’s never thought about that, but if he were to be honest, he knows that it’s because of Gu Fang that he’s been able to remain with the Legends team.  His friend tells XK to never forget what he said to him when Gu Fang came to his place to take XK away with him.  XK asks how he could ever forget that when winning the world title is his dream.  His friend tells him that he’ll take both his and Gu Fang’s dream and continue moving forward.  XK protests that with words like that, he’ll feel overly pressured.  His friend asks him he’s scared and wants to withdraw.  After all, he’s heard that their team’s manager, Zhao Yang, isn’t so fond of XK.  XK says he doesn’t care what Zhao Yang thinks of him.  What he doesn’t like is how business-focused Zhao Yang is.  Zhao Yang only cares about making money and keeps arranging business events for the team to participate in, but with their team leader (Gu Fang) around, Zhao Yang doesn’t dare those sorts of things.  XK says he’s afraid that if his team leader retires, he doesn’t know what will become of the team.   


YY celebrates QY’s return in QY’s apartment, but QY tells her to stop mocking her because what YY predicted when she left for Vancouver is precisely what’s happening currently.  She’s returned to a hot mess.  YY tries to make QY feel better and tells her to not worry about repaying her when she’s not in any hurry to have her money back (I think QY borrowed YY’s credit card to purchase her plane ticket to Vancouver).  QY comments that YY is the person who treats her the best, to which YY responds, “Of course!”  Love these two best friends.  As they dig into their friendship, YY revisits the matter of QY being sent to the train station by the company car on the day she was supposed to fly to Vancouver.  She asks QY what she thinks happened, and QY asks if there’s anything to guess about. It was obviously the work of Qiao Xin.  YY mutters that Qiao Xin is the type who, instead of putting all her efforts towards her work, spends her days causing trouble for others.  QY says she doesn’t want to talk about Qiao Xin anymore and instead changes the topic to what she experienced in Vancouver.  She tells YY that she was incredibly moved by the tears from the Legends fans and almost cried herself – even though she didn’t understand half of what she was watching.  At that, YY laughs.  She asks what QY would be crying over then and QY says she was moved!  She then adds that after she followed the Legends team to the bar and heard what Gu Fang said to Ji Xiang Kong, she realized: this wasn’t just a competition, for some people, this was a dream.  YY puts down her piece of fried chicken and says, she understands.  QY is the dreamer type of person, so when she meets other people who are pursuing their dreams, she can’t help but sympathize with them.  QY responds that actually, she’s quite envious of them.  Because of their dreams, they can not care about anything else and when they experience failure, they can hurt for a bit.  This is unlike her who, ever since her father remarried “that woman,” her only dream has been to one day have her own home.  So all she does is work hard, save her pennies, all with the purpose of buying her current home.  She looks at the pictures of her mother on her credenza and says that this house, is the promise she made to her mother.  Which is why no matter what happens with Planet Video, it’s a job she’s going to work hard to protect. 


After YY makes a noise of encouragement, QY shares that she’s had the thought recently that given that she’s been transferred into this new field of work, she’s going to work hard to become a real reporter one day.  YY says it’s good to have a dream, but she reminds her friend that when a person pursues a dream, there are going to be lots of difficulties waiting for her along the way.  And even if there aren’t difficulties, it may not turn out the way she expects. [A harsh reality check, but not untrue either.]  YY gives up on the conversation and gets up to get fruit.  QY uses this opportunity to check her phone and make another phone call.  When YY asks who she’s trying to call, QY starts cursing XK for ignoring all her calls starting from when they were in Vancouver.  YY’s like, “Hold up, Ji Xiang Kong?”  She demands to know what’s going on between them that QY would have his phone number  QY tells her that he has his mother’s necklace and starting from that moment, she plans on calling him on the every half hour, and if he still hasn’t gotten back to her by the morning, she intends on going straight to where he trains in order to get her necklace back.  YY then asks how he has her necklace in the first place, and QY just sighs that it’s a long story.  Haha.


The next day, XK wakes up to find YX in his bed.  He kicks YX out of his bed and cocks his head in amazement when YX just continues to sleep on the floor.  But YX wakes up shortly thereafter and asks if XK just kicked him. XK retorts, “Who asked you to sleep in my room?”  YX acts surprised to find himself in XK’s room.  He then explains that yesterday, XK’s phone kept ringing, so he came over to see what was going on and then fell asleep.  YX then tries to go back to sleep – in XK’s bed – and XK protests!  Haha.  Oh, these two friends.  YX finally returns to his room, but not before XK throws the pillow YX was using with orders that he clean it before returning it to him.  After YX leaves, XK checks his phone and marvels at the number of missed calls. 


Later that morning, QY arrives at the Legends training center.  The receptionist asks her who she’s here to see and when she answers that she’s looking for Ji Xiang Kong, the receptionist asks her if she has an appointment.  She doesn’t, of course, so the receptionist assumes she’s a fan and tells her that without an appointment, she can’t go any further.  She asks if XK is around at least, but the receptionist answers that she’s not clear on that matter either and recommends that she stand outside to wait.  As she walks away from the receptionist’s desk, YX notices her and calls out her name.  She asks him, “You’re….” and he introduces himself as, “Lin Yi Xuan, one of the starting team members for Legends.”  She answers that she’s seen him in competition and it was very exciting.  He answers, “Really?  I’ve seen your broadcasts too.”  QY responds, “Really?  What a coincidence!”  He tells her that the one where she ate a worm was particularly fun to watch, and that kind of throws cold water on QY’s mood.  She answers back that the competition where they didn’t win the title was also particularly exciting.  He asks if she’s there to apologize, and when QY doesn’t respond, he asks if she knows that the video she took of Jeffrey and XK fighting has put his Kong Ge [that’s how YX refers to XK since XK is older than him] in a difficult place.  QY says that’s true, which is why she’s there to apologize because she thought it would be more sincere if she did it in person.  She asks if YX will help by taking her to see XK, to which he responds that he can, but wonders if she dares.  She answers that of course she dares.  Which is how YX ends up taking her (and us) on a tour of the training center.  He points out all the different areas of their training center, calling greetings to those they walk past.  When he asks for a bottle of water from the coffee bar, QY declines the water, but he tells her it’s not for her.  He then takes the paper bag QY had brought with her and leaves it at the coffee bar.  He shows off by telling people they walk past to get back to practicing and stop gossiping.  As they walk past the team’s history timeline on the wall, he shares that he always feels inspired whenever he walks by there.  QY asks how come she doesn’t see him, and he tells her to take a good look.  It turns out there’s a solo picture of him hanging on the wall behind her, ha.  As they walk past the trophies, YX tells her this is only a portion of their trophies as the rest are in storage.  QY recognizes the one they won in Vancouver and tells him that she personally witnessed them receiving that award.  He then takes her past the training area where a bunch of up and comers are practicing and training.  He calls out instructions to a few of them, but when he tries to get the group to chant the team’s motto with him, it falls on deaf ears.  LOL. Oh, YX.  You are not as cool as you pretend/try to be. 


Finally, they arrive at their destination point and QY is irritated to realize that all they had to do was take one staircase and they could’ve arrived at the same point.  She asks YX if he was messing around with her when he took her on that circuitous route, but he just smiles and tells her to “Hurry in.”  He explains that XK has been training inside that room for half a day already.  He then tells her that actually, XK is a really good person and if she just begs him a little bit, he feels certain that XK will forgive her.  He then adds that after exercising, XK must be thirsty.  He hands her the water bottle to give to XK.  QY wonders to herself that given that he was clearly the one misbehaving, she doesn’t understand why she has to beg him for forgiveness.  But she thanks YX for his help anyway.


QY enters the gym and immediately becomes mesmerized by the site of XK doing pull-ups (LOL).  It leaves her so dry mouthed that she ends up drinking the water herself.  XK realizes he’s not alone and turns around irritatingly.  He points out that entering without knocking is really impolite behavior, and asks her why she came to find him.  She holds out the water bottle, but then takes it back and asks, “Why did I come find you?”  XK walks towards her with his hand outstretched.  She takes a step backward and turns away, asking him what he’s trying to do.  But it turns out he was only reaching behind her for his towel; ha.  He asks her if she isn’t tired from talking nonsense after she came looking for him.  QY responds that they’ll talk after he’s dressed, and he looks down confusingly given that he is wearing a t-shirt (which he also points out).  He then asks her what she wants given all her phone calls and text messages.   She bows – most energetically, which has XK jumping backwards, and launches into an apology for filming and uploading the video of his fight, which has brought him a lot of harm and trouble.  She also apologizes for secretly filming his conversation with Gu Fang, and then asks him to forgive her – and return her necklace.  XK realizes the necklace is what she’s really after and tries to leave.  When she tries to stop him from leaving, he points out that he’s all covered in sweat.  She should at least let him get cleaned up before they discuss matters.  QY finally agrees to let him go, but warns him against trying to run away from her.  He promises not to run and tells her to wait for him at the coffee shop next door. 


YX is waiting for XK as he walks out all cleaned up and dressed in a nice button down shirt.  YX wonders what he’s wearing, but I quite like this outfit!  YX offers his pink suit instead, and I quite do not like that outfit.  LOL.  YX suggests that if XK wears his pink suit, he’ll be able to capture QY’s heart – but I’m with XK on this one.  Just say no!  As XK tries to leave, YX demands that XK speak.  He says that XK can keep on pretending, but given that QY has followed him all the way to their training center, he knows exactly what must be going on between them.  He even knows XK has prepared a small gift for QY.  XK denies that he’s prepared a gift and walks over to the shelf where he starts looking around.  YX tells him to keep on looking and eventually holds up the necklace in his hand.  YX refuses to give it back until XK explains everything, but XK insists there’s nothing to explain and in fact, he has to return that necklace to her, so he demands it back.  YX points out that he’s seen that necklace since Canada, essentially refusing to believe that there is nothing going on.  XK grabs for the necklace and in the ensuing tussle, the necklace chain breaks.  Uh-oh.  YX comments that it’s quite fragile, before stepping backwards.  As he watches XK looking at the necklace, YX asks if he caused trouble and XK asks angrily, “What do you think?”  He then orders YX to leave.


As QY waits for XK at the coffee shop, she daydreams back to the image of XK doing his pull-ups.  When she snaps out of it, she scolds herself for doing so.  XK arrives and I can’t help but sense he’s acting a little kinder right now – because he knows he’s about to return a broken necklace.  When she glares at him, he holds up the necklace, but as she reaches for it, he snatches it back.  He comments on the fact that the necklace was left in his car, and that she later gave him her phone number.  He “compliments” her on her tactics that she must’ve picked up from an idol drama.  QY asks if he really thinks she left the necklace in his car on purpose.  He doesn’t answer and sips his coffee instead.  She says that’s fine then, she admits, she was trying to get close to him that day, but not to the extent that she purposely left her necklace in his car.  She tells him that the main purpose of her visit today is to get her necklace back and demands its return.  XK coughs on his coffee and says okay.  After he hands it over, he nervously awaits for her to find that it’s broken.  3-2-1 . . .  there’s her upset face!  QY asks him why it’s broken.




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Recap for Episode 4!  Also, FYI, I'm going to have to take a break for the next few days, but don't worry.  I will be back with more recaps for sure. :) 




Episode 4


QY asks XK why her necklace is broken.  He pretends like it’s as much a surprise to him as it is to her, and even comments that it was just fine when he set out to meet her.  He offers to compensate her for the necklace and she asks him if he knows what the meaning of “priceless” is.  He obviously feels guilty, but is unwilling to admit it, and says instead that if it’s priceless then it’s not something that can be compensated through money.  He suggests she ask him for a request, amd no matter what it is, he’ll agree to it.  That offer doesn’t exactly go over well with QY, who responds that she thought he was an honest, decent person, but it looks like that’s not the case.  She gets up and throws the jacket she’d brought to return to him at him.  XK watches her run out with that, “Oh dear, what did I just do?” sort of look on his face.


QY sits outside somewhere crying over the broken necklace. She looks at a picture of her mother on her phone and apologizes to her mother for allowing then necklace to become broken. In the picture, you can see her mother wearing the necklace. 


Back at the training center, XK is playing a game on the computer but he looks troubled.  (Methinks someone is still feeling guilty! He should – the necklace breaking was an accident, but he should’ve been honest with her.)  He flashes back to the conversation they had outside the bar in Vancouver where QY had said to him that no matter what he thinks of her, she still hopes he’ll help her because Gu Fang is their country’s top idol in the esports world, and then flashes back to the conversation they had just now at the coffee shop where she’d asked him if he knew the meaning of the word, “priceless.”  He shakes his head, picks up his phone, and the screen is too blurry so I can’t see the name of the person he was about to call (I’d like to think it was QY, but based on the outlines of the name, I don’t think it was), but just then he’s interrupted by his teammates who ask him why he’s sitting there playing with his phone when their team leader is about to retire.  He asks them where their team leader is and YX tells him that he’s downstairs.  As XK runs out to find him, YX starts to follow but their other teammates pull him back, telling him to wait.


Gu Fang is standing in front of their second place trophy.  When XK addresses him as “Team Leader,” Gu Fang tells him not to call him that anymore as he has someone else more suitable in mind to take his place.  XK tells him that for now, he still is his team leader and asks him he’s really retiring.  Their other three teammates are on the balcony also waiting for his answer.  Gu Fang answers that he’s already 30.  It’s about time for him to retire.   He tells XK that the team can be without him (Gu Fang), but they can’t be without him (XK). He adds that if there was anything useful that he did in these past few years, it was his discovery of XK.  But he knows that ever since they returned from Vancouver, their online fans have been scolding XK terribly on the bulletin boards.  XK tries to comfort him by reminding him that in their circle, he’s always been known as a klutz.  Gu Fang apologizes, but XK tells him it’s fine as they can do whatever they want; he doesn’t care.  He says that ever since he was little, he’s always been questioned and ridiculed, so he’s long been accustomed to it.


Gu Fang takes off his ring that he wears as a necklace and says he’s been battling for so many years already, but he still hasn’t managed to win a second world championship ring.  He said his dream used to be of them winning the second world title, but now his dream is to watch them win the prize.  He turns his position over to XK.  XK suggests that his team leader is thinking much too highly of him, and asks how a klutz like him can take over as the team leader. Gu Fang responds by asking XK how long he’s going to stand in front of him pretending like he doesn’t care.  He knows that within XK is a fiery passion, as it’s something that all of them can feel.  He asks XK to not be affected by outsiders and encourages him by telling him that he’s his (Gu Fang’s) and the team’s hope.  XK answers that he’s still not sure he can do this, but Gu Fang asks him to trust him because he knows he can.  He then starts naming all of their team members one by one, sharing their positive points with XK, and says that with this kind of team in XK’s hand, then perhaps his regret will turn into a complete success.  He asks XK to not reject him, and hangs the necklace around XK’s neck. 


