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[Drama 2019] Everyone’s Lies/The Lies Within, 모두의 거짓말


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Good two episodes this week.^^


@triplem handsome oppa, they look good together. :heart: I think he is alive, hopefully limbs in tact.  You can't waste a national treasure like that.:lol:



Love the lighting and color here.


Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.21.04 PMScreen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.22.21 PM



Timeline (blue = new updates)



5/26/1994         Traffic accident on Yongjin expressway.  Driver Son Du Gang survived with minor injuries. His passengers, Seo Eun Seuk (CEO Jeong's wife died at the scene and Sang Hoon (son died at hospital).


Years ago          Yu Eun Seong and Jin Yeong-Min were orphans at Yeongwon Children Center

                            Eun Seong was adopted by CEO Jeong, changed his identity to Sang Hoon (2nd grade)


Months before:  Choi  Chi-deok (Song-ju RMC CEO) bought parcels of land where future solar plant will be (est 20 billion won) with money funded from unknown source (JQ?).   Kim Pil-Yeon (RMC union leader) took out gamble loans, funded by Choi as kick back.  Choi holds 1000 constituent votes in Song-ju, which he plans to give to Kim Seo-hui's party for the upcoming by-election, and has a close working relation ship with Congressman Hong.  Congressman Hong (in same party as Assembly Kim) holds allegiance to JQ CEO Jeong.  


1 month before (~2/19)  Song-ju prosecutor received tip off (from Sang-Hoon) that Choi bought land parcels from insider trading.  Sang-Hoon may have already traced the sale back to his father.


Kim Pil-Yeon dismissed 15 union members, essentially disbanded the union (to ease Choi's RMC sale transaction to JQ).  One RMS union member sets himself on fire in front of Assembly Kim's house (not sure who, timeline uncertain - one of the workers they talked to said it happened months before whilst they were talking about KPY so I assumed it was KPY?  But doesn’t make sense if it’s him unless he was distraught because he was stuck with so much debt and couldn’t say no to the disbanding of the Union)


Days before:       girl's suicide (possible whistleblower?)

Days before:       argument between Sang Hoon + Assemblyman Kim; Sang Hoon left to Song-ju that night.  I think after this Assemblyman Kim decides to hatch plan with SH to take down JQ (?).  Hence the reservation at the hotel where they meet and discuss how?

Days/weeks before:       divorce paper given to Sang Hoon.  (I am not so sure about where this fits, they are still in the abandoned car?)


2/25-3/2              reservation at hotel; Sang Hoon's apt in Song-ju is clean but the fruit in his hotel is fresh, indicating he was there recently.  He did not check out, meaning he was to return to the hotel on 3/3, not flying out to Germany. Both men were cordial on 2/25 (working on something together - to take down JQ?).  Clue about what they were working on from shredded paper pieced together again “Relocation of of SongJu Renewable Energy Business Site”


3/3     PM?           In changed his meeting to email, unaccounted for 2 hours per Young-Min

           5:26pm     both Seo-Hee and Sang Hoon are seen on CCTV on the way from Seoul to Song-ju

           5:30-6pm  Seo-Hee stopped Sang Hoon on freeway, his head wound has healed.  Confrontation.  He tells her to just wait.

           ~6pm        Sang Hoon's last phone call to someone while on road to Song-ju SH’s car is abandoned at MiriDong after he met withKim PilYeon

           7pm           Sang Hoon's flight to Germany for solar energy conference (who booked it?)

            8pm     Song-Ju food delivery truck CCTV showed Sang Hoon chasing Kim Pil-Yeon through the restaurant back door, get flagged down by a waiting black car, driven by In.

           8:31pm      Car with Sang Hoon inside was last seen on highway from Song-ju

           9:15pm     Choi was seen on CCTV at gas station near Song-ju buying gas; has lawyer from Jang&Jang firm presented statement from mistress for alibi claiming that he was with her that day, stopping at gas station to buy gas.

          9:17pm       In Dong-ku's car was last seen on road around Yanggye-myeon.  

