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[Drama 2020] Good Casting, 굿 캐스팅


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@reddragon Lol no worries. He got called out for allegedly having double eye lid surgery which he denied, and said he got them when he starting losing weight and showed pics of him when he was young to dispel that lol. So natural or fake, I guess I got used to it ha. Sometimes he can look dorky or plain, and sometimes he can look really cute. I think the scenes where his head is tilted down might be what you're referring to? 


Woo won is an awful character, ladies do not date or fall for a misgynostic richard simmons like him who tries to love bomb you to stay. That's emotional abuse!! And his character had no stakes and no depth or change. Meanwhile Secretary Byun was the best character till the end </3


Overall it was fine. Just a quick watch. Nothing more, nothing less.

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I don't really follow actors and cannot remember the names of majority of them.  But Lee Sang Yeob I  know from his many appearances on Running Man (my fav show).  I think he has a cute expressive face.  He doesn't need to say much but can convey a lot just from his expressions.


I didn't like Woo Won from start to end.  And I really felt sorry to see him end up with Ye-Eun.  She's had a tough break and going from a real man to a girlie, sissy diva.. might be better for her to fall in love with Mi Soon who is 10x the guy Woo Won would never be :D


This was a very enjoyable drama.  Love the interactions between the 3 ladies.   It really lived up to its name 'Good Casting' :)


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22 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

So what was the ending? I am stuck or rather behind in about 6 dramas so can't catch up.


 I mean I want to know if she ended up up with the guy. I don't really care about the villains.

There is a happy ending to each story line. Pretty much in the same way as anticipated from starting.

The major loss was Secretary Byun :dissapointed_relieved::heartbreak: I just loved watching each time (or even re-watch:lol:) when he was onscreen. He lighted up each seen with his funny charisma. The bonding he shared with Soek Ho and Chani mi was so heart warming. I teared up at the scene when he died.

I too agree that so characters were unnecessarily built. For instance, the idol (seemed just for the sake of a young couple onscreen), Soek Ho's ex. But I think each of them served a specific purpose. In case of Soek Ho's ex, it showed the kind side of Soek Ho. Though she was a b***h, still he saved her from the board members. For Woo Won, even though he wasn't of any help after 3-4 episodes still his presence and actions made us laugh at times. [Still the way, his and Ye Eun's story progressed, it was so raw]


I know I am mixing up emotions. Pardon, but that how is my state of mind right now. 


Anyhow, it liked watching it. Hope you too did. Stay safe.


Currently watching - Dinner Mate

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Good Casting: Episode 15

by Sunny


As the number of individual threats begins to dwindle, the remaining antagonists decide to step up their game. Time is running out and the spies scramble to complete their mission before the final phase of the tech is leaked and catch the man (or organization) responsible in the process.




After murdering Kook-hwan, Ok Cheol’s triumphant singing is interrupted by a call from his shady Russian organization warning he has three days to get phase 3 and get out of Korea without blowing his cover. Ok Cheol mutters to himself there’s just one more left and cackles at a picture of Chan-mi with Seok-ho, remembering he’d met her before. News of Kook-hwan’s death reaches Gwan-soo and he calls Chan-mi to tell her they identified “Michael” and fill her in on his way to verify the body.

As the body was found at the airport, Chan-mi worries Ok Cheol fled but Gwan-soo has already put out an alert and thinks Ok Cheol will try to remain in Korea to handle phase 3. Having arrived, he verifies the body is Kook-hwan and tells the officers not to mention anything about the data leak at Il Kwang. Back at HQ, the team listens to Kook-hwan’s 911 call. Through his choking, Chan-mi hears a whisper and when Moo-hyuk isolates the audio, they identify “Hong Kong.”


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/06/good-casting-episode-15/

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Choi Kang Hee Expresses Admiration For “Good Casting” Co-Stars Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Ji Young, And Yoo In Young

Jun 20, 2020
by S. Cho

Choi Kang Hee recently expressed admiration and gratitude for her “Good Casting” co-stars Lee Sang Yeob, Kim Ji Young, and Yoo In Young.

