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[Drama 2019] When the Camellia Blooms, 동백꽃 필무렵

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On 11/23/2019 at 8:32 PM, htk9207 said:


I thought she worked as a maid for that woman's family for many years, and later on, married the father. Which is why the daughter looks down at DB's mom and keeps calling her a gold digger. Only when she got her hands on the insurance letter, she decided to look for DB omma; thinking that whatever money could be had is rightfully hers. Thankfully, the show didn't waste any more precious time on her since she's not that really relevant. At least for me.


Has everyone already moved on? I think I'll have to wait for January or February for PD Shin's Wise Doctor Life aka Doctor Playbook. :sweatingbullets:


Me! I haven't moved on yet lol! We still have the special episodes airing of BTS this week, so looking forward to that. Aww I miss waiting for future episodes, it was like an extended family type of feeling. I hope the cast and crew are showered with awards come Dec/next year :))

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November 26, 2019


"When the Camellia Blooms" Announces Special Broadcast


Source: Tenasia via HanCinema.net




The KBS 2TV drama "When the Camellia Blooms", which ended on the 21st, has prepared a special broadcast for the disappointed viewers.


On the final episode of "When the Camellia Blooms", Jeong Sook (Lee Jung-eun), who was in a coma, miraculously came around, and Dong-baek (Gong Hyo-jin) and Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul) were together for a long time. It was the perfect happy ending.


The viewers said, "The drama was perfect from the beginning", "Everyone seems like the leading star here", "Every episode was like a gift and very comforting", "This drama sums up the end of my year", "The last 3 months have been a miracle thanks to the people of Ongsan" and more. The ending of the drama is more of a disappointment, because it was favored by so many. Even the cast say so.


Therefore, on the 27th and 28th, there will be a special broadcast of "When the Camellia Blooms" called "The Camellia Blooms". The two episodes will consist of highlights from the 20 episodes of the drama. In addition, parts that weren't broadcast at all will be edited into this special broadcast.

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3 hours ago, rubie said:

The KBS 2TV drama "When the Camellia Blooms", which ended on the 21st, has prepared a special broadcast for the disappointed viewers.


The ending of the drama is more of a disappointment, because it was favored by so many. Even the cast say so.


I wonder why the writer of above Han Cinema.net article would use the term disappointed not only once but twice. 


Shouldn't it read: A special broadcast is prepared for the viewers, who have grown attached to the drama and its characters, and are now sad the series has ended. 


Even weirder, the ending of the drama is a disappointment? Is this translation problem? 


I think the cast meant they are sad that the series ended. And that it's hard to say goodbye to the drama and to the characters they portrayed. :P

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1 hour ago, htk9207 said:

The KBS 2TV drama "When the Camellia Blooms", which ended on the 21st, has prepared a special broadcast for the disappointed viewers.


The ending of the drama is more of a disappointment, because it was favored by so many. Even the cast say so.

Let me try:

~ has prepared a special broadcast for sad viewers who are not ready to let go yet :D 

~ The drama coming to an end is more of a disappointment, because~~

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November 27, 2019


Gong Hyo Jin Reveals Why She Initially Turned Down “When The Camellia Blooms” + What Made Her Stay


Source: Soompi by J. Lim




Gong Hyo Jin opened up about how she had initially turned down her role in KBS’s recently-ended “When the Camellia Blooms” and what convinced her to accept it in the end.


On November 25, Gong Hyo Jin held a series of interviews to mark the end of the drama. When asked why she had initially thought to turn down the role, the actress said, “When I received the offer, I was preparing to film the movie ‘The Most Ordinary Romance.’ That was right after we had wrapped up filming ‘Hit-and-Run Squad,’ so timing wise, it was very difficult for me.”




Revealing that the drama was initially scheduled to air early this year, Gong Hyo Jin explained, “I heard that if I agreed to the role, the drama would have to be pushed back several months so I declined.” She added, “But I’d read the script up to the fourth episode and it was so much fun. I called screenwriter Im Sang Choon and asked, ‘I’m so sorry I can’t take on the role, but if you have the script for the fifth episode, can I see it?’ That’s the first time I’ve asked anything like that for project.”