          9:32pm       SangHoon was seen on CCTV being dragged out of car into Yanggye hospital

          ?time?         Assembly Kim wrote letter to Song-ju RMC labor union to tell them that he will keep his promise to save the factory (workers) and will not support the bill.  His letter was returned (I assume because the RMC factory workers are on strike/ plant is closed).  Not sure when he wrote the letter, just that it was after sundown.

          10:55pm    Assemblyman Kim’s accident near Song-Ju; Sang Hoon did not picking up his phone (he has been kidnapped)

          ?time?      Kim Pil-yeon might have fought with someone in his hiding. I am not sure this is Choi?  Choi came around with the gas he bought and set the building alight whilst KPY was asleep hoping it would kill him.  Choi said in his interrogation that he couldn’t kill an ant and I believe him.  I think he could set fire to a building hoping KPY would die but he wouldn’t have the guts to kill him or even get into a fight with him?  


         ?time?  Kim Pil-Yeon fled after the building was set on fire.  He was asleep so I put this timeline after the altercation.  KPY flees to Ansan to hide out in his grandma’s home.


3/4                  Kim Pil-Yeon hides at his grandmother house in Ansan... later on he made the phone call 3/19 to SHui to extort money from her (rang her and told her he would tell her everything) so he could get on a ship (stowaway) out of Korea


3/5                  Funeral


3/3/-3/6          SangHoon kept at hospital


3/6  7:12pm  In on expressway (CCTV)  

        7:30pm  SangHoon MIA from hospital

        8:34pm  In dropped off car at scrapyard

        9:12pm  In left scrapyard


3/7                   Park Song Jae (Dr. Park's nephew), part time hospital worker quit

3/7                  Memorial (hand is delivered, pathologist time of amputation ~ 1-2 days ago


3/19                Kim Pil-yeon found dead in shipping container after contacting Seo-hui to extort $



4/3            JQ CEO Jeong Yeong-Mun purchased Song-Ju RMC factory from Choi via his right hand man In Dong Koo.  Choi prepares to leave Song-Ju to the Philippines, from his office.


       (? time?) A man left RMC office in a black car


        7:01pm         CCTV captured In Dong-Ku entered Choi's RMC office. 

       7:59-8pm   Seo-hui received a text on her cell phone about the present at the election HQ.  Choi encounters the package of severed left foot (estimated was severed a few days ago) in the elevator on his way down.  


        8:30pm      Choi called police about the box about 30min after he called In.  In stated he advised Choi to contact police as well as admitting he was the person who hired J&J law firm for Choi previously to get the RMC deal closed. Choi fakes illness, get admitted and escaped the hospital.  Was strangled in car and disappeared.  His car was moved to another location, on bridge (why?)


Choi's parcels of land was bought by CEO Son Du Gang of My Yeon industry at a bargain price of 5billion won.  Son Du Gang is now an alcoholic whose son Dong Ku has changed his last name to his mother's maiden name. 


Days later:       Public hearing for the new bill proposal which would allocate 96 billion for the new plant and expected to commence 3-6 months after successful bill passing.


4/16               Taesik and JIn-Gyeong visited Yanggye mental hospital where they were shown a date-changed CCTV file by Dr Park


@bebebisous33 not sure if it's a strong possibility that Sang Hoon is being kept alive via artificial means.  The ring is Eun Seong's so whoever hand was delivered must have the same ring size... :tears::(:huh:  Sang Hoon would have to grow in a vegetative state to the same physique as Eun Seong.  They have different genetics too. BUT then, Kdrama scriptwriting sometimes do transcend logics. I do think the hand/foot are not his and someone else but the video is gory though.  The coroner is suspicious to me.

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8 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

@triplem This is no surprise that YM is far more suspicious than he appeared to be as he was barely seen in the beginning. 

After watching with subs , I do think YM took SHun with him  , as in he was the one SHun called & the one who picked SHun up . So my thoughts at first is that he is the one who’s cutting SH’s limbs & threatening Seo Hui . But the problem now I have is , why ? Jealousy? Even if he’s always been envious of Sang Hun why was pushing the bill through so important? Killing Sang Hun off would be easier if he wanted Sang Hun out of the picture . From what we know so far , he’s only an employee at JQ , he is not the heir to JQ group ...the land deal going through does not benefit him in a big way.  

