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[Drama 2019-2020] Love with Flaws, 하자있는 인간들


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Dang I feel robbed wanted to at least see her in it .

Over all though I enjoyed it nice light heart fluff, which is needed as some of the other dramas I'm watching at the moment seem to want to dehydrate me or frazzle my poor brain.

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7 hours ago, mizv said:

Finally caught up and finished this drama.

am I missing something but there was no future hookup of Oldest Oppa and the eldest sister? 

I just finished watching the drama and it feels that they secretly see eachother when there is friends gatherings and they hope that in few years they can be together. I guess they are letting their siblings settle first before they try to be together. That is all my opinion but definitely this drama had an open ending on their love story. 

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