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[Drama 2019] Everyone’s Lies/The Lies Within, 모두의 거짓말


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6 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

@bedifferent So far, I understood, SH got elected. This wasn't just a poll. She thanked the voters and in the preview, a bill she is supposed to put through is mentioned.


I think you’re right.  I just went back to rewatch and it looks like she was elected.  So she got the seat.

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I agree that it can't be as straightforward as some people are theorising in this thread - i.e. it revolves around a land issue to get the new business up and running (I hope so anyway)


The first scene with the girl committing suicide, even if it's not an affair has to play a bigger part.


The issue with these kinds of shows is (murder mystery corruption shows) it relies on the writing staying as tight as possible with unpredictable twists, as they are already so many cliche within this genre that it can get off putting and predictable pretty quickly (recently The Watcher had this issue, despite one or two good twists)


Hopefully they can write an interesting conspiracy/mystery because just having it be about building the new plant just makes it seem small i.e. I hope there is a 3rd party and they have a much more interesting motivation.


I know this will mainly be a plot driven show based on what we've seen but still looking forward to hopefully getting something more on the background of the male lead (I agree with people that the FL's background will slowly be revealed and they'll be something off with her, but don't agree with people that think the dad and husband were trying to protect her as the dad would not need any convincing for that)

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@40somethingahjumma Sure, on the surface the detectives except the main lead look like idiots, when they believe that KPY committed suicide. It did bother me first but then I realized that JTS's superior has the tendency to close cases too quickly. Remember that he was annoyed, when JTS told him that the assemblyman's death was not an accident. He complained... so by announcing that KPY had killed himself, they would close the case of JSH's disappearance and KSC's death. 

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I'm having a hard time understanding the mystery: CEO Young-Min's son is missing and perhaps being cut off in pieces and he remains as cool as a cucumber, more fixated with the land deal and getting even with whoever messed with his son, as opposed to finding him - if Sung-Hoon was his actual son, and only son, why would he remain so cool?


Detective JTS isn't looking so innocent either. Maybe his mother's cancer is caused by whatever is in the land that is at the center of renewable energy project (something in the ground that is radioactive?) and hence dangerous for people but profitable for corporations who lie about it. His sister was abducted - why? By whom? How is it connected to the present? Maybe he started it all to get even with CEO and Seo-Hee's assembly father, once he found out the truth from the past and his mother's cancer took him over the edge. (or is the abducted-dead-sister just a ruse to show he connects with Seo-Hee on an emotional level, not just rational?)


Why did Sang-Hun leave South Korea and his father and the company to go abroad with his wife Seo-Hee? Was it because she had psychotic (double personality) problems which could be medically taken care of away from public eye, or because he found out he was not the actual son hence undeserving of the inherited wealth? Why did he make such a big deal out of a land scam that benefited and was scandalous for both his father-in-law and father?


Then there is the way JTS keeps staring Seo-hee, like he is trying to read her, what is true emotion and what is fake.


Has anyone else noticed the strange, creepy half-smirk Seo-Hee gives in the intro-credits roll in the jungle while JTS remains sombre in each clip? 


Is it possible that 5 lost, unconnected orphaned kids planned to bring down an entire system? In-Dong Koo, the right-hand man, Young-Min, the upstart social climber, JTS, the lonesome detective, Seo-Hee, the quiet introvert, and Sang-Hun, the prodigal son - (suicide-girl could be the sixth) - all of whom don't belong in the system, and were directly affected by actions of CEO, assembly-man Seung-Cheol long time ago and don't want a repeat of things or avenging something else? All brought together by the ME Soo-Jung who knows their true parentage and elders' / influentials' crimes. 


What are the odds that Seo-Hee turns out to be the long-lost (presumed dead) sister of detective JTS?


Nobody other than Sang-Hun has been affected to date: Nobody else's life is in danger (well, other than Choi's, and maybe in-Dong-Koo's) so what is the mystery so big that has only one real missing person and 3 dead bodies (suicide girl, assembly-man Seung-Cheol, KPY)?


It's all very confusing. My thinking is so OTP k-drama right now.