Do you guys remember in eps 1 there was a scene of Sang Hun running barefoot in the forest ? It must have happened after he escaped from the hospital. So probably some time after he was “saved” by YM ...unless that scene was just the detectives projecting what could have happened 

@bedifferent that was a really nice flashback . Interestingly he left a lot of clues to the state of his marriage as well as his past in that apartment. 

Really liked the last 2 eps . @40somethingahjumma I appreciate Tae Sik and the team relentlessly looking for clues & leads. I can see why the captain badly needed Tae Sik to solve this before he moves to his new posting - he’s the brain of the operations.  The scene of Tae Sik in that files  storage room staying up all night looking  at the old records  is a reminder that a lot of the real detective work is in all the tedious unglamorous work of digging for information. 

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@imgreatgal I thought that bird scene was ambiguous as well, but I took it as face value... to explain how he could have adopted the orphan Eun Seong.  I think he feels for the mother bird missing her child.  I feel that he adopted Eun Song and forced him to replace Sang Hoon to ease his own loneliness.  I don't think it is necessarily to help the orphan cuz he was quite rough on him riding the bike.



23 hours ago, AC95 said:

I wanted to shout out again that I really enjoy the dynamics of the police team.


I really enjoy the light moments we see so far from the team.  Begrudgingly, they come to respect each other's quirks.  I love their meal time together, it's where they brainstormed the best.  They even work out and take showers together.  


15 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

It's the quietly calculating Tae-shik that's making things worthwhile for me. He's smartly plodding away, digging here and there, probing the right people. 


Lee Min Ki is quite good here.  His eyes can see through you and you can see the wheels turn quietly as he thinks.  He said he was attracted to his role because Taesik is not a flashy detective, but has good common sense and a keen mind.  I like his calm demeanor, he would be a good poker player.


Questions and thoughts:

  • Why did Sang Hoon come back from Germany?  Is it a tip off from Yeong Min that something is afoul with In.  If yes, Yeong-Min is the inside man and not necessary our resident baddie.  Or is it at the request of his father to take over the company?  Which continues my curiosity why listen to his dad now?
  • CEO Jeong was coerced by In to believe that Sang Hoon (I'm going to continue to call him Sang Hoon instead of Eun Seong for now) is proned to anxiety attacks... why choose him to lead his company?  A man like Jeong would be foolish to elect Sang Hoon into the CEO chair without a right hand man even if it is only to use Sang Hoon's relationship with Assemblyman Kim to foster the bill for JQ.  I wonder if he has planned all along for Yeong Min as an aide.
  • It's too early to cast judgment on Yeong Min whose motives could be romantically driven (~Seo Hui) or laced with a personal/professional vendetta.  @triplemI don't think CEO Jeong would give him control of JQ even with Sang Hoon is gone so I want to know what his end game is if he indeed kidnapped Sang Hoon.
  • In appears to be motivated for revenge against Jeong for his family's downfall.  CEO Jeong has known this for many years, thus he chose to "adopt" him to watch over his actions.  I think CEO Jeong has some dirt and secrets stashed away on In.
  • Continue to love how Taesik thinks. Pragmatic and logical.  Takes an intelligent patient man who has good luck to match the psychopaths in this drama.  @triplem Also love the chart room scene... detective work is about details and perseverance.  
  • It's a shame that In doesn't use his OCD for good.  He could be a great detective work if not for the lack of empathy, integrity, honesty...  could someone have saved him as a youngster.  Maybe CEO Jeong should take blame for this.
  • Jin Gyeong's tenacity is over the top and can be grating on our nerves but... hey, look at that.  She scored twice in the last episode for her enthusiasm, catching Park Song Jae on foot and not giving up on the credit card lead.  Props to our energizer rabbit.
  • Seo Hui maybe the weakest link but is our best bet to get to Yeong Min. She's the wild card advantage for our team once they start to work together.  She'll use their preconception as cover to get her through the game of deception.


