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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Love and Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘


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Chinese Title: 三生三世宸汐缘

English Title: Love and Destiny


Filming Period: 2018

Air Date: JULY 15 2019

Episode Count: 60


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Director: 林玉芬 Lin Yu Feng

Chief Costume Director: 张叔平 Zhang Shu Ping

Costume Director:张世平 Zhang Shi Ping

Art Design Director: 区丁平 Qu Ding Ping

Graphic Director: 李昭桦 Lee Zhao Hua

Producer: 苏里 Su Li

Executive Producer:江陆艳 Jiang Liu Yan

Broadcast Platform: IQIYIAAuE7mCWtM3oQ6tEkeKei5hQLBFoDIHIt3rBeg13

Production Company:  tumblr_pq8r47w0501u1iqoao1_250.png ᠅ tumblr_pq8r47w0501u1iqoao3_r3_75sq.jpg ᠅ tumblr_pq8r47w0501u1iqoao2_r3_75sq.png


One day, God of War Jiu Chen, who fell deeply asleep after sealing the demon lord ten thousand years ago, is suddenly awakened by a young girl’s mistake. Jiu Chen and the girl, whose name is Ling Xi, develop feelings for each other over time. But soon it is discovered that Ling Xi’s existence can break the seal and free the demon lord, and Jiu Chen is thus urged to kill her. (Source: CDramaBase)



倪妮 NiNi as 灵汐 Ling Xi 




张震 Zhang Zhen as 九宸 Jiu Chen








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The trailer is so gorgeous, especially Ni Ni. I became a fan of hers after Rise of the Phoenixes (even if it was a Ok OK drama). 


 I think I've always love Zhang Zhen ever since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and I know he can deliver in historical films (Brotherhood of the Blades films are great) and drama but for some reason is 'look/appearance' is a bit OFF in the trailer and the photos. It will definitely be OK if he delivers though.


I am guessing this is someone's take on Mo Yuan's love story but without proper license since the book isn't completed yet? Please correct me if I am wrong. Looking forward to this one too.

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16 minutes ago, stella77 said:

I am guessing this is someone's take on Mo Yuan's love story but without proper license since the book isn't completed yet? Please correct me if I am wrong. Looking forward to this one too.


Nope, it is a totally brand new story with no connection to the author of the novels or the character Mo Yuan. The company that is producing this is the same as that of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and I guess they just want to capitalise on the success of that drama by choosing a similar name.

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35 minutes ago, stella77 said:

The new previews made me more excited. When is it airing? 


It is not known yet. Some sites, like this one: http://www.52shijing.com/kjxs/77655.html, say the airing date is 7th of November. Nothing is written though on weibo or douban about the releasing date, so probably it's not true. Though I have a feeling the release date it's very close. Croton usually posts drama's trailers and BTS very close to airing dates. We need to wait and see..maybe I'm mistaken.

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Coming soon...


Chinese title: 三生三世宸汐缘
English title: Love and Destiny

Genre:  Ancient, Romance



Broadcast Period: 2019



Chang Chen

Ni Ni

Li Dongxue

Zhang Zhixi

Li Jiaming

Hai Ling


Coming soon...

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Coming soon...

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On 5/10/2019 at 1:29 PM, DontEatMyKimchi said:



Amazing!!! :heart:  I think this will be epic! I don't like that a lot of netizens say Chang Chen is too old, ugly, doesn't fit in the decorum etc., but for me he is the perfect choice for this role. Considering he chooses only quality projects, I am sure Love and destiny will not disappoint.

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@rapo65 Don’t worry about the Cnetizens comments. They said the same and even worse when Mark was casted as Ye Hua. His solid performance changed their minds by the end. Chang Chen is a very good actor so I have hope that this won’t disappoint (especially with this director - I lover her work). 

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Oh god it's rumoured (?) to be on Hunan TV again, although this is a decent drama for its target audience. I hope it airs soon? Before Pillow Book air, since it might have better chance that way. But that's rumoured (?) to air in June, which means there'll be hell of a fandom battle, and i'm not optimistic this drama will come out as winner.


Anyways, cnetizens are definitely harsh, but while I like both the leads and know Chang Chen choose good projects, it's his first TV series, I think? So I'm wary since it's different kind of production from movies? I actually want to see the leads in a contemporary romance or something. They did a movie together but I think the story is on the sombre side. Definitely hope this series do ok despite my expectations.

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Oh if it come out in June, it'll be very soon. Yey! So many new shows to watch but I am waiting for subs for at least several episodes before starting. I just hope that one day the producers of Chinese drama will just get English subs done automatically for even broadcast online etc. It's 2019! 

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