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I agree the mystery hasn't really come into its own yet but it's still early doors so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for another week.


I think there's a pretty good chance Sung-hoon isn't his real son - in the trailer for the next episode you see the ML asking who really is SH and it would make sense why he was still so determined to go against what his dad wanted (the bill passing) and why his dad is so indifferent to him missing.


I feel like I completely missed the part about the land being dangerous, was that inferred at some point? The ML's mum has cancer, In-Dong Koo's mom was at a mental hospital (was the guy he beat up and gave money to his dad?) there could be some link between them but I think it's unlikely. It could be that the ML doesn't know there's a link and then In-Dong Koo drops it later on about his sister's case being connected with everything to get him onside- it would be a very kdrama think to to by having everything link in whichever egregious way possible.


I think them all working together is too farfetched - having one character i.e. the female lead having some kind of split personality is one thing but having the entire show essentially be disingenuous (the ML running around finding clues he already knows playing his part, ringing the FL telling her he'll find her husband i.e. making no sense) is a complete cop out unless revealed early on in the drama to piece together the machinations. 


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I didnt know Taesik's mom had cancer. Which episode did this mention?


For now it seems the Hong and In are the ones who want Seo Hui to be assemblywoman so much since they could control her.  So maybe they are behind the kidnapping or killing of the other characters.  I wonder if Choi is still alive.  I hope he is, so they could question him.   


Hong wants seo Hui to have the bill passed.  She received a text threatening her to have it passed.  She received the video threatening her to run for assemblywoman so she can find Sanghun again.  Hong was the one compelling her to run.  By this time, she should have been able to put two and two together.  Instead she gives the letter to them and now it's burnt.  She should have worked with the detective.  I totally get why they want her in position, she naive and gullible, the perfect person for them.







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I agree with what @cherriesblue said. Seo Hee has to learn fast. I mean, with all that's happening around her, she should learn to be careful and not trust anyone. Even if you're just a cafe owner, you should know better than to show an original document to someone, even if you trust that person. You should make a copy and store the original doc. My goodness, it was evidence and she gave it to the wrong person, so now it is destroyed. She's been scolded and threatened by Hong Min Kook several times and she knows that Assemblywoman Baek In Hye is with Hong. She should understand that they are not exactly on the same page. She's received so many warning signs from Hong. Even if she plans to cooperate fully, did it never occur to her to protect and arm herself? She should be gathering evidence instead of allowing herself to be used and being useless (at this point). Even her own mother practically shoved her out of the house and into the lion's den now that she lost her dad and her husband.


Assemblyman Yoon told her that everything is about the election. They needed her to pass the bill that her father opposed. He also said that Hong is running for presidency (his time should have been after her own father's presidential bid). Those are also important clues.


Even if she promised she would do anything as long as her husband is returned to her, she should learn to protect herself, unless she's part of the entire ''liars' network".


She keeps asking questions to the police or rather Tae Sik, yet she's not fully cooperating with them. She was not warned to come alone to the shipyard. She should have told at least Tae Sik. She received anonymous phone calls. She should have gone to Tae Sik (at least) and ask if the phone number can be traced, instead of trying to find out herself.



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4 hours ago, anony12345 said:


I think there's a pretty good chance Sung-hoon isn't his real son - in the trailer for the next episode you see the ML asking who really is SH and it would make sense why he was still so determined to go against what his dad wanted (the bill passing) and why his dad is so indifferent to him missing.


I feel like I completely missed the part about the land being dangerous, was that inferred at some point? 



Yes, that's a possibility about Sang Hoon thus why he separated himself from Seo-Hui to protect her.  We don't know if the land is dangerous, @triplem is intrigued.  Just don't know what all those circles are? Graves of victims????


Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 3.17.20 AM


4 hours ago, cherriesblue said:

I wonder if Choi is still alive.  I hope he is, so they could question him.   


Hong wants seo Hui to have the bill passed.  She received a text threatening her to have it passed.  She received the video threatening her to run for assemblywoman so she can find Sanghun again.  Hong was the one compelling her to run.  By this time, she should have been able to put two and two together.  Instead she gives the letter to them and now it's burnt.  She should have worked with the detective.  I totally get why they want her in position, she naive and gullible, the perfect person for them.