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57 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

In appears to be motivated for revenge against Jeong for his family's downfall.  CEO Jeong has known this for many years, thus he chose to "adopt" him to watch over his actions.  I think CEO Jeong has some dirt and secrets stashed away on In

Ooo that puts a different spin on things.  I need to watch Ep6 to get context. :D


The other little note is that cutting off someone’s limbs is a crime of passion/hate.  It takes a lot to do that.  So whoever did it would’ve had years of pent up resentment that’s been unabated which spills over when performing the crime.  So if it was YM, it would’ve been years of seething hate towards SHoon over big and little things which just keep adding to its intensity.  :blink:

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26 minutes ago, nrllee said:

The other little note is that cutting off someone’s limbs is a crime of passion/hate.  It takes a lot to do that.  So whoever did it would’ve had years of pent up resentment that’s been unabated which spills over when performing the crime.  So if it was YM, it would’ve been years of seething hate towards SHoon over big and little things which just keep adding to its intensity.  :blink:


okay... I’ve been doubting.  It takes a lot of strength to cut off the limb, the knife shown is not the right tool...plus the edge/cut is clean and not serrated.  I personally think the limbs were cut off by an electric knife or saw.  The person would bleed out to death if the wound didn’t get treated right away.  Shock from blood loss, etc.... I don’t think it’s possible to save Sang Hoon if there was no doctor (CORONER hello !!!) present.  The kidnapper must have a partner to do this or knows how treat trauma.  The chance of Sang Hoon being alive without the limbs are slim, thus why Ho Gyu doesn’t believe he is.  I don’t think the limbs are his.  

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3 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

plus the edge/cut is clean and not serrated

I thought the coroner said the cut wasn’t clean :grimace:... she mentioned that it didn’t look like it was done by a professional.  Anyway...enough about limb cutting...kinda ewww... :(


Besides this is KDrama...anything can happen... he may still be alive despite all the blood loss.  I wish he was for SHui’s sake (and they get to live happily with SHoon and his prosthetics in their little cafe).  Here we finally get LJH playing a “good” guy for once and his poor character is mangled and potentially killed after Ep 1 :mellow:...no fair @triplem

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@nrllee ohh you are right, she did say that it wasn’t clean.  my mistake. went back to check out the knife, it is small blade so i don’t see how it can go through bones tho his DNA was found on it :tears:


question:  if Yeong Min is the kidnapper, why did he choose to pin the crime on Kim Pil Yeon?  He would also have to break in the store to take the knife then return it afterward.  

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But what did Jeong do against Yeong Min's family that would prompt him to exact revenge, if ever?  What i can think of is YM could be jealous of Sanghun for having been adopted by Jeong and he probably has feelings for Seo Hui.


In fact it was Jeong who suffered because his son and wife died because of that driver which is no other than In's father.  He is the one who is inderstandably mad.  

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Talk about sheltered... Seo-hui was completely in the dark about Sang-hun's history. But that's not the worst although it's bad enough not knowing that the man you married was an orphan. It still boggles my mind that someone who grew up in a political household is so ill-equipped emotionally to deal with the larger than life aspects here. I'm sure political parents try to shield their children from as much of the brunt of being in the limelight as much as possible but even then this is absurdity that beggars belief. I don't have an issue that she decided to go along with the proposed bill because she doesn't have the wherewithal to do otherwise but the rest of her naivete does bother me. I know I sound like a broken record about this but I struggle with SHui's personality a great deal in this show. It's good on the one hand that Assemblyman Kim wanted his daughter to have her own life and be her own person but I don't think he did her any favours in the long run to prepare her for being a politician's daughter. On the other hand I've been listening to a social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, talking about the disastrous consequences resulting from the coddling of our young people in recent decades so perhaps the writer might be onto something. :P


I have to say though I really like seeing LJH in this role as the enigmatic missing man... albeit a small one... looking relaxed, playing a loving spouse and a down-to-earth character. I wonder if this is the closest to what we'll see of his true self.

My own thinking, @triplem is that Sang-hun is still alive. (That's the million dollar question right now but I'm being uncharacteristically optimistic) I will think that until I see a complete corpse with the head attached to the torso. But it does call into question where those body parts are coming from. I'm just wondering if the DNA results from the body parts are based on his medical records or based on the chairman's. So my theory of DNA fakery could still be up for grabs. 


