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[OFFICIAL] Shin Hae Sun ❤️ Kim Myung Soo (#SooSunCouple or #DanYeon)


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And watching animes... She said once in a interview that during college she was active in forums of discussion of animes/manga. And in her free time she likes watching Gintama 


Otaku couple, indeed

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On 6/22/2019 at 8:11 PM, Shosi_for_9 said:


This is the cutest vid of Soosun couple I see today. :'( I wonder why they didn't upload a full one? 

Anw, did you notice Myungsoo in the first clip, after Haesun said stop it, he obediently follow and said "Arasso, khamenhae" haha so cute :wub: 

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when you find bits of pieces of valuable gold from youtube :wub:


MS saying that they are very comfortable with each other :



And of course, we get some staring game going on here ;)



Oh my shipper heart I hope you don't break into pieces :cry:

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Just pointing a few things on my favorite video right now:

Myung Soo seems to be really friendly with SHS's manager. I'm sure she is a supporter

1:17,  when Hae Sun says something about the angle, he laughs and look at her manager (short blonde hair beside HS)

1:50 When Hae Sun takes MS's hands of the heater and accuses him of being nice just for camera her manager hits her in the back like "what r u talkin to ur boy, woman" :sweatingbullets:

2:03 the manager with the heater, otherway, is sure a anti. Look at her face <_< at the bickering couple

2:11 SHS manager watching them :rolleyes:

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On 6/23/2019 at 8:00 AM, immorethant said:

He may be impressed by her acting so he probably want to study at the same university as hers.



Do you know who else went to Sejong?  Kim Bo Mi! (Ni-Na!)

Might need to start a new thread...

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