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[OFFICIAL] Jung Hae In ♥️ Han Ji Min (LeeYoo/Reason/HaeMin/One Spring Night Couple)


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My dear @Lawyerh friend,


Congratulations on your very 1st shipping thread on soompi! :blush: And thanks a lot for tagging me here!!! He he he... I am so surprised that you created a shippers thread for a tv couple... Then these two love-birds definitely must be something more than we see!!! :D Hah haa.... Sending my love for you, darling! :wub:

I think I have to watch the drama first & then come back here to chat with ya'll!!! See you later.... :)


Happy shipping... :heart: :heart: 



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On 5/27/2019 at 8:11 AM, triplem said:

I will start this soon . Actually I just started HJM's other drama The Light in Your Eyes. I bookmarked that for a awhile now, but never got round to watching it yet.



@triplem The Light In Your Eyes is the first drama I've seen of HJM and I really liked her in it which is why I am considering starting One Spring Night. I also liked JHI in Something In The Rain (although the drama was only so-so) and While You Were Sleeping.



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All titles extract from soompi:

Jung Hae In Can’t Take His Eyes Off Of Han Ji Min In “One Spring Night”

Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Get Intimate On “One Spring Night” In Heart-Fluttering Posters For New Drama

Han Ji Min And Jung Hae In’s Smiles And Dedication Bring Warmth To Set Of “One Spring Night”

Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Are Lost In The Search For Love In “One Spring Night”

Han Ji Min Waits With Longing For Jung Hae In In “One Spring Night”


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Reposting this lyrics pic


I love how much the lyrics of this song describe the current/coming situation about jiho and Jung rel .I specially loved this part

"I am not a stranger to pain 

Been hurt but I learned my lesson

Let's go the distance

Cause baby I'm all in 

I am not afraid of the future

Won't be held down by the past 

I need to know

If you're with me now atlast"

@Lawyerh thanku for posting this :wub:

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Shipping is the hardest part in watching a kdrama lol. And with han ji min, it is much harder haha. But just seeing them working comfortaby together is more than enough. In the bts we can see that they are having fun, both are funny and easy going so i think that helps:)

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