I don't think Choi can be alive, he knows too much. They wanted him out of the country to begin with.  Seo-Hui is learning.


Bullet points, cuz this episode is the kind that throw things at you to ponder.  Really dense episode again.

  • @nrllee guess this episode confirmed for us that the land for the new renewable energy plant is across the river from the RMC plant.
  • Lee Yo Young is fantastic once again, she nailed the emotions, conflicts, confusion... Seo-Hui is lost in this den of lions but showing strength and resiliency more than I would have in the same situation.  She just needs an allies and a hug. 
  • Taesik has been slow and steady in his investigation but he has held back from being emotionally invested in the case for clarity sake.  I like that the show is starting to give us more glimpses into his character.  He would need more than just facts to see through all the deceptions
  • Representative Hong has stepped out of the shadow to take over the presidential bid for Liberal Democratic Party now that its front runner Assembly Kim has passed away.  Hong needs Song-Ju constituent votes for the general election, which he planned to obtain by rewarding Song-ju citizens with rising real estate after the renewable plant is built.  Thus, the push to get the unsuspected Seo-Hui to pass the bill once she is elected.
  • Can someone please confirm for me that In Dong-Ku has been secretly working with Rep Hong even while Assembly Kim was alive? Thus why CEO Jeong does not trust him?  I can't tell whom he is pledging his allegiance to.What is the connection of the suicide girl to this story?  Is it via Sang Hoon or Taesik? His missing sister?
  • In's control room - he's been monitoring his boss CEO Jeong all along.  What's up with the wall?
  • Sang Hoon is more important missing than dead in relative to Seo-Hui but would the kidnapper release him alive after he gets his goal?  Seo-Hui should consider getting proof that he is well with the next communication.  

Ratings have been not good the last 2 episodes

E3/4:  0.978%/1.298%


Keep going with my timeline, in case we ever need to refer back, by episode 16 :lol: (correct me please)


Timeline (with new infos from E4 in blue)


Months before:  Choi  Chi-deok (Song-ju RMC CEO) bought parcels of land where future solar plant will be (est 20 billion won) with money funded from unknown source (JQ?).   Kim Pil-Yeon (RMC union leader) took out gamble loans, funded by Choi as kick back.  Choi holds 1000 constituent votes in Song-ju, which he plans to give to Kim Seo-hui's party for the upcoming by-election, and has a close working relation ship with Congressman Hong.  Congressman Hong (in same party as Assembly Kim) holds allegiance to JQ CEO Jeong.  


1 month before (~2/19)  Song-ju prosecutor received tip off (from Sang-Hoon) that Choi bought land parcels from insider trading.  Sang-Hoon may have already traced the sale back to his father.


Kim Pil-Yeon dismissed 15 union members, essentially disbanded the union (to ease Choi's RMC sale transaction to JQ).  One RMS union member sets himself on fire in front of Assembly Kim's house (not sure who, timeline uncertain - one of the workers they talked to said it happened months before whilst they were talking about KPY so I assumed it was KPY?  But doesn’t make sense if it’s him unless he was distraught because he was stuck with so much debt and couldn’t say no to the disbanding of the Union)


Days before:       girl's suicide (possible whistleblower?)

Days before:       argument between Sang Hoon + Assemblyman Kim; Sang Hoon left to Song-ju that night.  I think after this Assemblyman Kim decides to hatch plan with SH to take down JQ (?).  Hence the reservation at the hotel where they meet and discuss how?

Days/weeks before:       divorce paper given to Sang Hoon.  (I am not so sure about where this fits, they are still in the abandoned car?)


2/25-3/2              reservation at hotel; Sang Hoon's apt in Song-ju is clean but the fruit in his hotel is fresh, indicating he was there recently.  He did not check out, meaning he was to return to the hotel on 3/3, not flying out to Germany. Both men were cordial on 2/25 (working on something together - to take down JQ?).  Clue about what they were working on from shredded paper pieced together again “Relocation of of SongJu Renewable Energy Business Site”


3/3     PM?           In changed his meeting to email, unaccounted for 2 hours per Young-Min

           5:26pm     both Seo-Hee and Sang Hoon are seen on CCTV on the way from Seoul to Song-ju

           5:30-6pm  Seo-Hee stopped Sang Hoon on freeway, his head wound has healed.  Confrontation.  He tells her to just wait.