With the ring clutched tightly in his hand, XK promises to use all his efforts to recapture the world title.  The other team members run in. YX asks him not to leave.  Lu Feng says that this year was their loss, but next year, they can definitely win.  Huo Yao adds that they’ve been fighting side by side for so many years already, he should stay to fight with them for one more year.  Gu Fang’s already made his decision though.  He asks them why they’re crying and says they cried enough in Vancouver already.  He forbids them from crying.  YX reminds Gu Fang that he’d once promised to lead them to the world title, and Gu Fang answers, “Weren’t you happy winning the second place title?”   YX answers, “I want to win the world title!”  Poor Gu Fang.  He’s as heartbroken as the rest of them.  He tells them that even though he’s retiring, he’ll always be their older brother – and he’ll also become their fan.  Next year, he tells them, it’ll be up to them.  


Later that night, XK goes out for a solo motorcycle ride.  When he stops for a break, he thinks back to his first meeting with Gu Fang.  He’d been playing against somebody at The King and handing the other person a spectacular defeat.  When the other guy asks for another chance, Gu Fang steps forward to point out that the other player had fallen into a trap.  He starts describing the tactics XK had used to trick the other player, and XK responds, “Not bad.  There are very few people who can see through his strategy.”  His friend/mentor, the owner of The King, had called him a rascal then asking him if he didn’t recognize who he was talking to.  But XK did know who he was talking to and stood up to introduce himself to the leader of the Legends team.  Gu Fang invites him to join their team as a commander and someone who could use his strategies to help them win the world title; he asks if XK is interested.  XK returns to the present and clasps the ring in his hand.


Back in QY’s apartment, YY serves her friend a giant bucket of instant hot pot.  [I did not know such a thing existed, but what great product placement because I’m totally interested!  We will see this instant hot pot a lot in this drama.  LOL.]  As she digs into her dinner, QY tells YY that she’s come to realize her current job is different from the job that she had prior to their transfer.  She points out all the qualities her work needs to have in order to avoid being criticized by their viewers, and shares that people have been leaving messages for her on her Weibo saying that they’re looking forward to what she’s going to broadcast on the morrow.  When she says that she hopes she can win her first battle, YY asks how her normally smart friend can be such a simpleton.  She reminds QY that Qiao Xin has managed to connect herself to Zhao Yang (Legends business manager) and win exclusive interview rights, causing their own boss to be super happy.  She then starts to suggest that if QY can cultivate a positive relationship with Ji Xiang Kong, then maybe she’d . . . before YY can finish the thought, QY cuts her off.  She says XK’s a jerk and she never wants to see him again in this lifetime.  [Famous last words, sweetie.]  She then adds that she doesn’t want to turn into Qiao Xin just to beat her; otherwise, that would be losing to herself and that’s not worth it.  YY responds by pointing out the words on the hot pot lid, which remind of her what she’d previously warned her friend about – which is what the road to securing her dream will not be an easy one and full of potholes.  She reminds QY of all the things Qiao Xin has done to undermine her and points out they don’t even know what she’ll think of next.  YY gets frustrated when QY just shakes her head without responding.


Zhao Yang runs into the coach at the coffee shop next door.  When the coach asks him if he’s going to have something to eat, Zhao Yang protests that he’s in no mood to eat and marvels at the coach’s steadiness and ability to be in the mood to eat.  The coach doesn’t understand what the big deal is when it’s just a meeting, and Zhao Yang’s like, “Not a big deal?!”  He’s concerned about Gu Fang retiring and the question of who’s going to take his place, but the coach tells him that’s something they’ll discuss at the meeting later so Zhao Yang needn’t get so worked up over it right now.  Zhao Yang responds by asking if the coach doesn’t really have anyone in mind and then says that he thinks Huo Yao would be a great pick.  [At this same time, Huo Yao happens appear in the doorway of the coffee shop and overhears this conversation.]  He starts naming all the reasons for why Huo Yao would make a great pick, which includes the fact that he’s been the longest serving member on the team.  The coach points out, however, that qualifications are only one aspect of consideration and notes that Huo Yao’s golden period has already passed.  He adds that even though Huo Yao’s been a steady player for the past two years, he hasn’t had any sort of surprising breakthrough either. 


Back at the training center, the members are playing a game with a new guy.  When they finish, XK expresses admiration for this new guy’s skills, but he modestly replies that it was because everyone matched with his plays that they were able to play so well.  The members start good-naturedly teasing each other with YX joking that even though this new guy’s been playing for only three years, he’s already better than Lu Feng.  Only Huo Yao sits off to the side in silence.  It’s only after XK draws him into the conversation that he snaps out of his daze and joins in.  With everyone’s approval, XK stands up to officially announce that Li Nan will be added to their team as its newest member. 


While that’s going on, the previously mentioned meeting is also going on.  In the meeting are Gu Fang, Zhao Yang, the coach, and the CEO of Legends, CEO Jin.  I’m just going to sum up this meeting by saying the coach and Gu Fang want to name XK as his successor.  As Gu Fang points out, XK has always been the team’s commander and all the strategies the team uses are ones he’s worked out with the coach.  He also shares the team’s vision.  But Zhao Yang wants to name Huo Yao.  It basically comes down to who would be an easier pushover for Zhao Yang to control.  He knows XK will stand up to him and refuse to go along with all the promo events that Zhao Yang likes to arrange in order for the company to profit from the team’s talents.  XK, on the other hand, will want the team to be allowed to focus on their training and the games.  Huo Yao, as we’ve already seen, is meeker in personality so that’s why he’s Zhao Yang’s desired team leader.  In order to pan the idea of XK being named the leader, Zhao Yang brings up the stats from their most recent game and says they should take a look at it to figure out why they lost the game.  The stats do not look favorable for XK as it either shows him being killed 7 and 5 times, in the first and second matches, or being at the bottom of some pile.  Zhao Yang asks the room if, based on these stats, they should be asking themselves if there’s a problem with his ability.  But Gu Fang speaks up to defend XK and says the blame largely resides with him.  Even though the coach tries to get him to stop talking, Gu Fang continues on and basically explains that every time XK lost, it was because he was trying to help him out.  He also admits that he overheard XK’s conversation with the coach and Zhao Yang in the hallways of the competition.  CEO Jin asks what he’s talking about.


Outside the meeting, YX is waiting nervously for it to end.  We’ll sum this scene up by saying he doesn’t trust Zhao Yang and we can’t blame him.  XK, on the other hand, doesn’t dwell on it and drags YX back to continue with their training.


Back in the meeting, Gu Fang admits that XK had seen through him from the beginning and known that he was not in a good condition.  He points out that even with all his self-sacrifices, XK still couldn’t help him.  Zhao Yang responds by suggesting that the only reason Gu Fang is acting so protective of XK’s is because XK is someone he brought into the team.  He then points out that even their fans know XK’s ability is insufficient.  Even the coach looks offended at this, as he points out they’re a professional team and asks why they should concern themselves with the unprofessional opinion of outsiders.  Zhao Yang angrily responds that right now, they’re in a fan-controlled business so of course they have to listen to them.  He then tries to play Mr. I’m-Not-Really-A-Jerk by apologizing for being so worked up and then reminding the room that he knows they’re all working towards the same room, but dreams aren’t going to put food in their mouths.  That’s why they need to find a new team leader who’s going to have the same sort of star power that Gu Fang has.  (And he thinks he’s going to find that in meek little Huo Yao?)  Zhao Yang insists XK is not that person given that he’s the person all the fans are scolding online.  Gu Fang disagrees with his position and thinks their responsibility to the fans is to find a strong leader.  After a lot of back and forth, CEO Jin finally steps in to break thing up.  He suggests they let XK have a try at being the team leader. He says he’s just received word that the company behind the game they play is setting up an internal competition due to their release of some new characters (or something like that), and he suggests that XK be allowed to be the team leader for that competition as a test. 


The coach and Gu Fang approach the team and announces that from this day forward, XK will be their substitute team leader.  YX asks why he’s the substitute team leader and not the outright team leader.  XK hushes him, as Zhao Yang gets in his own biting remarks to remind them that the team leader position is one that even if someone sits in it, if they’re not up for the job, they’ll just fall from it.  XK goes along with it and says Zhao Yang has a point.  He points out he’s never been the leader of anything before so this is new to him.  YX, that good friend, goes along with it as well and tells him to take his time in getting used to the position.  Gu Fang, on the other hand, encourages XK and tells him that he can do it.  He asks the other members to go along with XK because with him in charge, he (Gu Fang) will feel at peace.  He then asks if there’s anyone who’s not happy with this decision and, if they are, whether they’re willing to play a game against him.  The team immediately responds that they’re okay with this idea and they add their words of support for this idea.  (Only Huo Yao is a little less excited than everyone else.)  XK thanks everyone for their support and immediately starts exerting his team leader authority by asking for three conditions on the basis that their next competition is coming up soon.  First, he says they have to focus on training so they won’t have time to participate in any promo events.  (YX and Lu Feng cheer to hear this.)  Second, he hopes that everyone will go along with the plans that he and their coach set.  Third, he asks for new equipment for the team.  The coach agrees to all the conditions and puts Zhao Yang in a place where he can’t refuse either, but we know he’s not happy.  I’d feel worse for him given how the team is obviously ganging up on him and even mocking him, but he’s a terrible person and deserves everything he gets.


Zhao Yang storms back to his office where he’s met by his assistant, Wang Bin, who tries to calm him down.  Zhao Yang is too upset to be soothed though.  I’m just going to summarize this rant by explaining he’s upset because of the way XK, a “substitute team leader,” treated him just now, setting conditions and whatnot.  He’s got a lot promo events arranged already and now XK’s refusing to attend.  This goes back to what I was saying earlier about why Zhao Yang didn’t want XK for the next team leader – he knew he wouldn’t be able to get his way, if XK was named the team lead.  Wang Bin, who’s just as horrible as Zhao Yang, tells his boss to not worry and recommends he ride things out until Gu Fang’s official retirement.  Once Gu Fang leaves, XK won’t be protected anymore and then he can start taking control back.  Wang Bin also suggests that maybe they should look to an outsider for their next team leader – someone who’s a skilled player, popular with the fans, and someone even CEO Jin wouldn’t be able to resist.  Zhao Yang likes this idea and it’s clear they both have the same name in mind, although we don’t get to hear it for now.


Over at Planet Video, QY is called into a meeting with her boss (who’d just been meeting with Qiao Xin). He’s basically telling her that her ratings have been dropping lately and asking her what’s wrong and recommending that she try to come up with a new idea to drum up interest.  QY does have her own ideas of how to attack the problem, but it seems like she’s trying to go about it through a more professional, methodical approach.  While her boss appreciates that she has high standards for herself, that’s not how their industry works.  (Too fast moving, too fast paced, I suppose.)  He warns her that he can only give her a months’ time to turn around and if her problems still can’t be resolved by then, he can only be “sorry.”  QY understands what he’s saying and shares the information with YY and Yan Yan who are outside waiting for her. 


YY gets called in next to deliver a report.  After she leaves, Yan Yan asks how their boss could treat QY like that, and then immediately says, “I know!”  She comments on how she’d seen Qiao Yi spending all that time in their boss’s office right before QY got called in there.  QY points out that since Qiao Xin was able to work things out with Zhao Yang, of course she’s in better standing.  If there’s anyone to blame, it’s herself for not doing better in her work.  Qiao Xin arrives on scene at that moment with a cup of coffee in her hand.  She comments that everything is great about their company, except the coffee, and she actually misses the coffee that Yan Yan used to bring to her.  Right at that moment, they hear YY raising her voice to their boss in his office, which is immediately followed by a scene where QY and YY are out at dinner and QY is trying to make her friend feel better.  Over dinner, we learn that YY is usually the one counseling QY on how to deal with their boss, but today she’s the one who exploded.  QY asks her what finally set her off today, given that she’s usually able to handle their boss whenever he’s being difficult, but it turns out it had nothing to do with him being difficult.  Instead, it was their boss scratching his feet that upset her.  He was scratching his feet with one finger and then using that same finger to turn the pages of her report, and she couldn’t take it anymore.  QY laughs, but YY has lost her job.


After YY takes a drink of her juice, she asks what’s up with QY.  Ever since Vancouver, she hasn’t been allowed to go on site for interviews and she’s not willing to sing and dance to drum up interest either.  She knows QY wants to be improve her skills and be more professional, but she only has a month and there’s not enough time for that.  [I think she streams herself playing the computer game, which is what she’s referring to when she says she’s trying to improve her skills.  I think.]  That’s when YY comes up with the idea for QY to use her necklace to get XK to work with her, and borrow his popularity to boost her own ratings.  QY doesn’t like this idea at all.  She doesn’t even want to deal with XK anymore.  But YY points out that she’s reached the end of her road and has no other options.  She reminds QY that she still needs to pay her mortgage every month.  QY asks if there really are no other options, and YY shakes her head.


Zhao Yang is in a meeting with CEO Jin and the coach, and he’s introducing them to Pei Xi, the top player and team leader for VNG Games.  He says he’s done some research and Pei Xi’s contract with VNG is coming to its end very soon.  He recommends they bring him over to Team Legends and says that with him as part of their team, he’s sure they’ll be able to win the world title next year.  CEO Jin likes this idea and says they will always welcome a player like that.  The coach asks it’s Zhao Yang’s intention to bring Pei Xi over to replace Gu Fang’s position as their teams’ mid-solo player, but he flat out says, “Nope.”  He wants to bring him over as their new team leader.  The coach is not happy to hear this.  He points out that Pei Xi is someone who’s been raised by Shu Wen (first time we’re hearing this name, but don’t worry.  We’ll be introduced to her soon enough) and there’s no way change teams that easily.  He also points that he’s studied Pei Xi’s skills and while it’s true he’s good, there’s also a reason that VNG only managed to make it to fourth place this year.  Zhao Yang suggests they only made it to fourth place because the other members on the VNG team weren’t as good, but the coach disagrees.  The other team members weren’t the problem; it’s Pei Xi who only plays in an aggressive style and doesn’t know how to work with others.  The coach emphasizes that Pei Xi doesn’t have the talent to be a leader (and he’s not wrong!).  Zhao Yang retorts back that the public likes watching Pei Xi’s aggressive style of playing as it’s exciting, and then asks who likes watching his style of play which is something people can’t understand when they watch.  Like a preschool teacher, CEO Jin wades in once more to comment on how the coach and manager only fight with each other whenever they run into each other.  He then asks for the coach to summarize his position, and the coach says that while he agrees Pei Xi is a talented player, he doesn’t have the type of talent necessary to be a team leader.  He also wonders if they can afford a player like Pei Xi who comes with a high signing price.  Zhao Yang asks why he’s worried about that when that’s his area.  He asks the coach to consider the number of fans that Pei Xi has and points out that Pei Xi’s so popular, people line up to get his autograph.  To CEO Jin, he says that after Gu Fang left, there’s no one on their team who enjoys as much popularity.  He further pleads his case by saying he’s also under a lot of pressure for the next year’s competition and, as a result, CEO Jin tells Zhao Yang to go meet with Pei Xi and have some talks. Ugh, Zhao Yang wins this round.


