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[Drama 2020] Good Casting, 굿 캐스팅


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Thanks @larus for the new stills. :)

Is anyone else getting "Protect the Boss" vibes from the scenes between Lee Sang Yeob and Choi Kang Hee? Just swap out Lee Sang Yeob to Ji Sung and voilà ! :D

And what is happening between KWW and Ye Eun? Looks like she's not too thrilled to be in the kitchen with him, whereas he looks quite content...

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Choi Kang Hee And Lee Sang Yeob Encounter Danger + Yoo In Young Makes Dinner For U-KISS’s Jun In “Good Casting”


SBS’s action comedy drama “Good Casting” has shared new stills ahead of the upcoming episode.

“Good Casting” tells the story of three talented female agents at the National Intelligence Service who were forced to become pencil-pushers until one day, they get the chance to go out into the field again on an undercover mission.


In the previous episode, it was revealed in a flashback scene that company CEO Yoon Seok Ho’s (Lee Sang Yeob’s) first love was his tutor Baek Chan Mi (Choi Kang Hee). The new stills show Yoon Seok Ho furious as he witnesses Baek Chan Mi in danger. After running into someone at a rest stop and quarreling back and forth, Baek Chan Mi unleashes her skills as a top agent to bring down her assailant.


However, when Baek Chan Mi spots Yoon Seok Ho, her fierce expression changes to fear as she hides behind him. Yoon Seok Ho sports anger on his face as he confronts the attacker. Curiosity is mounting over why the two ended up at a rest stop, and whether or not Yoon Seok Ho will find out the true identity of his secretary who eerily resembles his first love.


The producers commented, “The two characters add sweetness and fun in the midst of all the tense action. Keep an eye out for how their relationship will progress.”


Meanwhile, undercover agent Im Ye Eun (Yoo In Young) and rising star Kang Woo Won (Jun) surprise viewers with uncharacteristic sweetness. In the photos, Im Ye Eun goes to Kang Woo Won’s house and dons an apron to prepare a fantastic dinner for him. Kang Woo Won looks at the table full of dishes as if in disbelief, but Im Ye Eun doesn’t appear satisfied based on the sullen look on her face.


Kang Woo Won sits at the table in the final pictures, looking up at Im Ye Eun with a sweet smile. What could be the reason for Im Ye Eun going to his house, and how will their relationship progress?


When filming for the scene, Yoo In Young and Jun prepared by reading through their lines together multiple times and deciding on gestures to use. Jun made everyone on set burst into laughter when he saw all the food on the table and asked, “Can I eat this after we finish filming?”

The producers commented on the pair’s relationship, saying, “The actors are happy to see that there are many fans who want scenes displaying Yoo In Young and Jun’s chemistry. You can definitely expect to see more of their chemistry in future episodes.”

The next episode of “Good Casting” airs on May 18 at 9:40 p.m. KST.































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I am watching this drama weekly but somehow didn't find my way into the thread so far. I have to say it's pretty quiet here :(

I guess there isn't that much to talk about unless you want to get into the plot logics. I just enjoy the ride. 


I always love a spy comedy. I don't know why there aren't more of them. And always love a female lead cast.


I like the style of the drama. Those little editing tricks, the soundtrack. And i have to say the action is surprisingly great. The best i've seen in quite some time in a kdrama. I just prefer this to when you have a 1v20 fight in a supposedly serious OCN drama. I think it has a lot to do with that the drama is preproduced and i like that. Which also means no last minute changes to pander to themselves or the audiences. And of course it also helps with the shitty production conditions for the staff etc. I hope the trend continues.


It's my first drama with Choi Gang-Hee but i'll watch Queen of Mystery next. I always thought of her as this quirky comedic actress.

DANG. I didn't know that she is so FIT. (Not in the Lee Da-hee super tall and slim style). She has pretty broad shoulders and just looks really strong. The wide clothes probably play into that. When she did her little walk and dance through the prison it was quite an impressive appearance. You don't want to mess with that one.



I kinda thought the drama would be a lot more about the work in the company. Basically an office comedy about handling the tasks and undercover work at once. So far there has been very little of that and a lot of spy plot outside instead. Well i love the action. 

Some of the plot and slapstick is a bit too stupid.



On 5/5/2020 at 3:50 PM, corey said:

If these three agents are the best NIS can muster for such a critical mission, god help the K-Dramaland!  :D


For real. They must spend all their budget ob bribing people.. They have so low ressources assigned to this mission. It can't be hard to find another person who can get into a club but she has to fight her way in :D

Or the recent bomb and hostage plot. So what if he blows up lol? They always potray the NIS as some kind of police organization that wants to arrest people or cares about casualties.