           ~6pm        Sang Hoon's last phone call to someone while on road to Song-ju (assuming with the man whom he met at the teahouse) It's the same day because he wears the same tan jacket/pink polo shirt that we saw on freeway with his wife.  Man could be connected to Songju mixed concrete. SH’s car is abandoned at MiriDong after he meets with this man. Lady at HuiSuk tea house says they had an argument. The man (Kim PilYeon?) said he shouldn’t have trusted SH. SH reaches into his jacket and pulls something out to thrust into the man’s hand (looked like papers) but the man doesn’t back down, takes the papers and storms off.  Assemblyman Kim’s name was brought up many times.


Sang Hoon's car was abandoned unlocked with mint condition divorce paper in manila envelope.


           7pm           Sang Hoon's flight to Germany for solar energy conference (who booked it?)

            8pm     Song-Ju food delivery truck CCTV showed Sang Hoon chasing Kim Pil-Yeon through the restaurant back door, get flagged down by a waiting black car.  Appeared to recognize the driver and get into car (fake license 364 3784)

           8:31pm      Car with Sang Hoon inside was last seen on highway from Song-ju

           9:15pm     Choi was seen on CCTV at gas station near Song-ju buying gas; has lawyer from Jang&Jang firm presented statement from mistress for alibi claiming that he was with her that day, stopping at gas station to buy gas.

          9:17pm       In Dong-ku's car was last seen on road around Yanggye-myeon.  Ho-Kyu noticed that In's mother was institutionalized at Yanggye mental hospital.  Implied that In knows the area well.

          ?time?         Assembly Kim wrote letter to Song-ju RMC labor union to tell them that he will keep his promise to save the factory (workers) and will not support the bill.  His letter was returned (I assume because the RMC factory workers are on strike/ plant is closed).  Not sure when he wrote the letter, just that it was after sundown.

          10:55pm    Assemblyman Kim’s accident near Song-Ju; Sang Hoon did not picking up his phone.        

          ?time?      Kim Pil-yeon might have fought with someone in his hiding. I am not sure this is Choi?  Choi came around with the gas he bought and set the building alight whilst KPY was asleep hoping it would kill him.  Choi said in his interrogation that he couldn’t kill an ant and I believe him.  I think he could set fire to a building hoping KPY would die but he wouldn’t have the guts to kill him or even get into a fight with him?  


         ?time?  Kim Pil-Yeon fled after the building was set on fire.  He was asleep so I put this timeline after the altercation.  KPY flees to Ansan to hide out in his grandma’s home.


3/4                  Kim Pil-Yeon hides at his grandmother house in Ansan... which he later left?  WHY?  I think he stayed with her to organize his way out of Korea.  And later on he made the phone call 3/19 to SHui to extort money from her (rang her and told her he would tell her everything) so he could get on a ship (stowaway) out of Korea


3/5                  Funeral

3/7                  Memorial (hand is delivered, pathologist time of amputation ~ 1-2 days ago

3/19                Kim Pil-yeon found dead in shipping container after contacting Seo-hui to extort $



4/3            JQ CEO Jeong Yeong-Mun purchased Song-Ju RMC factory from Choi via his right hand man In Dong Koo and he suspects In kidnapped his son Sang-Hoon.  Date is from the business contract. JQ appeared to have control of all land needed for the solar plant.  Choi prepares to leave Song-Ju to the Philippines, from his office.


       (? time?) A man left RMC office in a black car


        7:01pm         CCTV captured In Dong-Ku entered Choi's RMC office.  We learned that In is in charge of JQ's Strategic Planning Dept 


       7:59-8pm   Seo-hui received a text on her cell phone about the present at the election HQ.  Choi encounters the package of severed left foot (estimated was severed a few days ago) in the elevator on his way down.  