It was during that call that the screenwriter tried to convince Gong Hyo Jin to accept the offer, despite being described by the actress as someone who wasn’t very outgoing or vocal about her opinions. Both Im Sang Choon and director Cha Young Hoon are said to have had Gong Hyo Jin in mind when writing the drama, and Gong Hyo Jin said, “I think I would have really regretted it if I hadn’t done this drama.” She laughed as she added, “In the script, there was a scene with the words ‘A woman with a germanium bracelet on.’ When I was traveling overseas, my mother put one on me and it ended up in a photo and showed up on search rankings. It made me think that the screenwriter was trying to seduce me to join.”




Gong Hyo Jin showed a deep affection for the drama as she explained, “I loved the script from the beginning. I read the script for the first episode and liked it, and then I liked the second episode. I kept reading on to the fifth, sixth, and seventh episode and thought ‘This is so good.’ The script kept getting better and there wasn’t a single unnecessary scene. We kept saying, ‘Wednesday was so good, but tomorrow will be even better.'”


“When the Camellia Blooms” aired its finale on November 21 and currently holds the record for the highest viewership ratings of a miniseries this year, peaking at 23.8 percent.


Source (1) (2)

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There are an abundance of Korean articles to read from interviews with Kong Hyo Jin and the producer that are well worth the read (there are a many more than the ones I posted). I hope we can see some from Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Suk soon too. I’m still having withdrawals and google translating every article that comes out.

















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November 27, 2019


Interview: Gong Hyo-jin, "I Hoped 'When the Camellia Blooms' Never Ends"


Source: Yonhap via HanCinema.net




Actress Gong Hyo-jin is nicknamed 'Gongvely' (Gong Hyo-jin + Lovely) and 'rom-com queen'. These nicknames followed with the success of dramas, "Pasta", "The Greatest Love", "Master's Sun" and "Incarnation of Jealousy".


The recently ended "When the Camellia Blooms" was the first drama Gong Hyo-jin starred in for 3 years and it was her specialty. She played Dong-baek, a single mom with a son who runs a small neighborhood bar called Camellia, a character who would exist anywhere. The average viewing percentage rated 21.75% and it was the highest ranking drama of KBS's miniseries.


We met Gong Hyo-jin for an interview recently and she said, "The drama was more fun to make regardless of popularity and viewing rate".




"Usually I would like to finish it quickly and rest, but "When the Camellia Blooms" wasn't like that. I hoped the story would never end. It was hard to believe it was over. Even writer Lim Sang-choon found it hard to bring the story to an end as much as the cast. He said he didn't want the 'Ong-vengers', Pil-goo and Jong-ryeol to end. It's rare for everyone on a set to feel that way".


In addition to the storyline of "When the Camellia Blooms", in which women's characters recover their self-esteem against prejudice, the story shows these characters not just being jealous or hating each other, but banding together. In this drama, which is a mix of human drama and thriller, it also made headlines that the final person who catches the serial killer is Dong-baek. Even Gong Hyo-jin says, "I didn't know I would be the one to catch him".


"I was surprised to see Dong-baek catch the killer. We only received the complete scenarios later on. I think most of the characters I play have been like that. I've always played independent characters who reach success on their own. Of course, we couldn't see the script and only saw the synopsis, but we trusted the writer. Sometimes the scenario would turn out better, or not as much, but I think I chose "When the Camellia Blooms" well".




Gong Hyo-jin is also famous for her chemistry with her co-stars. Her performance is always so natural and makes it seem like she's really in love. Thus, the reason why she's mentioned so much as a favorable co-star. She laughed as she said, "I'm a hit or miss".