YY is feeling frustrated over her job search when she gets a call from someone she doesn’t know. She thinks it’s a spammer and answers the phone by yelling at them, but it turns out it’s actually a would-be employer (a small e-sport news company) calling her in for an interview.  YY changes her tune immediately and hurries off to find the company for her interview.


QY is walking along and wondering what she should say when she starts practicing a speech, “Hey, Ji Xiang Kong, didn’t you promise you’d agree to any one of my requests?”  She doesn’t like that one though, said it was too hard. She tries a cutesier approach next, “Ji Xiang Kong, would you please help me with a small favor?” but gives herself the willies and says it’s too soft.  She decides to just be straight about it, but as she walks up to the coffee shop, she spies him through the window.  After watching him for about a second, she decides to give up and turns away.  But then she takes a few steps and stops.  It’s around this time that XK notices her as well.  He watches through the window as QY starts having a conversation with herself.  Outside, QY’s like, “Wait.  This isn’t right.  He’s the one who broke my necklace and he hasn’t even apologized.”  From XK’s perspective, it looks like she’s standing outside flailing her arms.  He laughs.  Back outside, QY’s still wondering why she’s hesitating when he’s clearly the one who was in the wrong.  She turns back around and promptly bumps into XK’s chest. (HEE!) 




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Okay, I lied.  I couldn't resist one more episode and so here's Episode 5. Now I really am on a break for the next few days. :P 




Episode 5


The episode picks up with QY having her monologue outside the coffee shop before chest bumping into XK.  She asks him what he’s looking at, and he offers to guess.  “You came to ask a request of me.”  She admits that she did, but asks him, “What of it?”  He answers that if she never came to find him, then he really would’ve thought that necklace meant a lot to her.  But now, he’s a 100 percent sure she’s a shrewd actress.  QY tells him she doesn’t care what he thinks of her, as it was he who said he would fulfill a request of hers, and (walking forward) asks if he’s now trying to get out of it.  XK also walks forward to say that he always stands by what he says, and QY takes a step back to say, “Great, then play a dual match with me.”  XK’s reaction is hilarious as he’s like, “That’s it?  That simple?”  He agrees to the request immediately and QY tells him that ever since Vancouver, he’s been messing around with her and she hopes he won’t keep doing so.  She says that after this match, they’ll have settled all their debts between them.  Just as she turns away, a biker swoops by and XK hurries to grab her out of the way telling her to be careful.  She falls into his embrace; how convenient! As they stare at each other, for about a second, QY turns into Miya in XK’s embrace.  When QY stands back up, he tells her to stop copying Miya and walks off.  QY is left really confused as she wonders if he has some sort of sickness.


YY arrives for her interview and finds the company to be nothing like what she would’ve expected, which is fair, because it is an odd company.  I’ll just summarize this part by explaining the boss lives a Buddhist life and is thus really into a peace and meditation.  As YY walks through the hallways, she asks the receptionist if the employees aren’t working and he’s like, “Sure they are. But I told you, our boss lives a Buddhist life.”  He maintains a very peaceful and restful ambiance in the workplace.  Her hiring process is also kind of comical because she really doesn’t have any of the qualifications that the boss is looking for, other than the fact that they went to the same school.  She stands up assuming this is a pointless endeavor and the boss is like, “So when can you start?”  As she leaves the company, YY looks really confused.  She thinks back to the conversation she just had with her new boss.  She’d asked if there would be pay for overtime and how they were compensated for things like travel when they had to go out to conduct interviews, but the boss had told her: you don’t need to work overtime and you don’t have to go out for any interviews!  It sounds like he just expects his employees to republish articles from the associated press. 


YY receives a phone call.  It’s QY calling to check in to see how her interview went.  YY jokes initially that she found a job at a nursing home, but then fills QY in on the details of her new company.  YY then asks how things went with XK, and QY reports back that he agreed to play a dual match with her. 


Gu Fang meets with the coach and says he’s heard about the stuff with Pei Xi.  Both of them are disgusted with Zhao Yang and the coach shares that based on CEO Jin’s reaction, he’s sure that if Pei Xi joins their team, he’ll be made the team leader.  Gu Fang agrees with that assessment and knows that Zhao Yang won’t let go of XK.  The coach feels bad because he feels helpless as a coach in this situation, and Gu Fang says he understands.  A thought then occurs to Gu Fang.  He says he remembers CEO Jin once said that when he retired, he hoped Gu Fang would leave the e-sports circle in its entirety.  That way his image would become that much more legendary and forever preserved.  The coach says he thinks he’s heard of this before, but points out they have no right to ask that of Gu Fang.  Gu Fang decides to sign a contract promising to leave on the condition that XK is made the team leader.  The coach thinks Gu Fang should think it over carefully, as that’s asking a lot of him.  It would also leave him with nothing if he one day changed his mind.  Gu Fang, however, answers that if it was for other reasons, he wouldn’t dare.  But for XK, he thinks it’s worth it.  (Awwww.)


QY’s sitting in front of her computer when YY comes over to ask if she’s ready.  She answers yes, and then they have a product placement conversation over face masks.  QY tells YY that she’s using the face masks to draw interest as a prize for her viewers.  As the game is about to start, YY tells her that she’s going back to her iPad to cheer her on and then QY puts on her headset to start her livestream.  She tells her viewers that she has a surprise for them tomorrow, and invites them to guess which top player she’ll be playing with in a dual match.  The person who guesses gets… you guessed it: face masks!


Around this time, YY gets a text.  It’s Qiao Xin. She says she also invited a top player to play a dual match and she wants to have a match against QY and her partner.  YY’s irritated, but QY says it’s fine.  If she wants to PK, then they’ll PK.  She’s not afraid. 


The next day, the boss is marveling at the jump in their viewer ratings.  He asks who thought of this idea and then we see, sitting opposite him, are QY and Qiao Xin.  QY explains that it was originally her idea, but she didn’t know “Xin Jie” was interested too.  Qiao Xin says it’s because she heard QY was under pressure to raise up her ratings within the next month or else she’ll be fired.  Since she doesn’t want to see QY leave, she decided to help out – as her more senior colleague.  It all sounds so great and helpful, but we know that’s not her style.  The boss is oblivious though and he compliments the two women for working together to help each other.  The boss then asks who they got as their top players to play with them, and when QY would answer, Qiao Xin cuts in to say that it’ll more interesting if they keep it a secret.  The boss feels she has a point and encourages them to put on more events similar to this one in the future. 


The Legends team are analyzing a game.  XK asks Huo Yao if he noticed anything problematic in the game they watched, and Huo Yao invites him to explain.  As XK points out all the weak points, YX nods his head until he points out that Zhao Yang is about to join them.  Zhao Yang arrives to announce that GDV has arranged a program and he needs someone to attend.  XK reminds them of the conditions they set, which included not attending promo events so they could focus on training, and Zhao Yao asks him how they can afford the new equipment he wanted if they don’t get their monies from somewhere.  (He does have a point there, but there should be a balance.  And Zhao Yang is a scheming creep.)  XK answers that that’s for him and CEO Jin to figure out.  He and their coach, on the other hand, will focus on the game.  He then suggests that perhaps Zhao Yang is purposely trying to prevent him from training in the hopes that he’ll lose the next game (and the position of team lead).  Zhao Yang loses that battle and leaves. At the same time, XK gets a text from QY.  She entreats him to be on time to their match and explains that this is really important to her. 


Back in her apartment, QY is pacing back and forth hoping that XK doesn’t leave her hanging again.  YY arrives and asks if QY’s figured out who Qiao Xin’s partner is, but QY has still has no idea who it might be.  When YY notices QY looking nervous, she asks if she’s afraid of Qiao Xin, but QY says that’s not what concerns her.  It’s the fact that XK still hasn’t appeared online.  She asks if he’s going to leave her hanging again, and QY answers that she has no idea. 


Qiao Xin is also getting ready for the match.  She tells the person on the other end of her phone that he’d better do his best to protect her and then she sends a kiss through the phone, saying that she’ll give him his reward first. 


Back at the Legends training center, XK hands out training instructions to the team while YX taps his watch.  XK checks his phone and rushes to conclude their day’s training session.  While the others leave, XK sits back down at a computer and YX rushes over. 


QY is relieved to see XK has finally joined online. 


Qiao Xin starts her livestream by greeting her viewers, announcing that the match with QY is about to start, asking her viewers for their support, and promising to work hard. 


As all the players set up online, XK is surprised to discover that Qiao Xin’s partner is Pei Xi.  As YX comments that this is going to be a fun match to watch, XK asks him why he hasn’t left yet.  When YX says he’s there to watch the game, XK orders him to take his laptop back to his room for him.  Ha.  As YX leaves he mutters, “If you wanted to play a game with a girl by yourself, all you had to do was just say so.”


YY and QY are also discussing Pei Xi being the other opponent.  YY worries that he’s going to be a strong opponent and QY confirms that he was this year’s dark horse, but she tells YY not to worry because VNG still lost to Legends this year.  YY is relieved to hear this.


The game starts.  At one point QY asks XK to come save her and asks where he is.  XK just smiles and smirks in response.  YY and QY grow increasingly frustrated as QY dies and it appears that XK is not doing anything to help her, but he’s having fun and clearly knows what he’s doing and just keeps playing without saying anything.  (I’m sure he’s doing one of his hidden strategy things.)  Around this time, XK starts wondering to himself why Pei Xi isn’t playing the mid-solo role when that’s what he normally plays.  Qiao Xin, on the other hand, comments to her viewers that QY’s not that good at this game and the game isn’t that hard.  As YY shares the livestream with QY, they hear her remind viewers that XK has the reputation of being a klutz.  QY reads the other online comments and says to YY that it looks like she picked the wrong partner.  YY tries to comfort QY as she tells her to restore her life and get back in the game.


Just then, YX comes running back into the room.  XK asks him why he’s back and YX explains he just overheard that because of XK, their team leader is about to sign a contract agreeing to withdraw from the esports circle.  He asks what they should do and tells XK to go check it out.  XK leaves immediately and YX follows.  (Gah.  He should’ve subbed in for XK.)  QY dies again and asks YY to read the comments back to her.  They’re basically all criticizing XK, and both girls are like, “We had no idea he was this bad!”  QY turns back to the computer and realizes XK’s hung up.  They are outraged and QY curses him out.  But then she says that even if he hung up on her, she’s not going to die easily and hops back into the game – good for her!  It becomes a match between her and Qiao Xin, but in the end, Pei Xi comes in to attack QY and she wonders how he could bully a girl like her.  Ha. 


CEO Jin holds a contract in his hand.  He tells Gu Fang that he’s been with the team for so long, he really can’t bear to see him leave.  Gu Fang responds by thanking everyone for their support and saying that he’s done all that he can for the team, so the team’s future lies with CEO Jin, the coach, and Zhao Yang.  CEO Jin hands over the contract and says he hopes Gu Fang will remember, Legends will always be his home.  Just as he’s about to sign it, XK runs in and grabs it out from under him. He reads the contents and points out the terms and conditions require Gu Fang to leave the esports circle.  He says he doesn’t care what the reason is, he forbids the contact and tells Gu Fang that he’s “Gu Fang.”  Even if he retires, he should still remain in the esports circle.  Gu Fang tells XK to not concern himself with this business, but Zhao Yang pipes up to explain that everything Gu Fang is doing including all his sacrifices, is to allow him to be the team leader.  XK rips the contract and says that if this is his only way of becoming the team leader, then it’s a position he doesn’t want.  Gu Fang tells him it’s not the time to be like this, and XK asks him if he doesn’t believe in him.  When Gu Fang answers that of course he believes in him, XK tells him that if that’s the case, then he should listen to him.  He turns to the room and announces.  If they win the next game, he’ll be the team leader.  But if they lose, then he’ll be the one who withdraws.  An angry CEO Jin tells XK that he’d better be responsible for what he just said and Zhao Yang says that’s fine.  They’ll believe in him and wait for him to prove himself, as is this is the kind fo attitude a team leader should have. 


Back in QY’s apartment, she wrap up the livestream sweetly and nicely and then immediately starts cursing out XK the minute the livestream is turned off.  YY adds in her own punches by observing that if he hadn’t hung up, they at least wouldn’t have lost so devastatingly.  But QY points out that the problem is, even before he hung up, he wasn’t watching out for her.  YY decides she can’t let this go and sets out to track down XK.  QY says she’s going too. 


Outside the Legends training center, Gu Fang chats with XK and YX.  He tells them that actually, it didn’t matter whether he remained in the esports industry or not.  He chides XK for being too brash, but XK tells him that he can’t forever be hiding behind Gu Fang’s back, letting him weather all the storms for him.  Gu Fang responds by changing the subject to share that he heard Zhao Yang’s been talking to VNG’s Pei Xi.  This is news to the other two.  YX asks what’s going on, and XK smiles as he comments that VNG’s Coach Wen isn’t your typical person, and she’s not going to be easy to climb over to get to one of her players.  Gu Fang pats XK on the shoulder and tells him that in the future, he’s going to have watch over himself.  XK tells him not to worry and Gu Fang takes his leave.