        8:30pm      Choi called police about the box about 30min after he called In.  In stated he advised Choi to contact police as well as admitting he was the person who hired J&J law firm for Choi previously to get the RMC deal closed. Choi fakes illness, get admitted and escaped the hospital.  Was strangled in car and disappeared.  His car was moved to another location, on bridge (why?)


Choi's parcels of land was bought by CEO Son Du Gang of My Yeon industry at a bargain price of 5billion won.  Son Du Gang is an alcoholic ex convict with familial tie to In Dong-Ku.  We suspect In is his son (whose real name is Son Dong Gu).  The real question is who is benefiting from In's actions besides JQ CEO Jeong whom he publicly shows fierce loyalty.  We see clear mistrusts between these two.


Days later:       Public hearing for the new bill proposal which would allocate 96 billion for the new plant and expected to commence 3-6 months after successful bill passing.


4/16               Taesik and JIn-Gyeong visited Yanggye mental hospital where they were shown a date-changed CCTV file by the hospital administrator/doctor?


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I agree with many people here that Seo Hui was totally naive in sharing her dad's letter with the assemblywoman, but I think it really goes to show how sheltered she really is. I'm hoping that as part of her character development, she now learns that she cannot really trust anyone. Except maybe Tae Sik. I'm curious to see how they will come to partner up to solve the mystery. I did like how the story incorporated Tae Sik's sister's tragedy as part of his backstory. I now better understand why he feels compassion toward Seo Hui. It was nice to see him offer her some encouragement during this tough time as he's been through a similar situation. Maybe it's the start of building the initial trust. I hope the story ends with Sang Hun returning back to Seo Hui safe and sound (limbs and all intact). If not, I hope through this experience, Seo Hui learns to be strong and independent. Instead of the corrupt politicians and businessmen using her as their pawn, I hope she learns their game quick and outsmarts them. We shall see...

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Yeah @reddragon could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.  But I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.  I think she’s just caught in something way over her head and her head’s just spinning as her relatively idyllic world is just crashing around her.  It’s probably feeling terribly surreal to her (hence her dream) and she’s just not thinking straight.  Traumatized people don’t think straight.  We have the benefit of watching it all from the safety of our screens and having the bird’s eye view of everything from various points of views so we can dissect everything for her.  Like we are dissecting the whole case now on behalf of Det Jo. :lol:


So Hong’s aspirations are for Presidency.  He needed the solar plant deal to go through (bill to be passed) to win voter confidence in SongJu.  He seems vicious enough to be in on the deal to do away with Assemblyman Kim (which would also conveniently pave the way for his own rise in the party and therefore put him as the most likely candidate for Presidency for his party).  It looks like he’s in cahoots with In DongGu...right hand man of Chairman Jeong.  Choi was just a convenient middle man (likely dead now - by DongGu?).  Now that he’s dead, the land has been bought by DongGu’s father (?).  We now know In DongGu has bugged SHui’s residence and has a “crazy wall/link diagram” of his own.  He’s probably the one who also killed KPY and probably also rigged Assemblyman Kim’s car for the accident.  Thing is though, I feel like he’s still “loyal” to Chairman Jeong?  He treats him like a father figure (he loathes his real father), knowing and noticing little details like his allergy to cucumbers, making sure the bonsai plant at the restaurant ended up in the car because he could tell Jeong liked it.  He almost seems to worship Chairman Jeong.  Remember how Jeong keeps his hands clean tending bonsai with gloves?  I feel like he is content to just seed the thought in DongGu’s mind and he knows it’s enough to get him to do the dirty work on his behalf.  DG’s mother is in a Mental Institution though?  What put her there?  DongGu strikes me as potentially mentally unhinged with psychopathic tendencies.  Meticulous (notice how he realigns the magazines of Jeong again after Det Jo disturbs one of them), loner, prone to acts of violence.  It’s almost as if now that SHoon is out of the picture, he’s slotted into that “dutiful son” spot for Jeong.  Question is does he have SHoon?  I don’t think so otherwise why did he attack KPY and ask him about his whereabouts?


