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[Taiwanese Drama 2019] Before We Get Married - 我們不能是朋友- Fridays

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Oh, how I hated to see this drama end. I knew it would be good because all of the lead actors were my faves. 


I think the writer here really wanted to show the dynamic of relationships. The importance of loving yourself while you are in a relationship and the importance of knowing when to let go.


KH had fallen into a very controlling situation where he allowed ZY to control too many aspects of his life. Even if the whole abortion story line wasn't present, those two didn't stand a chance. KH was an alpha male who was more than capable of navigating his career and making a success of himself. Even though he broke up with ZY, he still allowed her to control his life. Same thing with WW. She lost herself in her relationship with HY. She allowed him to control every aspect of her life, and even though she wasn't happy about all of the sacrifices, she was willing to do it if it meant the end game would be a lifetime of happiness for them. The problem is that control doesn't just end. It continues. It suffocates. It stifles, and after awhile, WW couldn't breathe. Then she and KH found each other and their meeting one another made the light bulb go off in both of their lives. Suddenly they both became uncomfortable with their relationships. Soon they were both questioning their happiness.


I like that the writer didn't automatically put them together. Yes, KH had been there for WW and showed that he was worthy of being in a relationship. However, WW had to find herself again, because she had certainly lost it with HY. Men like HY don't need real love, they just need someone to play a role in their lives. They will be the director and run the show and they want a subordinate who will play along. Unfortunately for him, WW needed love in return, which made their coupling impossible. I really like how the writer showed WW struggling with the dynamic to take more control over her life, all while being friends with KF who had complete control over her life, her desires, and her happiness. KF represented the other side of the coin. Her character is typically frowned upon because "women aren't supposed to be like that". But as we saw, KF was not as promiscuous as people thought. She carefully chose who she hooked up with. She didn't delude herself into believing that sex equated to love, and she put her happiness before everything. KF was loyal and fierce and sweet, and it was endearing to me that once DW got to really know her, he fell head over heels for her. She was honest and content by herself which made her perfect for him because he knew she would never sacrifice her independence to be with someone just because they had money. She had no problem telling him about his behavior and she was a great friend. Even I fell for her.


I also really enjoyed watching KH and WW's friendship. They respected and supported each other. They got along really well and they communicated well with one another. This type of healthy friendship/relationship was a breath of fresh air to witness. It was nice sharing this forum with you all. Til the next one!

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Tonight is usually when the next episode is uploaded and I'm super excited to watch it.. but reality has finally hit me and I'm so sad that this drama has ended :tears:


I tried to re-watch the last episode with subs but the video isn't working on the Kissasian website and its not available in my country on Viki either :tears: I only watched the last episode raw when it first came out but would be nice to re-watch with subs.


Please act together again PG and JL!!

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This is unlike any other TW series ive watched.  I love it.  Watched it twice.  

I have low expectation from TW drama so im pleasantly surprised!  Glad i gave it a chance.  

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