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[Vietnam Running Man] CHẠY ĐI CHỜ CHI (Run!! Why Wait?)


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Main Website: https://chaydichochi.vn/ (Vietnamese only)


"Chạy Đi Chờ Chi là phiên bản Việt hoá của chương trình truyền hình thực tế nổi tiếng Hàn Quốc - Running Man, được điều hành và sản xuất bởi Madison Media Group, SBS và Lime Entertainment, phát sóng trên HTV7 từ tháng 4/2019. Đến với Chạy Đi Chờ Chi, các thành viên chính cùng khách mời sẽ tham gia các trò chơi, vượt qua thử thách vận động để giành chiến thắng. Chương trình đề cao tinh thần “Run for fun”, giữa bộn bề cuộc sống hãy cứ chạy đi, cứ làm những điều mình thích, hãy tận hưởng cuộc sống đừng “chờ làm chi” nữa. Chạy Đi Chờ Chi cũng sẽ như tên gọi, là một phiên bản đậm văn hoá con người Việt Nam, đồng thời được đảm bảo chất lượng từ đội ngũ nguyên gốc SBS Hàn Quốc."

(source: main website)


Rough translation (let me know of any mistake)

"Chạy Đi Chờ Chi" (CDCC) (aka Running Man Vietnam) follows the concept of the legendary Korean variety show Running Man, operated and produced by Madison Media Group (MMG), SBS, and Lime Entertainment, which airs on HTV7 channel at 7:30PM every Saturday starting April 2019. The CDCC show will have the core members and guests participating in various games and/or missions to win. Keeping the main spirit as "Run For Fun" - no matter how chaotic, keep running forward, doing what you love, and enjoying your life; don't "wait for naught". CDCC, while keeping the concept and quality of the Korean SBS's format, will blend the unique taste of Vietnamese culture, traditions, and people to create its own exciting version.


Main Members (7 total)


Stage Name (Known As): Trấn Thành or MC Trấn Thành 

Real Name: Huỳnh Trấn Thành

Nickname(s): A Xìn

DOB: 5 February 1987 (age 32)

Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Television presenter (MC), Voice actor, TV Personality

Years active: 2006–present

[ He is currently one of the most popular multi-talented Vietnamese celebrity, married to a Vietnamese-Korean singer and actress Hari Won. Well-known for many of his comedy acts, almost all of TV shows and series with him are quite well-received by the audience. He's also seemingly fluent in English and Korean (since his wife is Korean lol).]

In CDCC, he plays the role similar to Yoo Jae Suk of Korean Running Man.



Stage Name/Known As: Ngô Kiến Huy 

Real Name: Lê Thành Dương

DOB: 29 June 1988

Occupation: Singer, Actor, TV Presenter (MC), TV Peronality

Years Active: 2008 - present

[Originally debut as a pop-ballad singer, but his popularity rose when he started taking lead roles in many popular Vietnamese movies. Because of this, the cast members make fun of him as "one hit singer". He is also popular as an MC for various of Viet TV shows showcasing his quick-wit personality and mood-making talent.]

In CDCC, his portrayal is similar to Ji Suk Jin and Haha: clumsy, useless, scardy-cat, but smart and quick-witted when needed



Stage Name/Known As (also Real Name): Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc 

DOB: 4 April 1990

Occupation: Actress

Years Active: 2008 - Present

[The ONLY FEMALE Member. Despite being a known as popular, talented  and beautiful actress in Vietnam, Lan Ngọc has shown her 'crazy' and 'image-destroying' personality when she starts to appear on more TV shows/gameshows.]

In CDCC, so far she's also considered an Ace like Song Ji Hyo, also the first one to say cuss words in the show LOL (though rather different personalities)



Stage Name/Known As: Jun Pham (formerly Jun Pham 365)

Real Name: Phạm Duy Thuận

DOB: 24 July 1989

Occupation: Singer (formerly in the group 365 Daband), Actor, Model, Writer, Producer, TV Personality

Years Active: 2010 - present

[Originally debut as a member of the 4-5-member 'idol' group 365 Daband in Vietnam. After disbanding, his solo career as an actor and TV personality is also quite well-received. He is known to be smart and quick on his feet, for being the only person/celebrity so far able to win both rounds of the TV gameshow Nhanh Như Chớp (similar to Lightning Quiz-Thai gameshow), where you have to answer correctly 10 consecutive quiz questions of random knowledge within 2 minutes (he won it TWICE)]

In CDCC so far, he's shown to be quite scaredy-cat, useless, clumsy, and unlucky (LOL) People said he's most similar to Kwang Soo and Haha