My theory is that In DongGu took SHoon from the Teahouse.  Left him in the Mental Institution for safe keeping?  SHoon escaped?  Someone else has got him now.  Because it doesn’t make sense for the abductor to now tell SHui to put forward a New Bill which would essentially kill the chances of the existing Bill for the plant to go ahead as planned.  Someone who doesn’t want the project to move forward.  This would essentially foil the profits to be had by DongGu from land sales, and also Hong’s chances at Presidency.  Who would benefit from that?  YeongMin?  DongGu’s fall from grace would benefit him.  Perhaps he’s eyeing the Chairman’s seat?  SHoon never wanted it from the start and YeongMin would know that because they grew up together?  Suddenly SHoon reappears from Germany and becomes a genuine contender?  Does he also want SHoon’s woman SHui?  He arrived at the HQ post election win with flowers?


Preview seems to imply there’s a medical link somewhere.  So maybe @noor1‘s hypothesis about the Coroner isn’t so far fetched.  Amputating whole limbs risks death by blood loss.  Taking off a finger or toe less so... SHoon would need medical attention post amputation for him to stay alive.  Poor man isn’t going to have much left now...minus a hand and a foot :crazy:.  No wonder Det Jo said he would rather just find his body.  To contemplate that he could still be alive and therefore subject to yet another brutal amputation is gut wrenching. 


EDIT - it took me a while to type this and there were a few posts which were submitted before mine.  I think others have also voiced my thoughts from posts above.

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@taeunfighting that was my favorite part of the episode!   As a policeman, he feels the responsibility to find Sang Hoon and get a good outcome for the case.  As someone who lived through the pain, he finally found the right thing to say even if it was difficult for him to do so.  He has watched her being abused, shouted at, struggled to continue on her own with little human kindness.  A few words of encouragement and an apology from the heart will start the trust between them.


I'm sorry that I can't find your husband.

Just hang in there.

This isn't what I want to say, but there's nothing else I can say to you

Hang in there Seo-Hui

Just hold up somehow


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@bedifferent I like the seriousness and the mystery part of the story, but I also welcome emotions too. So same as you, that was my favorite part too. My hopes to see Sang Hun return back to Seo Hui is mainly for her sake, but in part, for Tae Sik as well. He seems to still be in deep grief over his sister. Understandably so and likely why he become a police officer. So at the least, I hope that he's able to fulfill his sense of responsibility/duty in finding Sang Hun for Seo Hui.

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Happily, the show is getting better. Especially when one gets one's head around who's who... before they get bumped off, of course. ;) I feel like I'm getting a better handle on the side characters here than I did in Watcher. The storyline is intriguing enough and the body count is rising steadily... and so are the body parts apparently. (Dear LJH... what are they doing to your beautiful body!) OCN doesn't disappoint in that regard. The fact that Jeong Sang-hun is being farmed out for parts suggests to me that he's most probably dead and is being kept on ice. If he's alive, yeah... it's not an impossibility but he'll be spending a lot of time in rehab... ironic when I think of LJH's outing as a physiotherapist in APAD. I can't imagine that some of this has been allowed to happen with Chairman Jeong's permission of course. I imagine In Dong-gu is running his own game here. Revenge was my first thought.


The second half of Episode 3 finally contained what I thought was the first genuinely funny sequence in the drama. The card game and then the subsequent chase when the "banker" absconds. Haha... yes, especially when the female sidekick is wrestling with a pair of baggy pants before joining the chase. I liked the thought that went into that. :D


While I get Seo-Hui's role in all of this, it is frustrating because the audience is well-aware that things would move along if she did take Tae-shik into her confidence. But well, the people who are pulling the strings behind the scenes certainly know how to yank her chain. Her role is an important but, I suspect, thankless one. To say that she's out of her depth is like saying that water is wet. She is what she is.

But I accept... with some frustration... that this is her learning curve and I don't entirely blame her for being so naive. I blame her father and her husband for much of that. They spent so much time working in the dark trying to protect her that they left her largely unprotected. Perhaps they didn't factor into their calculations that anything untoward could happen to them or their family which is odd but anyway... they haven't done her any favours now she's become the puppet of not just of one party but probably another as well. I suppose what she lacks in political savvy she makes up for it in sincerity. When she went off script... and I'm sure there's a metaphor in that... that's when she got results. SH really does need to go off script a lot more... that's where her real power will come.


