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[OFFICIAL] Jung Hae In ♥️ Han Ji Min (LeeYoo/Reason/HaeMin/One Spring Night Couple)


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8 minutes ago, Cheryl295 said:

What does he call Jimin? I havent heard him calling her noona but I also didnt hear him calling her Jimin ssi :D

:D not sure what he call her.  But very sure he said he will never call her noona.


Cuteness overload!!


credit to @neih212

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Love the last two set of pics :wub:and they look so adorable together in the Vlive:love:

I found this on YouTube someone made a crossover video of jimin and haein dramas(I wish it had subtitles )you can feel the chemistry between them :wub:


Cr uploader 


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I really don't remember if it was shared here yet, but it's so cute!


 From what I understand, HJM makes sentences with the characters of JHI's name.

Jung: Really

Hae: Hae In-ssi

In: isn't he too handsome to be a human being?


Both are really embarrassed and sweet!


I couldn't find the video about what JHI said with the characters of HJM's name. :cry:

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