Stage Name/Known As: BB Trần

Real Name: Trần Bảo Bảo

DOB: 20 August 1990

Occupation: Comedian, Youtuber

[MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! Very popular cross-dresser of Vietnamese showbiz (for all sorts of great reasons!!). Initially debuted as member of the popular online Youtube comedy group BB&BG for their funny clips and comedy sketches, his popularity rose even more after he's running solo entertainer (sometimes with his friend-partner Hải Triều). His own youtube channel is well-known for his  funny sketches and parody videos of popular Viet music videos. Funny and Witty Personality]

In CDCC, he's a strong contender, also the first one to betray his partner, quite similar to Kwang Soo and Gary (I think)



Stage Name/Known As: Trương Thế Vinh

Real Name: Nguyễn Xuân Vinh

DOB: 1 January 1984

Occupation: singer, actor, model, TV Personality

Years Active: 2001 - present

[the oldest cast member, also the most buff-looking/strongest and seemingly most athletic. Debuted as a singer, but eventually more well-known as an actor and model.]

In CDCC, people say he's similar to Kim Jong Kook (image-wise).. but so far, he's the only one without Winner Running Man Badge (LOL)



Stage Name/Known As/Real Name: Liên Bỉnh Phát 

DOB: 25 November 1992 (Viet wiki said 1990 idek)

Occupation: TV Presenter (MC), Actor

[Youngest cast member. To many, he's also the most charming/handsome member. Debuted as an MC for smaller-scale TV shows, his popularity rose when he was casted for the break-out role of Dũng Thiên Lôi (Dũng Thunderbolt) in the award-winning movie 'Song Lang', directed by Vietnamese-American director Leon Le.]

In CDCC, he's shown to be quite timid, clumsy, but also athletic and fast to tend to the missions when needed. 




Main Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/chaydichochi (moderator, lmk if this is allowed.. im so sorry)

(Currently, full episodes (except ep 1 not viewable in the US for some reasons) are uploaded onto their main youtube channel and also HTV Entertainment youtube channel (no CC English Sub unfortunately.. people have tried to reach out to them to request them to turn their CC on). On Running Man Reddit, seems like some people are forming sub groups to try to provide English sub for these eps as fast as possible.)



  • [06 April 2019] Episode 1:  Members Introduction and Race of Name Tag (no guest)
  • [13 April 2019] Episode 2: Race To Protect the Princess (Guests: actress Minh Hằng and comedienne Nam Thư)
  • [20 April 2019] Episode 3: Race for 10,000 CDs (Guests: singer Ưng Hoàng Phúc, singer Phạm Quỳnh Anh, and singer Thu Thuỷ - popular trio back in 2000s)
    (currently the only ep with Eng sub on youtube... so watch it while you can!!)
  • [27 April 2019] Episode 4: [first half is continuation of Name Tag race of ep 3] and first part of 'Race for the Moolah' (Guest: popular comedienne Lâm Vỹ Dạ)
  • [11 May 2019] Episode 5: to be updated...



  • Jun Pham and Ngô Kiến Huy current dubbed as cặp đôi 'Đẹp Trai Ăn Hại' (roughly translated as 'Useless Pretty Face' Duo) as them being the first members being eliminated in 1st ep and whenever they're teamed together, the team usually lost (LOL)
  • Lan Ngọc is also tone-deaf and music-illiterate (similar to Ji Hyo in a way) lol
  • BB Trần is the first person to start the 'betrayal' trend 
  • Trương Thế Vinh, although the expected member to be the strongest, but is the only one so far without a winner badge hahaha
  • Most popular audiance-supported loveline so far is Lan Ngọc-Liên Bỉnh Phát, and then Lan Ngoc-Jun Phạm


Personal Opinion: The show is actually much better than I expected. I enjoy it a lot. Many people say the show and the games/missions so far remind them of older Running Man Format. That's why I wanted to share more info here so more people can know about it. The only thing I didn't personally like is that they keep using Korean songs as background music for a Viet gameshow, but i know it can't be helped considering how popular and influenced Kpop is in Vietnam.


[all photos and bio infos are credited and self-translated from their main website; though I pretty much wrote each member's quick Bio myself lol]



[Please let me know if there's any mistake or anything I need to fix... I have not been in soompi for a very longgggg timeeee lol]


[to be updated]

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This is a enthusiastic thread :rolleyes:

I happened to find some ENGLISH SUBTITLE versions to show you. Translated by a enthusiastic subteam.

Wish them complete the next episodes.

(I'm not sure it will last long on Dailymotion because of strict copyright)


Episode 1 (Part 1): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x79pcjq



Episode 1 (Part 2): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x79pclo


Episode 2: .........


Episode 3 (Part 1): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77lrk3


Episode 3 (Part 2): https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77lr17

Episode 4: ........





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