"I think I harmonize well with others. Those actors who are prepared to the dot get taken aback when they hear something different from their co-stars, so it takes them time to undo everything they've prepared and stack up again. I don't limit myself to a frame and just play along with my co-star on the set. I'm not that picky or stubborn. I go into shooting without having perfectly understood my lines, but I listen to my co-star carefully and react well to it, which makes it look emotional".




Gong Hyo-jin focused on film for the last 3 years. She starred in thrillers "Missing Woman" and "Door Lock" and "Hit-and-Run Squad" as a charismatic cop. She's tried to make attempts to change her image, but she'll always be Gongvely, the queen of rom-com.


"I like that nickname. It's what I'm good at. But it's also an actor's fate. It makes me more determined to change, although it may be hard. Still, when I hear that I've been successful at changing, I think the sense of accomplishment will wash everything away".



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22 hours ago, milkypeony said:

 yeah probably not! i guess we'll just have to wait until some kind soul takes the trouble to sub it themselves :pensive:

The agony of being an international fans. I feel you fellah :tears:

11 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I have the link for Special with Chinese subs if any of you want to watch.

PM me, but because I am going to bed soon, might only be able to reply 8 hours from now.

Thank you so much! :wub: 

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November 29, 2019


Epic fails lead to epic success: Son Dam-bi talks landing her ideal role and her resolve to never give up


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Son Dam-bi [KEYEAST]

Not only has the KBS drama series “When the Camellia Blooms” reached its conclusion, so has Son Dam-bi’s transition from singer to actor.


The series, which wrapped on Nov. 21, ended with a respectable 23.8 percent viewership rating, and for Son, it marked the first time she felt she had truly become her character, Hyang-mi.


Born in 1983, Son made her debut in 2006 after training for years to realize her dream of becoming a singer. Her megahit “Crazy” (2008) was a resounding success and was followed with other hits like “Saturday Night” (2009) and “Queen” (2010).


But unfortunately, her achievements as a singer were not successfully translated into a prosperous acting career.


She landed the biggest role of her career in the SBS drama “Dream” in 2009, but the drama was not received well and the initial plan to broadcast 22 episodes was revised with 2 episodes being cut.


“I want to forget about ‘Dream’ and think that my beginning was with ‘Light and Shadow’ [MBC, 2011],” Son said. “’Dream’ just flew away like a dream. I was hurt so much back then. But I kept on going, thinking that if I persevered, that an opportunity will arise, even just once. And it did happen, and I can’t believe that it has.”


Son cited her friend and actor Kong Hyo-jin as her “savior,” for urging her to persevere.


The Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, sat down with Son to talk about her latest work and her acting career. The following are edited excerpts.


Singer and actor Son Dam-bi was applauded for having found the ideal character in KBS’s recently-wrapped drama series “When the Camellia Blooms,” as Hyang-mi, above. The drama ended with a high 23.8 percent viewership and featured actors Kong Hyo-jin and Kang Ha-neul as the main characters, top. [PAN ENTERTAINMENT]

Q. This was your first drama in three years. What made you choose this project?


A. I was working on films, and this was my next choice. I was cast thanks to a very fortunate opportunity after Hyo-jin recommended it to me. The director and the writer never thought of me as Hyang-mi, but apparently she did [when she read the script]. When I read the book, it made me realize what an attractive character Hyang-mi was. I wanted to do it so bad, and I just kept thinking about the role.


What do you think Kong saw in you to make her feel like you were fit for Hyang-mi’s role?


I’ve heard before that I sometimes look like I’m staring somewhere else when I look at someone. I never really understood what that meant (laughs). Anyway, Hyang-mi is this very strong character, with a very flashy look. I think that’s why she thought of me. Thanks to her, I met the character of my life, and I feel like I should buy her something to pay her back. I’m going to be nicer to her from now on. She was happier than I was to see me get all the compliments. She’s just so big-hearted. I’m close friends with her, but I also look up to her as a senior actor.


That part where you said, “the character of your life” - how do you feel to have been featured in such a great work?


