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ACGHK 2019

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hey everyone, Usagi here... a small update and that is I might not be appearing at ACGHK 2019 this as there is a small change on my side, but that really depends so I'll update everyone with some updates on this upcoming event this year.


First of all the upcoming yearly cosplay competition has return, anyone joining this every has to be 16 years old and above with parents agreement to join this event.

Deadline of the sign up form is June 28th before 6pm, please read the online agreements, before joining the event here is the sign up form link.

Interview will be held on July 6th "Saturday" for those who are chosen!

Link: https://qrgo.page.link/ityT8



Also please congratulate the following new original Manga / Comic Artist that has won for 2019


To preview their original manga / comic, please do go to the ACGHK 2019 and have a good look at the winning works, thank you for all the artist that join the competition, we're looking forward to your new publish and wish all the winners the best on their new career and that their hobby has became their dream business, thank you for your wonderful hard work.

B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd year has come back to ACGHK as well!! 
This year there will be new figures, arts and toys that will be shown in this fair!


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this years Heart Beat Artist that would be on stage for ACGHK 2019


Ena Fujita



Miku Sawai

Chihiro Yonekura


I'll update some of the performance time later, before the event starts.


B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd Year

Also includes the most and awesome 10 figure artist that will be show casting new models at this event during the ACGHK Convention 2019

Artist includes the following

John Chan (國內Black13 figure品牌)
Jei Tseng (台灣J.T Studio figure 品牌)
William Tsang(香港藝術家及鐵人兄弟成員)
Steven Chui(香港雕素導師)
Winson Ma (香港猿創作藝術總監)
Calvin Lo (香港figure設計師及品牌策劃)
Ultraman (香港figure設計師)
Johnson dog(香港插畫師及雕塑家)
Aaron Liu (香港figure設計師)


There is also a Hong Kong original animated file - Sherlock 


Thank you GOLDEN SCENE for the support of Hong Kong artist and help make small artist dream come true.

Link https://www.facebook.com/great.holmes/

my little brother would love to watch this, as he used to read this artist small stories. haha, its great to know the artist for Mr. Great Holmes has now got his own animated movie, congratulations! 


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OMG Jan Kwok the original Figure and Tattoo designer will be appearing at B.O.A.T PARTY Invitation [Both of the Art & TOYS Fair] 2nd Year!!

beside Tattoo design that he is famous for.... his original dark style figure are going to shown at the event this year!! here are some pictures that are 3D and death / punk style theme. everyone's style and views are different. but it does bring some understanding to the tattoo world and the world of figures and art style of other people's design and taste.







the current design you see is called Tattoo Zombie that is design by Jan Kwok

now just a personal point of view, the design is mainly dark theme and has s small amount of horrible, but that's what he's famous for so I respect the way he drew it as it gives people a big understanding that tattoo is not a 2D art but a 3D to 4D artwork!

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this years event contains the following, 







from what i know this is the second year for the ESPORT CARNIVAL to join ACGHK as well as holding a music festival, currently there is not much update on the music festival so I'll be getting back to everyone later on that.

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for safe reason Cosplayers please stay in the Cosplay Area if your not heading into the event halls, in case another misunderstanding happens outside the convention hall, please remember to have your stamp ready to prove that your a cosplayer at the event as well as the picture on what character your cosplaying. 

if your lining up outside the event hall for the free entrance for the cosplayers that day, please bring full picture of your cosplay character as well as your ID card to get in if you did not sign up online.


here are the maps for this year's hall setting.



Because it's chinese, I'll come back later on translating what the map says... give me a bit lol

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i'm back with a small translation on the event map, now those who wish to be at CP 06, please remember to have your cosplay stamp shown and do not leave your wallet or phone at C3 Hall, although there is a place for you to change and have your items watched over, anything important keep it on you all times, which means carry a small wallet holder with a chain lock around it. and keep it attached to your waist all times. "no one is going to go body searching you if your a girl" <- to boy cosplayers who are dressing as a girl, please be aware that some people might mistaken you are a female, and if they happen to touch your shoulder or leg or anywhere... stay cool and let them know you don't know it and that your a male, if any female gets into this problem please do not handle this alone. call for help or as a friend to join you.