In an interview with SPOTV News, Choi Kang Hee commented, “Kim Ji Young and Yoo In Young are people from whom I gain strength just by seeing their faces.”

“Good Casting,” which came to an end on June 16, starred the three actresses as talented National Intelligence Service (NIS) agents. One day, after being forced to be pencil-pushers for a long time, they get the chance to go out into the field again on an undercover mission.

In her role as Baek Chan Mi, Choi Kang Hee played a character with many stereotypically masculine traits and behaviors, rewriting the narrative for women in a funny and unique way. She commented, “The shower scene, among others, felt very out of the ordinary. It was the same for [Kim] Ji Young’s character. The stereotypical roles of husband and wife that you normally see in dramas were reversed.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1408045wpp/choi-kang-hee-expresses-admiration-for-good-casting-co-stars-lee-sang-yeob-kim-ji-young-and-yoo-in-young




U-KISS’s Jun Talks About “Good Casting,” Growing As An Actor, And More

Jun 20, 2020
by L. Ki
U-KISS’s Jun Talks About “Good Casting,” Growing As An Actor, And More

U-KISS’s Jun recently sat down for an interview to talk about his recently concluded drama “Good Casting.”

In the SBS drama about secret agents, he starred as Kang Woo Won, a rising star who ends up working closely with undercover agent Im Ye Eun (played by Yoo In Young), who is on a high-stakes mission to save the nation.

Jun commented, “It was a very enjoyable set, and it was a place where I could learn and grow more as an actor. I’m grateful that we were able to successfully finish filming without anyone getting hurt.”

He shared that he had been a little dispirited after filming “Mr. Temporary” due to his dark character. He said that was when he was offered the role in “Good Casting” and the script made him smile a lot. Concerning his character Kang Woo Won, he shared, “I thought he felt a little selfish and bossy on the outside, but he was pure inside.”

Jun continued he focused a lot on the way Kang Woo Won spoke. He explained, “Since he always spoke in a commanding way, I thought a lot about how to seem more demanding and rude. The synchronization rate with me is about 10 percent.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1407983wpp/u-kisss-jun-talks-about-good-casting-growing-as-an-actor-and-more

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Watch: “Good Casting” Stars Film Final Scenes + Bid Farewell To Characters In Last Behind-The-Scenes Video

Jun 21, 2020
by S. Cho

SBS’s “Good Casting” has released its final making-of video!


On June 19, SBS released a behind-the-scenes clip of the last few scenes filmed for “Good Casting.” The video begins with U-KISS’s Jun and Yoo In Young filming a kiss scene between their characters Woo Won and Ye Eun. After wrapping the scene, Jun comments, “Starting today, I have to part ways with Woo Won. To the staff members who worked so hard together with me and to Yoo In Young. Thanks to her generous understanding, I was able to adjust [to filming], and as a result, the atmosphere on set was so fun.”

He goes on to thank all of his other co-stars and the rest of the staff, saying, “I think there is just so much to be thankful for.”

The next scene featured is the emotional death of Byun Woo Seok (played by Heo Jae Ho), featuring the National Intelligence Service crew. Even after the director yells “Cut!” the actors are unable to halt their emotions.


Lee Sang Yeob, who plays Yoon Seok Ho in the drama, shares, “The filming of ‘Good Casting,’ which ran tirelessly from August 2019 to February 2020, has come to an end. We really worked hard and had fun while filming, and I believe that the viewers were also able to feel the same fun and emotion that we felt. In the future, please continue to love Lee Sang Yeob, as well as Choi Kang Hee and the rest of our ‘Good Casting’ cast. Thank you to the viewers who loved ‘Good Casting.’ You will be blessed.”







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Good Casting: Episode 16 (Final)

by Sunny


We’ve reached the finale and our spies have found themselves in a bind. With “Michael” within their reach, the team is frantic to get to him before their operation goes up in flames. Luckily, they’re not alone in their desire to bring Michael down, but this mission may come at more cost than anyone bargained for.