I do feel a little dazed. I knew that it would do well, because writer Im Sang-chun is such a great author. The actors were all very excited about the script. We even said to ourselves that [the drama will be a hit] if the actors just do well. I’m so grateful. It really gave me the energy, and the will to do my best in any other work that comes to me in the future.


Did you have any difficulties playing the part?


Hyang-mi had a lot of things to figure out in the beginning, and that was really hard to grasp. I actually talk fast, but she talks slowly. She has to seem naive, but also read the room and people around her. So it was up to me to show that [ambivalent] side of her. The question was, how was I going to do it?

I did feel myself struggle in the beginning, but after that, I felt free. After the first couple of episodes, I came to understand Hyang-mi’s character more. I fell deeper into her. I think that’s when I started hearing people say that I was like Hyang-mi.


Did you learn a lot from working with Kong Hyo-jin?


She gave me a lot of ideas. She helped me feel more comfortable, and it really helped. I looked forward to the scenes I shot with her.


What’s the most memorable advice you got from her?


I have a habit of memorizing the script word by word. I think it started from being a singer, and I had to memorize the words exactly. She suggested that it might be better for me to break free from that.


And how were the reactions online?


I have never in my entire life seen a drama without any bad comments - not a single bad word. I really felt good looking at comments that said, “Wow you really saw yourself in Hyang-mi.”


How difficult was it for you to establish your career as a singer?


I was about to give up when I dropped the song “Crazy.” It turned out great. I have a tendency of doing well just when I’m about to give up. I think I’m given such chances only when I make the time and effort. So that made me think, I should try again when I’ve failed on an epic scale. It kept me going. I never thought that I had made it as an actor in the beginning. I knew that it would take time.


How did you cope when you felt like you were not succeeding?


I did things that could keep me going. I took acting lessons and watched so many movies. I think that’s how I ended up doing so much work. All that synergy has brought me to Hyang-mi.


How do you plan to spend the rest of the year?


I’m debating with myself on whether I should start right away with another project or rest. I’m confused and I’m not sure what to do. I had such a good experience with the project I had, and I’m not sure if I will get that chance again. I’m actually thinking a lot about my next work and trying to choose well.

But I was chosen to M.C. the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards. I want to do that well. And I’d like to choose the next good project and do that well.


BY HWANG SO-YOUNG [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr]

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I wonder how is YS like as father to a daughter..


He can befriend PG well and have a playful father-son chemistry..


But towards a precious mini Dong Baek he might worship her like a princess lol.. boys going after her will not have it easy

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November 28, 2019


"When the Camellia Blooms" Ong-Vengers, "It Was Fun"


Source: News1 via HanCinema.net




The Ong-Vengers from the recently ended KBS drama "When the Camellia Blooms" each had something to say.


Kim Mi-hwa, who played Jae-yeong, said, "Dramas usually focus on the main characters, but "When the Camellia Blooms" made sure the supporting actors got their time".


Baek Hyeon-joo, who played Ji-hyeon said they actually became friends with the locals. Lee Seon-hee, who played Gwi-ryeon said, "The local neighborhood came out to say goodbye to us when we left".


Lee Seon-hee said that "When the Camellia Blooms" is a drama she is thankful for and that people around her thank her for being in a such a good drama.



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Oh, goodness, I binged the last several episodes this weekend. It took me a bit to warm up to this drama (slice of life + serial killer, what kind of mashup is that?!), but at some point I realized this drama had gotten its hooks into me, and I was completely invested. And also cried my tear ducts dry. What a beautiful, beautiful drama! I am so glad I stuck with it. I've been walking around in that post-drama daze all day.

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On 11/29/2019 at 4:27 PM, Whisper2 said:

I wonder how is YS like as father to a daughter..


He can befriend PG well and have a playful father-son chemistry..