I don't doubt that there are various agendas at play. Some of them intersect and others clash. I get a "Falling for Innocence" vibe from Yeong Min at the moment but that's just a whim on my part. I could speculate as to his motives but right now we don't have all the pieces for him. He could have been crushing on SHui for a long time and has been seething with resentment playing second fiddle. On the other hand, he could actually be a good guy and a real friend. No idea. He seems genuinely distressed for SHui and he's always looking out for her.The last minute could mean anything. I remember the actor from Beautiful Gong Shim and there he played a good-bad-good sort of bloke and that could be the case here again.


The best part of the drama is that the investigative team feels like it's more of a team with each episode. They're actually behaving like detectives which is always a plus. ;) There's less butting of heads and more cooperation. Jin Gyeong... well... she's playing up the action woman shtick. Sometimes humorously, sometimes a bit cringey. And the rookie isn't entirely a rookie. But at least they're all working hard and in tandem. 


My general feeling about this show is that we still don't really know enough to say what the heck is going on. It's as if the more we find out, the less we know and the less things make sense. To me, anyway.

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@bedifferent I just watched Ep6.  Chairman Jeong still has IDG under his thumb.  IDG fabricated the whole story to take the fall so that he remains the prime suspect in the Police eyes to take all the blame off Chairman Jeong.  That was the whole interchange in the office with Jeong and he looked angry at IDG as he was brutally hacking into the bonsai.  IDG would die for Chairman Jeong.  Jeong instructed IDG to play along with his story which took the heat off Chairman Jeong.  They spun the whole backstory about SHoon and his “anxiety” as a cover with IDG taking the fall.


Question - who sent IDG the pic of the tyre mark in the soil in the forest?  Who had that pic?  Someone from the Police force?  The person on his phone with a whole host of other messages was “Y”?  Who is “Y”?  It’s not YeongMin because when he tried to dial YM’s number in the back alley after chasing PSJ (the runaway nurse) YeongMin’s name popped up which is how IDG knew it was YM who took SHoon.


Sigh that date in the reed grass meadow was sweet.  Please be alive SHoon :mellow: for SeoHui’s sake.


Not sure why YM would try to pin the crime on KPY.  For convenience sake?  There’s still some missing pieces with the KPY story.  Remember how the owner of the place KPY was laying low in said he heard fighting and went to call the police and then when he got back it was ablaze and he saw KPY run out?  We know Choi tried to burn it down but who fought with KPY before?  It wouldn’t have been IDG.  He was ready to kill him...and he was easily the stronger of the 2 of them.  He had to be stabbed by KPY before he stopped in a later altercation?  Was it YM?  KPY said he would tell her everything in the phone call to SeoHui.  Did we establish that it was IDG who killed KPY to try to get info out of him?  It seemed likely because he was tapping her phone.  If not him then YM?  How did he get the info about KPY’s meet up with SeoHui in the shipping container?


Where did KPY go after the teahouse?  IDG took SHoon and went to the mental institution.  YM must’ve had some dealings with KPY?  We don’t know what yet.

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One more thing about the latest episode...


Seo Hui’s mom brought up again that she had to persuade Seo Hui to become politician and pass the bill in order to preserve KSC’s reputation. Hong was threatening to expose information (dirt) on KSC unless she was able to successfully get Seo Hui to pass the bill. The mom had previously mentioned that KSC did not live a flawless life. Is it possible that the girl who died in the opening of the story is linked to KSC rather than Sang Hun? Like maybe she is his daughter from an affair he had with another woman and that’s the dirt Hong may have had on him? I remember in the argument that Sang Hun had with KSC, KSC seemed to be worried about his reputation being in jeopardy. I’m wondering if their argument was about KSC suddenly backing out from supporting Sang Hun’s plans to relocate the business because of it and going back to support the bill instead (as his constituents had wanted). But then what I wouldn't get is how Sang Hun seems to know the girl since he argues to him that she wouldn't take her own life.

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@40somethingahjumma Yes, KSH's personality keeps bothering me. She didn't get angry, when she heard from the chairman that it was on his order to send JSH to the mental facility. If I were her, I wouldn't have believed one word from him, especially about the anxiety disorder. Her action makes her look stupid and naive.