On 5/16/2020 at 9:35 PM, corey said:

Yes, I was flabbergasted about that too. Yes, I get this is a comedy show, yes, I get it that it is a format for the drama that good gus are clumsy and bad guys smart, but this actually throws the entire logic of the show out of the window. I mean whaaat? Let her go? When she was caught red - handed?


Yep. And again. They are not the police. It's not like they care a lot about legal justifications. Or they can always just use the National Security Act.


But as you said it's all good fun.



Lee Sang-yeob is basically shooting his own little memory romcom so far. Which is a lot of fun but i wouldn't mind a bit more from him either.


Yu In-Young is super fun. I was glad that she that she had some opportunity to show off her hacking skills earlier in the show when she was just making coffee otherwise. And i mean she seems a lot more capable than the two dudes in the van.. (let's not even talk about them :D)

I really like her plot. I feel like i should love it and i want to. But the idol/actor is just such a richard simmons. Ughh. I get that he is supposed to be immature and maybe not the brightest. The problem is that he is just super rude to people. I also get that she is his assistant and gets ordered around. But all of that could be done in a ok but he is still kinda cute and fun kind of way. But he just seems like an richard simmons. We also got to see how he treated his former manager and probably all the people he thinks aren't on his level. And just because he might fall in love with her and starts treating her better doesn't change who he is as a person.






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@corey I went to check. The guy is 29 in the description even though he is born in 1997. Ye Eun with the 3 year daughter is written as only being 28 years old. Although she was born in 1984. Making her 13 years older than the actor.


But if the writer wrote them as 28 and 29 years old then yes romance will be a strong possibility.

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9 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Excuse me but is the young snobby ill- mannered celebrity going to have a love line with YIY? Eeewww....


What's wrong??? I'm all for it hahaha



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From Lee Sang Yeob's Instagram:







“Good Casting” Maintains No. 1 Ratings Spot, “Born Again” Sees Boost In Viewership



Despite a dip in ratings for the third consecutive episode, SBS’s “Good Casting” has maintained its position as the No. 1 Monday-Tuesday drama.

According to Nielsen Korea, the May 18 broadcast of the drama recorded nationwide averages of 7.6 and 9.1 percent viewership, for a 0.1 point decrease from the previous episode.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s “Born Again” saw an increase in ratings Monday, recording averages of 2.4 and 2.9 percent, for a 0.6 point boost from the previous episode.


source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1401208wpp/good-casting-maintains-no-1-ratings-spot-born-again-sees-boost-in-viewership

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3 hours ago, corey said:

I've "seen" ep 7 (actually, fast forwarded most of it). Two things: So Chan Mi was forced to break up with YSY?? What is the contract that the men in black talked about when then stopped her from seeing him at the funeral (or maybe it was explained only I missed that bit - quite probable). And the next ep seems like fun, with quite a lot of development between WW and YE!

YSY's mother was dead, maybe his father didn't let him see her. By ep 8, there will be a parting when they break up, but they have never actually dated.

The person I'm most worried right now is Ye Eun and her daughter. The phone that Hwang Mi Soon copied at the end of ep 7, it was installed with hacking software 

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Is no one watching this anymore? @triplem @corey @joccu I hope you're still onboard? ;)  I am laughing out loud in every episode despite the fact that the story is a bit ridiculous... :D


Some thoughts about the ep 7 and 8:

  • Was anyone else surprised about the fact that Seok Ho has an ex-wife? He seems to have some passive aggressive feelings towards her.
  • So the NIS laptop Ye Eun was using was infected with spyware. This plot hole really irritates me,  because there is no way that a NIS laptop wouldn't have a physical camera cover in place.... <sigh>
  • We learnt that Seok Ho's dad died on the same day as Min Seok. There must be a connection there, and the common denominator is Michael
  • KWW is warming up to Ye Eun. I am glad she finally stood up for herself - that's what is needed in order for the relationship to become more balanced
  • Seok Ho's secretary isn't the person we all thought he was.
  • Ye Eun's daughter saw a suspicious character in the playground and said "Dad?". Now she's never met her dad, so if she thought it was her dad she must have recognized him from a picture. Is Min Seok still alive?
  • I can't shake off the feeling that there's something suspicious about Seok Ho.
    There might be two organizations: Michael and another unidentified organization? Maybe Seok Ho and his secretary are in the other organization and they are also trying to take down Michael? Or then there is just Michael and Seok Ho is a part of it?
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@partyon yeah I'm still watching.

This weaks episodes were fun and finally we are moving in the plot wise. 

I'm also wondering how is it possible that NIS hacker doesn't know that someone hacked you.!! 


I really wasn't that surprised that SH was married and even less surprised that it was arranged between the families. 


ONE thing that got me thinking. What does the Michael actually want?  Money and power? Why steal information? To sell the information? 