I think it's interesting too that it isn't entirely about making money off renewables... Most people probably don't think that there's a lot of money in renewables particularly from generous government subsidies. I'm always a bit suspicious about the push for renewables and prices are hugely inflated. The things I could say about wind turbines... but I won't. The tie to an upcoming election, on the other hand, is potentially fun. There's definitely an onion in the making. As is to be expected, the bottom feeders of the food chain are fronts for the really nasty stuff and when they've outlived their usefulness, they're not long for this world.


Not sure if this is a keeper... but I like the male lead enough that I'll give it another two episodes. Especially because it is on Netflix. 

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@40somethingahjumma Yes, I have the same feeling about IDK. He might be after revenge. His father has become an alcoholic and his mother was mentally ill. Something bad must have happened to his family... Notice that HG is not able to link IDK to Song hence JYM has no idea about his true identity. So buying the bonzai and knowing about his allergy could be a trick from IDK in order to earn the chairman's trust.

What surprised me is the ending. IDK's room reminds me of the police station office: he has bugged SH's house. The pictures on the board not only include the victims and the relatives' victims but also the detectives. Sure, we could say that he wants to ensure that he leaves no trace hence he needs to know who is involved in the investigation. In my opinion, IDK is only working on the surface with Hong...


As for the new business, now it becomes quite clear why the assemblyman KSC was against it and wanted to relocate the business. Don't forget that JYM purchased via CCD land for a cheap price and when this land is sold to the government for the renewable energy plant, then JQ will earn a lot of money. Officially, the land is owned by IDG's father. The latter is running a fake company. JQ is getting money from the government in order to build that renewable energy plant (96  millions) and at the same time, the company via IDG's father will sell the land to the government. This explains why KSC tried to stop this by relocating the new business. With the relocation, JQ would lose money in the end because the value of that land wouldn't increase and the government wouldn't buy this land.


Yes, KSH's behaviour did bother me... her screaming on the street was over the top. Then she runs to that colleague Baek which makes her look stupid. She knew that Baek had never really supported her because in the last episode, she ran away, when KSH was attacked. Furthermore, she knew that Baek had lied to her about the bill, since she saw in the letter than her father wouldn't support the bill. I mean, she could have asked for advice from the other assemblyman who was yelling at Hong. This has nothing to do with overprotection from her father and her husband. The writer makes her look stupid...


The mystery is intriguing but honestly, the writing has some flaws... the female police officer still annoys me. The superior is also acting as if he had no brain (see the scene where he confronts CCD, he doesn't listen to the witness and always threatens him). Then they let only one detective at CCD's side and sent many officers to the place CCD recommended. I don't know but the police look stupid in this drama...      


Finally, we barely see the friend YM and in my opinion, he is much more involved than it looks like right now. I am also wondering if the death of JTS's sister is not linked to IDK's past as well. 

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19 hours ago, noor1 said:

Detective JTS isn't looking so innocent either. Maybe his mother's cancer is caused by whatever is in the land that is at the center of renewable energy project (something in the ground that is radioactive?) and hence dangerous for people but profitable for corporations who lie about it.

I don't know why everyone here is assuming JTS is transferring to Sonju . His character description says he asked for a transfer to a small village with not many residents. I find it strange that if his mother is in Sonju why is he not visiting her while doing an investigation there. So the part about the land having some dangerous chemicals causing cancer does not hold ground.

@bebebisous33 i agree that IDG could be after revenge hence that revenge wall. Remember when YM asked why the chairman kept IDG close when he doesn;t trust him he said ' keep your friends close but your enemy closer. So IDG is the chairman;s enemy. I believe IDG is working with Hong to get the new business bill passed. IDG will gain from the sale of the land, we saw that smirk on his face when he was looking at the land and Hong has a good chance at the presidency. They are holding JSH to pressure her into passing the bill.

KSH screaming and whining bothers me more that than the female detective lol. And i'm pissed at her mom for calling her to clean the house and all. Doesn;t she know that her daughter is in such a big mess?


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