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I'm doing my thesis on Kpop and I need your help :D


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Hi Guys ^^,

I'll start by  apologising if this is not proper content but I need all of your guys help! I'm doing my thesis on K-pop and how Koreans inside and outside of Korea relate to it, their affinity with it and how it helps them feel prouder of their culture.
If you're a South Korean living in South Korea or abroad it would mean the world if you could take a min to fill out this survey
Most of the questions are based on the Ethnic Identity Scale Using Eriksonian and Social Identity Perspectives.
If you help me here, I'll make sure I help you with your dissertation lol


Thanks a lot in advance :D:)

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On 4/30/2020 at 7:29 AM, LinaChase said:

How is your dissertation? The link doesn`t work!

Better be a book by now, considering we almost through so much global material to write about already

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