After Gu Fang’s van drives off, XK who had clearly been on his way somewhere too given that he’s got his backpack and is carrying his motorcycle helmet, turns to YX and says he’s got something to do as well.  As XK starts to walk off, YX calls him back to ask if he really intends on leaving the team if they lose their next competition.  XK asks what he means by asking that question, and asks if he doesn’t trust him.  YX says, “Of course I trust you,” and that’s when YY and QY arrive on the scene.  As the girls storm towards them, YX asks what the situation is.  XK starts walking backwards and says he bets they’re coming to demand satisfaction over him hanging up on them.  YX tells him to leave as he’ll hold them back, and when XK asks if he can handle the both of them, he insists he can.  XK says okay then, and runs to leave while the girls call after him that they can’t believe he’s actually running away from him.  (Oh, this is hilarious.  So great.)  YX stands with his arms crossed and tells them not to move, but the girls basically run past him with YY shoving him aside.  He then has to chase after them as he drags them back.  YY ask him who he is and he actually starts to introduce himself.  She doesn’t really care though and keeps shoving him away to go after XK.  In the end though, it’s YY who holds on to YX and tells QY to continue on while she handles YX.  After QY leaves, they get into their own tussle which results in YY doing a flying high kick into YX’s face. Ow.  When YY starts to approach him where he’s still lying on the ground, he tries to warn her off by saying that he never hits girls.  But that’s great news to YY who takes advantage of the situation to beat him up more.


In the parking garage, QY grabs the keys out of XK’s motorcycle as he asks what she’s doing.  She demands an explanation for what he did and XK plays dumb.  She reminds him of their match and how he just left her hanging.  She asks him if he knows how embarrassing it was for her.  He obviously feels bad, but he again plays innocent instead and is all, “Oh, well you said we were just going to play as a dual. I never said I would protect you, right?  I thought you were really skilled.”  QY answers that’s fine, even if it was never his intention to watch out for her in the game, he should at least have had the decency to see the game through to the end.  He tells her that something came up, which is true, but he hardly sounds sincere about this even as he tells her that it’s for reals.


QY starts twirling the keys in her hand.  She’s like, “That’s fine.  You want to mess with me?” As she keeps walking backwards, XK gets off his bike and asks what she’s doing.  She throws the keys into the trash can and calls them even.  XK angrily asks if she’s crazy, as he shoves her aside to go digging for his keys.  When he pulls it out, we see it looks like he was actually more concerned about the picture on his keychain.  QY watches him trying to wipe it clean with his sleeve and starts to bad as she justifies herself by pointing out he was the one who messed with her on purpose.  That really upsets XK who lets everything fly.  His disgust, his anger, his everything.  He says, “Yes, that’s right. I wanted to mess with you on purpose.”  He tells her that he wanted to see how far she was going to continue on with her act and when she looks like she’s about to cry, he comments on that too, like, “Ohhhh, are you going to cry again?”  He calls her tears cheap and reminds her that she’d once told him she wanted to transform herself, but what has she done since?  He then mocks her by saying that all she does is spend her day trying to get close to them.  He asks if he’s her hard work.  QY starts to cry and says he doesn’t understand anything, and he angrily agrees.  He doesn’t understand.  He then tells her that he’s met a lot of people like her who try to advance by clinging to others, but she stands first in that long line.  He walks away and gets o his bike.  When QY calls him a jerk, he willingly agrees.  He tells her that she clung to the wrong person and offers to give her another piece of advice, which is that the esports circle doesn’t need a “flower vase” like her.  [A “flower vase” is another way of describing a woman who gains employment not for her ability, but for her looks.  This is pretty much the cruelest thing XK could ever say to QY because it’s the farthest thing from the truth. In fact, she’s always said that she doesn’t want to only be seen as a flower vase, which is why she works so hard to improve herself and tries to succeed based on her merits versus looks.]  He then tells her to back away and drives off.


As they walk home that night, YY tries to comfort QY by promising that the next time they run into XK, she’ll help her beat him up.  QY accepts the blame though and says she deserved to be scolded.  She admits she’s always saying she wants to rely on herself, but from Vancouver to today’s match, she’s been a complete novice.  She asks why she ever thought that just by getting close to them, she would be able to succeed.   YY asks how they could go full circle and return to the same point – sounds like they’ve been having this same conversation for the entire night and QY is not to be soothed.  QY sends YY off to go home for some rest.


YX is checking online comments regarding XK and QY.  He feels bad for the criticisms she’s been receiving and points out that she’s still a young lady.  He calls the netizens inhumane and XK arrives just in time to ask who he’s calling inhumane.  YX quickly shuts the laptop and evades the question.  As he starts rubbing his shoulder, XK asks him what’s wrong with him and YX tells him to not talk about it.  He tells him that he almost died by the hands of the girl next to QY.  At that, XK heads for his room, but YX calls him back saying he feels the need to say something.  He tells YX that he shouldn’t be hard on QY.  After all, she has her aspirations too and it can’t be easy what she’s trying to do as a female in the esports circle.  KX says that’s fine and suggests that YX let her cling to him then.  YX says he actually would be okay with that, while XK advises him to stay away from girls like her.  [Famous last words, Ji Xiang Kong.]  He then deletes QY’s number from his phone.


QY arrives home to find the lights won’t turn on.  She lights a candle and looks at the picture of her mother.  She then checks her phone and reads a  text message – I think it’s from the electric company notifying her that she’s late on her bill.  (I’m too lazy to look up all the words in the message so I’m mostly guessing that’s what it is.  If fits the context and would explain why she just kind of laughs/sighs after reading it.)  She flashes back to a childhood memory where her mother had kept count while she did her ballet exercises, offering encouragement along the way.  When QY got to 47, she stopped saying she really couldn’t do any more.  Her mother gave her water and then reminded her that in order to be the best at her recital, she had to work hard and couldn’t be afraid of hardship or be lazy.  She then helped QY finish the last three exercises.  In the present, QY cries and apologizes to her mother’s picture for letting her down. 


The next day, the Legends team are training while Zhao Yang walks past with his assistant in order to observe them.  As they turn away, Wang Bin shares that the organizers of their upcoming competition sent over information with some adjustments.  Zhao Yang cuts him off and instructs him to withhold the fact that their assigned competitor has been changed.  He comments that he’d like to see how they’re going to handle this.  Wang Bin asks how he knew, even without looking at the piece of paper in his hand, that their competitor had been swapped out.  He wonders if that means… and Zhao Yang smiles.  Yup, sounds like he asked the organizers to make the change, sneaky jerk.  Wang Bin actually praises him for being impressive.


The day after, the team arrives at the competition site.  They see the bulletin board which shows that VNG will be competing against Dragon in the first match and Legends will be competing against Newlands for the second.  This is news to them, as they had been assigned to Dragon originally.  Huo Yao comments that there’s no way the organizers wouldn’t have notified them of such an important change.  Zhao Yang and Wang Bin arrive on scene, and YX and KX are not idiots.  They immediately suspect him to be behind this switch.  Which is why YX starts acting by immediately running over to Zhao Yang and asking him to take a look at the bulletin board.  He asks how they’re supposed to play with this last minute change, and the others jump in as well asking him how they should play.  Lu Yang even adds that they’ll lose for sure.  Zhao Yang pretends to be equally surprised and asks Wang Bin if he didn’t receive any notice about the change.  When Wang Bin denies it, Zhao Yang asks the coach if he ever got notice.  He definitely never got any notice.  XK says they prepped and trained under the expectation that they’d be matched against Dragon.  He asks again how they’re going to play, and Zhao Yang pretends like he’s on their side by looking at Wang Bin and angrily asking why he’s still with them and hasn’t already run off to investigate what happened.  Wang Bin runs off and YX starts in again on his complaints about how they’re going to lose now that they’re wholly unprepared for this match.  Zhao Yang tries to calm the team down by promising to investigate the matter thoroughly.  As they watch him run off, they call out things like, “We trust you,” “You have to stand up for us,” and “Thank you!”  And then they fist pump once he’s gone, LOL. 





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Sigh.... QY and XK's impressions and misunderstanding of each other are hard to watch..... but In a way, I can understand.. the story is about growth.. 

And can I add something here for Xiang Kong? .. lols... his action look mean and he does mean them too because of his misunderstanding.. but wow... so many time I want to snicker when I read your recap and say "Famous last words, xiang kong.. famous last words" hahahaha...


Thanks for the recaps @themarchioness 

And props for YX and YY for being the best supporting friend they can! lols 

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 @lynne22, haha, I know.  It goes for the both of them really.  Every time she's cursing him out or he's panning her character, I just giggle with glee knowing how different a tune they will soon be singing.  Never want to see him again?  Soon, you're going to be wanting to see him all the time!  Think she's just a user who doesn't want to actually do the work to get ahead?  Soon, you'll be praising her for her work ethic.  :lol:


I also agree though that watching them misunderstand and have incorrect impressions of each other is hard to watch, but it's also understandable given their current situations.  He doesn't know that she's fighting to keep her job/house just as she doesn't know he's trying to hang onto his position on the Legends team.  They haven't really allowed themselves to look beyond their own troubles, in fact.  And the few times they try to, well, for XK at least, he keeps being disappointed -- it's like the minute he starts to feel bad about the necklace, thinking it really is important to her, she goes and proves to him that he was correct to think of her as a scam artist (even though we know that's really not the case).  I think that probably makes it worse for him in terms of understanding QY's true character.  When you add that on top of everything he had just personally experienced with Gu Fang's self-sacrificing contract and Zhao Yang's devious ways, it's no wonder he exploded at QY in the parking lot.  I give a lot of credit to QY too, though.  As hurtful as that moment was, she uses it as a wake-up call to realize that she's starting to slip into the person she doesn't want to become. 


This is why I love them as a OTP - they really do bring out the best in each other.  :wub:

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I'm back from the weekend and back with recaps!  I like Episode 6 a lot because we finally get to meet the entire Pioneer team and, in doing so, put some names to faces (and vice versa).  We also start to get some back story as to the relationships between the Pioneer team members.  It all makes for a recipe of deliciousness!  ;) 


Episode 6




Episode 6


The episode picks up with the team making a fuss over the competitor in their upcoming match having been swapped without their knowledge.  Zhao Yang promises to get to the root of the problem – a problem he created in the first place, the sneak.  After he leaves, the team fist pumps and continue on their way.  As if they’d be truly concerned about a last minute swap. They’re the Legends.  They’re ready for anything! 


Luo Tian and his co-host A Can welcome the audience to today’s competition.  The first match is between VNG and Dragon, who are invited out onto the stage and then the match begins. 


Over at YY’s workplace, her boss approaches and asks if she’s got anything going on. When she answers that she doesn’t, he assigns her to cover Gu Fang’s retirement party.  YY is excited and only too happy to accept this assignment as she tells her boss it’s not a problem and she’ll take care of it.  The boss, however, tells her she needn’t be that excited and she needn’t even attend the actual event.  He instructs instead that she just call some people up, get information out of them, and use that to arrange an article.  After all, he points out, they didn’t get an invitation so it’s not like she can actually enter the venue.  While YY looks on dejectedly, her boss finishes his task assignment by tasting the product placement snacks on her desk and, finding them tasty, says he’s taking them with him. 


After her boss leaves, YY sits back down and realizes (after looking up the news on her computer) that Gu Fang’s retirement party is that same day.  She can’t believe her boss waited until now to mention it to her.  Then she gets an idea and wonders if this is the gods arranging a chance for her and QY. 


Back at the competition site, Zhao Yang asks Wang Bin how things are going.  Wang Bin reports that they’re currently discussing strategies.  He says that for the past few days, they’ve been discussing how to play against the Dragon team and bets they won’t be able to think of anything to do now. 


On stage, the camera (and the commentators) focuses mostly on Pei Xi while VNG wins the match against Dragon.  As the crowd cheers, Wang Bin expresses his excitement over Pei Xi’s skills to Zhao Yang.  He says they’re just as good as Gu Fang’s.  Zhao Yang responds that sooner or letter, Pei Xi will be one of theirs, and Wang Bin agrees.  He then says that their turn is coming up next and the two evil doers express evil interest over how the Legends team will fare. 


As VNG walks back to their waiting room, their coach tells them to take it easy while they prepare for their next match.  And then they run into Legends.  XK congratulates Coach Shu Wen for winning another match and compliments her for being a “Nu Zhong Hao Jie” (outstanding/brilliant woman).  She tells him to “add oil” (work hard) too, and then says they’ll see each other again at Gu Fang’s retirement party before leaving with the team behind her.  Only Pei Xi (PX) lingers as he says to XK, “I won.”  XK’s like, “I know that, so what’s your point?”  PX answers, “So you’d better not lose,” to which XK responds that he doesn’t think PX should be worrying about that.  PX says, “Great, then I’ll see you in the final match.”  A declaration XK accepts.  After he leaves, YX wonders if PX’s trying to provoke them but XK could care less.


On the stage, Luo Tian and A Can welcome Legends and Newlands on to the stage.  The second match begins.  The Legends begin picking their characters based on instructions from XK, and even their coach sitting in the audience wonders why they’re making some of the choices that they’re making.  He describes it as risky.  Wang Bin and Zhao Yang are also discussing their selections and it’s clear, they think XK is going to lead the Legends team to their loss. 


On the stage, XK calls out instructions to their team and whatever it is they’re doing, it’s working.  Even the commentators are impressed with their play.  The Newlands team starts chatting amongst themselves too.  Too bad for them, it’s a loss anyway. 


CEO Jin and Gu Fang are watching the game back at the office.  After they see Legends winning, Jin points out that the youth of today needs a little bit of pressure in order to perform their best.  Gu Fang agrees.  As CEO Jin passes him some tea, he compliments XK on his direction today.  Gu Fang agrees again, but then points out that according to his understanding of the situation, the team thought their opponent was going to be the Dragon team.  CEO Jin is surprised to hear of this last minute switch, to which Gu Fang points out that only XK would be able to handle a switch up like that.  CEO Jin’s still stuck on the last minute switch though as he asks if the competition’s organizer doesn’t normally notify them of things like that.  He wonders if Zhao Yang was so busy that it slipped through the cracks.  Gu Fang answers that he hopes it was just a matter of it slipping though the cracks, otherwise it would be a big problem for the team.  CEO Jin promises to investigate the matter personally. 


Gu Fang uses this opportunity to once more press upon the fact that he thinks XK is best suited for the team lead position.  CEO Jin chuckles and says he can understand Gu Fang’s partiality towards his own disciple.  But the end result, he reminds, will be determined by the competition.  He then changes the subject to talk about Gu Fang’s retirement party.  He says that per Gu Fang’s request, he sent away all the reporters and instead, only his friends from the e-circle will be present. 


Back at the competition site, the Legends stands on stage.  XK smirks in a direction and then we see Zhao Yang walk out angrily followed by Wang Bin.  Ha!  Serves them right.  Behind them, the commentators are discussing the impressive plays by both winning teams, VNG and Legends.  Whether it was PX’s killing of 5 players or XK’s strategies, A Can says both allowed today’s audience to get fired up watching them.  Luo Tian then shares good news with the audience, which is that the game’s new hero will be revealed during the final competition.  He asks the team captains how they feel about that news and whereas XK merely responds that he’s excited to meet it, PX responds that he hopes to use the new hero to defeat XK.  XK accepts the challenge. 


