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OTP Bingo 2019

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20 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

@Ameera Ali I think we can't copy people answer muahaha too bad. Eh hold on... u were right maybe can :ph34r:


So correct me if im wrong @sushilicious & @Lmangla but this game also will required Lady Luck to be on our side right? 


First we figure the clue ( tropes ) 

then match tropes to number 

so there chance we can talk about possibilities number, in my part taking notes ( cheat ) :sweat_smile::joy:


or maybe I need to keep my idea to myself :smirk: 


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last year, we had a blast playing the dramaland version of Bingo which we call OTP Bingo. join us again -- participants as well as winners will get points -- it is all fun and great laughs.  

thank you for joining us and having some laughs -- @triplem @mouse007 @vangsweetie637   @2handsintertwined @sohib @itsMYday   @Yongzura @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali   Hope everyone had fun ev

Me after day one     

Just how many tropes are we supposed to figure out in one day?? 

It’s too difficult :crazy:


eta: I read again the first post. So it is 4 tropes. = 4 numbers, right?



#5, #6, #77

#44 cheat from lawyerh :P 


changing my numbers 

#5, #6, #77, #100 ~ because I failed to read till the last lines of tropes :P


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5 minutes ago, sohib said:

What's the diff between #63 & #95? Always forgiven can be mean as 'win', no? @Lmangla

am guessing you don't watch dailys. win means that till about 3/4 of the series, the villains are getting whatever their heart desires and their plans are going their way. so us the audience is pulling our hair out and thinking "this world sucks!".... then usually, there is a turning point and they start to lose. at this point, several things can happen. they can get sick, go to jail, go abroad, die or forgiven. so forgiven doesn't mean win. usually, it means they lost everything and penniless but because the leads are suckers, they forgive them. hahahahah...

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Thanks @Lmangla and @sushilicious!


Woah, this is a little hard! I didn't realize you have to guess the Tropes!!


Do I have to write my guesses here? Or it doesn't really matter as long as we mark our cards and just tell you when we've got a row?


Also, does the game just keep going until someone wins?

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just tell us when you think you have a row @mouse007; yes, you can also put your guesses for the tropes in spoiler. even if it is same as others, it doesn't matter in the sense because the cards are computer generated. so it is not like you lose by giving away your guesses. so yea, the trope guessing is just a twist to regular bingo version. and the game ends on friday. so just 3 days.

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