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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] We Are All Alone 怪你过分美丽


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Chinese title: 怪你过分美丽 / Guai Ni Guo Fen Mei Li
English title: We Are All Alone

Genre:  Modern, Romance

Episodes: 35

Director: Wang Zhi  (王之)

Broadcast Period: 6/8/2020



Qin Lan

Gao Yixiang

Wang Ziyi 

Wang Yaoqing


Mo Xiang Wan is known as the iron-willed agent of showbiz. Despite her stature, she suffers a crisis that deals a big blow to her career. She learns many things in the process of finding herself as she reclaims her road to success.

At the Golden Urn awards, two of Mo Xiang Wan's biggest artists are nominated for an award. However, hidden dangers lie beneath the shimmering lights of stardom. Because of a strategic mistake, Mo Xiang Wan loses her artists.

Through her encounters, Mo Xiang Wan begins to appreciate the ingenuity and passion of veteran actors. She overhauls her methods and decides to focus on making good projects. Mo Bei is the hotshot lawyer who specializes in commercial law. Their paths cross as Mo Xiang Wan tries to fulfill her dreams.
(Source: ChineseDrama.info)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**






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Mo Xiang Wan is a career woman who worked very hard to succeed in this cruel world. She is the woman we all want to be: down to earth, independent, strong, strong,hardworking, smart, cold on appearances but warm inside.


As we all know the show business world is like the hell. Once you enter it, you will have to cope with flaws, burdens, yet it is your choice. You have to overcome all the obstacles to survive.

Naives people may think it is a beautiful world since it gives you fame, money, envy. But, the dark side of it is scarier...


Nowadays, you don't need to have talent to enter this world. A pretty face, a pretty body can be your business card. However, people won't remember what you achieve, they will remember what WRONG you did and will criticize you until they are satisfied. 


That's when the manager is important. They will deal with the problems such as like rumors, false accusation etc.In this drama, you don't need to finish it to see that Qin Lan perfectly portrayed the role of the iron lady of the Chinese show-business. Her acting was so convincing that  you forget you are actually watching a drama.


I love how they focus on the professional side which makes the drama more EXCITED, more INTERESTING, more DRAMA, WORTH THE TIME. What's great is that the drama depicts some real facts of the show-business for example shipping couples so that it will PR the drama they filmed, or actors who have the "star syndrome" so they won't respect anyone and do what they want ignoring the heavy impact.



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