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[OFFICIAL] Jung Hae In ♥️ Han Ji Min (LeeYoo/Reason/HaeMin/One Spring Night Couple)

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50:00 The last game. They have 5 option and each of them have to choose one and do it. 1. Wink 2. Doing aegyo 3. Poem with each other's name. 4. Eye contact with your both beautiful eyes (LO

*Haein looking at her* Jimin : You can do it well, right ? (the kiss scene) *smile* Haein : what ? *smiling* Jimin : you can do well ? Haein : No (Caption : It's not even time to film, but t

@Lawyerh You're welcome  I'm going to translate parts of the vlive tomorrow ^^ they have some very cute moments in it  what I felt is that they're very similar to Jiho and Jeong In ^^ And thank u

19 hours ago, tok-soompi said:


He really make her looks like she is very light.


I love how considerate they were of each other's needs.  They both are well known for their caring and considerate personality, so no surprise here.

She wished she would have skipped a meal to lighten up his burden when lifting her.  He replied, you must eat a lot of food for energy & stamina.  She said don't worry about making me look good and light, he replied you are not heavy at all.  JM claimed that Ji Hoo looks the coolest in this scene.  HI claimed in more than one occasions that she was seriously super light. Each puts the other person's needs above his/her own and one of the reasons for their synergy and palpable chemistry.

13 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

Very old interview.  Keke!  Does Ji Min fall in the last part of the question.  :P


Ji Min also prefers dipping(sauce), drinking beer, calling, and traveling.  May I also add that both of them picked sea over mountain, as a result, they were rewarded with 'pharmacy' shaped jellies for giving a matching answer.    (At the Cultural Arts awards event).

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On 1/14/2021 at 9:44 AM, FuyuKyu said:

“Every day, every moment, let’s be together..” :heart:

Let's watch it while waiting for new interaction between HI and JM ^^


@FuyuKyuThank you for the beautifully done MV using one of my fave songs. 


Hae In's best friend and his wife have liked pictures of JM posted on Jumingyung's ig.  I have reasons to believe that the likes might have been given recently.   They aren't following Juming and vice versa.  Hae In is not tagged on the pictures and the posts were uploaded before they began following JM.


Hae in's best friend's wife liked this post of Jumingyung



Hae In's best friend liked this one.



Ji min and Hae In have been quiet lately but thankfully their friends aren't. Lol


In conclusion, HI's close friends went out of their ways to like older photos of JM posted on her friend's account whose owner they don't even follow.:wub::heart2beat:


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17 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

Ji Min is celebrating her 18years of debut today and hope and Hae In is celebrating it with her.




@tok-soompi, yes hoping that Haein and Jimin celebrated her 18years milestone in K Biz with beer and chciken?

She’s so pretty in her IG post





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Ji Min loves Tteokbokki.  Hee!  No problem.

Credit to author


I read an old interview articles of JHI and realised he loves cooking especially Korean food.  


P.s. JHI finally Likes Ji Min latest post after many hours.  :doggie:



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