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IA with your point on Seok-Ho being involved with the bad guys (or is Michael). it would be an interesting plot point and an interesting way to utilize his character which thus far has been flashback scenes. While some fans might be disappointed because they want a Chan Mi/Seok-Ho endgame, I think that there's something more suspicious with his character. Episode 9-10 is next week, and we are more than half way through the show by then. I wonder if his character is going to change? It would make sense imo, the usage of the creepy song, getting close to her, acting naive with her, and etc. Maybe because she rejected him back in the day? I hope they get a fight scene between the two of them because I feel like his actions thus far have been red herrings. Plus, I would love to see a delicious villain pls!! 


P.S His secretary shot really well at the game thing they were doing. Hmmm ;) 


The rain fight scene in the recent episode was so cool and badass. I hope that the show pivots more to an action vibe in the latter half because compared to the comedy, the show does the best when it takes its action seriously. That moment when Seok-ho is standing there, he just happened to be there after she gets injected hmmm....


Also why is Lee Sang Yeob cast as a divorcee in all of his last three dramas lol? 


Another side note: It's a bit weird that the show's ratings have been dipping. If it was consistent with its double digit ratings, I would be like not bad. But the fact that it is makes me a bit worried because I want to see more female led stories. I wonder if next week, it'll go back to 10% and up or go further down...On the bright side, it's pre-produced so there's so way to go back and re-shoot.



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I barely have time to watch so I don`t comment much as I used to. The story is silly at times but I laugh and that`s good.


When the ladies came one by one to get in the van! MiSoon scarring Ok Cheol with her "ghost face", Chan Mi beatting the guys in the parking lot and pretend to be a victim when Seok Ho came. Speaking of Seok Ho, I was glad that the writer come up with a way to make Chan Mi and Seok Ho spend more time together.


The secret agants being hacked when they were trying to hack the target? Oh boy....

Ye-Eun was kidnapped and so her daughter?

I just want someone to suspect Seo Kook-Hwan because I can`t stand to hear him scream to his subordonates anymore.




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Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, And Cha Soo Yeon Have Tense Confrontation In “Good Casting”


Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, and Cha Soo Yeon are locked in a tense confrontation in the upcoming episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Good Casting.”

“Good Casting” tells the story of three talented female agents at the National Intelligence Service who were forced to become pencil-pushers until one day, they get the chance to go out into the field again on an undercover mission. Choi Kang Hee plays Baek Chan Mi, who may not have the best personality but is the greatest agent, Lee Sang Yeob is Ilkwang Hitech CEO Yoon Seok Ho, who tries to uncover the secret of his father’s sudden death, and Cha Soo Yeon plays Shim Hwa Ran, Yoon Seok Ho’s ex-wife who was once in a marriage of convenience with him.


In the previous episode, Shin Hwa Ran found something fishy about Baek Chan Min and Yoon Seok ho, and hired someone to tail the two as they embarked on a business trip. Baek Chan Mi faced off agains the mysterious man who was chasing them, and she was shocked to find Shim Hwa Ran’s business card in the process.


The upcoming episode is set to follow a tense confrontation between the three of them. Shim Hwa Ran storms into Yoon Seok Ho’s office, and the two are in the middle of having a serious conversation when his secretary, Baek Chan Mi, walks in. Shim Hwa Ran glares at her and when Baek Chan Mi falls, Yoon Seok ho goes to help her but is stopped by Shim Hwa Ran. Baek Chan Mi knows that Shim Hwa Ran had her and Yoon Seok Ho followed, Shim Hwa Ran knows Baek Chan Mi’s real identity, and Yoon Seok Ho is standing between the two women, and viewers are curious to know what will happen next.


The production staff stated, “Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, and Cha Soo Yeon needed barely any directing or rehearsals to pull off the perfect scene as they are are all veteran actors. The trio’s confrontation will throw a new wrench into things and raise tension for the second half of the drama, so please anticipate it.”

The upcoming episode of “Good Casting” will air on May 25 at 9:40 p.m. KST


source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1402246wpp/choi-kang-hee-lee-sang-yeob-and-cha-soo-yeon-have-tense-confrontation-in-good-casting












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Good Casting: Episode 7

by Sunny


Our ladies realize a spy’s job is never done as they roll from one hair-raising mission into the next. While they may be the ones doing the heavy lifting, the real struggle lies with their fearless leader who faces the most challenging mission of all: getting the women actually follow his lead.




Mi-soon and Ye-eun manage to disarm the bomb vest on Cheol-woong as Chan-mi continues to grapple with a man bearing an “M” tattoo. While Wang Kai confirms the data package and parts with Ok Cheol until the next delivery, the women despair to discover a second bomb has been triggered. Cackling, that tattooed man attempts to escape but Chan-mi is able to prevent him slamming the door – first with the keychain she’d received from Seok-ho, and then her arm (ouch!).

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/05/good-casting-episode-7/

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