The Team Legends van can be seen arriving at some place.  As the members climb out of the car, YX comments that there are a lot of people present already and that the VNG team has also arrived.  It’s Gu Fang’s retirement party.  Fans are crowded all around the entrance, but they’re not allowed to enter.  Just as the Legends team heads inside, QY and YY arrive outside.  They also comment on the crowd size.  The security guard tries to send the crowd away, advising them that no reporters are allowed inside today because it’s considered a private, personal event.  QY hears this and asks YY if it was her intention to bring her there to attend Gu Fang’s retirement party.  YY admits this is the reason, explains her work assignment, and tells QY that there will be a lot of big names inside today and if she can meet any of them, that will be of big help to her.  QY doesn’t think this is a great idea, and YY doesn’t understand why.  Until she remembers and asks if QY’s afraid of running into that big faker, XK.  QY asks why she should be afraid of him.  It’s more the fact that she doesn’t think they’ll have an easy way in.  YY tells her not to worry and this is how they end up entering through a side door by putting on an act to get past the security guard.  They basically pretend where YY’s the boss and QY’s getting scolded, and whatever it is they need in order to fix the problem is inside the building.  They use the chaos of the moment to push past the security guard and never let him get a word in edge wise.  (Does that sort of tactic actually work???) 


The Legends team continues walking towards the reception site (and JXK is looking mighty fine in that black outfit).  YX gloats over Zhao Yang’s look of anger earlier and Li Nan and Lu Feng quickly join in, but Huo Yao tells them to be careful lest they get caught and Zhao Yang causes more trouble for them.  YX’s not worried because XK’s got his back, but at that, XK protest and says he’s not getting dragged in with YX.  Oh, the brotherhood.  They are too cute for words.  They finally arrive at the reception site and even though there are plenty of people inside already, XK looks at his watch and says it’s not time yet.  He suggests they walk around some more and the others agree. 


Around this same time, YY and QY are sneaking around the back hallways.  When QY asks if this is really going to work, YY confidently answers that it will.  Except they both freak out when they see something in the distance and hide.  A kitchen worker then happens upon them and YY launches into more play acting by scolding QY and promising to hold her responsible if anything goes wrong with Gu Fang’s retirement party.  They enter the kitchen where the wait staff uniforms are located, but before they can reach them, they’re caught by a chef.  The girls start feigning stomach pain, like they got lost trying to find a bathroom and just manage to escape.  QY ends up doubling back though saying she can’t find the bathroom.  While the chef is distracted by drawing out a map for QY, YY steals the uniforms behind his back and once that mission is accomplished, both girls escape again. 


Disguised as members of the wait staff, YY and QY finally arrive at the reception site.  They stop and marvel at the sight as another waiter walks past and tells them to hurry up.  YY remarks on how full the room is while QY marvels at how pretty the room has been decorated.  They eat from the snacks on the rolling cart they’re supposed to be serving and omg, how are they not going to get caught if they don’t remain on guard?  LOL.  YY pulls out her camera and starts secretly taking pictures.  


Across the room, CEO Jin arrives on scene and greets Gu Fang.  Zhao Yang pulls him away along with several others, including the coach, and all that remain at a standing table are Gu Fang and Luo Tian.  (And now we finally get an introduction to the Pioneer team!)  Luo Tian remarks that after the Pioneer team won the world championship team, he became an esports commentator; Summer opened Dream Journey, an Internet café; and Li Gan and Shu Wen co-founded VNG.  Only Gu Fang remained in the competitive world, but now . . .after he trails off, he says that actually, he still hoped to see his hero win another competition but Gu Fang says he’s afraid “this hero” can’t perform anymore. 


Back on the other side, YY also points out Gu Fang and Luo Tian, but QY says she’s seen them before.  YY then points out Shu Wen, Summer (the one standing with his back to the camera), and Li Gan (the one standing next to Shu Wen).  She’s impressed that all 5 members of the Pioneer team are present while QY is impressed by the amount of knowledge YY has managed to pick up in just the few days since she started her new job.  Having said that, she points out that YY has only managed to tell half the story.  The original five members of the Pionner team are Gu Fang, Luo Tian, Summer, Shu Wen, and Sun Ze Yi.  YY asks her who Sun Ze Yi is, and QY explains.  There are few people who know about Sun Ze Yi these days, but previously he was Pioneer’s team commander.  But four years ago, the same year in which they won the world title, he suddenly and without any explanation retired just before the competition.  That’s how Li Gan ended up taking his place.  That’s why everyone only remembers Li Gan, while they’ve forgotten about Sun Ze Yi.  YY is surprised to hear that such a backstory exists, and then asks if Sun Ze Yi is present, but QY answers that he’s not there and won’t be there.  He’s disappeared for a long time.  At this moment, a chef interrupts them and orders them to go pass around wine. 


As they wonder what to do next, QY quickly turns around and tells YY that everybody at one of the tables knows her – it’s the table with CEO Jin, Zhao Yang, Wang Bin, and the coach.  YY suggests she put her head down– because that’s not going to attract any attention. 


The Legends team approaches Luo Tian (whom they call Luo Lao Shi/Teacher Luo) and Gu Fang.  Gu Fang asks why they’re still referring to him as their Team Leader but XK tells them that no matter what, he’ll always be their Team Leader.  Luo Tian says he heard XK is currently the team’s substitute team leader; he wishes him well and tells him he’ll be watching over him.  XK thanks him for his kind words.  Gu Fang also compliments XK on their match today, and XK says if he’s made the decision to be the team lead then of course he must put forth all of his effort. 


Around this same time, in the background, QY and YY notice XK.  She fumbles a glass as a result and XK looks over, but she quickly covers her face and she and YY hurry off.  They then stroll past Shu Wen, Li Gan, and Summer who are still chit chatting.  Summer takes Li Gan and Shu Wen to task for never coming to visit him at Dream Journey.  He says finding time to meet up with them is harder than meeting a celebrity.  Shu Wen promises to visit him after their current competition is over.  Summer says he understands and he knows that ever since the Pioneer team broke up, they’ve been working hard to build VNG to its current success of today, which he also knows has not been easy for them.  Zhao Yang approaches at that moment and asks how come they haven’t seen PX, and instead of Shu Wen or Li Gan answering, it’s Summer who answers and says his little cousin has never been the sociable type.  Shu Wen comments on Zhao Yang being so interested in “their” PX, and purposely asks, “You can’t be interested in trying to steal him from us, can you?”  Zhao Yang tries to play it off as him just being interested in a player as exciting as PX, and then tells Shu Wen that he would never dare try to steal a player from the likes of her.  He’s then startled to find that Gu Fang and Luo Tian have also approached him from behind, and quickly hurries off saying he has something else to do.  After the Pioneer team clink their glasses and drink, Li Gan comments that PX is someone they raised and yet Zhao Yang dares to have thoughts.  Gu Fang also asks how come Zhao Yang is becoming more and more brash these days.  Summer interjects to say he has no control over whether PX ends up at Legends.  He comments that kids these days aren’t as well-behaved as they used to be and furthermore, he’s just an older cousin so he’s no use.  Luo Tian warns Shu Wen and Li Gan against Zhao Yang.  Shu Wen then asks, “What kind of result do you think we’d see if JXK and PX were to team up together?”  Luo Tian speculates that it’d be something really amazing to watch, while Gu Fang says it sounds like she’s the one who’s trying to steal from Legends.  She retorts back, however, that two years ago, if he hadn’t gotten there first, XK would be a member of VNG.  As the two start to fight (good-naturedly, of course) over this, the other members of their team cut in to redirect their focus. 


As QY and YY exhale sighs of relief over having managed to escape notice this time, YY comments that Summer is one of QY’s personal enemies too.  When she asks why that is, YY explains that PX was the one who played with Qiao Xin in that dual match and PX is Summer’s little cousin.  QY is impressed that YY knows this little bit of nugget. 


As the Pioneer team takes their seat at a large table, the Legends team watches.  YX marvels at the impressive sight, but XK is distracted.  When he asks him what he’s thinking about, XK explains that he’s thinking of his “Sun Ge” (Older Brother Sun).  YX says he has a point, noting that the Pioneer team is just missing him.  He suggests they call him and ask him to come over, and XK agrees to try. 


Over at The King, XK’s friend/mentor is busy taking care of his customers.  He misses the incoming call from XK and finally!  We have a name for this friend/mentor.  The owner of The King is none other than Sun Ze Yi!  XK sends him a text and asks if he’s coming to Gu Fang’s retirement party.  He tells him that he’s the only person missing.  Gu Fang also texts him (calling him“Yi Ge”) and says essentially the same thing, adding that he’ll send him the address. 


Back at the retirement party, the Legends team is seated with the VNG team.  Trash talking ensues, particularly from one member of the VNG team (he is, as we will come to learn in greater detail later, the worst member of that team in terms of personality and character).  When YX stands up, XK tells him to sit down and not engage.  But he gets in a crack of his own, which has the trash talker reminding XK that he’s the klutz.  He then picks on Li Nan, the new Legends member who responds by saying he’s watched their games and only PX is worth watching.  The trash talker responds that PX’s not there and with him absent, he’s the next in charge so if they’ve got something to say, they can say it to him.  Lu Feng pretends like he doesn’t know who he is, and when the trash talker’s sidekick pipes up, he asks who that guy is too.  His team members then explain it for them by panning their characters at the same time and then all the Legends team members are like, “Oh, they’re those two!”  I seriously love this team.  The conversation ends with the trash talking promising YX that he’ll remember him.


Luo Tian stands up to welcome everybody to his good friend, Gu Fang’s retirement party.  He reminds everyone that four years ago, it was because of some play that Gu Fang made that allowed the Pioneer team to become China’s first team to win a world title.  He then adds that it’s four years later, and their last remaining player has decided to retire.  As he continues talking, YY and QY chat over Luo Tian’s amazing speaking skills.  No wonder he’s known as China’s number one esports commentator.  YY then says she wants to go “over there” to take pictures, so the friends break up while telling each other to be careful. 


Luo Tian continues his speech by commenting that now that Gu Fang has decided to retire, as his friend, he can only be happy for him.  But as a commentator, he feels regret that in their gaming world, they are losing one more top player.  He then invites Gu Fang to give a speech.  Gu Fang doesn’t want to, but he gets called up anyway.  (I mean, did he think he was going to be able to avoid it?)  Gu Fang starts off by thanking everyone and then saying he never imagined there would so many people there.  He also never thought that Summer would be able to arrange such a grand and ceremonious retirement party, saying he thought it would be just a small dinner party type of affair.  He then says that everybody knows, his first team was the Pioneer team.  As he explains they picked that name because they were the trailblazers for China in this game, XK spots YY and tells YX to go check it out.  On stage, Gu Fang is still explaining that back then, everyone thought they were just some unprofessional kids playing around but they still didn’t give up.  Even though they didn’t have any sponsors or fans to support, they endured by sharing a bowl of ramen between several people.  Around this time, YX catches up to YY who’s giggling over all the photos she’s been taking.  Since they recognize each other, YX gets straight to the point and instructs her to hand over her camera card.  YY remembers, however, that he once said he didn’t hit women.  YX asks if she’s thinking about hitting him again and after she denies that, she distracts him by saying that Gu Fang is crying and then steps on his foot before running away.  Back on stage, Gu Fang is finishing up by saying he hopes they’ll be able to stand on the world title stage again and proclaim the arrival of China.  He’s happy to have been able to do that once before and encourages those in the room to pursue the continued dream of being able to do it again – is essentially what he’s saying.  I give up trying to translate his speech word for word.  Insert inspirational and motivational speech here!]  His toast: I wish the you of today, all the best.  I wish the future of the Chinese team, even better!” 


When the lights come back on in the room, XK spots QY who quickly turns away, but too late.  He tells her that if she doesn’t want to be embarrassed, she’ll come with him and leads her out of the room.  YY is still on the run, followed by YX.  She tries to hide in a bathroom but he prevents her from entering.  She asks him if this is worth it and they have one of their famed bickering fights before they’re interrupted by a woman trying to exit the bathroom. She assumes YX is up to no good and swats at him to move his arm out of the way before exiting.  YY again asks him if this is worth it, and he says his Team Leader is a low key person who didn’t want any reporters at his event.  They’re interrupted by more woman who want to use the bathroom and while YX is distracted with that, YY tries to zoom off.  When YX catches her again, she suggests they pretend that they never saw each other and offers to treat him to a meal if he lets her off the hook.  The bribe doesn’t work, of course. 


Elsewhere, XK and QY are also bickering.  He scolds her for being thick-skinned and she tells him to not go overboard.  He scoffs at the notion that he’s the one going overboard when, if he hadn’t stopped her, she’s the one who’d be uploading some livestream just to come in first place again.  He tells her, “Don’t tell me you didn’t know that today’s event was a personal one.”  When he asks to see her phone, she takes it out and declares that she didn’t take any videos or photos with it.  After unlocking it, she hands it over saying he can check it for himself if doesn’t believe her.  Of course he doesn’t believe her, but when he checks the phone he can see it is indeed empty of any photos or videos from today.  After he scrolls through her photos, she asks if he’s seen enough and takes back the phone asking if there’s anything else he wants.  He answers, “Don’t let me see you again.”  [Mwahahahaha… more famous last words.]  As he walks off, she calls out to him, “JXK, sooner or later, I will prove myself to you.”  [Yes you will, sweetie, yes you will… LOL.] 


YY is now sobbing in front of YX, appealing to his sense of pity.  She asks him to think about what she’ll do if she loses her job.  YX has clearly  been swayed by this act, but he asks her to think about what’s going to happen to him if her pictures get uploaded.  He asks that they understand each other and YY responds that she’s too upset right now.  She asks that he give her a moment by herself to calm down, and YX agrees to give her time to calm down before they continue their talk.  He asks if she’ll be okay by herself.  YY tells him she will and not to worry.  Fortunately for YX, who’s fallen directly into YY’s trap, XK is right behind her in the hallway so when she turns around, she runs right into him.  Ha.  Suffice to say, he is not moved by her sob story and sarcastically says, “So sad, I almost cried listening to it.”  YX tries to explain, but both YY and XK just give him a look.  Haha.  XK continues dryly, “I sympathize with you, but please give me your camera card.”  YY has no choice but to comply.


