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Korean common words we catch up but don't know how to write

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On 10/17/2019 at 4:59 PM, Sushimi said:

자기 (Honey/Babe) - Chagi


자기야 (Informal.) - Chagiya


여보 (Husband) - Yeo Bu


여보야 (Informal.) - Yeo Bu ah


If im not wrong, yeobo can use for both husband and wife. 


남 편 Nampyeon = husband


야 = ya


"Ah" used when the word before is end with consonant, if im not wrong


여 보 야 = yeo bo ya


Sushimi ya, triplem ah


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How do you say "of course" in Korean?

  1. 물론이요 / mullon-iyo, translates to roughly “That goes without saying”.
  2. 당연하죠 / dangyeon-hajyo, like exclaiming “Of course”.
  3. 그럼요 / geureom-yo, usually the reply to a question or request. This one has many translations, from “Well then” to “Certainly”.
  4. One could also answer an order from a superior with a simple 예 / ye, or 알겠습니다 / algesseumnida, meaning you will do as said.
  5. 역시 / yeokshi could sometimes fill the role of “Of course” or “That's so typical”, said under one's breath, in the sense “Ah I knew it, of course he’d spend all the money on drinks”.



Source https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-say-of-course-in-Korean

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1. 하다 (hada) — to do
하다 is usually used at the end of a noun or another verb to indicate action. It can also be used by itself for certain situations, though this is rare.


생각 안 하다. (saeng-gag an hada) — I do not think.

하루 분의 일을 하다 (haru bunui ireul hada) — to do a full day of work

2. 고르다 (goleuda) — to choose

한 아이가 사탕을 고르고 있었다. (han aiga satang-eul goleugoiss-eossda) — A kid was choosing some candy.

괜찮은 물건을 고르는 남자를 보았다. (joh-eun mulgeon-eul goleuneun namjaleul boassda) — I saw a guy choosing some cool things.

3. 찾다 (chajda) — to find or to look for

슈퍼마켓 찾으려 하는데요. (syupeomakes chaj-eulyeo haneundeyo) — I’m looking for the supermarket.

나는 안경을 못 찾겠다. (naneun angyeong-eul mos chajgetda) — I can’t find my glasses.


For the rest check this site



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