But towards a precious mini Dong Baek he might worship her like a princess lol.. boys going after her will not have it easy


I also wished a scene like that was added. Similar to She was Pretty, where the main lead was shown walking with a little girl. The daughter was a mini version of the female lead. :P


The ending in Camellia only showed a girl's high school uniform, whereas the living room displayed so many awards Pilgu won for baseball. They could have added at least a single family photo. Pilgu with DB and YS plus the newest addition to the family, along with two doting grandmas.



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December 4, 2019


INTERVIEW: Actress Kong Hyo-jin reflects on-screen chemistry in hit drama


Actress Kong Hyo-jin starred recently in the romantic comedy series 'When the Camellia Blooms,' which ended with its highest viewership at 23.8 percent. Courtesy of Management SOOP

Actress Kong Hyo-jin starred recently in the romantic comedy series 'When the Camellia Blooms,' which ended with its highest viewership at 23.8 percent. Courtesy of Management SOOP


By Lee Gyu-lee The Korea Times


Dubbed the queen of rom-com, actress Kong Hyo-jin is known for her down-to-earth, humble performances as the heroine in a handful of hit films and TV series, including "The Greatest Love" (2011) and "Master's Sun" (2013).


But for KBS hit drama "When the Camellia Blooms," which aired its last episode on Nov. 21 with 23.8 percent of the viewership, it wasn't just another romantic comedy flick for her.


"It was the first piece that I was hoping people to notice this drama this much," the actress said in an interview with The Korea Times last week, at a cafe in southern Seoul. "I used to be indifferent to others, but became more solicitous through this series."


This heartfelt drama revolves around Kong's character Dong-baek ― Korean for camellia ― and people in the fictional small town Ongsan. Dong-baek is a single mother, running a restaurant called Camellia after moving to Ongsan a few years ago. Growing up as an orphan, she is used to being by herself and struggles to fit into the neighborhood until she meets Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul), a police officer who shows her unyielding love.


Written by Lim Sang-choon, who also wrote the 2017 series "Fight for My Way," the drama only increased in popularity as the story progressed, achieving its highest rating of 23.8 percent for its finale. "I was surprised but happy to see people responding to the story of people sharing innocent and pure affection," Kong expressed.


Each episode was full of stories, not only about Dong-baek but also about the people around her. Every character had their own stories and relationship in which they turn to share affection and mingle.


Kong said she was thrilled to see the performances of fellow cast members and how well they played their characters. "The experience with such chemistry (among fellow cast members) gave me chills," Kong expressed.


Actress Kong Hyo-jin starred recently in the romantic comedy series 'When the Camellia Blooms,' which ended with its highest viewership at 23.8 percent. Courtesy of Management SOOP
In this still photo from the drama, Kong, right, poses with her co-star actor Kang Ha-neul who plays the police officer Yong-sik. Courtesy of PAN Entertainment


Known for her natural, understated style of acting, Kong said her performance was balanced out with the co-stars acting. "The energy that Yong-sik had from his vibrant acting style made my modest, introverted character look more realistic," she said.


"My life was like an apple tree planted in the sand… I didn't have any soil or other trees to reach out and depend on," Dong-baek narrates in the last episode. "But now people began to sprout around me. All I did was mingle my roots with them... I could finally see the sea breeze, the sand, and the dazzling sky that had always been around me."


As the title says for itself, her life blooms as she settles in with the people in her own way, finding people to share the love and care she has longed for her whole life.


Just like Ongsan did for Dong-baek, the actress said she came to face a new phase of a two-decades-long acting career, through this series.


The most memorable line she picked was where Dong-baek asks Yong-sik if it was a miracle that she met him. When he asks "Do you believe in something that only sounds like a lottery?" she answers "No, I believe in myself."


The actress said she felt her heart pounding as she was saying that line. "I really do believe in me... It was so interesting because some lines were like I was speaking my mind," she said.


Dong-baek uses a metaphor of stuffing dumplings to crafting your own happiness, which should not be compared with others' dumplings. Using the metaphor, Kong expressed that it's important to find one's own happiness. "In the future I want to work on more stories like this that tell you important things."


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