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drama tropes 2019


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On 5/29/2019 at 1:15 AM, Lmangla said:

we have reached 100! here's the grand list (after checking for repeats):

#1 - lazy second lead who doesn't confess till first lead shows up

#2 - Memory loss due to a certain accident or trauma.

#3 - Annoying prospective mother in law who tries to break up the couple.

#4 - Annoying 2nd leads (be it male or female) who tries to break up the couple. 

#5 - Bad boy turn good cos of the girl. 

#6 - Love at first sight.

7 # Make Over 

#8 Also OTT Shipper mom's / everyone eat at someone else  home end taking all there side dishes back to his home 

#9 Hot Priest is a Must

#10 Female Lead's Husband Always Cheats so that OTP can be together. 

#11 Meet up at a fast food restaurant:

#12 annoying/ always perfect love confession

#13 changing face/feeling/double personality/Amnesia

#14 Cryptic Message in Bible

15 # medical / miracle diagnosis

#16 Serial killers or psychopaths are already hot Oppas lol. 

#17 The Car splash shield scene/shielding the FL from incoming bike.

18 # kdrama Robot ( that always cute /hunk / delicious )

#18 ~ Warming your love when it's too cold outside

#19 ~ Cherry Blossom walk/confession/date/kiss/break-up

20# copy/paste elevator incident

#21 pushing someone (be it male or female) aggressively against the wall for a (surprising) kiss. 

#22 Following the Disney stories especially Cinderella.

23# little thing that is disgusting :joy::mrgreen: & supposed to be funny :phew: / there always someone rushing to do there **** or running to use toilet 

24# oops moment - * Good citizen or pervert 

#25 Oppa AHA Moment / lead in disguise

26# 18+ moment \  make out  / drooling  -- adult reading book , wishing for girlfriend and make out with pillow

#27 Contract marriage/ Fake dating

#28 digital romance -- that vacuum cleaner

#29  DNA test to check parentage (it must always be swapped :D )

#30  lost daughter/son

#31 someone suffers from liver cirrhosis and needs donation

#32 mothers tying a white band because of headache :D

#33 cute child actors in dailies

# 34 second lead who is cuter than the main lead, but the lady is either weak-sighted or has a bad taste in men

#35 - Good girl gone bad

#36 Noraebang (karaoke) ~ happy or sad, noraebang is the place to go. / karaoke room scene, where the person can't sing 

#37 Falling sick after getting drenched just once in rain!!!!

#38 The mandatory porridge for the sick person.

#39 The hangover soup/medicines / Instance Miracle Medicine 

#40 Jump to water you won't die

#41 Body not found, don't conclude he / she die

#42 Run away from prison, pretend faint or suicide

#43 - you run into someone at the grocery store that you wish to avoid.

#44 Yellow Umbrella Prop

#45 Hand Bleeding & Aid Kit Box

#46 Mixed Identity

47# Non stop reminder of dazzling sun

#48 Kids to Save

#49 Inhumane Lead

#50  giving tofu to someone released from prison

#51 hire 20 men to fight one man , when you got gun that can do the job

#52 The cell phone battery is always dead when you most need it

#53 photo booth scene is a premonition to some tragic scene later . :naughty::skull:

#54 I hate my family, because they are bad guys and I become a policeman ,so that i will not be like them / Childhood trauma for the chaebol son gone bad,

#55 The OTP have known each other since babies and meet again as a destined couple....

#56 -The Main leads are always dumb as  a brick at certain points for no reason.

#57 -Evil people ALWAYS at the right place at the right time to hear everything

#58 -Someone will get water toss in their faces

#59 I just gave birth. Now my belly is flat.

# 60 - the mysterious gardener with green thumb (aka PD team)

#61 Some female lead who are too poor to eat but donning designer’s duds and never reused her outfits in an entire series.

#62 Uglify a super gorgeous girl for the role by sticking an eyeglasses on her and curling her hair.

#63 Happens very often in 120 episodes drama the villains are ALWAYS forgiven 

#64 super expensive (tacky) tracksuits that are supposed to be stylish worn 

#65 till this day we have contract relationships that will fail to meet their conditions of never falling in love

#66 AMERICAN IVY COLLEGE ALUMNIS / still can't talk english.

#67 Rush to the airport scenes

#68 I cant take this I must go abroad!

