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[Drama 2019-2020] Love with Flaws, 하자있는 인간들


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New main couple posters of Love With Flaws








The producers of “Love with Flaws” remarked, “Oh Yeon Seo and Ahn Jae Hyun are portraying the characters Joo Seo Yeon and Lee Kang Woo with perfect synchronization, as if the characters were custom-tailored to fit them. Viewers will be able to discover new charms of the actors that they have never yet seen before.”


They added, “Please look forward to the synergy between the two actors, which will make viewers’ hearts flutter as it leaps across genres from romance to comedy, humanism, and even a fun cartoonish vibe.”




IG's update from Heo Jung Min




Source: 1, 2

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1st Interview with the lead couple































Unfortunately I don't understand Korean. I used google translate to get the whole idea, so it seemed that they talked about their characters and the hashtags that they would like to use for their characters.


Source: 1, 2

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More still cuts of Ahn Jae Hyun




Ahn Jae Hyun will transform into Lee Kang Woo, a third-generation chaebol who seems flawless on the outside but secretly suffers from past trauma. Ahn Jae Hyun is portraying Lee Kang Woo in his own way by making him a multi-dimensional and comical character.


In middle school, Lee Kang Woo confessed his feelings to Joo Seo Yeon (Oh Yeon Seo), but he got rejected. After thinking that he was dumped because of his looks, Lee Kang Woo ate away his sorrow. He ended up getting the stomach flu, which led to him suffering from diarrhea on the bus to a school trip. He decided to study abroad in order to avoid more embarrassment.


Since then, he has been forced to go to the bathroom whenever he is facing a situation that reminds him of the incident.


In the stills released on November 12, Ahn Jae Hyun showcases both the perfect third-generation chaebol Lee Kang Woo and the timid, traumatized Lee Kang Woo.


Ahn Jae Hyun commented, “For ‘Love with Flaws,’ I will greet viewers with a new side of myself that is different from what I’ve shown in the past. I tried to show more in-depth acting, so please look forward to it.”


Source: 1, 2

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New still cuts showing a love triangle relationship among the leads




The fresh, cheerful romantic comedy drama “Love With Flaws” is about a woman who despises pretty boys and meets a wealthy chairman who is obsessed with his looks. They overcome their prejudices and misunderstandings and find true love.


In addition to the comedy and youthful romance of the various characters in “Love With Flaws,” attention is focused on the different charms of Ahn Jae Hyun, Oh Yeon Seo, and Goo Won and the unique “love line” they are going to create.


Oh Yeon Seo portrays physical education teacher Joo Seo Hyun, and Ahn Jae Hyun portrays Lee Kang Woo, the wealthy chairman obsessed with his looks. They face each other in different situations and bicker, showing off their crazy chemistry. As they get to know each other, their past relationships will be revealed and add on to the excitement and fun.


On the other hand, the sweet romance between Oh Yeon Seo and Goo Won will make viewers experience second lead syndrome. Goo Won portrays Lee Min Hyuk, a health teacher with a friendly personality who has an unrequited love for Oh Yeon Seo’s character. Unlike the disagreeing Lee Kang Woo, Lee Min Hyuk will move Joo Seo Hyun’s heart with his warm charm, creating a “love line” that is unpredictable.


Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Won will be fighting for Oh Yeon Seo’s affection in an intense love triangle. Their characters are polar opposites from personality to the way they treat women. Their different approach to pursuing Oh Yeon Seo’s character is expected to captivate viewers. Viewers are already looking forward to seeing how the two different characters will express their feelings toward her and how the story will unfold!


Source: 1, 2

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2 hours ago, estrellita1122 said:

:D OYS and AHJ look like tweens.:wub:

cant wait for the drama to air. This drama looks like it has a unique  story line.


Yes...me too... next week, guys... next week... It's gonna begin next week

I bet there would be many side stories too since this drama is about people with flaws and how they're gonna find true love while confronting other's and their own weaknesses. 


New stills of 3 different side couples


















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New still cuts of Ahn Jae Hyun








A source from “Love With Flaws” said, “When watching Ahn Jae Hyun act, you can tell that he has done a lot of research into the character. You can look forward to Ahn Jae Hyun’s performance of a narcissist who also has a lovable, off-the-wall side.


Me: Can't wait to see that:lol:


Source: 1, 2

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