Back inside, a lot of the people have left and Gu Fang sits by himself.  Li Gan says he’s stepping outside to make a call and so Shu Wen walks over to join him.  She comments that for such a heavy matter, he’s managed to take it easy.  Gu Fang responds, however, that since he’s made the decision to retire, why should he let it be such a heavy thing.  Summer and Luo Tian join them.  Summer says that when it comes to Gu Fang’s heart, other people might not understand, but they understand.  Luo Tian agrees that Gu Fang’s heart is heavier than others.  Shu Wen comforts him by saying that actually, the fact that he could continue competing for as long as he has, that should be considered a beautiful finish to his career.  The others agree.  Luo Tian offers a toast to the final member of their Pioneer team retiring with glory.  After they drink, Luo Tian comments that they’re just missing Sun Ze Yi.  Summer asks if Sun Ze Yi ever responded to his text, and off to the side, Shu Wen looks uncomfortable.  When Gu Fang answers that he responded and Summer asks what he said, Luo Tian answers, “What else would he say?  It’s got to be that he’s busy or he doesn’t have time, or something along those lines.”  Summer says that’s understandable as he takes care of his Internet café by himself and doesn’t have any help.  Gu Fang suggests that if he won’t come to them, they go find him.  Luo Tian says that’s a great idea.  It’s been a while, so they should go meet up with him but when they look to Shu Wen, she says she can’t today as there’s something she has to see to regarding her team.  Summer tells her to not be like that, observing that every time the five of them try to meet up there’s always one missing, but she tells him to stop raising a fuss as there really is stuff going on with her team.  She Wen then walks over to the Legends team where she tells XK to take care of their team leader, and then takes her leave by telling them to work hard as she’ll see them next at the competition site. 


After they leave, Gu Fang and Luo Tian look at Summer who asks, “Why are you looking at me?”  When they just continue staring at him, he asks, “Did I say something wrong?”  Gu Fang responds, “Shut up.”  XK arrives at that moment and suggests that they leave too.  Gu Fang tells his friends to forget about it, as it looks like “Lao Sun” (Sun Ze Yi) isn’t the only one who can’t let go of the past.  He then stands up and says, “Let’s go to The King.” 




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Last recaps for the day, Episode 7!  I'm enjoying the rewatch as I recap, as I find myself catching stuff I missed along the way when I was still trying to figure out what was going on the first time around.  :P 


Episode 7




Episode 7


QY and YY walk home dejectedly.  YY asks what they’re going to do now that her photos have been confiscated.  QY says she was caught too and that they shouldn’t have left the house today.  To encourage themselves, YY says everything will be okay and that they should walk with the heads up and their shoulders straight.  But the reality of how they feel is far off from what they’re saying, and they still end up walking off in glum spirits.  YY ends by crowing that tomorrow, they must also work hard. 


Gu Fang arrives at The King with Summer, XK, and YX in tow.  Sun Ze Yi doesn’t even look up so when XK asks the “owner” for four computers, he just holds out his hand and asks for their IDs.  It’s only then that he looks up and is surprised to see the four of them standing in front of him.  He asks why they’re there and Gu Fang responds that if they hadn’t, how else were they to find him since he’s such a “busy” person.  Summer suggests they alo go out and have a meet up since they’re all there, and while Sun Ze Yi’s instinct is to agree, he quickly remembers that he doesn’t have anyone to cover for him.  That’s when Summer offers up the services of YX while the other four eat and drink outside The King.  Summer complains that Luo Tian is unreliable.  He was supposed to come with them, but he got a phone call and then had to go work overtime.  Sun Ze Yi comments that he’s always been like that; he’s a workaholic, so they should try to understand his lack of reliability.  As the men clink their beers, Sun Ze Yi apologizes for not attending Gu Fang’s retirement party.  Gu Fang says there’s nothing to apologize between brothers like them, and Summer adds that they know he doesn’t like events like that and won’t force him. 


Inside The King, poor YX is stuck eating his product placement instant hot pot while he also looks wistfully out the window to outside.  When one of the customers call out with complaints about the computer not working, he suggests the customer go home.  Outside, Gu Fang is sharing old timey stories with XK telling him about how hard they used to practice without anyone daring to slack off.  He says it was as if they were incapable of tiring themselves.  XK responds that’s why they were the aces.  Gu Fang quickly says that wasn’t what he was trying to say.  Summer chimes in then to talk about Sun Ze Yi.  He says back then, all he drank was water to the point he overflowed with it.  Summer says he thought Sun Ze Yi came from the monastery he wouldn’t do anything back then, not even have a girlfriend.  Sun Ze Yi responds that since he wasn’t as good a talker as him, and wasn’t as handsome as others, where would he get a girlfriend.  Summer, in turn, responds that he shouldn’t try and pull one over them as everyone knows, in their circle, it was he who managed to capture their incomparable Shu Wen.  Oh no.  Awkward boats.  Gu Fang cuts in to tell Summer he’s been drinking and to stop talking crazy, but Sun Ze Yi tries to play it off like it’s in the past and no big deal.  Summer asks if it’s all in the past, how come he’s always “bu xiang wang lai” (an idiom for: have no dealings with each other).  Sun Zi Ye asks with whom has been avoiding having any dealings, and asks if things haven’t been fine the way they currently are. 


Back at Legends (because apparently this is one endless night), Gu Fang packs up his personal belongings.  XK arrives to ask him what time his plane is leaving tomorrow, as he’d like to send him off, but Gu Fang turns down the offer saying he can go by himself.  He then adds that he heard from Zhao Yang that XK turned down an offer to appear on a reality show.  XK confirms it by saying he doesn’t like doing those things that he considers a waste of time.  Gu Fang nods in understanding and then comments that XK probably knows already why “Lao Sun” left this profession.  XK says he does; he (Sun Ze Yi) had his difficulties.  Gu Fang responds by saying that actually, back then, Sun Ze Yi was the most passionate about the game.  He was also the most talented.  But back then, esports wasn’t something people really understood so, the minute his parents became sick, he could only accept reality.  Hearing this, XK admits to his team leader that he doesn’t quite understand.  Is it that Gu Fang wants him to confront reality or accept reality?  Gu Fang answers, “This profession has its bad parts and its good parts.  We have to learn how to adapt ourselves, in order to go farther.”  XK finally gets it as he says, “Fine, in the future, so long as it doesn’t affect our training, I’ll do what I can to cooperate.”  His message finally transmitted, Gu Fang picks up a picture of the current team and tells XK he’s taking it with him.


The next morning, XK meets with his teams to discuss the attributes of five game heroes (I think these are the news ones that the game is releasing as part of their current competition).  He tells his team their goal is to select these five heroes so they can come out successful.  Huo Yao, however, expresses doubt over this idea as they’ve only started training with these heroes.  XK responds that while that’s true, the same could be said for their opponents.  YX agrees with his “Kong Ge” and in the end, Huo Yao says that since XK’s their leader now, he will follow him without question.  Li Nan says he will too and XK thanks his teammates for their trust.  Huo Yao pipes up once more to point out a different problem, which is that they don’t have a lot of time to practice with these heroes and Zhao Yang wants one of them to go appear on some reality show.  He says it’s a waste of time, but XK tells him not to worry as he already knows about it.  He then tells everyone to start practicing.


QY is asleep in front of her computer at home when she gets a message.  Whatever it is makes her happy as she quickly responds and says, “Finally, it’s been confirmed.”  It looks like she’s reading her Weibo message board and feeling happy about whatever it is she’s reading when she decides to use the time to keep practicing the computer game. 


Zhao Yang meets with CEO Jin and says that the day before, he received a message from GDV who says they will no longer work with them.  When CEO Jin asks to know why, Zhao Yang’s all, “You don’t know why?”  He then complains that GDV had picked XK out specifically to participate, but XK had rejected all the offers saying he didn’t have the time.  He then adds a “but,” and purposely hesitates.  When CEO Jin asks him to continue, Zhao Yang says, “But he does have the time,” and reports that XK had the time to play in a dual match with that reporter from Planet Video.  CEO Jin in surprised to hear this.  Zhao Yang starts to lay in about how they can’t afford to have GDV on their bad side when XK arrives.  CEO Jin welcomes XK by saying he was just about to look for him.  He says he heard from Zhao Yang that GDV had asked him to… XK cuts him off at that moment.  He explains he had come to discuss that very matter with Zhao Yang because he’d already confirmed with GDV his participation on the show.  Zhao Yang says that’s impossible and asks how he didn’t about this.  XK hilariously acts dumb as he asks in a very surprised manner, “You didn’t know?”  He then tells Zhao Yang to ask his phone what’s going on because the people at GDV keep calling him, but he hasn’t answered his phone.  At that, Zhao Yang hurriedly pulls out his phone but he finds it empty of any messages. He then rushes to prove himself by showing his phone to both CEO Jin and XK.  XK just responds by telling him that, in the future, so long as their team’s practice time is not affected, all Zhao Yang has to do is give him the word and he’ll do his best to cooperate.  Having said his piece, XK takes his leave of CEO Jin who tells him to go forth and practice.  Zhao Yang, on the other hand, is left looking like a blubbering fool in front of CEO Jin as he entreats that he really didn’t receive any messages.  When CEO Jin just keeps staring at him, he rushes to offer tea as a peace offering.  CEO Jin tells him to hurry off instead. 


QY is still practicing the computer game when she meets with another defeat.  She asks herself if she really isn’t suited for being a commentator for this computer game.  In the back of her head, she hears her boss telling her that he can only give her another month’s time to improve before he has to cut her loose.  She also looks at the text reminding her of an outstanding balance.  As she puts her phone back down, a call comes in.  It’s the director from a GDV show asking her to appear on their reality program where one of the pro players from the computer game will appear with a hostess of the game.  She gratefully accepts and the host tells her that he’ll send over the details of the show and other information via email. 


On the day of the show, QY rolls her eyes to find herself in the same waiting room as a gleeful Qiao Xin.  PX is also there.  Qiao Xin tries to engage him in conversation by handing him a bottle of water and asking him to help open it since her hand’s not feeling well, but PX just takes out his ear buds and thinking she’s offering him water to drink, tells her he’s okay.  This makes QY laugh considering PX is supposed to be Qiao Xi’s boyfriend.  PX shows Qiao Xin he has his own bottle of water and sips from it.  The show’s director arrives with XK in tow and while he looks look like he’d rather be anywhere else than there with her, QY is still reeling from surprise.  She asks the director if she’s being paired with JXK, and the director answers in the affirmative explaining that Qiao Xin and PX are a pair while she and JXK are a pair.  He then tells them to rest for now and that he’ll let them know when he’s ready for them to begin.  XK just wordlessly puts his stuff down as he takes a seat, and on the other side of the room, it’s Qiao Xin’s turn to laugh.  She gets up at waves to XK, but he looks away from her too.  Qiao Xin then walks over to QY and asks her what the matter is given that she was always under the impression that QY and XK had a good relationship.  QY asks her what business this of hers, and then says, “Your idol’s about to leave.”  PX walks by and Qiao Xin is left chasing after him.  When QY turns and notices XK staring at her, she asks him what he’s looking at.  He tells her that he guesses she spent a lot of time pondering the show in preparation for it, and when she asks him what he means by that, he asks her not to make him believe that today’s pairing is just a coincidence.  He implies that she had a hand in them being paired together for the show, and as she did not, she lets him know in no uncertain times that she was also invited to participate in this show and that before today, she had no idea that she would be paired with him, “this big idiot.”  He clearly doesn’t believe her as he stands up and promises to let her experience what it’s like to be in the limelight.


The scene cuts to the show where the host announces that another question has been incorrectly.  QY goes falling into a pit of balls and this is clearly not the first time this has happened.  We can sum up this scene by describing it as – every time it’s PX’s turn to answer a question about how to play the game, he answers correctly.  But every time XK is up for bat, he answers incorrectly on purpose.  QY grows increasingly irritated as she keeps falling into the pit of balls and is soon cursing out XK while throwing balls at the window.  Qiao Xin, on the other hand takes great delight in QY’s misfortune and asks her if she’s alright and telling people to hurry up and help QY out of the ball pit.  By the time they reach the last question and XK still hasn’t gotten one right, QY yells out to him that if he has the ability to do so, he should keep answering incorrectly because there’s nothing she’s afraid of.  Of course he accepts the challenge and… answers incorrectly!  By now, QY is yelling in the ball pit that he’s doing this on purpose and XK is smirking on stage.  [I’d feel worse for her if I didn’t just find this all to be a beautiful set-up for their eventual relationship.  Does this mean there’s something wrong with me too?  Haha.] 


After the first round, A Can remarks that PX and Qiao Xin are in first place.  He then calls the women over to the stage and asks if PX and Qiao Xin have anything they’d like to say.  Qiao Xin takes the microphone and as she starts thanking people for their support, QY asks XK on the side whether he’s having fun.  XK smirks and answers that whether he’s having fun will be up to him to decide.  QY just fumes.


The next round is a duel between the two pairs.  PX walks over to tell XK that he hopes that he’ll treat this next round more seriously so that he can see his real ability.  Once the game begins, the commentator comments that the pro gamers are playing steadily as they test each other out whereas Qiao Xin and QY are coming out aggressively towards each other.  XK tells QY to stop pursuing Qiao Xin and retreat, but she is not listening.  The commentator comments that Qiao Xin has managed to lure QY into her trap and that’s when Qiao Xin calls PX over for help.  With QY’s hero losing blood/life quickly, she asks XK for help but he says there’s no way he’s going to go over there just to die with her.  When QY dies, she complains that it looks like XK is actually playing for the other side too.  That’s when XK tells her that if she wants to win, then she’ll follow him.  When she reacts in surprise, he repeats his instruction that she should follow him and not go anywhere.  He then adds that he’s not trying to help her, he just doesn’t want her dragging him down.  As they keep playing, he again tells QY that she not go anywhere.  She asks him if her standing there and getting killed again is his strategy, and he repeats again that if she wants to win, she’ll stand there and not do anything.  He keeps telling her to stay out of things and not get involved, and when she asks if he’s sure he doesn’t need her help, he tells her to stay put.  Finally, he draws in PX and tells her she can now start throwing her weapons.  She’s so caught off guard, she’s like, “What?” and he tells her to hurry up and help.  Together, they kill Qiao Xin and then they work together to knock down the other team’s water tower.  When they win, QY hops over in excitement ready to high ten, but XK leaves her hanging. 


