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if i'm not in love with you...

Guest JODY;

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Guest dori dori

this is like one of my favorite songs :)

i sang this in acapella too i havent uploaded it too

such a beautiful song

good job

lil bit louder :)

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i don't recognize this song.. but the lyrics are so familiar...anyway--

Yeah~ be a bit louder and don't keep in your voice too much-- but at the same time, don't be too close to the mic also. ^_^ Do you have an accent?? (haha, that's a stupid question >_<) it's j/ so cute! hehe.~ i really don't recognize the song so i can't say anything about the notes and stuff.~ but yeah~ ;) I wanna hear the whole song next time-- maybe i'll recognize it then (?) :) coolios~ B)

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