The mission hits a snag and Wang Kai turns on Mi-soon and Ye-eun as Chan-mi is startled by a knock on the door. Wang Kai’s men herd Mi-soon and Ye-eun away as Chan-mi boards the elevator. Gwan-soo tells Chan-mi he’s lost contact just in time for her to see her teammates ushered towards Wang Kai’s room. A quick frisk finds nothing on the spies and Wang Kai orders them killed. Mi-soon blurts a sniper is waiting on the opposite roof. Unconvinced, Wang Kai dares the sniper to shoot a vase on the table or he’ll shoot them.

Pacing at the end of the hall, Chan-mi receives a call from Mi-soon (who’s being held at gunpoint) to come in. When Chan-mi joins them, Wang Kai sneers he’ll be sure to fetch a good price if he hands them over during the phase 3 transaction. Chan-mi argues he can’t do that if he’s dead and says she brought a present to repay him for the one he’d brought last time (vis-à-vis the bomb vest on Cheol-woong). She motions and one of the thugs opens his shirt to reveal a timebomb strapped to his stomach. Wang Kai screeches at him to take it off, but Chan-mi brandishes a detonator and warns the bomb will go off in less than two minutes.



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Just completed the whole 16 episodes in three days hahahaha. I loved it and I am surprised that the thread is not moving as much even with the interesting plot. The show is really funny especially the earlier episodes. And despite it being about NIS and espionage, I like that Good Casting made the NIS trio seem very human with their flaws and mistakes.


I came for Lee Sang Yeob as somebody from the Once Again thread had been recommending him in this show. I was not disappointed. He is so loveable here. To be honest Lee Sang Yeob does not look his age at all and when he played the character's young self, he seemed really fitting for it thanks to his baby-face. I really enjoyed all the Seok Ho and Chan MI's flashback. They are definitely not the typical K-Drama couple but there's just so much to love.


I super loved Chan Mi's character too. Maybe I found her craziness somewhat relatable and if I had her fighting skills, I would definitely want to use it as often as her (especially all those prison moments and super love how she helped Mi Soon's daughter to teach those bullies a lesson)!


Woo Seok, Woo Won, Mi Soon and Ye Eun all added lots of humourous moments to the show too!


Sorry if I had not read through earlier comments but could the ending possibly lead to a sequel with it's unfinished case? It seems rather rushed towards the end and yet a number of draggy scenes (like the excessively long coin noraebang scene) so it did feel a bit odd there.


However overall, I would definitely recommend giving this a watch! It was very entertaining throughout all the episodes!

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Kim Ji Young Talks About Gaining 12 Kilograms For “Good Casting,” Her Son’s Thoughts On Her Fame, And More

Jun 29, 2020
by S. Cho

Following the conclusion of SBS’s “Good Casting,” actress Kim Ji Young participated in an interview with News1 to discuss the drama and her career.

“Good Casting” starred Kim Ji Young, Choi Kang Hee, and Yoo In Young as National Intelligence Service (NIS) agents. After being forced to be pencil-pushers for a long time, they finally get the chance to go out into the field again on an undercover mission.

Kim Ji Young made her debut in 1995 and most recently appeared in popular films “Extreme Job” and “E.X.I.T” before starring in “Good Casting.”

Given the extensive preparation needed for the intense action scenes in “Good Casting,” the interviewer asked if there was a particular reason she was drawn to this production. Kim Ji Young responded with a laugh, “To be honest, I went in thinking, ‘This is going to be easy,’ but it wasn’t. First off, when I received the script, I read it in one go. The role looked fun. It was both funny and sad and held a lot of different emotions.”


When asked about her action scenes, Kim Ji Young shared, “Kang Hee struggled more than I did. I think she endured double the amount I did. However, she has very good stamina, and she really enjoyed filming the action scenes. She doesn’t even sweat.” She added, “Originally, ‘stamina’ and ‘Kim Ji Young’ went hand-in-hand, but not anymore, now that I’m in my forties.”

After gaining 12 kilograms (approximately 26 pounds) for her role in “Good Casting,” the actress commented that she had not yet lost it all. She explained, “In the past, I would be able to gain a ton of weight and then lose it all within a month.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1409706wpp/kim-ji-young-talks-about-gaining-12-kilograms-for-good-casting-her-sons-thoughts-on-her-fame-and-more

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