Back in the waiting room, QY walks in happily with her prizes and calls YY to share the good news that she won a GDV stuffed rabbit and a laptop.  At first YY’s excited, but then she has a reality check and wonders how she could win with her skill level.  QY explains that it was XK.  She says that at first, he really was trying to bury her, but in the end, when it came to the critical moment, YY can’t know how powerful he was.  He took control of both PX and Qiao Xin and squashed them to pieces.  YY doesn’t think that makes any sense, but QY says that’s exactly what happened.  The director arrives at that moment and asks her to pass on the stuffed rabbit that he left behind.  She doesn’t seem to like that idea, but the director says he’s too busy to do it himself. 


XK, meanwhile, is still hanging out with the crew signing autographs and taking pictures.  After they leave, PX arrives.  He says that other people like to call XK a cheat on the battlefield.  XK admits that he’s been called that before, and PX also admits that XK did just manage to trick him in the game just now.  XK says it was just a small trap that he set just now.  He was surprised PX actually fell for it.  PX responds, “Not bad,” and adds that he thought “that rookie” would be XK’s burden.  He never imagined that XK would actually be able to make some use out of her.  “To make the best possible use of men” (an idiom), XK says that’s his principle when playing.  PX counters that if they’d been playing a solo match today, XK wouldn’t have won.  I love how XK (almost) never lets himself be drawn into battles like these.  He just nods his head and says that’s quite possible.  He acknowledges that in their league, PX is the fastest in hand speed and that when they’ve played solo, he’s been the loser for the most part.  But he tells PX not to forget.  In their game, it’s never been a single person’s competition.  PX responds by telling him to bring out his best in the upcoming competition, and XK reassures him that he’ll only be better: because he’ll be a team of five.


QY catches up to XK in the parking lot.  She passes over the bunny and explains the director asked her to give it to him.  He thanks her and she says it’s fine as she should be the one to thank him for helping her win the competition.  She also compliments him on how beautifully he played the game, and he answers that if she hadn’t been there, he would’ve played even better.  To QY’s credit, she doesn’t get offended.  She just says she knows, but still wants to thank him.  He asks her if there’s anything else and it’s obvious QY is reluctant to see him go given how she places her hand on his side mirror, but he just looks at it and says, “Hand,” so she quickly retracts it.  She then musters up all her courage and says she’d like to treat him to a meal.  XK’s in disbelief.  He says he’s been playing tricks on her for an entire day and she still wants to treat him to dinner?  He asks if she didn’t hurt herself from all those falls and she tells him she’s fine.  In fact, she tells him, standing on that high stage, it was even a little exciting.  [Wow, someone has become totally smitten through watching him play this one match. Haha.]  She then shares that she has always had a dream of being an esports commentator, and that lately she’s been practicing, but the game doesn’t seem to be as easy as she thought it would be.  She says she can’t seem to figure it out and he’s the only player so… He finishes the thought for her, and asks if she wants to know if he’ll teach her.  When she nods her head, he says sure and climbs off his bike.  He asks her how she would like to be taught.  She explains that she created a video where she analyzes the technical abilities of one of the game’s heroes, but it was a mess and all the online netizens criticized her heavily for it.  She asks XK if, it’s convenient for him, whether he’d be willing to look at it.  He says sure, and then asks if they should look at it there or at her house.  QY asks, “My house?” as XK starts playing the part of a lech (to scare her off) by walking her back up towards a garage column.  He answers by airing his suspicions, which is that all her “hard work” is basically an effort on her part to start some sort of vague relationship between them so that rumors will about them will start swirling around.  QY says that wasn’t her purpose and tries to escape, but he just traps her again and tells her to keep acting.  He clearly doesn’t believe her.  He accuses her of trying to give him enough rope to hang himself and says that since she’s taken the initiative anyway, they should just go to her house.  QY pushes him away and says he’s gone too far.  He asks if he’s the one who’s gone too far or if she’s the one who’s put on one too many play acts.  He reminds her that in Vancouver, it was she who pretended to be Gu Fang’s fan.  On the livestream, in order to get more viewers, it was also she who danced.  The person who stole video footage and uploaded it was also her.  He concludes with today’s show, as an example, and asks her to ask her own conscience about what right she has to enter their circle apart from her little brain.  He then tells her that the only reason their industry exists as it does today is because people have labored and worked hard over it.  There’s no room for someone like her who’s just hoping for instant success.   QY angrily retorts back that no matter what she does, it’s not up to an idiot like him to try and give her a lesson.  She then tells him to back off and runs away. 


When XK arrives him (with bunny ears poking out of his backpack – haha) he finds YX in his room.  He asks YX why he’s there and YX answers he was missing him and because his room is more comfortable.  LOL, awww, these two.  When YX spies the bunny ears, he reaches out and asks him what that is, but XK puts the bag aside and tells him it’s none of his business.  KX then asks him what he’s watching and YX admits it’s QY’s video and says she’s been scolded something horribly online.  That’s when XK thinks back to what QY had just said to him in the parking garage about how she’d made a video that all the online netizens were criticizing.  XK tells XY that if he’s got nothing to do, he shouldn’t watch these messy things.  YX asks him how he can call it a mess and asks if QY didn’t also attend today’s filming.  YX comments that they won the prize together and then adds that they seem to have a lot of fate.  XK comments that YX seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands and asks if he’d like him (XK) to add two hours to his practice time.  YX quickly answers that he’s not at all idle and is incredibly busy, as he runs out of the room. 


After he leaves, XK sits down in front of the computer and watches the video a little bit more.  He then says, “She was telling the truth.”  When the video ends, he asks himself If he went overboard. 


In QY’s apartment, she sits in sadness with the bunny.  YY sends her a WeChat and asks for an update on her situation with XK.  She asks when QY thanked “the trickster” whether he was surprised by her magnanimity and whether he reflected on his own shortcomings.  QY responds by lying that all she did was say ”thank you” to him.  YY immediately responds that XK’s the type to have a lot of online critics, so QY is better off keeping her distance from him.  QY says she knows and thanks her for the reminder.  After she puts down her phone, she asks her mother’s picture whether she’s really that bad [as XK had described].  She promises her mother that she’ll work hard and won’t give other people an opportunity to look down on her. 


Back in XK’s dorm room, he’s still watching QY’s video.  When it ends, he leaves her a comment, “Manufactured in a rough and slipshod way” (idiom).  On the opposite end, QY checks her online responses.  When she sees the new reply, she responds, “Even though you gave me a low assessment, I’m still 100 percent grateful that you clicked and watched my video.  I’m currently working hard to learn.  If there are any areas in the video where I made mistakes and omissions, I welcome your criticisms as well as your pointing out my mistakes so that they can be corrected.” 


XK sees her response and says, “You’re actually pretty modest.  Well, then I guess I’ll give you some guidance and criticism.”  He then pulls out a notebook and starts to write. 


The next day, Zhao Yang is at a coffee shop waiting for someone.  It turns out to be PX.  He asks if PX wants anything to drink and when PX holds up his hand, invites him to sit instead.  Zhao Yang tries to suck up by asking if PX got stuck in traffic and if he’d known earlier, he would’ve made reservations at some place closer to VNG in order to not take up too much of his training time.  He then comments that inviting PX out is really a hard task, and adds that in all his years in the industry, he’s never witnessed a player like PX.  He starts complimenting PX on all the maneuvers he played the other day.  PX just listens in silence with his usual blank slate expression.  Zhao Yang then says that even before PX joined VNG, he’d had his eyes on him.  It was just that Summer and Shu Wen were old friends, so he didn’t have an opportunity.  But he tells PX now that speaking honestly, VNG doesn’t suit him.  He tells PX that he’s strong, but that’s not enough given that this is a team sport, and that’s why VNG can never rise to the top.  PX asks if Zhao Yang’s inviting him to transfer to Legends.  Zhao Yang answers that so long as he’s willing, he’ll accept anything. 


PX asks, “Who’ll be the team leader?  Ji Xiang Kong?”





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Ugh, I think the events that Xiang Kong and Qui Ying are currently experiencing are some of the most difficult parts of the drama to watch.  It is just so hard having to see them bear the weight and guilt of crimes they didn't even commit!  I remind myself, however, and comfort myself with the knowledge that it is through these events that they finally reach a turning point in their relationship.  No pain, no gain, right?  Indeed, I'm excited to recap the next episode tomorrow as it's got one of my favorite moments.  ;)  Before then, however, here are recaps for...


Episode 8




Episode 8


When PX asks Zhao Yang if he wants him to transfer to Legends, Zhao Yang observes that his contract is with VNG is coming to its end.  He then says that if PX is willing to move to Legends, he’ll give him the best of everything and even make him into a bigger star than Gu Fang.  When he sees PX deliberating, he adds that he brought all of his sincerity with him today so, so long as PX’s willing, he’ll accept anything.  PX asks, “Who’ll be the team leader?  Ji Xiang Kong?”


The scene cuts to Zhao Yang meeting with CEO Jin who asks if, based on Zhao Yang’s report, it’s certain they’ll be able to sign PX.  Zhao Yang confirms that with his efforts and CEO Jin’s reputation within their circle, he’s certain it won’t be a problem.  CEO Jin responds by acknowledging the challenge they have had in trying to replace Gu Fang who was so popular, since there aren’t many players who can fill that role, and then tells Zhao Yang to hurry then and sign PX.  Zhao Yang says there’s just one problem, which is that PX’s only condition for transferring to their team is that he be allowed to be the team lead.  As CEO Jin considers this condition, Zhao Yang says that any way he looks at it, whether it’s from ability to public praise, or the ability to grow in the future, PX is way better than JXK.  He then points out that even CEO Jin just admitted that PX could be their next Gu Fang, and adds that CEO Jin isn’t aware of this, but the minute the news went out that JXK was going to be the team’s substitute leader, the public opinion was not favorable.  CEO Jin responds, however, that they previously promised Gu Fang that so long as XK won their upcoming competition, he’d be named the official team lead.  He says they can’t go back on their word.  Zhao Yang, on the other hand, points out that Gu Fang’s already left so they shouldn’t keep following his influence in deciding how to develop their team.  He tries again to persuade CEO Jin by saying that rather than leaving such a strong player like PX as their opponent, they should turn him into one of their own. 


Over at Planet Video, we see Qiao Xin finishing up a phone call with Zhao Yang.  She tells him to leave everything to her.  At that same time, Yan Yan returns from a coffee run.  (Ugh, the pushover has returned to her pushover ways.)  Qiao Xin comments that the temperature of the coffee is just perfect today and Yan Yan waits nervously until Qiao Xin takes a sip of the coffee and comments that it too tastes good today.  Yan Yan says if she likes it, she’ll bring her coffee every day.  Qiao Xin responds that she just got a phone call from a friend in advertising who was looking for a model for undergarments.  Qiao Xin says she remembers Yan Yan used to model for ads and suggests she’d be perfect for the job.  Yan Yan isn’t sure about the undergarments part, but Qiao Yin manages to persuade her with the money amount of money she’d earn.  She makes the opportunity extra palatable by warning Yan Yan about the unsteadiness of their current work.  She reminds her of the difficulties QY’s currently experiencing and comments that Yan Yan’s actually in a worse position.  When Yan Yan admits she could use the income, Qiao Xin makes herself out to sound like she’s trying to be this great friend looking out for her.  She even comments that she knows she can have a hard mouth sometimes and that people who don’t know her would find her ill-tempered, but the truth is she really does care for Yan Yan.  Because Yan Yan is a pushover and clearly not bright, she walks into this very obvious trap. 


PX walks alone at night and thinks back to that time when Shu Wen had come looking for him while he was playing the game.  She’d complimented him, but added that it looked like “Summer’s little cousin was an even stronger than Summer.”  PX had replied then, “I’m PX,” and Shu Wen had asked him if he was interested in joining VNG.  He’d asked her why he should go with her, and she’d told him that he needed a strong team in order to help him win the world title.  PX had answered that if it was because of Summer, he didn’t need her as he always relied on his own abilities to speak for him, and Shu Wen had reassured that him she would never gamble with VNG just for the sake of Summer. 


Back in the present, PX thinks back to Zhao Yang telling him essentially the same thing, which is that no matter how strong of a player he is, he’s nothing without a strong team since it’s a team sport.  He also remembers Zhao Yang telling him about the limitations of a team like VNG’s. 


QY is at home playing the game and taking notes when her doorbell rings.  She comments that it’s already so late and calls out, asking who’s at the door.  It’s Yan Yan, so QY rushes over to open the door.  Yan Yan tells her that she got in a fight with her boyfriend and had no other place to go.  QY asks her how come she didn’t call her, otherwise she would’ve gone to pick her up.  She tells Yan Yan not to worry as she can stay the night, and even offers to make her food.  Yan Yan is in obvious guilty mode and doesn’t say a word, but QY just keeps talking assuming probably that her friend is still in shock over the fight with her boyfriend.  While QY is busy in the kitchen, Yan Yan apologizes to QY in a voiceover and says she doesn’t have a choice.  She then takes out a flash drive from her purse but turns skittish once more when QY calls out asking if she likes hot peppers.  Yan Yan says okay, and QY says she remembered Yan Yan liked spicy foods.  Taking a gulp of breath for courage after after a lot of hesitation, Yan Yan starts to work on QY’s computer. 


The next morning, YY is getting a talk from her boss.  Sounds like she was actually trying to do real news work, and he’s taking her to task for not just talking to other people in order to put out an article.  [Seriously, where can we find a workplace like hers?]  Just as he’s asking when a small outlet like them would ever have a chance to report on anything big anyway, YY gets an incoming text.  She checks her phone and it’s a video of XK and his teammates getting into a fight with Jeffrey from the Tatan team.  She tells her boss, “We just got big news!” 


Meanwhile, XK is having a meeting with his team members.  He brings up PX’s usual choice of heroes in the game and begins discussing game strategies.  Huo Yao comments that he’s familiar with this hero and expounds on its attributes.  Li Nan is surprised to hear how strong this hero is and offers to try practicing with this hero as well.  Lu Fang tells him to forget about it, as it’s not like he’s PX, but Li Nan says he thinks he and PX are about 50-50.  Everyone scoffs in response and XK adds that none of them, individually, are his equal match.  Lu Fang agrees and recommends that should anyone find themselves alone with him, they should run.  YX scoffs and he says he doesn’t believe that there isn’t a way for them to find a way to handle him.  XK snaps his fingers and agrees; they aren’t without any methods.  As he grabs some snacks, he tells the other members that there is a loophole and asks them if they know what it is.  YX laughs out loud and when XK asks him if he knows what the loophole is, YX responds no, he’s laughing at something else and calls XK over to look at it.  It’s the video of them arguing with Jeffrey.  YX says the end of the video is fake, and they laugh while wondering who would’ve doctored the video footage.  They start pointing out who’s who in the video as XK points out that’s not how things really went down that day.  Only Huo Yao remains serious as he snatches the phone and tells them to stop laughing.  He points out that with the final match of their competition coming up, he suspects that there’s something more behind the timing of the release of the video.  The others grow serious as YX says he has a point.