#69 Hot namja shower scenes

#70 TIME GAPS THAT ARE apparently VERY NECESSARY that seems to depict to the viewers how their lives had been before getting a happy ending from OTP

#71  the couples must live with their in-laws, who keep interfering with each and every single detail of your lives.

#72 getting drunk. *hallucinate* *talk about philosophy

#73 Wet clothes, awkwardness - I swear the writers find one way or another to put the leads in wet clothes!

74# there always someone wish to appear on the dance with star

#75 Every Korean woman is a heavy sleeper.

#76. Flying hair scenes

#77 - freeze, couple stare at each other and end scene of episode

#78 a hero has super powers, can fly in the air, or hear sounds from tne distance of  10 meters,  or solves each and every mystery by using complicated mathematical or scientific method

#79 eating ramen (noodles) usually slurping

#80 Locksmith Master Skill Needed

#81 soul swap/soul revived; / possessed by ghost leading to different personality

#82 ways to get oppas: be a secretary and work in his office. 

#83 ~ contemplating about life and death by the bridges over Han River

# 84 - somewhere in their current or past life they need to know how to play this (cards)

# 85 - mothers, fortune tellers and matchmakers -- the quest to get kid married

#86 Pushing someone they hate out the door of their houses, cursing them and throwing  rice, salt, or redbeans on them

#87 Beautiful noona loved by hot younger man or showing younger man how to love them hotly

#88 Rich guy follow you go home take bus 

#89 BF acts as a bodyguard in crowded public transport.

#90 online test , that tell you if your psychopath, fan and other Qs

# 91 genie help future boyfriend sleep next the girl  / Watching each other sleep and tracing their eyebrows or eye lashes (because apparently all people do this?? LOL)

#92 Female Lead slips or starts falling and male lead always manages to catch her

#93 School romance where male lead is always the smartest and best looking male

#94 Jealousy - there's always a scene that sparks jealousy in every romcom

#95  in 103-episode dailies, the evil guys win from episode 1 till episode 102 , and the good guys are happy in the final episode 103

# 96. how can we forget nosebleeds, if someone can't figure out some solution to some problem or gets stressed the nose suddenly bleeds 

# 97 piggy back of the drunk person home or piggy back someone deathly sick and run to the hospital instead of calling 911. 

# 98 In historicals women antagonists are poison experts, kill with poison. They would have made a lot of money in this century by bcoming druggists/pharmacists or run a poison control center

#99. love scenes with food -- When eating with someone one likes, tell the person one likes to open mouth by saying AHHHH and then put food in their mouths; eating dumplings and freeze stare

#100: Oh God you are not doing as I say as  a parent! I am about to pass out!


thanks to the contributors: :wub:

@DeePlatonicFan , @Lawyerh, @staygold, @lu09, @sushilicious, @Ameera Ali, @ktcjdrama, @nohamahamoud2002, @chococarmela , @triplem, @cenching, @dramaninja, @sn2111a, @joccu, @rocat @2handsintertwined, @stargazer187, @zenya22, @mouse007

since we did this last year, wondered if we would be able to come up with new tropes but there were lots! hahahahha... guess dramaland is filled with tropes and we love them! hahahahhaha... we will be using this tropes as a list in OTP bingo in June. do join us for the event and play along. for our silent readers, hope you had fun reading along and hope to see you all in OTP bingo!


P.S ~ if you have made a MV for one of the dramas you are watching, do contribute to our monthly birthday post where we highlight drama related stuff and wish soompi chingus "happy birthday"

Thanks for mentioning me :) 

Edit: I don't think I did it right... :( Well, thank you for doing this event. I'm sure you are busy.

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1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:
On 5/25/2019 at 2:22 PM, lu09 said:

@Ameera Ali  #13 changing face/feeling/double personality/Amnesia lol. I don't know what I'm writing lol:sweat_smile::joy::mrgreen:


On 5/25/2019 at 10:55 AM, DeePlatonicFan said:

#2 - Memory loss due to a certain accident or trauma.


@sushilicious @Lmangla sorry lol its me again.... but i got question... whats the different between no 2 and 13? Amnesia & memory loss should be same isnt it?  

thanks for the point out. here we will keep it simple this way:

#2 memory loss due to accident or trauma

#13 changing face / double personality

re: @sushilicious

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