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[OFFICIAL] Jung Hae In ♥️ Han Ji Min | Yoo Ji Ho ♡ Lee Jung In (LeeYoo Couple or Reason Couple)

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18 minutes ago, YuukiH said:


The first article got it all wrong!

The bts began with Jimin on the bed and she said to Haein "come in, why are you embarrassed?"

Pd yes, why are you embarrassed?"

Haein *got defensive, and get on the bed* I'm not embarrassed!!!

Jimin : Alright~

Haein : I'm not embarrassed at all.

Pd : There's no need to be embarrassed

Haein : Of course, there's nothing to be embarrassed about

Pd It's a blessing (to film bed scene with hjm)

*Jimin & Haein laughing*



Really! How they could post a wrong article. They are so bias :( 

So Haein is embarassed not HJM! Hmmp we should report that article




Btw, sharing some cookie for you guys haha :cookie:

Yay, we're now on Page 12 :star:


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@shariechan Ikr ! I find it kind of annoying when people mistranslate :mellow:


This picture is so pretty :tears: Every pic of them is so pretty :wub: tbh I feel already so anxious about next week episodes but I also can't wait to know what happened. I so sincerely wish for a happy ending for them :tears::wub:

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@YuukiH if you have time, could you please translate why are they saying esp HJM replied to JHI “Dont drink (the wine)”


Im dying to know her reply.

thank you

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Btw we don't have ship couple name.... 




Any idea for quirky name or easy to remember one? 




Since now we have more members board the ship haha....



1. IN x IN couple from their last name.

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@Lawyerh Korean netizens call them “이유 커플” from their last names “Lee + Yoo” which also means “reason” in Korean.

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@adibadiba I translated the whole scene ^^

Jimin : Is the wine real ?
Staff : Yes it's real
Haein : Nice 
Jimin : *laughing* nice ㅋㅋㅋ
*Haein laugh* 
*Jimin try to take a little of wine*
Jimin : it's really been a long time since I drank alcohol
Haein : (surprised) don't drink, don't drink!
Jimin : *put the drink down* I didn't drink, I just tasted it
*Jimin laugh and hide behind the script bc embarrassed & Haein stare*
Jimin : *laughing* why are you looking at me so seriously ㅎㅎ
Haein : *woried* it'll be a serious problem seriously (if she's drunk)
Jimin : I didn't drink, it's just to make it more real (on the screen)
Haein : Then I'll drink it
*Jimin laughing*
Haein : *seeing the food, joking* When did you prepare that ? 
Jimin : Isn't it Ji ho who prepared it ? ㅋㅋ
*Haein & Jimin laughing*
(The staff probably said something)
Jimin & Haein : *at the same time* Me ?
Haein : Ahh I must be the one who did it
Haein : Can I drink (to the staff?)
(Staff probably said yes)
Haein : Okay I'll drink it~
Jimin : we also have to pretend to have ate a little.*prepare her fork to feed him* Eat this. I'll wait (that you drink first)
Haein : Ah you'll going to give me later ? (confused)
Jimin : No, right now
Haein : *open his mouth*
Jimin : drink first
Haein : *Stop and look at her with a smile, then drink*
Pd : *passing* stop drinking (I'm laughing at the timing)
*Jimin feeding him*
Haein : it's tasty
//It's so funny how Haein was trying to eat the wine when no one looked at him 
Haein : I'm sorry I eat alone
Jimin : It's okay ^^
*Haein drink all his wine and look around and then pulls his tongue*
Jimin : Is it good ? Oh you did one shot ㅋ gives him more
Haein : Thank you
Pd : *joke* why you keep drinking ?
Haein : It's good, you prepared a good wine

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Hello, dear @Lawyerh darling,




I was preparing for a heartache but luckily I am relieved about yesterday's eps...

I enjoyed it so much!!

And I really don't know whether the writer's gonna follow the above lines in the finale eps,

but I wish them all the happiness from the bottom of my heart!! 



See you later guys.... Just wanted to lighten up my mind!!! Happy weekend! :)

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*Haein looking at her*
Jimin : You can do it well, right ? (the kiss scene) *smile*
Haein : what ? *smiling*
Jimin : you can do well ?
Haein : No
(Caption : It's not even time to film, but they're holding hands)
Jimin : why~~ ? Because we got to film one (a kiss) faster than you thought ?
Haein : Yes…I have to prepare my heart.



Haein : My hand is too cold
*Jimin touch his hand, then hers, then his right hand*
Jimin : Oh, why is it so cold ?
Haein : (can't hear what he reply)


Jimin : Since I'm the one who have to go undergo through this. //Not sure if the translation is right, I really couldn't find the right word to use to translate what shw said :tears://

Haein : *laughing, taken aback* go through this ?? Excuse me ?
Jimin : No it's not what I mean......*thinking*
Haein : Yes?
Jimin : but there's no other to say it *laughing*
Haein : *laughing* no but—
Jimin : —but it's like you attack me
Haein : Attack ??
*Haein looking worried. Jimin shake his hand to cheer him up*

Haein : I have small hands 
*They compare their hands*
Haein : Yours are small
Jimin : They're just the right size for my body
*Haein & Jimin laugh*
Jimin : but still they don't look like baby hands
Haein : they look like baby hands
Jimin : they look like adult hands look !
Haein : *joke* you're an adult
Jimin : *nods* right *laugh*
*Haein laugh*

Jimin : Is your hand cold ?
Haein : Yes, I have to hold your face with that hand
Jimin : *gives him a hot pack*
*He warms their hands*


Haein : *whisper* How should I do ? (for the kiss)
Jimin : You do your thing, I don't know *smile*
Haein : Ah seriously.. *smiling* You came here without worrying at all, right ?
Jimin : No, that's not that at all. Me too for mine—"what I want is my priority" (Jeong In line :D)
Haein : *laughing* Ah seriously !!! You're really Jeong In !
Jimin : "I don't care id you go insane in the process" (Jeong In line again) :D
Haein : Ahhh you completely changed into Lee Jeong In

//That's why (in the v app) he said she acted more and more like Jeong In//

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Fuyoh...they look enjoying so much together... do you see him brushing her hair ? Its quick but my eyes catch it lol :joy:


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I found this post, the woman is HJM's stylist and she talked about HJM and JHI. But I dunno what! Seems so interesting. Lalala~

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