YY calls QY who’s still sleeping.  When she finally answers the phone, YY asks her how she’s still sleeping at this hour.  QY responds that she stayed up late the night before and YY says that means she probably has no idea what just happened.  QY asks her what happened, and YY tells her to hurry and search for XK’s name online.  QY pulls up her laptop as instructed and finds the video.  She tells YY that it’s completely edited and asks her who posted it.  YY tells her that everyone online is saying she posted it.  QY says that’s impossible as she was at the hotel parking lot at that time, and this video is completely altered from what she saw with her own eyes.  YY asks, “It’s not the same?” and then asks QY what she means.  QY tells her that at the time, she clearly saw that XK did not hit anybody.  She doesn’t understand how the video shows otherwise.  When YY asks her if she’s certain and tells her to think things over carefully again, QY answers that she’s very certain.  All XK did back then was grab Jeffrey by the collar.  YY says that means someone is purposely trying to frame XK, and then adds that it’s just as well he’s finally getting what he deserves after the way he’s been treating QY.  She then hangs up while QY continues to scroll online and wonders what’s going on.


What’s going on is Zhao Yang and Qiao Xin; ugh.  The two evil doers are at a café together and Qiao Xin is laughing over the video.  She takes great delight when in reading aloud an online comment telling QY to exit the e-circle and stop being a bad person.  Zhao Yang points out another comment and Qiao Xin laughs over that one too.  Qiao Xin then compliments Zhao Yang over this great idea and says it looks like they were both able to achieve their objectives.  Zhao Yang responds that it was a pleasure working with her.  Although Qiao Xin smiles initially, she has an additional thought.  [She should never have thoughts.]  She observes that all the online netizens suspect QY to be the culprit behind the video, and then asks Zhao Yang if he thinks this lesson that she’s receiving is too light.  Zhao Yang lets out at impressed gasp of surprise as he tells her, “Great minds think alike.”  He then tells Qiao Xin that he’s already prepared a lawyer for her.  As he says this, he lays his hand over Qiao Xin’s but she quickly takes her hand back.  He then asks if they should have a meal together.  She agrees that today’s turn of events is certainly worth celebrating, but wonders if he shouldn’t return to the team to continue handling things from that end.  He wonders if he needs to, but when all she does is smile, he can only guess that he should.  [Great.  Zhao Yang is evil and a creep.  At least Qiao Xin has some standards?]  Qiao Xin offers to give Zhao Yang a ride and when he’s like, “Ah?” she cheerfully tells him to not be so polite, and leads him out the café.


As CEO Jin hurries to a meeting, we hear the coach saying loudly, “If you have something to say, just hurry up and say so!”  CEO Jin arrives at the conference room where already waiting for him are the coach, Zhao Yang, and XK.  He asks what’s going on and Zhao Yang starts his explanation.  He brings up the video and says they’ve managed to find the originator of the post.  It’s the reporter from Planet Video, the same one who previously reported on the clash between XK and Jeffrey: QY.  XK, to his credit, asks Zhao Yang if he arrived at that conclusion through guessing or actual proof.  Zhao Yang passes over a folder to CEO Jin and asks him to take a look.  As CEO Jin reviews the materials inside, Zhao Yang explains that after comparing IP addresses, it can only be QY.  He says he’s also verified it.  CEO Jin asks what she’s trying to do, and asks what’s up with her.  He asks XK if she has some sort of enmity against them.  While XK looks over the report himself, Zhao Yang shares that he’s been receiving phone calls all afternoon.  Everyone wants to know what kind of relationship XK and QY actually have.  He adds that online rumors are currently swirling over how XK played with QY’s affections.  CEO Jin tells him to block them, and Zhao Yang says he also doesn’t want to believe them.  When XK puts down the folder, CEO Jin says he remembers he and Q – he can’t remember her full name, so Zhao Yang supplies it for him: QY – once played in a dual match.  XK admits it and says he left her hanging.  Zhao Yang says it’s no wonder then; if he left her hanging, how could QY not be offended.  XK admits it could be possible.  CEO Jin suggests they arrange a press conference immediately where XK apologizes for conflict incident [i.e., the Jeffrey video] and clarify his relationship with QY.  He tells XK that he must protect his image lest it affect the team.  XK protests that at the time, everyone was present.  Since he didn’t hit anyone, he doesn’t understand why he has to apologize.  He also points out that the video is obviously edited. 

He then tells Zhao Yang that if he has direct proof, he should sue QY and allow her to verify his innocence.  The coach agrees with XK and says they should let the law settle this matter; otherwise, it’ll just get worse.  XK tells the CEO that he still has to train and takes his leave. 


The other teams gather and discuss the video.  They ask if it was QY and Lu Fang says it was.  He says he heard their legal department already contacted her attorney.  Huo Yao asks YX if there’s anything going on with QY and XK, but YX says he hasn’t a clue.  After some thought though, he says he’s going out for a second as he knows who to ask.  Li Nan warns him that the outside door is full of fans, but he tells them not to worry as he has a way. 


At that same time, YY has arrived outside Legends.  She wonders what’s going on when she notices the crowd of people outside the Legends home base.  She then says to herself, “Who cares what’s going on.  I’ll take a few pictures first.”  Just as she’s wondering if she should trick YX into meeting her outside to see if she can get any information from him, and pulls out her phone to look up his number, the man himself arrives on scene to pull her aside.  As he grabs her arm and runs, she yanks her arm back and tells him to let go, asking him if there’s something wrong with him.  YX merely responds with a nonverbal response, to which she asks him what’s up with his expression.  She asks him if he ate the wrong medicine.  YX responds by telling her that he’s not going to tolerate this matter anymore.   He then continues by saying, it’s true.  When it comes to the matter of the dual match, his “Kong Ge” was in the wrong.  But it wasn’t so grievous an offense to merit QY’s form of revenge.  YY objects to his observation as she asks him what “revenge” he’s talking about.  She tells him that QY didn’t do anything and then objects to the fact that XK was the one who behaved inappropriately and now he’s trying to place the blame on QY.  She then demands that YX tell er what “revenge” he’s talking about. When he finally does, he explains it as: QY was trying to latch onto XK’s leg, she wasn’t successful, so now she’s trying to avenge herself by making a false countercharge.  YY responds by hitting him on the head and asking him to just try saying that once more.  They end up in another one of their classic cat fights.  When YX’s finally on the ground (again), she tells him to listen up.  QY’s not interested in latching onto his “Kong Ge’s” leg, and she certainly wouldn’t seek revenge over some stupid thing like that.  YY tells YX that QY is the nicest person she’s ever met so they’d better not try and mess with her again, otherwise she’ll kill him. 


When YY turns away to leave, YX tries to tell her stand still.  But when he stands up, he loses one of his shoes in the process and picks it up.  YY sees the shoe in his hand and assumes he’s about to throw it at her.  She asks him what he’s trying to do and starts reaching for her own shoe.  YX hurriedly tells her to stop and that’s not what he meant.  He then quickly puts his shoe back on, tells her not to hit him, and finally gets to the point by saying he has proof.  He tells YY that the IP address behind the video is QY’s IP address.  She reacts in disbelief, “What?” 


Over at Planet Video, QY’s boss puts a piece of paper in front of her and tells her that the lawyer for Legends just left.  He puts down another piece of paper and says the IP address behind the video is the same one as her home IP address.  QY stands up and tells her boss that this is impossible and that it has to be a set up.  She also points out that if she had wanted to do something like this, she wouldn’t have been so stupid to use her own home computer.  The boss says the problem is even with her explanation, it doesn’t solve the problem.  She asks him for time and promise that she’ll be able to investigate it thoroughly, but the boss asks her what’s the point of investigating when all the evidence points to her.  He then points out how this puts the company in a very bad position and says he really doesn’t have a choice.  QY asks if he’s trying to fire her, and her boss tells her that if they can’t reach a resolution to this matter, the Legends team won’t work with them again.  He says they’re in the middle of trying to revamp their programs and can’t afford to have bad relations with the strongest team in China.  He asks her to place herself in his shoes and ask herself what she’d do.  He apologizes and says he’ll have HR sort out the termination paperwork.  He offers her an extra month’s salary.  QY apologizes to her boss and for causing trouble to the company. 


As she walks out of Planet Video with her box of belongings, people walk past commenting, “It’s her.”  Qiao Xin also arrives on scene and snarkingly comments, “They get dumped and seek revenge.  They doesn’t even know what kind of person they are and whether they have the ability.”  The person she’s with adds, “I heard that JXK isn’t even a good thing,” and Qiao Xin comments, “It’s called ‘birds of a feather flock together.’  They’re a perfect match.”  [Well, she’s not wrong about that!]


XK goes to the practice room and finds only Huo Yao there, slumped over a monitor sleeping.  When XK covers him with a jacket, he wakes up.  XK comments on him practicing and Huo Yao laughs at himself by saying, “Look at me and my age.  All I did was practice for two hours and got tired.”  XK responds with reassurance by saying he’s the team’s hardest worker and they should all learn from him.  Huo Yao then asks him what’s going on with the video and says he hopes it won’t affect his participation in the upcoming competition.  XK apologizes to him for causing trouble before the competition.  Huo Yao responds by observing that after Gu Fang retired, he became the oldest member of the team.  He says XK knows that for pro gamers like them, their golden period is just these few short years.  That’s why for him, every match he plays is one less match he’ll play.  He then tells XK that he’s entrusting his last hope of winning the world title with him.  He starts to ask what’s going on with QY, but XK cuts him off and reassures that there’s nothing going on between him and QY.  He also promises that he won’t let anything affect their competitions.  After Huo Yao pats him on the shoulder companionably, XK offers to practice with him for a while. 


Over at VNG, while PX and the two non-annoying members of the team are practicing, the two annoying members of the team are reading the online comments and commenting how the Internet is full of news concerning JXK.  They comment on how this is great for them, with the competition coming up in just a few days.  They also laugh over the online comments that are bashing XK.  PX finally has enough and tells them that their practice time is not their gossip time.  That’s when the most annoying member looks at his watch and announces that it’s 6pm.  Practice time is over!  He offers to treat everyone to hot pot.  PX says they should be practicing with the competition coming up, but he says their strategy is just “four protect one” and they’re all familiar with it already.  He asks PX if he won’t be fine if he just plays the game by himself.  At that, the annoying member’s lemming says it has been a long time since they’ve had hot pot and gets up to join in.  Another member gives in and the last member (the weakest of the bunch) promises PX that they’ll return before their evening practice session. 


CEO Jin, the coach, and Zhao Yang are in a meeting with an irate man who’s also the head of the team’s biggest sponsor.  CEO Bai is upset over the video and demands satisfaction from JXK.  The coach tries to explain he’s currently busy practicing, but CEO Bai is not having it.  When Zhao Yang points out they have a competition coming up, CEO Bai demands to know who made him the substitute team leader when he wants someone who has a positive and healthy image.  XK arrives and CEO Bai asks him about his relationship with QY.  He says everyone online is accusing him of having played with her affections, which is why she retaliated against him.  [Ugh, I hate how secretly delighted Zhao Yang looks!]  XK tells CEO Bai that there is no improper relationship between him and QY.  He then apologizes for his carelessness and the trouble it has brought the team, and says he came today with the hopes of being able to resolve the problem.  CEO Bai asks him how he plans on doing that when he wants everything online to disappear.  XK angrily retorts that the online video is obviously edited and suggests they look to the actual people involved for clarification.  Zhao Yang doesn’t think there’s any way QY would cooperate, but XK’s not talking about QY.  He means Jeffrey.  The coach chimes in that XK has a point.  After all, if they tried to clear matters from the end, it wouldn’t necessarily sound believable.  But if Jeffrey stepped up to clear matters, then that would solve everything.  Zhao Yang doesn’t like this idea, of course, so he quickly points out that while beating Jeffrey up may not have been real, it’s true that XK did clash with him.  He wonders why someone they’ve offended would be willing to help them out.  XK responds that Jeffrey is ambitious and proud, and if he knew that everyone assumed he’d been beaten up by XK, he would absolutely come forth to deny it.  XK then adds that coincidentally, Jeffrey will be in China these next days.  Zhao Yang’s like, “Is that so?  That’s great!”  [Haha, probably his worst news ever.]  Zhao Yang then promises CEO Bai that he will use all his sincerity to meet with Jeffrey and try and gain his assistance.  He begs CEO Bai to calm down and CEO Bai says he’ll leave it up to Zhao Yang then.


Zhao Yang returns to his office where he huddles with Wang Bin.  When he asks Wang Bin to look into when Jeffrey will be in China, Wang Bin says he’s already done so and Jeffrey will be arriving the next day.  Zhao Yang reacts, “Tomorrow?” as he punches his fist in his hand in obvious displeasure.  Wang Bin ask if Jeffrey will make an appearance [to clear matters] and Zhao Yang answers that it’s hard to say.  Wang Bin asks what they should do, and after a moment’s pause, Zhao Yang instructs Wang Bin to go arrange for the team to have some more practices.  He also tells Wang Bin that if XK makes any moves to try and meet with Jeffrey, he should do everything he can to stop that from happening.  Wang Bin says he understands and Zhao Yang sits down at his computer where he comments that first, he’s going to stir things up online even more.  That way, in a month’s time, even if Jeffrey does clear things up for them, it’ll already be too late.  Wang Bin compliments him on his craftiness and offers tea, but Zhao Yang waves it away saying he won’t drink.


QY and YY are at a coffee shop waiting nervously.  YY tells QY not to worry, she’ll keep her company until her lawyer arrives and she’s confident that there will be a way to solve everything.  QY gets a voice text, but she puts her phone back down.  When YY asks who it’s from and why she won’t even look at it, QY tells her that it’s from Xia Ling.  YY asks, “Oh, that little brother of yours?”  And QY answers that he’s not her little brother.  YY points out that even if they have no blood relationship, they are still related by law.  She encourages QY to read the text in case it’s about something urgent.  Resigned, QY holds up her phone and they both listen to the message.  Xia Ling says he’s seen the online news and asks if she’s doing okay.  He says he’s worried about her and their dad is too.  When QY puts the phone back down, YY says, “Look!  It looks like your little brother really cares for you.”  QY responds, “Sure, they are really caring.  If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be like this right now.” 




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