We shouldn't forget that Jung YM ordered YM to observe IDK behind his back and give him some intel... so the chairman might even know more what IDK is aware of.


As for the spy working for IDK, I can imagine that JTS's superior could be involved. He was the one who followed JTS to the lab.   

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@bedifferent I think CEO Jeong only found out very recently about In’s real identity, not from many years ago. He said he did a background search on him after SHoon went missing. 

Also, the police tested all knives found in the butcher’s shop (it was mentioned in their conversation) although we’re shown the test being done on one with small blade. I remembered the coroner said the cutting was done by a butcher’s knife. 


@nrllee we don’t know yet if LJH’s character here is a good guy or not... Now I am thinking could he be the one orchestrating the sending of limbs? 

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Well it was nice to see SH reminiscent of the time with JSH but what's with the divorce papers and why live apart after returning from Germany? It seems there are a lot of things that SH doesn't know about JSH. 


I can understand why JSH suffers from anxiety disorder. JSH has been living, i don't know if it was by force, in someone else shoes, assuming his name and raised as JSH not as Eun Seong his real name. It must have been suffocating to the point that he probably tried to run away.  At flashback scene of the chairman bringing the young Eun Seong home he said: 'Sun Hun we are home, it has been a long time right? It means he was there before that time. JSH/ES doesn't look happy and especially when the chairman tried to teach him to ride the bicycle. 


Who was IDG meeting in the car? He said 'entire plan was ruined because of him' he must be referring to JSH. I think the man is someone who knows IDG's family. 


I tend to believe some of the theory here that says YM has JSH and i think the chairman knows that too. I say that because the chairman has been acting cool with IDG. He knows IDG is up to something bad.


I can't help but laugh at HongGyu and JinGyeong trying to figure out how JSH escaped from the mental ward without being detected by the cctv. JG may not be smart but she is gutsy and gets the job done but its best not to know how she does it. 


What exactly happened with KSC's death? Have the police ruled it as an accident and closed the case? after the revelation in the last two episodes that momentarily slipped my mind. Could it have been the work of IDG? 

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2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I think CEO Jeong only found out very recently about In’s real identity, not from many years ago. He said he did a background search on him after SHoon went missing. 



That’s what he said...but is he lying?  He seemed very much the top dog in the conversation with IDG in the office afterwards as he was cutting the bonsai.  I don’t trust his statement at all.  I think the whole story was concocted as spin so the blame falls on IDG alone and he takes the fall. Jeong then acts as the frail old man who was just caught up in the whole fray.  That’s why that scene played out the way it did with the camera alternating between Jeong’s retelling and then IDG’s retelling.  It’s the same story that they both corroborated on. That’s how it came across to me anyway. I could be wrong :lol:


2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

we don’t know yet if LJH’s character here is a good guy or not... Now I am thinking could he be the one orchestrating the sending of limbs? 


That thought has crossed my mind especially since LJH has a penchant for playing dubious characters (never the straight up good guy) :lol:.  So it is still a possibility.  Although he would’ve had to get the coroner on side to falsify the DNA match test results? 




Who was IDG meeting in the car? He said 'entire plan was ruined because of him' he must be referring to JSH. I think the man is someone who knows IDG's family.”


That was Dr Park from the Mental Facility.  It was his nephew PSJ who was the nurse who helped SHoon escape.  IDG wanted to know where to find his nephew and if he had been in contact.



As for the spy working for IDK, I can imagine that JTS's superior could be involved. He was the one who followed JTS to the lab.”


Good catch!  I think you might be onto something!  Remember how he seemed eager to palm off the case at the funeral parlour to Det Jo despite his protestations because he was curry favouring some higher up in the background?   He could very well be someone who is less than honourable.  :huh:

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7 minutes ago, imgreatgal said:

ho was IDG meeting in the car? He said 'entire plan was ruined because of him' he must be referring to JSH. I think the man is someone who knows IDG's family. 

It was rather dark, but wasn’t that the mental hospital director?


I think KSC’s death has not been closed. They’r doing the investigation along with missing SHoon. TS interrupted his team leader’s briefing to suggest so, when he was about to separate the two cases. 


@nrllee true, CEO Jeong could be lying. And turned out to be the ultimate big baddie after all... LOL

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