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[OFFICIAL] Shin Hae Sun ❤️ Kim Myung Soo (#SooSunCouple or #DanYeon)


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On 7/3/2019 at 8:55 AM, digi223 said:

It goes along these lines:

DJ: So, you had wished to get married early?

HS: Life doesn't follow according to what we plan. But I have always had marriage in mind.

DJ: First of all, you should find a boyfriend. There is an order to everything.


The guy has popped the question, she can start planning now, LOL 


On 7/3/2019 at 11:07 AM, jakey09 said:


The vibe though. While the topic was on. Am I the only one who sensed a serious/awkward vibe suddenly?! :ph34r: In a good way of course. 

I felt that he looked contemplative :ph34r:


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In the past, we had SHS confessing her feelings for a guy on April Fools' Day


And now in the BTS, we have KMS proposing jokingly:







AND asking her out for dinner jokingly 


They are so alike in this sense, LOL :lol:

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The rings might be props but I love that they still wore them off-screen.

I don't mind them getting used to wearing them though, haha :wub:




When he looks at her instead of the food, our shipper mode steps in :lol:

(It's only tomato, but still...)




He's leaving a spot for her... Just wondering if we will see any other photos of them together :unsure:

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Hahaha, KBS is cracking me up with their captions. Shipper much?

Considerate KMS, but the swing is wet as well XDD




We saw how KMS looked at SHS in the BTS, but this look from SHS is cute too



Just narrating what someone saw...

When she was running towards him, he looked happy and expectant.

And then the impact of her bumping into him (aka body contact) had him blinking a few times.

And lastly, of course, we got that look from him



P.S.: That shout from KMS at the end of the BTS, does he always do that or was he shy after that scene? Cos it was like when he scrambled out of the car in the other BTS, haha


On a side note, I'm pretty sure the rain kiss didn't take just one take since the movements of hands was discussed in the drama thread and part of those are different from those in the BTS. Besides, being such a high-profile shipper, KBS would have given us close shots if they could. Seeing that people are asking for the rain kiss BTS, I guess they are just forced to give us that, LOL :ph34r:

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