C3 Hall is open to registered and lined up cosplayers for people, please remember to have your ID Card, Character Information and Picture ready, as well as the confirmed email printed out if you've been approved for the event. please remember to arrive on the marked arrival time go in and get changed and ready. if your going into the ACGHK Expo please remember to let the staff know your a cosplayer and have a stamp on your hand as proof. 

Those who are coming to the event with suitcase and if hanging out with friends and is staying around the C3 Hall, please remember to keep all important things in with you, and if you lose anything on your cosplay costume, that's just a small matter... if you lose your phone or wallet that's a big problem so please keep everything with you. 



also please keep in mind that the tickets this year cost only 5 dollar extra due to extra events held within the expo, please understand.also the tickets are able to be pay by online payment or any payment app.


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congratulations to the following 9 cosplayers that is in the cosplay competition and wish you all good luck and may the lucky winner win~


p.s: i will be at the event, might also do a live so I don't have to end up taking pictures alone, i'll keep everyone updated before the day of the event if anything is prepared and ready on my side as right now i am getting things ready.



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how to enter the event map, i'll translate this soon.. .again, and the performance list.... sometimes you have to remind the team you can't read everything... in chinese.... ah... shoot me...




mm....in case people ends up going through the park, I'll try this map out with a live stream... if i get lost.. please please blame the map!!


oh yes, if the stage live end up sounding like, "that's my feet... " or "ooff..... my chest, not you hit my head" in the live, something happen to me, it'll all be on my page...don't ask what happen you'll have to guess.

and no there is only 9 contestants this year for the cosplay competition, so i made no mistake or missed any updates.





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Today is the first day of the ACGHK event, at the same time I had another meeting with the Gin and Tonics upcoming event so I was moreover running back and fourth today! So I haven’t made my main round to the e-sport right now and I will do so! Upcoming Final Fantasy PS4 game and hoping they get back to me! For now I’m out, will be back in day two or three

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uugh, day 4 was awesome i saw one of the most awesome street fighter players on stage, active and very very fun to communicate, here's the funny issue, i missed a small amount while i end up crawling into the live stage and somehow born short is very funny cause i end up laying flat on my chest taking a few close ups.

i'll post the pictures soon, but remember if short use it to your strong point lol, then i headed over to 曼迪香港 that held some awesome Sakura items, only a few close ups. haha nothing much was brought at the event other than the stage live, got to be honest the phone of mine is a bit wacko so...if it sounds weird i'm so so sorry! pictures will come soon, for now i need a rest.. still ringing in the head.


first of all, i'm back with some edits, the live song you hear is from the band called 26時のマスカレイド or 26 masquerade in english that is a new female group, the song you hear at the start is called -スノウメモリー  [Snow Memory]

but due to my live was a wacko I've posted the original video as well as my page so you all know I didn't lie, I end up rushing a bit, so I didn't watch the full live, but the girls are very gifted. either I blocked mic, or something happened no clue, but it was damn loud at the event so I swear its my fault on the weirdness.... ah need to get this fixed


Excuse the screaming for the playstation live, as I was very excited, by the way yeah my phone mic either died on me, or everything sounds muffled, but trust me I was in the front, very front and I did my best.. now about the pictures of the Playstation Event, 100% awesome, and very very interactive with the fans and public! good change! love it.

enjoy the messy live lol, pictures will come back soon!


edited 2 - came back with event page facebook live link connected to the show~ pictures are on the way, still trying to figure what when wrong with the sounding... lol


Day 1 and Day 2 Cosplay Competitive 

Including the Day 5 cosplay performance which included Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Germany~ 


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